Monday, February 18, 2013

Promises not backed by action.......

"I am concerned about less-skilled Singaporeans, whose jobs and wages are under pressure. I worry for older Singaporeans too, living by themselves and having to provide for their medical and daily expenses. I am troubled that a terrorist attack will sow suspicion and discord among Singaporeans. We must respond boldly and creatively to these opportunities and challenges, expand our horizons and aim high. We will continue to restructure our economy to make it more productive and resilient. We should make our society more vibrant and cohesive. And our young must be imbued with the same can-do, never-say-die Singapore spirit that has brought us here"

– Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, his letter to Singaporeans, PAP Manifesto for General Election 2006.

"Starting with today’s Singapore, we can transform it, improve it, make it much, much better.” - PM Lee, Saturday 16 Feb 2013.

"The direction is very clear, the Singapore Government will always give priority to Singaporeans' interest," - PM  Lee, during the White Paper debate[Link].

During GE2006, PM Lee wrote a letter attached to PAP Manifesto stating his concern for the old and poor and the desire of his govt to "restructure our economy to make it more productive". 

Once he received a strong mandate with 66.6% of the votes going to PAP, the first few things he did were to increase the GST and increase the pay of ministers and top civil servants. In the next few years we saw the floodgates open for foreign workers and productivity sinking.

Not only did he not restructure economy as he promised, he step on the accelerator to go faster in the same old direction. Dependence on foreign workers rose, productivity fell and wages of the poor whom he said he was concerned about became stagnant or fell in the next few years. Cost of living rose hurting the poor and elderly. 

During the White Paper debate, he told Singaporeans that the proposed plan to increase the population was for their benefit and their quality of life would rise in the coming years. He also said the interests of Singaporeans would be top priority for his govt.

The Prime Minister can say what he wants in order to get Singaporeans, especially those with poor memories, to buy into his White Paper but Singaporeans find it increasingly difficult to believe what he says because he has not delivered on his past promises. 


Anonymous said...

Empty words and promises and I finally woke up

Lye Khuen Way said...

Am of same opinion that our PM had consistantly failed to deliver on his promises.

Believe more ordinary folks are wising up to the Hard Truth.

Many thanks for keeping a tally

Anonymous said...

Mee Siam Mai Hum. Happened already, what to do? We could have done better. Hahaa.. Why is he still there? Can someone dethrone him come 2016?

Anonymous said...

These people cannot be trusted anymore. All their empty talks are to placate Singaporeans who have to struggle day in day out.

Anonymous said...

Yet there are those blind,deaf and totally brain-washed to keep voting them in.
The roof can collapsed and the daft would still think it is not their Govt's fault. This is like thos eFilipinos who still vote in the family 0f ex-dictator,Marco, into political office.

Anonymous said...

As the ship sinks, lets see how many rats will abandon ship.

Anonymous said...

PM Lee does a much better job than Lucky Tan (or any other person) in convincing the daft 60% that it's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

I'm very tempted to say let's give him more rope to hang himself and PAP before GE 2016.

Plucky Tam said...

Don't worry for less-skilled Singaporeans. As Lee Li Lian pointed out, there are jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do. Singaporeans are so rich that they have the luxury of picking and choosing jobs.

Plucky Tam said...

May I just add that the reason why Singaporeans can afford to be fussy about their career choices is because Singapore has a government that is, in Low Thia Khiang's words, "competent". Majulah PAP! Majulah WP!

Anonymous said...

Should we boost the economy through increase in tourism rather then importing people to boost the economy, which if err, difficult to revert back with many negative aspects of overcrowding and overpopulations?

Before the 2 Integrated Resorts($16M) completed, tourists arrivals is 8m. Tourism growth in 2012 is around 14m, projection growth is around 18m in 2016 in 2020 projection growth to be 22m and population projection growth from 5.3m to 6m in 2020?

If we concentrate on the growth of tourism rather then importing people, at 2016 to 19m and 2020 25m, would it better getting better value from higher value tourists?

