Saturday, February 23, 2013

Frontline Connects《前线开讲》: Whitepaper on Population

If you have been away for 2 months and have not kept up with what has happened in Singapore and you get back to watch this show on Channel 8 yesterday , you will get the impression that most people in Singapore support the White Paper. The programme started by saying that the White Paper by the govt has created plenty of "interest" among Singaporeans. It does not say anything about the anger it has caused and not a word about the biggest protest in Singapore for several decades against the White Paper.  They showed a segment in which every man and woman t hey interviewed on the street before the show supported the White Paper. The panel consisted of members who generally supported the White Paper with some  concerns such as transport and housing that the govt has already admitted are problems.

Good old fashion propaganda.

The one thing they cannot control unless they cheated was the live online poll that asked the question:

"If there is a reduction the number of foreigners , will you accept a slowdown in the economy?"  : Vote Yes or No.

92.5% voted "yes" and 7.5% voted "no".

After the result of the poll was announced, Grace Fu did an incredible thing. She reinterpreted the question to mean : "If there is a reduction in the growth in number of foreigners in our population , will you accept a slowdown in the economy?" and concluded t he poll showed that most people agree with the White Paper which proposes a growth in foreign workforce smaller than that of recent years.

Amazing. If most people had voted "no" y ou can retain the original question and say the people agree to growth in the foreign workforce as proposed by the White Paper in exchange for economic growth. So whether they answered "Yes" or "No", by reinterpreting the question you can choose to conclude that most people agree with the White Paper.

I guess being a minister is not easy because it takes a lot of effort to block out genuine feedback and reinterpret opposing opinions. Of course with an elitist system that build Ivory Towers higher than the Empire State Building, understanding what is happening on the ground is difficult. Pain and frustration is just an abstraction one person away - you may not be able to understand it even if you sit next to the person or talk to him everyday.  Empathy is not so easy...and especially difficult if your mind is cluttered with ideology.

A few days ago, it was report that our income inequality has risen to the highest level (GINI, OECD scale) ever.

"For the lowest 20th percentile of employed residents, their real gross monthly income rose 0.1 per cent each year from 2002 to 2012 and 2.2 per cent a year from 1996 to 2002." -Incomes at bottom continue to rise, says Chan Chun Sing

It is incredible denial when a minister says "incomes at the bottom continue to rise" when it has risen an imperceptible 0.1% a year for a decade - if a worker earns $800 a month we are talking about an increase of $0.80 per year. Anyone one else looking at the same numbers will be shocked and asking why the income of 1 in 5 Singaporean workers has been stagnant for 1 decade and what can be done about it - most normal people will say this is not an acceptable outcome and drastic action must be taken. But the minister who is the highest paid minister in the world among his peers doing the same job looks at the same data and has a completely different interpretation.

Singapore is now the 6th most expensive city in the world. It is a really bad place to be earning a low income but we have 450,000 workers with income below $1500 a month and 300,000 earning less than $1000 a month based on data from the CPF Board. How did things get so bad? Year after year they deny there is a real problem and refuse to make fundamental changes to the system. ..that is why we are in such bad state today.


Anonymous said...

Nahbeh these ministers really no heart!! Why manipulate the truth this way when we all can see through it! Insulting our intelligence?

They only succeed in making me angry! Cheese pie!

Anonymous said...

Well it's like half glass of water. Is it half full or half empty?

Anonymous said...

It is very disgraceful to have such a minister who twist the meaning of a simple question. How did she get the post? Was it through her own merits or was it due to her connections? Is her father the ex-PPS of so and so? Ah, then the Kee Chiu one, is he related to the Lee family? Why was he standing so close to the Lee family during the funeral of Mrs Lee. Then why was he awarded President's scholarship together with Patrick Tan? Why Patrick Tan serve his NS at an air-con lab? How did his father become Minister of Defence and then President? How is Tony Tan related to the Lee family? Why???

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! Turning a 92.5% NO into a 92.5% YES. In another country, the government would not have survived.

The so called reporters on Channel 8 are dishonest and have no integrity.

My advice for Ms Fu is to resign her post now before it is too late. The smart money has already left for Hong Kong :)

Anonymous said...

