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The road to higher quality of life and a stronger nation...

The Worker's Party released its Population Blue Paper yesterday proposing an alternative approach to PAP\s Population White Paper. Based on the WP's approach our population size will be in the region of 5.8M in 2030 from today's 5.3M.  You can read the Blue Paper here.

Parts of the proposal was attack by PAP ministers during the parliament debate:

"The Workers Party's proposal to stop taking in additional foreign workers until 2020 is drastic and very risky, Second Minister for Trade and Industry S. Iswaran told Parliament on Thursday.
It will speed up business closures and cause Singaporeans to lose their jobs. The economy could spiral downward, and result in a loss of the country's reputation in the business and investor community."
-  BT Report on the Parliament Debate[Link
The argument that a freeze in the influx of foreigners will cause business closures is absurd. When businesses cannot get new workers easily, they may not be able to expand as quickly as before but why would they close existing business that is profitable and has already workers. By allowing easy access to foreign workers in the past, we saw the economy over-heating during periods of expansion. Rentals and other business costs shoots up and wages come under pressure and businesses demand even more cheaper foreign labor to stay profitable. Singaporeans have seen all the deleterious effects of cost of living shooting up and wages falling behind - for this reason, Singaporeans find strong economic growth painful rather than beneficial.

As for the "loss of the country;s reputation",  I think you should ask what we have promised businesses coming here. Right up to the late 80s early 1990s, Singapore attracted foreign investments because Singaporeans were the number 1 workforce in the world i.e. they came here primarily to hire Singaporeans.  The world changed when China was plugged into the world trade in the late 90s.  At that time, there were choices to be made on how to restructure the economy, how to be less dependent on FDI and  we will compete in the world. We are here today because the PAP chose to open the floodgates to foreign labor to keep the FDI coming. None of our competitors took the same path, at least not in the same extreme way it was done by the PAP - these along with financial sector deregulation are simple brute force approaches that our competitors chose not to adopt due to foreseeable problems for its citizens in the longer term.  When Minister S. Iswaran spoke about the "loss of  the country's reputation", it is our reputation to allow businesses to easily hire  workers from anywhere they want, retrench them easily, minimal regulation to protect workers' rights, pro-business govt controlled unions and extremely business friendly policies. All this builds up in cycle of rising dependence on FDI and foreign workers. The question for Singaporeans is whether we want to go further down this path and worsen the problems of income inequality, declining quality of life, structural unemployment, stagnant wages and poverty.

"The bottom line is that Singapore can survive economically, even prosper, without further large increases in foreign labour and immigration. A reduction in both will also deliver compensating benefits, such as lower housing costs, higher domestic consumption, lower income inequality and a less congested, more environmentally friendly city whose residents may even be willing to have more children."
 - Professor Linda Lim,  the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in the United States [Article Below]

The Worker's Party Blue Paper was quickly attacked by the business lobby.

"With no growth in foreign workers, the impact on the economy and Singapore's competitiveness would be disastrous. The livelihood and well-being of Singaporeans will be compromised,"
- SBF [Link]

None of our economic competitors compete with us by importing foreign labor on such a massive scale so why do we have to resort to such extreme policies for so long? The demand by businesses for foreign workers is unquenchable. When a business becomes more competitive by hiring foreigners, its competitors have to do the same in order to compete. As more foreigners come, the pressure on our infrastructure will increase and we need more foreign workers to come to build the new infrastructure. Unless there is a freeze or severe reduction, the cycle can never be broken and the dependence of our economy on foreigners will keep growing to a point we will not have any control. As for the point that well being of Singaporeans will be compromised,  let me asked what happened to the well being of Singaporeans in the last 10 years?  If the well-being of Singaporeans has not been hurt, you think you can get thousands of Singaporeans to stand in the rain demanding change from the govt on 16 Feb 2013 at Hong Lim Park. Doubling of the cost of housing, stagnant wages caused by the foreign influx does not hurt the well-being of Singaporeans?  The SBF is so obsessed with protecting interest of its members, it has become blind to the plight of Singaporeans.Throughout the last 10 years, the SBF was perfectly alright with Singaporean workers’ well being compromised so long as .its members benefited from govt policy ..for them to say they are worried about us when their real intention is to protect the short term interest of its members is pure hypocrisy.