What do you think? About the overpopulation and overcrowding now 2013 and 2020?

Anonymous said...

Not only did he fail to keep his promises, he reneged on them. Now we have a report that the Indians are considering taking us to the WTO over a breach of an agreement with them. How many of us are aware of this agreement? There are 2million non resident Indians working here? What the heck is happening? And dont`t use the zenophobic crap any longer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lucky Tan for pointing out that the PM is a chronic liar who does not mean what he says or promises.

Anonymous said...

What is the impact and repercussion in increasing the population of 100k per year, in every year from 2013 of 5.3m to 2020 to 6m in 7 years time?

Anonymous said...

Used to hear some troll calling out 60%. No more. Now replaced by fucky Tam. Keep harping LTK. Why? LKY too old for you?

Kev J. said...

I noticed that this Mr Plucky Tam is really persistently sarcastic about everyone and everything. He sounds like a total 'prick' who is trying to divert readers from the core of the issues.

Anonymous said...

More likely now even LKY lacks LTK's credibility and esteem!

Anonymous said...

I hate LKY for being a despot but I hate LHL for being a despot AND a scheming little lying twat.

Anonymous said...

Where got 2m properly 200'000 !!

Anonymous said...

As a PMET myself, I am shocked to learn about the FTA in India. I wonder how many similar FTAs we have out there. ... No wonder my MNC now has more FTs than locals ... My IT support used to be locals ... then they got replaced by FTs & nothing gets done at all now ... It's really sad when u see yr fellow sinkies get replaced by less talented ppl ... It's even more sad when you realize these guys have kids & parents to support ... I used to believe Sg for sinkies ... but i'm not v certain anymore ... probably I'll get replaced in a few more years ... Sure miss the good, old Sg ! SAD!

Anonymous said...

Can we stop using low birthrate, old age or economy as an excuse to import people?

As many small advanced nation, don't use this strategy? They use technology and innovations?

Concentrate on improve the birthrate, improve the local, using other ways to improve the economy, now with continue advancement of technology, don't need so many new born to replay the old?

Plucky Tam said...

"As many small advanced nation, don't use this strategy? They use technology and innovations?"

Technology and innovation? Sorry hor. Lee Li Lian thinks that there are certain jobs that Singaporeans just won't do and Chen Show Mao believes that we should have "less stringent foreign manpower policies to keep costs low". Singapore is truly in a class of her own. First World countries pay their ministers in the thousands. WP thinks ministers should be paid millions. First World countries like Japan and Australia get their citizens to work in construction sites and coal mines. Not Singapore though. Singaporeans are so rich that they can shun these "unwanted" jobs.

Anonymous said...

Should we build another causeway at the east side of Singapore to help the old age to retire there, to lower their cost of living? For younger couple to procreate there, at lower cost?

Increase the co- operations between Singapore and Malaysia, Singaporean can go to a bigger area to relax during their free time, instead of crowding the city, which is very overcrowded during the peak hours, reduce traffic congestions etc.

As heavy influx of foreign workers make singapore very congested and overcrowded already?

With the increase in population there will be more extreme overcrowding?

For many older workers, jobs will be lost to the younger foreigners or new citizen, which could cost huge social problems later, and deepen the old age crisis and deepen the low birthrate crisis?

More people you need more more facilities and more difficult to manage, how to improve their living standard, with more demands in the same area and facilities?

Anonymous said...

Don't be daft and be clear about this.

More people means higher GDP and more money for the govt.

Singapore has no oil to export for money, so foreigners, land and property become the "oil" to get money.

Ordinary Sinkies, except male ones doing NS for security, cannot provide enough "oil". And as they grow older without reproducing, they even become worthless, tio bo?

So of course must get foreigners lah.

Or else how to get money, you tell me lah?

And of course as politician, cannot talk in this way lah.

Only netizens can.

Anonymous said...