Another wayang from overpaid monkeys living in very high Ivory Tower and their bunch of blind supporters, as usual.

Anonymous said...

As much as we amused by how TPL (a feet stomping and don't what to say) can be a MP, she finally redeem herself, saying SIngapore must take the bitter medicine not to take in too much foreigners to depress and take away Singaporean jobs? The ground not so sweet MP used to have around 75 percents of the votes, may be dragged down to 56 percents of the average votes of Marine Parade COn.y.GRC? This is really talking through her heart?

Anonymous said...

Take heart, Lucky. The more of these shenanigans the harder they will fall. They will be the victims of their own propaganda. See what happened at the Punggol East by-election? They now confess to having misjudged ground sentiment because their feedback told them what they want to hear.

Anonymous said...

No wonder they don't want to base their bonus on the lowest 10 percent of the income of the population, they want to base their income on the top 10 perent of the income, they know bottom 10 percent has little chance of going up?

Anonymous said...

If I die, it's my business.
And PAP government does not owe me a living.

Why should I vote PAP?
Why pay millions in salary to Millionaire Ministers just to tell me that it's my job to look after myself?
Surely a cheap $5 tape recorder can replace the Millionaire Minister to give me the same message?

Why pay a million dollar salary to a Millionaire Minister whose only job is to tell me that it is NOT his job to help me.

Am I daft or what?
Is this the country I want my children and grandchildren to inherit?

patriot said...

You're right.
It is pure propaganda through the State/Official Medias staff by sycophants.
It has all but becomes very glaring that the intended population growth will be rammed through no matter how much the People are against it.

I expect the population to hit 6.5 millions by 2020 in preparation for the GE sometime in 2020/21.


Anonymous said...

The traitors are destroying Singapore by twisting and turning what the people wants. The least they can do is to go back to the drawing board and re-think a proper strategy for Singapore instead of trying to CON the people. It does not work in this day and age with online and social media having the ability to neutralize the propaganda of the MSM.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 23/2/2013 10:18
Tony Tan is actually the current Prime Minister's uncle, as you might be aware. In fact,many of the PAP ministers are related to the Lee family, such as Wong Kan Seng, Teo Chee Hean, and so on. You should be aware that the PAP is linked largely as a family network along with its associates.

Anonymous said...

In the recent weeks, should you have noticed, the hottest debated topic in town still goes to the planned population growth white paper that caused the stir. Despite the protest in HongLim last week with 5000+ attendees, then the talk show last night... PAP elites still defend for their white paper... What the FUCK?!!

The biggest issue that the country faced is that our ruling Government don't recognize or acknowledge that they could be wrong, as such recognition and acknowledgement will affect their own reputation in the global arena of politics that they're incompetent and greedy.

Should they have dig deeper to the biggest issues that had caused the slimming population growth of Singaporeans, it won't be hard for them to find that they're the biggest culprit in opening the floodgate letting in the immigrants in large numbers, that later caused
1. the property price to go up north, such that they can jack up the price of new flats as well... hence, the growth of tax, the growth of pay to the government elites themselves.
2. the growing numbers of cars on the road, which populate the roads they built. The growth on the population of vehicles on the road means more monies can be generated from COEs as well as various other taxes. To those who can't afford, either you take the public transport and cram yourselves like sardines, or, walk to work, or to home. Again, the growth of pay to the government elites themselves.

If the price of housing properties are not so high, folks would want to give birth to kids, as they're much lesser in debt.
The roads can be more cleaner, with less population of vehicles. So as the public transports.

Anonymous said...

We were invited to a friend's house for dinner, He is a good friend who is a very successful businessman, hence very wealthy.

Of cause our conversation finally leads to PAP. Our friend and his wife keep heaping praise on the PAP to me and my husband's dismay.

We looked and each other and told them what we think. They actually thought that singapore is very well run and there are no poor people here.

They also said that their MP, Mr LSS visits them once a month. Well, they stayed in landed property.

My other friend stayed in Aljunied GRC landed property said that the PAP MP used to visit them but not the WP mp. I told her that they do visit the HDB folks very frequently. As i have relatives stay in that GRC which were often visited by the WP MP.