There is constant rhetoric from the PAP that the WP's proposal to freeze the number of foreign will stall the badly needed build up of housing and transport infrastructure.  If you read the WP's Blue Paper, it proposes not just a simple freeze in the foreign labor force, but a reallocation to sectors that need them the most such as construction from sectors where jobs are taken away from Singaporeans - this will reduce the stress on our infrastructure faster than adding 90K more each year to our population as proposed in the White Paper. If you analyse what the PAP has done last year, the measures including raising the levies of Work Permit holders for lower-skilled workers and raising the salary criteria for Employment Pass actually tightened the influx of low skilled workers to construction jobs that Singaporeans don't take and kept the influx of foreign PMETs  that compete for the same jobs as Singaporeans.

We know that alternative approaches exist and can work because many countries have found alternative approaches that work - these include big and small countries with low fertility (almost all developed countries have this problem) in Asia and Europe, with or without natural resources, all competing in the same global market place as Singapore. The PAP approach cannot work for the simple reason that the majority of Singaporeans understand clearly the deleterious outcomes and will stop it in 2016 or earlier before we get to 2030.

"Of course we do acknowledge that the businesses do need to adjust and as in any economic restructuring there will be certain pains and there will be certain businesses that can restructure to meet this new environment. There will be certain businesses that are very dependent on cheap foreign manpower and they cannot survive.

"I think this is an adjustment that Singapore will sooner or later go through and we are asking for an alternative - to look at the scenario, what happens under this proposal, what is the eventual population target and then we have to look at what we have to do to help these companies make that bridge if we believe that it is important for us to have a sustainable Singapore. Then we will all have to work together to look at how to help the companies, who can adapt to this environment over a period of time. It can also be through policies, it may not be only through manpower numbers, because there are a lot of things hurting companies."
- Non-Constituency Member of Parliament, Yee Jenn Jong

The real choices are for us to make the change now or to go down the further on the trajectory proposed by the White Paper which will result in  even more disruptive changes when the dependency on foreigner workers increases further and ordinary Singaporeans force a change through the ballot box because they can no longer accept the outcomes.  Singaporeans have no illusions that changes now will come without pain to anyone but its is better to do it now than to pay a bigger price latter on. The PAP can continue to sell its White Paper, day in, day out on the papers and TV media that it controls can keep telling us the virtues of its approach to our problems. But all the talk and all the propaganda cannot overcome what ordinary Singaporeans know from what they actually experience in their lives...that is the ultimate truth for Singaporeans .

Can slower growth lead to a stronger nation?

Feb 22, 2013


Reducing Singapore's dependence on foreigners won't affect living standards if productivity and wages rise.

By Linda Lim For The Straits Times

THE current debate about Singapore's population policy seems to assume that fewer foreign workers and lower immigration levels will hurt economic growth and businesses - and thus Singaporeans as well.

Other affluent economies with low fertility, ageing demographics and small populations have managed to achieve continued if modest improvements in living standards without importing large numbers of foreign labour and talent. There is no reason why Singapore cannot do the same, by borrowing from technological and business process innovations that are already implemented elsewhere.

Higher productivity (more output per worker) can substitute for more workers in achieving a particular gross domestic product growth rate.

Lower aggregate growth is not just inevitable for a mature economy, given diminishing marginal returns to added inputs of labour and capital. It may also be desirable, when real income (discounting for inflation) and total well-being (reduced congestion, environmental degradation, income inequality, social unease) are considered.

Locals fuel the economy

ECONOMICALLY sustainable activities that may generate lower growth but employ a higher ratio of Singaporeans will also contribute to higher wage and domestic shares of GDP (Singapore's are currently among the lowest in the world). Simply put, a higher proportion of a given dollar of GDP will accrue to Singaporeans, so local living standards can be maintained or increased with slower growth.

Policy instruments to achieve this could include: investment incentives tied to the hiring and training of Singaporeans, and awarding work permits and employment passes only after a process ascertaining that there are no qualified Singaporeans for the jobs (standard practice in the United States).

Higher wages would encourage employers to improve productivity and attract more Singaporeans into particular jobs, giving both an incentive to invest in upgraded skills (since there will be a higher income payoff).