Need to float the ideas around the world, to gather suggestions on how to develop the local population, without importing large quantity of people, high quality of limited people who can improve the quality of life of old people and the standard of living of the lower wages worker, should be come to settle in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

There are pros and cons of having more foreigners as a solution.

Just like there are some bad side effects from taking medicine.

But if you are sick, take medicine you must. It may not cure you but will make you less sick.

Same thing for more foreigners lah, because Singapore become sick (or more sick) without them.

Anonymous said...

"...high quality of limited people who can improve the quality of life of old people and the standard of living of the lower wages worker, should be come to settle in Singapore?"
Anon 19/2/13 08:46

Sorry lah, this one only God can help.

Just like a better alternative to PAP, only God can help. No?

So pray is better lah.

Anonymous said...

Take medicine, die slower lah.

Don't take medicine, die faster lah.

Which is better?

And no money = die

Anonymous said...

"He also said the interests of Singaporeans would be top priority for his govt."

He didn't say which group of Singaporeans, haha Chandra Das' and Co's are Singaporeans right? Haha foo me once shame on me, foo me twice shame on PAP, foo me thrice blame the (fast dwindling) 60%.

Anonymous said...

"The recent White Paper debate did not address ways to toughen the Singaporean core, which was the secret of how we overcame the odds against us at independence.

I have hired service staff for restaurant operations as well as technicians and young engineers for engineering and construction work, and it is telling that Singaporeans with good aptitude and technical skills are now a rarity.

It is also telling to hear, for example, from a Canadian chemical engineering student on an exchange programme here, that graduates in his country would consider management jobs only after 10 years of engineering work. Singaporeans aspire for management and desk-bound work soon after their graduation.

Softness in the Singaporean core is the crux of our labour woes today, and has resulted in the need to import more foreigners for tasks shunned by locals, such as cleaning and serving.

We should bring back the 1960s spirit of gotong-royong (cooperation among many towards a shared goal), led by then-Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his Cabinet, to elevate such tasks as a necessity that Singaporeans must proudly do themselves, lest we become a nation of dependent citizens, unable to pick up after ourselves.

Something radical and practical must be done to avert the impending dilution of Singaporeans as projected in the White Paper. Perhaps a Gandhian resolve to lead from the front is needed to make a difference and help our society toughen its soft core."

In other words, a useless breed

Anonymous said...

"...and it is telling that Singaporeans with good aptitude and technical skills are now a rarity."
Anon 19/2/13 10:10

This is one example why Singapore is sick.

Sick must take medicine, tio bo?

More foreigners is the medicine to take lah. And so sick that require a strong dose of 6.9 million medicine. Of course if it is strong dose, sure have bad side effects lah.

But no choice but to jia yo (take medicine), tio bo?

Anonymous said...

But then, is PAP a good "doctor" to prescibe the medicine, that's the question.

Plucky Tam said...

It has already been conclusively proven that the PAPzis are no more than quacks. What worries me more are the snake oil peddlers in blue who continue to hoodwink the patients into thinking that their brand of snake oil is the true alternative that patients need.

Anonymous said...

To reward and honour the older generations in helping Singapore succes, massive plan of inviting world wide investors to submit their plan, on how to build a recreational, leisure place for singaporean older generation to retire near the causeway?

The two existing causeways to be enlarged and enhanced, and a third one to be build at the east, to reduce traffic congestion during the peak hour ,& shorten the time, fostering closer trade, co-operations and friendships between 2 countries and to reduce massive overcrowding and to build more leisure activites across the causeway for Singaporean, so that Singapore can reduce heavy congestions and overcrowding in the future?

The older generation of Singaporean can fish and farm there to spend their twilight years in a low cost and happy rewarding final years like some of the highly successful countries rewarding their older generations for constributing so much to the success of Singapore?

Massive team to be sent to this highly developed, high standard of living on how they develop the cultures of innovations and technology advancemnts. And how they take care of old people.