While i hardly see my PAP MP visit me as i am staying in HDB !

Do the PAP prefers the richer people ? Food for thought.

We then shared our views and told him the true picture.

No wonder the MIW who are paid so well and comfortable can NOT understand the sufferings of the heart landers.

No wonder my daughter's friend who is only 13 year old said PAP is for the rich !!

Anonymous said...

I came across online account of the following type of manipulation by the miw.

Participants of dialogue sessions were all asked to stand up. First, those who were not borned in sg were asked to sit down. Then all those who have parents not borned in sg were asked to sit down. This is followed by those who had grandparents not borned in sg were asked to sit down. Those who have many generations of sg borned ancestors had to remain standing up for the longest duration, made to feel uncomfortable under the glare of those who had sit down. The whole idea is to crush one's sense of belonging and make people feel that ours is a nation of immigrants. These ideas are supposedly useful to advance the vision of a 6.9m population.

If you ask me how the little exercise should be conducted, I would suggest having all participants to stand up but ask those who had served or are serving NS to sit down first. Then we ask those who have husbands, fathers, brothers or sons who are NSmen or NSFmen to sit down. The number of people remain standing will give everyone an idea of how huge is the integration challenge. Of course it is entirely possible that the MP on stage may have to remain standing. Possibly that is the reason why my suggestion will not be carried out.

Anonymous said...

Should LSS change his slogan from his outdated (cheaper, faster and better) foreigner workers to better trained local, faster resources to train locals and SME and higher standard of living and lower income gaps for locals, which is more appropriate due to changing of time? More, better & higher resources to create patents,innovations, inventions, improvement of work process and designing of products and services of locals?In short the new slogan ( Better, Faster and Higher)?

sgcynic said...

The PAP ministers and MPs are in denial. Their reign will end in 2016 barring some miracle turnaround.

Anonymous said...

PAP's real colours are finally starting to show.
Surprise! Surprise!
Does not look very white leh!

犯賤的新加坡人 said...

Lucky Tan asked: "How did things get so bad? "

60% Sinkies answered:




Lye Khuen Way said...

Talk about the ostrich sticking its head into the ground ! The new idiom should be a PAP who hear, see no evil but talk cock. Sorry, must be hear no evils, hear no evils and talk nonsense, no ?
(must remember to associate a noun to every verb in Singapore English, otherwise, the intended meaning can be twisted ever which way !)

Anonymous said...

It is easier to go to landed properties cause you dont need to walk the stairs or lifts...and per sq metre... you meet a lot of people who might asked you a lot of questions..

Anonymous said...

Cheaper, better & faster foreigners workers to bring thousands and thousands of cheaper , faster & better free lance social passes chickens at night at Balestier, Duxton, Choo chiat, Rochor, Lavendar, Orchard & Geylang etc?

Anonymous said...

The people on the street are not stupid. Painting the sky to a color that suits a personal agenda is disgraceful. For the next three years, Grace Fu can say whatever she wants. It's only in 2016 that you can say what you want.

What will you say then?

Anonymous said...

Wonder what LSS think the cheaper, faster & better foreign workers, bring in too, the ten or hundreds of cheaper, better & faster free lance chickens on social passes to service them ? What he think about the consequences?

Everlearning said...

My groundfloor shop has been vacant for the last three months and the owner has put up a sign for rental in the front door without much success.

Maybe, most businessmen could not set-up their businesses here because of lack of foreign workers allowed in or Singaporeans are majority aged and unemployable anymore.

So sad that business is sabotaged by having no employees until they are retrenched first by their former employers. Take queue, please!

Veritas said...

All these PAP FT policies are lies and ponzi. Iceland prosper by only having 300,000 people, a small island having no natural resource. She could get in 10 millions if they want to.

In 2008, Iceland got put into shit by their banks. Iceland was worse than PIIGS. Since then Iceland decide to go after bankers and put them behind bars. Now Iceland is one of the strongest nation in Europe.

One of the reason why we cannot grow in science and technology because there are too many banks with pretty boys and girls, in Shenton Way.

By right, the less people the better.