Businesses that cannot afford the higher wages would exit, releasing workers for those businesses that remain. A reduction in demand would alleviate any labour shortage. Fewer foreign workers would also ease pressures on the housing market and on commercial rents, so businesses may benefit from lower or more slowly rising rents even as they pay out higher wages.

Reduced foreign capital inflows to purchase property, and other investments, would mitigate asset inflation and Singdollar appreciation, thus helping to maintain cost competitiveness.

Higher wages with higher productivity together with moderating rents do not necessarily mean higher costs. But if they do, these are costs Singapore's consumers will have to pay. As consumers are also workers, their real incomes may increase with higher salaries, lower rents and mortgage payments. If those enjoying higher wages are Singaporeans (rather than foreigners with higher savings rates and remittance outflows), the multiplier impact of their local spending will be greater - their higher costs are other Singaporeans' higher income, most of which is spent in Singapore.

Better productivity, different mindsets

MANY high-income economies have trodden this path of increasing productivity before Singapore.

However, emulating their market-derived solutions requires mindset and values shifts among Singaporeans. Consider three sectors in Singapore that are labour-intensive, and usually considered low-wage, low-skilled and low-productivity jobs that "Singaporeans don't want to do".

First, the construction industry: in no other high-income country is this associated almost exclusively with foreign labour from neighbouring countries.

In the US, this is a high-wage, high-skill, capital-intensive industry employing mostly unionised native workers, with high safety standards, sophisticated equipment and processes. Construction workers earn at least twice the median national wage in the US state I live in; their hourly wage is probably three times higher.

Some Singaporeans would be willing to work in this sector if adequately compensated, while construction firms would employ them at high wages if productivity was sufficiently high.

Second is the food and beverage (F&B) industry. In even high-immigrant big cities and on the coasts of the US, most restaurant workers are Americans. They include students or mature individuals (mothers, retirees) working part-time for extra income or social interaction, as well as seasoned professionals for whom this is a full-time, long-term career. Skills in conversing, understanding customers, knowledge of the menu and wine list are required and rewarded, with tips that average 20 per cent of the bill and can be much higher. There is a strong monetary incentive to develop skills and even a personal brand, and aspiring job candidates often queue up for months and even bid (pay) for the privilege of waiting tables at expensive restaurants. In the kitchen, much food preparation has been automated and outsourced to specialist food services such as Sysco.

In Singapore, the use of temporary foreign workers and the standardised service charge has kept wages and upward mobility low, thus discouraging the participation of Singaporeans in this sector.
Third is the domestic service industry of household help, care for children, the elderly and disabled.

This is a heterogeneous sector, but nowhere in the rich world is the dominant mode of operation that of the individual maid bound to a single individual or household. Rather, professional services of house maintenance, cleaning, food preparation and delivery, child and elder care and transport are the norm, compensated at hourly rates many times the minimum wage. Many self-employed workers in this sector simultaneously serve multiple clients, some for many years at a stretch or to work part-time, while private enterprises employing such workers provide a range of customised services.

Many offering child and elder-care services are personally dedicated to helping others, or are training for careers in teaching or nursing. Foreign workers in both this sector and F&B are usually new long-term immigrants, not temporary guest workers, so integration into the majority society is only a matter of time.

Improving wages, status

IN ALL three sectors, much higher wages would both attract more workers and encourage investments in higher productivity methods.

But there is also a mindset shift required, which is the social status and value collectively ascribed to such occupations.

In the US, social barriers are highly permeable and there is respect for hard work, enterprise and professionalism even in "blue collar" or manual service occupations, helped by the fact that they may pay better than many "white collar" jobs.

A social egalitarian ethic in Europe, and national group solidarity in Japan, both regions with limited income inequality, fulfil the same role. More money alone cannot compensate for lack of respect, which in Singapore is inordinately directed by and towards those with academically based credentials and professional achievement.

This analysis could be extended to many other occupations, such as highly compensated "skilled trades", and personal services (such as the beauty and wellness industry), which are particularly attractive to self-employed entrepreneurs.