And how they develop an environment to take care of the child or new born, to encourage giving birth, ideas like adoption, artificial insemination or artificial give birth, reduce abortions, more of this with this type of skills to come to singapore etc?

Anonymous said...

@Plucky Tam
Lucky's article is about the snake oil salesman in white. Can you counter his point otherwise all your stupid comment proves your boss right by calling you daft. You get screwed and you still thank the rapist.

Plucky Tam said...

"Lucky's article is about the snake oil salesman in white. Can you counter his point otherwise all your stupid comment proves your boss right by calling you daft. You get screwed and you still thank the rapist."

Why would I seek to refute an article that I agree with? And when did I express any gratitude to the PAPzis? I've never concealed my endorsement of true opposition parties such as SDP, RP and NSP.

Anonymous said...

Singapre success is not depend on individual or a small group of people, it depend on the collective efforts of older generations struggle and sacrific?

Plucky Tam said...

"Singapre success is not depend on individual or a small group of people, it depend on the collective efforts of older generations struggle and sacrific?"

And Chen Show Mao wants them to continue toiling in their old age. Fervent supporters of the Workers' Party should take a hard look at themselves in the mirror. Don't they feel a tinge of guilt for supporting a party that colludes with the PAPzis to bring ruin to Singapore and Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, PM Lee never promised anything. He's a politician. His job is make money on your life expenses.

Anonymous said...

200 000 singaporeans are presently working overseas out of 3.4 million native Singaporeans. That means 1 out of every 17 Singaporeans are working overseas. If you are still stupid enough to read this blog and not do what is needed, then you're a fool. Singapore is no more. If you can't face that fact and approaching reality, that's just your delusion. Everyone I know is making plans to get out of the country and still keep their passports. Now, what are you waiting for? For 2030 to arrive? Fucking stupid. No wonder PAP can milk you guys like fucking cows all these years.

Anonymous said...

You always get better service when there is no crowd . People are more humane,genuine and friendlier to each other in less populated enclaves like in a village or small town  - that's proven 

Sin has none of that. How can we say living standard has risen or improved? Livability is inversely proportional to density. At current population level, it is already very crowded. 

Apart from being subjected to a suffocating  work and competitive laborious environment, the kind of politics practiced will cause economic cycle to continue to wreck havoc in people's lives( irrespective of young or old). Money, and resources, will always be not enough for many. It is a matter of time government will be overthrown( you see it everywhere) because the ponzi, and rip off,  structure is simply unsustainable..

Sin is exceptional in the past few decades because of its tiny size and the fact that we are in a geo-political exploitative advantage(pure luck) which no one should think that this good fortune is unending

The price to pay for chasing after gold will be paid by lives/deaths of  succeeding generations.

But if you are part of the rip off , how can you see let alone change?  

Anonymous said...

When he made those promises, he never meant to keep them. Elite system is hurting people everywhere and turning people into nazis. Vote for change in 2016. The ruling party cannot continue to rule cos it will turn us into Nazis.

Anonymous said...

I love to collect the words of wisdom from self proclaimed great men and have done so for many years. However the best to date is "GST is to help the poor". If any population (perhaps 60%) is dumb enough to believe this statement, than they deserve what they get.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Lucky.

The whites in the last 20 years have failed miserably. The beauty is many new citizens I know are also cursing them.

Looks like their plans are backfiring big time. hahaha

Anonymous said...

If all the hot air from the famous 77 can be collected, you might just have a balloon strong enough to raise the Titanic!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky, the whites know how to look after their own kind. Nobody said anything about looking after Madam Soh or Mr Ali or Mr Muthu or Mr Seng.

Anonymous said...

PAP told Singaporeans through PAP mouths that PAP would control influx of foreigners to Singapore.

But, according to mainstream media, PAP had secretly signed the
"India - Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA)" with India to secretly allow large influx of India citizens to Singapore to take away jobs from Singaporeans. For example, most of the information technology jobs in Singapore have already been taken over by India citizens

PAP's words are empty promise or lies.
PAP's actions lead to Singaporean jobs taken over by foreigners.