When crowded european beggers came to empty USA, they prosper. Because there are too many resources and too few people.

Anonymous said...

Even my 70 year old mother could tell this Grace Fu changed the question. It's like you lost already by 93 to 7. And then you go back to CHANGE the question so that you win. Wah lau eh - like that also can? PAP can anyhow twist such that they are always right? No shame?17 trturns

Anonymous said...

Thanks to LSS policy, hundreds of thousands of cheaper, faster and better free lance chickens can come to Singapore to service the cheaper , faster and better foreign workers, if not they are out of jobs?

Anonymous said...

lucky tan and to all,

this is exactly what Demo-cratic has highlighted.

"tail they win, head they also win" because they twist and turn till they think that they are right.

Anonymous said...

"As much as we amused by how TPL (a feet stomping and don't what to say) can be a MP, she finally redeem herself, saying SIngapore must take the bitter medicine not to take in too much foreigners to depress and take away Singaporean jobs?"

Please stop all these wayangs. What TPL redeem herself ? Don't you know it is wayang because she vote for and AYE for the population toilet paper. Don't you think it is very wayang to vote for the paper and then pretend to be sympathetic ?

Stop been fool by those expensive actress and actors belong to ShittyParty.

Anonymous said...

I think those MP who don't have much time and hold too many directorships, should retired early and concentrate on their job and gave the part time job to the oppositions, who want to do it full time?

How can they handle the heavy duties of taking care of the residents, if they are so tired, some time slept during proceedings and don't have the time and absent during important debates, Singaporean futures at stakes?

Anonymous said...

/// How can they handle the heavy duties of taking care of the residents, if they are so tired, some time slept during proceedings and don't have the time and absent during important debates, Singaporean futures at stakes? ///

Ah yes.
The poor Millionaires in Parliament.
Sayang. Sayang.

Anonymous said...

The Population White Paper from the PAPigs point of view:

The solution is more immigrants.
The problem is Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The White Paper and the prostitutes?

Anonymous said...

"The Population White Paper from the PAPigs point of view:"

Please respect the paper by naming it correctly and truthfully, according to what it really is.

Refer the "Population White Paper" as "Population Toilet Paper" to show respect and correctness. Okay ?

Rats said...

From 2000 - 2012, the bottom 10% income group has only gained $233 in their monthly household income. Such a measly increment, after slogging for 12 years! Not to mention the bad years, where their monthly income actually fell.

Over the same period, the top 10% income group profited handsomely, having almost doubled their income with a gain of $14,150.

The Great Singapore Rat Race

Anonymous said...

77 mp with many of the grassroot leaders concern about the overcrowding, there many people worry about the effect of overpopulation?

Is that they vote against their conscience, knowing its wrong but because the come through no power to vote against the white paper, the GRC systems, or they can't vote against the motions? Many questions left unanswered?

Anonymous said...

Singapore Writers
Great Singapore

A sad experience of a Singaporean who returned and then left again...
I am a Singaporean, born and bred in Singapore and in my 40’s now. I take great pride in the achievements of my tiny island nation. After almost 20 years of living abroad I decided to return to Singapore to a very lucrative job offer in 2011. I moved my family and my non-Singaporean husband here with the intention of making it a permanent move. We are both professionals with substantive earning capacity. However, two months into our new life in Singapore, I realised it was a mistake. The Singapore I knew and love, no longer is.

I looked around at my elderly relatives, friends and families, at how they struggle to make ends meet. A great majority of the Singaporeans who have contributed so greatly to the growth of the city state are living on a meagre income/pension or simply handouts from their children who themselves are struggling to pay for their own inflated mortgages. The government handouts which I heard exist for the poor (you have to be destitute to get any) have so many conditions attached to them that it is just not worth applying for them. It takes too much energy to get any help for the poor. The city is overcrowded, the divide between those who have and the have nots are huge. Younger generations do not feel they can afford to have a child let alone two. Many people I know are supporting their elderly parents on top of trying to maintain their own family.