Many solutions are possible but businesses will be motivated to innovate only if the easy alternative of importing low-skilled, low-wage foreign labour is restricted. Innovations could be accelerated by temporary public subsidies that would not cost more than the investments in the housing and transport infrastructure required to accommodate a larger population.

Slower growth, stronger nation

THE situation at the higher end of the labour market is more complex, given the global or regional role many companies fulfil from their Singapore base and the geographically mobile talent that they may require.

Employment passes should be flexibly awarded according to the need and value to the nation of a particular company. Businesses should professionalise human resource practices to maximise recruitment of Singaporeans, for example through school or university partnerships and campus recruitment efforts.

The bottom line is that Singapore can survive economically, even prosper, without further large increases in foreign labour and immigration. A reduction in both will also deliver compensating benefits, such as lower housing costs, higher domestic consumption, lower income inequality and a less congested, more environmentally friendly city whose residents may even be willing to have more children.

Businesses and people can adjust to slower labour growth as they do in other countries. The nation - which is more than its GDP - will be the stronger for it.

The writer, a Singaporean, is professor of strategy at
 the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in the United States.


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Anonymous said...

Asking the SBF to comment on the WP proposal is tantamount to asking a drug addict whether not giving him drugs will make him healthier.

PAP shit said...

Chambers of commerce, federations, trade associations are lobbyists, looking after their own interests.

Citizens too look after our own interests and the Workers party, SDP and the rest are also voicing out the citizen's interests.

Where does the PAP stand on this?

Clearly, its always in favour of the chambers etc. They talk about "balance".. I disagree. All evidence points to supporting commerce. What ever "goto royong" they try, there is always an element of promoting business opportunities.

From vendors to provide chankuls and stage platforms for community performances, there are business people behind the curtains.

No corruption?... perhaps not as defined. Kick backs?... pre arranged tender specifications?

Of course these are very difficult to prove.. but everyone knows which side the bread is being buttered.. so, by definition, there is no corruption.

I would like to see the PAP fail further and out of my life

Anonymous said...

Havve you seen the chinese Talk show with Minister Grace Fu? The entire episode she mostly evade the real topic by talking exclusively only about the blue collar FW and totally try to ignore about the White collar PMETs that many also have issues about. She keeps wanting to lump the FW crunch with Foreign talents all in the same brush stroke. Incredible!
Still treating us like idiots.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

Gentlemen, let me call a spade a spade. Asking the Singapore Business Federation whether it is a good idea to restrict the influx of cheap foreign labor - is not so different from asking Count Dracula whether he wants to be the CEO of the national blood bank.

There is clearly an untenable conflict of interest here that will always guarantee that businesses and enterprises will always insist that if they do not have access to the narcotic of cheap labor. Then they will go under.

This is why if you look at the most progressive countries in the world whose govt have been able to successfully balance the business imperative with the social equity. You will always find that governments in those progressive countries NEVER allow businesses to have their ways all the time.

The case the especially acute in Singapore. As unlike most progressive countries who have a comprehensive union and labor laws to protect workers. In Singapore the average worker is really under the mercy of unscrupulous businesses since they neither enjoy union or legal protection to guarantee their welfare.

So when the ministers says, businesses will go down under because labor is restricted. This should prompt the discerning reader to ask,

Why are tax payers even paying this minister to act as a lobby for businesses? Shouldn't the function of the minister be to seek an equitable balance between business and social goals.

Now you know why Singapore has one of the worlds most unhappiest workforce.

And now things are likely to get much worse. As no where in the white paper do you see even the barest discussion on plans to protect the average worker.

This simply means as the business thrive - the cumulative lot of Muthu, Ah Kau and Ahmad will probably get smaller and smaller.

And this simply underscores the cognitive dissonance of our times where 90% of the workforce will simply ask themselves - in what way are we benefiting from flinging our doors open to happy-go-luck immigration policies?

The government of the day has nobody to blame but themselves, if the average Singapore native gives them the thumbs down. As they do not seem very serious to put the interest of the natives before profit motive of firms.

Wonder no more why over 90% of the population have given the PAP the thumbs down.

Good Day.

Darkness 2013

Anonymous said...