Anonymous said...

It is crazy to allow india/indians to control so many data. They will use the date against the world. It is time to look for alternatives such as south eu, south americans, africans etc.

Plucky Tam said...

"Lucky, the whites know how to look after their own kind."

The blues are quite good at looking after the whites too.

Anonymous said...

The best lies are the half truths.

Anonymous said...

2000-2013: Telling Fairy Tales in Singapore

Anonymous said...

By the time more and more people added to the tiny island, the standard living kept dropping further and further due to overcrowding?

The optimal population for Singapore, which lack of resources should be around 4.8m, which is more conducive for bring a child? Why people will want to bring up a child when the place getting more and more crowded and more and more difficult to access facilities and cost is getting higher and higher when more people is coming in that will drive up the price?

When people worry about new citizen taking their jobs, how they go to bring up more babies? More people come how to increase their pay?

We should learn from more develop countries, which had low Gini coefficient, how they harness the local populations to deal with this type of problems, with high birth rate?

The reason for people not borning babies is more and more people come in and their job possibly losing to the new comers? Why some countries, they have the confident to bring up the child, even they are not married and don't abort it, because the are confident the child future?

It is highly unlikely, a couple will bear more babies generally, if they worry about their children educations and future which is not very secure and their job is not very secure due to competition from cheaper third world country?

A limited import of people is reasonable but a large import is unsustainable? A limited import is possible to solve the birthrate because this type of people their skills is limited and highly skilled and can bring up the low wage workers?

So the problem getting worst, going round and round and kept importing people, and don't know the root causes of the problems, putting the cart before the horse?

Anonymous said...

How to solve the low birth rate?

Careful selections of the right persons to immigrate to Singapore, so as not to worsen the low birthrate and old age problem?

Those with many children?

Give generous incentives to adoptions of children from Singapore and worldwide? Every efforts to help childless couple in Singapore to adopt children from around the world?

Those who want to abort their children to encourage and given incentive, not to abort or give their children up for adoption. Some orphan who are well foster and have the right environment can be very successful?

Immigrant from advanced small populations countries are high encourage to emigrate here?

More funds to research and developments on boosting birthrate, artificials give birth technique?

Doctors who master the technique in helping infertile couple?

Those who come from low income gap countries? And can help Singapore to lower the income gap?

Those who can bring high value industries to Singapore.

Should not bring in the any immigrant that worsen Singapore birthrate and old age problem, which later need to add in more immigrant as Singapore is a tiny island and can't keep adding in more and more immigrant? Singapore already face serious overcrowding?

Help those to keep the babies, that born out of wedlocks as they later might married?

Free educations up to graduate?

Anonymous said...

Three words you resist not.

1) Vibrant

2) Fun

3) Money

As they say, the rest is history. The devil's deal sealed. You are sold.

Anonymous said...

You got very cheekopek leaders. Eyes full of lust

Anonymous said...

It have been shown that Lee Hsien Long and his papies do not keep their promises many times over the years.

When will the 60% sinkies, who voted for the papies, wake up?

Anonymous said...

There's a term for people whose actions do not tally with what they preach.

It's a nine-letter word: starts with 'hypo' and ends with 'crite'.

I hope no one, especially the moderate folks who time and again had given the PAP the benefit of the doubt, will fall for tears and apologies again.

I don't care which opposition party you vote for, or if you spoil your vote. A vote for the PAP now is a vote against your conscience. All the money in the world cannot purchase a single ounce of conscience.

Plucky Tam said...

"A vote for the PAP now is a vote against your conscience."

Yeah. You should vote for WP instead. At least you would have the excuse of gullibility.

Anonymous said...

Between PAP and WP, the choice is the lesser of the two evils and it is very obvious which is the one. Definitely not the one that uses ISA to silence opponents.

Anonymous said...

"He also said the interests of Singaporeans would be top priority for his govt." This is what lousy politicians are very good at - giving false promises.