In my opinion the Singapore pension system is a complete failure. The city is overcrowded and extremely expensive; many of the people I have come across are impolite, crude and materialistic. The trains, buses, roads, malls, supermarkets and hospitals are overcrowded. When so many human beings are packed in such a small place, one can only expect a poor standard of behaviour. The government is far from willing to help those who have not succeeded. There are numerous citizens earning a wage of SGD$800 a month working a 50 hour week. You will notice many elderly people in Singapore have to work at a time when they should be resting and enjoying their twilight years.

How can anyone call Singapore the richest country in the world? Yes, it has a huge per capita GDP but the income is not being enjoyed by its original 2.7 million or so citizens whose sweat and vision built this great nation. As for me, despite earning a good income by any standard, a year to the day since I stepped foot back in Singapore, I left and sadly I know now that going 'home' to stay is no longer an option for me.

Only retired civil servants get a pension.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the papist multi$million nincompoops are in denial. They are deceiving themselves if they think they can still fool Singaporeans thru the mass media. People the world over are more sophisticated these days. The real dumb ones are those in high office in Singapore. It is really sad that Singaporeans are still being led by idiots like Grace Fu. Grace Fu got her position because her father is very loyal to Lee Kuan Yew. She is just mediocre. This is the problem with Lee Hsien Loong. He will rather surround himself with all the loyalist yes-people than those who are really good. That is why the pap must go.

Anonymous said...

Now Singapore have regular floodings, which previously don't have is this the warning sign from heaven, Singapore already can't take the weight?

Anonymous said...

First, they got rid (retired) of the Old Guard Ministers.

Now they are getting rid of the Singaporeans.

What's the end game?
To own the entire island of Singapore with $2 companies.
One island.
Under one Party.

Anonymous said...

I am very amazed that people still watch such brainwashing programmes on our local msm.

Anonymous said...

How much has Chan Chun Sing's salary rise in percentage point? Is he hinting to his master that because 0.1% rise in ordinary Singaporeans salary he is now qualified for a 50% rise in pay come next minister salary review?

Anyway, Singapore msm has took another deep plunge in recent international press freedom index ranking. The reason comes as no surprise at all.

Anonymous said...

Many people worry, don't know how fast they want to bring in 7 million or 1.7 million to vote for them, they maybe ahead of their time as they said, sometimes they made mistakes?

As more people came will Singapore sinks deeper and deeper, more and more floods as the ground became tigher and tigher, water more and more difficult to be drained away?

Anonymous said...

Whenever you go out you will see so many foreigners,don't exactly how many people in Singapore, the said 5.3m it seems more then that and the 2009 to 2012 from 8m to 14m tourists, exactly how many foreign workers, how much he spent on the casinos?

Anonymous said...

It is possible because of the recent huge swing in the votes from +15 percents to -10 percents PE election, very fast they bring out the paper, they need people to shore their votes?

Anonymous said...

To get ten times the pay of Nordic countries ministers is not so easy with a small island and no resources, no other countries can pay their ministers this amount of money except Singapore, you need two - thirds of the seats so you can pass through anything you want, so with the votes dropping from +15 to - 10 percents, you need to import lots people of votes to vote for you so that you got two-third majority to change the rules? Or I only speculating?

Anonymous said...

Why do you think they dared to do all this nonsense ??? Why ???

Answer : Because they knew that 60.1% SinkapoLang are Daft and forever Daft. Bluntly said : a natural born DAFT !!!!! A bunch of condemned zombie species that better of being dead than living. Cause, as long as they're breathing and breeding, the 39.9% will be bleeding to death.

Anonymous said...

No other countries able or possibly can afford to pays their ministers ten times of Nordic nations except Singapore, which is special? This huge amount of pay, invariably drive up the cost of living through indirect taxes?

Anonymous said...

Shameless,gutless and totally lacking in character.
I hope the daft 60.1% is happy with their minister.

Anonymous said...

aiyah ..... no time for cocks and bulls comments;

fuck pap

long live lee kuan yew! be mentally alert

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's just a TV program .... Storm in tea cup??? Get over it!

Anonymous said...

This is called "We listen to you" but in the end "We purposely twist your meaning".

The only way is to have at least 1/3 of the opposition parties in the parliament to twist it back.

Anonymous said...