//This is a heterogeneous sector, but nowhere in the rich world is the dominant mode of operation that of the individual maid bound to a single individual or home//

Let me comment on this para from the journalist which I agree with, specifically in the domestic area. We are told there are 200,000 FDWs in Singapore who are attached "exclusively" to households. Although I suspect the figure should be higher, but let's take that as fact for now. I have always felt that we have taken the drug dependency too far and is take we put a drastic stop to this. And is about resource allocation.

One remedy is to dictate that ONLY young families with new born kids are allowed to have a full-time help. Any other households with grown up kids above 16yo should NOT be allowed to keep FDWs at all. This will force family to pull their own time and get creative in maintaining their house chores. FDW should be allowed for homes with clear emergency or necessary needs such as looking after sick/lone elderly or disabled and for helping young family with young growing children. I suspect that alone, will allow us to at least slash 30-50%? of the excessive dependency for FDWs.

The other way is to enforce a strict 5 days week for FDW. That will free up the weekends for the FDW to go work as part-time maids or other F&B industry where the same # of resources can be circulated back into the industry to help or maintain local businesses or other households who can retain their part-time cleaning help. Both sides win.

In the face of such crunches, these are creative solutions that we should all be prepared to accept and think our of the box to solve the problems.

Likewise, the same thing can be done to the construction sides. Enforce a 5 days work week, and the weekend will free up some extra resources for FW to help in other SMEs.

And for Companies who has hired say..10 cheap workers from start, they should be given 3 years of deadline to train and trim their workforce by end of 3rd year to 5 workers, assuming they have done the productivity streaming successfully. If they don't, the other 50% (or 5 FWs) will be automatically deducted/reduced at year 3. The other 5 FWs that have been let go can then go back to circulating in the industries for other new businesses for e.g.. That way, the growth can be curbed, and real productivity achieved.

Again, these are very common sense solutions. Why arent the PAP govt interested to look at seriously implementing it? Out of ideas or just plain addict, it has become?

Anonymous said...


Life is brutal. Today I had breakfast with a group of young couples. They asked me quite plainly what I thought about the White Paper. I told them, in my considered opinion it was just a grand blue print to create a vampire state that is designed to squeeze out every last drop of blood and sweat from the natives.

During my sharing, there was a YPAP fellow who didnt take too kindly to my candor. He kept on telling me that 'we need to be more competitive.' I told this fellow that the average Singaporean worker was already putting in more man hours in his job than any other country in the world except maybe Japan. This fellow went on to suggest that we should do the same, he said the influx of foreigners will spur us on and make us hungrier. I told him flatly, No! All it would do is import a corrosive work culture where people will die at work i.e create a Karoshi culture. And if that happens then how can our lamentable baby figures be reasonably augment. This fellow said, "then we have to pay the price!"

Unfortunately even his own wife didn't agree with him. She is quite adamant about migrating to Germany. And asked me whether I could write her a letter of recommendation.

When she asked. The husband reprimanded her and said that she was not patriotic. But I corrected him and said, "just a while ago, you told us all that Singapore is a global city and NOT a country! And if you consider Singapore as just ANOTHER city, then tell me what is the big deal whether you work in Singapore, Hong Kong, Munich or New York?"

After that he kept quiet. As many other young couples on the table also planned to work elsewhere where they do not have to slave 40 years of their life just to own a pigeon hole or to fork out 100K just to own a Korean car.

The moral of the story is governments are NOT the ONLY one who can plan, calibrate and decide on what's best. Individuals especially those who are highly educated and mobile can also plan, calibrate and decide what's best as well.

I think it is fair to say, we may need foreigners after all. As what native in their right frame of mind would even want to return back to Singapore just to turn the wheel of life like a hamster running mindlessly on a wheel that goes nowhere.

Life is cruel gentlemen. As it is brutal and unforgiving.

I am sorry to take up so much bandwidth.

Darkness 2013

Anonymous said...

Japan and australia citizens can work in construction mines, but NOT Singapore. Singaporeans so rich that they can shun these "unwanted jobs".

Apparently our PAP politicians are equally so fussy or rich, they also shun "politicians' jobs" unless we the people pay half a million! And even when we pay them top money like $15,000 per month, they are only doing it part-time! No wonder the country is going down the drain. They only put half their time and presumably half their brains to this important task of driving our economy & country they professed to love and care so much!

In short, so when PAP don't want the job, is because talented people aren't attracted to low pay...but when talented singaporeans don't want the job, is because they are fussy or they don't have the right attitude or they are problematic.

Bravo Bravo!

I blame the uninformed 60% voters for keeping these thieving rats in office. As for the businesses (GLCs) and their cronies... what do you expect from a pig, but a grunt.

Anonymous said...

Classic PAP's economics.

IS all about the "lump of labour" fallacy. I think it’s generally expressed as there being a fixed *demand for* labour, rather than a fixed *supply of* labour.

Some Ministers think the number of jobs available is equivalent to the supply of labour, but the latter is the number of people seeking employment, not the number of vacancies that employers want to fill.

IT only shows the quality of the current administration. Either that, they are deliberately out to CON the people. The latter is most probably true.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Singapore has one of the highest criminals in the prison cells?

Why don't we use some of those prisoners (those with lighter sentences less than 5 years for example) to go work in the construction and pay them the appropriate wages? Not sure if this is allowed in labor/human rights laws. Maybe they can have ankle locks but at least these people can be put to go use, learn a new skills and who knows, they might be able to survive or rehab for such jobs after they serve their time which they have traditionally hard time for re-employment? We could even use them to do cleaning jobs at HDB precincts, road cleaning etc for x hours a day thus help reduce dependency? Likewise, if they behave well and serve their duties which they are paid for, they could be released early. Wouldn't the society benefits too?

Anonymous said...

California is the first failed state?

Have you seen this Lucky?

They have high GDP which by no means measure their success, best innovation companies like google, tweeter, apple etc coming out from Valley etc, but yet they are a failed state. Many good insights from here.

Anonymous said...

Actually when some businesses threaten to relocate, it means the strategies are correctly applied. The whole purpose is to force out he marginal labour intensive business who refused to innovate and up the productivity

Anonymous said...

Last time the 2 senior ministers got cancer, Singapore panic - OTC and LHL, better don't all the eggs in the basket? What happen if this 2 died in cancer? So to spread the risk, it is better to consider appointing opposititons leader as ministers (if) this thing happened. Nordic countries should, this type of systems are very successful and work well, to diversified the talent pool?

Recently 3 ministers gone in Aljunied, seem like Singapore going down trend need to import much more people to supports the grow and votes, the grassroot leaders will worry much, if in a freak elections their $leader is gone?

If revert half of the GRC system, back to single seats, it is not likely half of it gone, if 3 GRC gone like Aljunied GRC means 9 ministers plus the 3 gone, altogether 12 gone. Will Singapore gone into a crisis? We can't always replaced a minister with a new paratroopers,which is too risky?

Now the main worry is that those new comers or they called it paratroopers, will they bring down the few GRC, like TPL or Dr Koh recently with 43 percents of the votes?

WP is fast recruiting professor and highly qualified persons and professionals? So other parties too?

So the solutions to prevent a freak election, where half of the ministers gone, 3 gone is quite serious, putting all the ministers in the single SMC, so their votes won't be pull down to negatives? Many older supporter had died, in a way the vote might drop further?

Anonymous said...

With three ministers gone, let me ask you, did any drastic thing happen? Answer is no right. No one is indispensable even when USA president j Kennedy was killed, USA moves on

Lye Khuen Way said...

Nice to read comments above that we have compatriots among us trying to educate those still blindly aping the 'official" stand on more for the sake of "growth".

Am glad that the historic "protest on Feb 16th" did trigger more open debates.

However, going by what was telecast and published by our MSM, the ostrich aka PAP is still very much sticking to its old habits.

This "coverment" will no doubt unveil many "goodies" this coming Budget. Let us sit back and listen, read what the DPM cum Finance Minister have for us.

Anonymous said...

"No corruption?... perhaps not as defined. Kick backs?... pre arranged tender specifications?"

We know connection and guangxi are the root sources of corruption, don't we ? But elite corruption in SillyCity has gone to another league, it has gone to "business as usual", and when it is "business as usual", there is no corruption.

Anonymous said...

Could the the high and rising cost like Rental, COE, Levis, GST & ERP etc cost this business federations, keep on looking and cheaper and cheaper foreign workers?