After from 5.3m, to stop at 5.6m when reach it, this 300k, due to our very limited space and very serious overcrowding, which we admit by 2030 people we got to carefully choose from, only those who can lower the income gap, raise the productivities, increase the patents rate of Singaporean, make many inventions and innovations are welcome, the less that lower the income of low wages workers should not bring in, because our aim is to raise the standard of living and lower the income gap like the Nordic nations, and depend of new inventions, innovations, new products, new and better services, better design to power our economy and not kept importing people to grow our economy? Develop a new high standard and innovate ways to train our workers and SME, so that can maximise their potential and reduce the dependent on foreign investments and workers?

Anonymous said...

How to bring in innovations and inventions, regularly hold innovations and inventions contests and rewards the choosen winners handsomely, ask people from around the world to submit their ideas and inventions for considerations?

Anonymous said...

Singapore should stop thinking of growing it economy through import people, Singapore MRT show sign of heavy strain, as it kept breaking down, last time it hardly breakdown when less populatons, and now flooding is more frequently, last time it hardly flood ?

Anonymous said...

Previously in post #13, i touched on Housing and transport. A lot of fellow brudders here may wonder, what's the link?

Well... Both of these affects inflation. We're often talk about rising cost of living, yet we never really dwell into the root of cause.

In order to get higher returns, the government have to think of ways to generate returns. By encouraging foreign immigrants, their public houses can be sold off fast and better with higher returns. With more immigrants, more vehicles can be sold, that yields higher returns from taxing and COEs. Of course, when prices gets higher, common folks who can't afford to have a car of their own, will go to public transport... Enterprises affected by high taxes and COE prices, will definitely want to recover their costs in operation which are caused by the above, hence higher charges in logistics and transports. So the rest of the cycles goes on and on...

They(ruling government) needs to slow down on bringing people in, my wish is that they can pull the plug. The current infrastructure had already been in a fucking stress not only just on transport and housing... but getting more folks to give birth due to high cost of living.

I'm reaching 40 in my next numbers of month time. Should i have a partner, several points of consideration will affect my decision in getting married or not.
1. How much debt(trouble of shit) will i be in when i sign that paper of marriage immediately when the current cost of housing is in rocket high.
2. How much to i need really to pay for a junior of mine, should a baby comes next... already in debt paying for housing, how much allowance is there for me to deal with the fees in giving birth.
3. Security, in job. With the cycle of global economy recession/crunch happening every 10yrs am i going to be able to cope with the debts which i'm in???

Anonymous said...

Singapore has no natural resources.
We only have people.
But we don't trust Singaporeans.
We only trust our reserves and our small band of self appointed elites.

Heck. We'd prefer to trust foreigners before we trust a Singaporean.

Who are we?
We are the PAPigs.

Anonymous said...

23.54 I think at close to aged 40 in Singapore without any real estate bought at a lower price say 10 years ago, u are screwed. Your this life as far as having kids are concerned already sealed u can forget about it based on the reasons u mentioned and more.

You were suppose to buy 10 years ago and let the youngsters of today to pay for your assets enhancement. Each year cohorts pays for previously year and so on as price rises.

So 15 years mortgage become 20 then 25 then 30 to over 30 and so on. The music has to continue cause when it stop, the bubble will burst, property prices collapse and bring down the bank and the economy.

Anonymous said...

At ten times the income of Scandinavian ministers pay, they got to keep finding ways to pay themselves, casinos, properties, indirect taxes, anything that can make money, they will consider? How they go to pay themselves so much, the whole group of them, if they don't earn more and higher from other countries,common senses?

Anonymous said...

Hey no one realize that Singapore government bond interest rates started to rise? Sheeples with investment properties and big mortgages shud start to pay attention, because the next step is bank loan interest rates go up. And the housing ponzi may collapse as in US and Europe and like Japan in 1990s. At all cost, the MIW will pull all the stops, defend the "strong Sing dollar", bring more new guinea pigs to buy the houses and bring their dirty money if they have any (remember they need no bank loans so cooling measures don't touch this dirty money). Desperation is extreme.

Anonymous said...

Grace Fu has made further comments about TFR and that we are better than South Korea.

I have checked the official Korean stats and at 2011 it was 1.24 (, in SG the number is 2012 according to singstat ( These differences are clearly not significant if you think about it, both countries are in bad shape. At least SK doesnt have to deal with so many immigrants like us!

Anonymous said...

They are paying the whole group of people 1000 percent that of the equivalents countries with similiar population, not 10, 20 or 50 percents more, so there is a limit they can milk or earn from the local, they need foreigners to come in to milk or earn from them, why other countries don't use this method keep bring in new people, they has the same problems?

Even with the low birthrate you want to replace people the populations should be constant?

Anonymous said...

Should they reduce their pay, 8 times, still reasonable if their pay higher then those highly successful countries like Scandinavia ministers, so that they don't need to import so many people to milk or earn from them? Or think of your CPF, they already said they earn 17 percents per year from the $200 billions of Singaporean assest they managed? And pay the CPF 3 percent a different of 14 percents?

Importing people don't benefit the lower section of the populations much in fact it make worst, they lost their jobs to cheaper foreigners?

Many older workers got replaced as more cheap foreign workers or new citizens came in, got to live on their savings, depleting fast? Or find lower pay jobs?

They are paying the whole group of people 1000 percent more then that of the equivalents countries with similiar population, not 10, 20 or 50 percents more, so there is a limit they can milk or earn from the locals, they need foreigners to come in to milk or earn from them, why other countries don't use this method keep bring in new people, they has the same problems?

Even with the low birthrate you want to replace people the populations should be constant?

Those older workers who lost their jobs usually in their 40s, where they got a family and a few chidren to feed?

Henry Leong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Should their pay reduce to eight times the pay of that of Scandinavian countries ministers, still much higher then them, so that they can't find reasons to keep importing people to pay themselves ultra high salaries and concentrate on developing the local populations?

The Scandinavian countries multi system parliament, less expensive to run, so they don't need to find ways to pay themselves and concentrate on developing their locals, instead of need to keep find foreigners in?

With pay around 20 percents more then the Nordic countries, the right persons to serve the countries will come in?

Those who don't need this extra luxurious life will come in to serve, so there is don't need to import so many people to earn money from the foreigners to pay themselves?

Why are countries with similiar problems don't use this method, is due to the pay not so high, don't find foreigners to pay them?

So this way will benefits both ways he ministers and the locals?

Anonymous said...

This is a very sad state of affairs. At this rate Singaporeans are going to decide the uncertainty of regime change is preferable to what they can see in their future. I thought the Government would be smarter than to create a class of people with nothing to lose. I am taking the WP statements at face value. I doubt they want to form the next government just yet. The funny thing is.... the choice may not be theirs.
George Yeo , whatever his faults, is a man of vision and a he understands the broad sweep of history. He has taken himself out of Singapore , it seems to me, to completely disassociate himself with the current Government. Worrying huh ?

Anonymous said...

It could be we get the wrong type of persons to run the countries? Some has not much experiences paratroopers came in?

If they are sincere $20k per month is a lots, imagine, 20 percents of the populations their live got worst or their standard of living got worsts all these years, if more foreigners will come their life will got worst?

How can they call themselves talented and need $multi-millions of pays, another first in the world one of many Singapore first, if the populations of foreigners kept increasing to pay themselves, need two casinos, need to import so many cheaper workers, among the highest income gaps? Among the lowest birthrates. Their votes kept going down and down from 2000, and need to import more and more new people to vote for them?

Many of our highly trained left, well educated 200,000 got to find work oversea and it is growing? Losting to the cheaper third world countries they jobs?

We need people to serve with heart, those high pay one should go to corporations, singaporean consider many low income people, more and more people come less and less resources for those disadvantaged?

More and more people will out of work and their pay will be depressed? When more and more older workers lost their job to new citizen there will be trouble for Singapore? Because with a bigger population you need to find more jobs for more people, a lesser population easier to find jobs?

Anonymous said...

How do you know you are a certified idiot?

When you see the Sunday door opens and you walk right in.

Anonymous said...

If they feel they are talented, don’t need to go through the GRC systems, the single seat systems is best for the talented, it show exactly how much support, so people will know what their standard, in GRC people don’t know who are they voting, the one with more votes can give to the new ones and less experiences possibly negative votes? So there is a distortions?

Nobody Know how much support TPL (the feet stomping girl), is she go through a GRC and if she go through a SME with Nicole Seah people know?In order to bring the best talent to the parliament and ask the right questions and give better and more ideas?

So single seats parliamentary are practice by most democracies in the world? Should next time at least half should be single seats,to let those person more tune to their level of support, to come in?

More other races religious leaders or leaders of other race to appoint to serve the council or help the MP, in this way a better systems, so some of the MP don’t have much time retired to give their best in their directorships of their companies and let other have more time to solve the commoner issues? If a person who lost in a single seat come in by the GRC, could Singaporean been shortchanged?

In a freak elections as much as 50 percents of the ministers might gone, Aljunied GRC, 3 ministers were lost, it will be a crisis for Singapore, the reasons is that they got to pull in people like TPL or Dr Koh at first not agreed to run, with had 43 percents of the votes in PE?

So most ministers should be put in single seats and increase the single seats to half of seats available for voting, and the rest to GRC?

Anonymous said...

Do not be taken in by the media cos they owned it. The gov is just a bunch of snakeoil salesmen. Everything they sell do not work for the people, they only want to help themseleves to the money. Action speaks louder than words. We should boycott all the shops using foreign staff.

Anonymous said...

Biologically, they never mentioned the relationship that high debt will destroy sexual appetitie and healthy sperms and thus reduce fertility rate. To increase fertility rate is not to giveout handouts or import foreigners, it is to reduce all the debts related tools such as reduce the price of flats, coe, costs of living etc.

Plucky Tam said...

"We may need less stringent foreign manpower policies to keep costs low." - Chen Show Mao

Anonymous said...

@ Plucky Tam :

No point in highlighting about the useless WP MP's. They're a bunch of bird shit collector. But then, it can't be help. Coz, the daft 60.1% has been trained by their cowardly hopeless parents and the idiotic PAP.

Their parents said : "If you fed-up with PAP vote for WP.

PAP said : You can't fed-up with us, we're the best.

Conclusion : We're Doomed !!!

MOE teacher no work life balance. said...

Dear MR Tan, last year there was an Educator's Dialogue for MOE teachers and many teachers didn't turn up. As a result, MOE tells their principals to organise a session in the schools for feedback. During the session, our principal tells us that we are to feel free to offer our honest feedback but there is a boundary within which we can say what we want. We can't say everything that we want as we are told to play a role as educators. Next, the principal laments how singaporeans don't speak their minds - this after boxing them with definite boundaries. This is the level of bullshit and stupidity MOE culture is about in schools. Teachers know this bullshit and did you know MOE has a lot of foreign civil servants who don't take the pledge and these teachers are teaching PE and Science, subjects which singaporeans can do yet MOE recruits more and more foreigners into the teaching fraternity? In other countries only local can be civil servants. IN Singapore, there is non issue, it seems. ANd during the session, a foreign indonesian teacher teaching PE says that she doesn't like SIngapore and she said that singaporeans are unhappy and she doesn't want to switch to pink ic. THe rest of the singaporeans teachers kept numb. Singaporeans are still fast asleep while they are being systematically replace.

Anonymous said...

I think they are also Doomed. at the top against millions. Why no one did anything is because god said so.

Anonymous said...

It is a stupid and ill mannered breed, let it die

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Channel 8, I noticed something interesting when I turned on my television this weekend: Teochew Family, 1995 drama serial about an immigrant family, is now repeating in the Sat-Sun 4:30-6:30pm slot. Previously Channel 8 usually used this timeslot to repeat relatively recent dramas e.g. the previous occupant was Your Hand in Mine from 2009. That timeslot is seldom used to repeat really old shows -- their 90s dramas are usually banished to the wee hours like 2am or 3am. So the choice of Teochew Family is rather out of pattern.


Charles Lee said...

PAP feels it can ignore polls as long as Singaporeans continue voting for it.

If in the next election they lose 92.5% of their votes, they would be a lot more inclined to respect their voters' opinions.

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