Anonymous said...

Should oppositions MP appoint as ministers. Oppositions commanded 40 of the votes 2011 Election, in advanced countries oppositions parties are appointed as ministers to share the duties and responsibities, there is always innovations and the trends is changing.

Since more and more professionals joining the oppositions, in the most recent PE a normal hardworking graduate girl with a heart, beat a high power highly qualified professional and said his household had two cars?

So the trends is changing, if not the 30sec late of the oppositions in TP COn.y. disqualifications of oppositions, the vote maybe 57.5 percents, and if not profit-sharing scheme, like the Punggol East the vote might be around 47.5 percents from 60 percents, we got to prepare for the unexpected?

So what do you think about oppositions MP sharing the ministers duties and appointed as ministers, time has change, we got to keep up with the change and time, old thinking may not work?

Anonymous said...

The party that can win the heart and mind of the New Citizens will success?

Anonymous said...

Businesses who insist on the goals of the white paper (or else they would leave Singapore), they should come out in the open, identify themselves like the 5000 Singaporeans who braved the rain to make their point on 16 feb 2013. These companies shud be constructive rather than hide behind a government-appointee colonel, and make their cases one by one. Like Sakae Sushi rather than like Mr Das waiting to be exposed.

There are plenty of alternative solutions as some have constructively put forth, but like any child spoilt with candies from young knows, the SBF will never relent on pestering the parent for more. The job of any rational parent determined to bring up a responsible child is to say: "NO, but if you obey the following conditions, you might get one candy a day."

The government and mass media are playing a dangerous game playing foreign workers discomfort with local's frustration. The constant allegation of "xenophobia" in the MSM will force out the extreme positions. Young and wet-behind-the-ear generals and colonels in particular should have humility to understand they are working at the pleasure of the people, unless of course they have a plan to bring us back to the dark ages.

Anonymous said...

Sorry , i am going to post something out of the point.

My hubby who works in TTSH is telling me that all the hospitals' beds are full at this moment, beds are spilling out to the corridors.

My point is at 5.3 millions, we are facing such bed crunch, whither 6.9 millions ? One more Ng Teng Fong hospital in Jurong is not enough.

Anonymous said...

sometimes, i am puzzled why so a small city states need 5 mayors, of which i think 3 of them are ministers of state.

If i am not wrong, mayor's pay is $770, 000 per annum and state of minister's pay is $770,000/year and MP's pay is $192,000/year.

So can i say that TSL. Amy K and Osman K are drawing 3 pays and doing 3 part time jobs ??

Can one do a proper job with this type of job arrangement ?

Sorry i am out of point but its food for thoughts ...

Anonymous said...

They are simply too tired even to do a part-time job, they has their own full time job?

Anonymous said...

24/2/13 15:33 - This is called legalised looting. If they have citizens getting less than $1k pm and they get so much , they should be ashamed of themselves.
Those businesses who want many foreigners should just be shipped to where there are many foreigners to service them. No need to exist here and take up precious space. Land is rare here.
Gov should create jobs for citizens not making citizens depending on foreigners so they can be employed. this kind of policy is not only unwise but unsound. They should also ship themselves overseas since they are so incompetent.

Anonymous said...

'all the hospitals' beds are full at this moment' - this is what they want to create - a scarcity. once it is full, they will tell you to bid for a coe for a hospital bed just like owning a car.

Anonymous said...

'should come out in the open, identify themselves'- yes, i agree and we can boycott them. i have already boycott sake sushi.

Anonymous said...

"If we had an English-educated middle class to begin with in 1960 -- querulous, arguing, writing letters to the press, nit-picking, chattering away -- we would have failed."
Lee Kuan Yew

So is the distinguised old fart saying ...;

a.Everybody do what PAP and I tell you.
b.Give me 80 seats in parliament so I can do anything I want.
c.Pay me and my Ministers millions in salary to motivate us and keep us honest.

In return, PAP will;

1.Guarantee Singapore will only flood once every 50 years?
2.Ensure our trains will run on time and be well maintained?
3.Make Singapore so wonderful, no Singaporean will ever want to emigrate?
4.Will work carefully with the President to ensure that our reserves are protected and prudently invested?

5.Keep Singapore assets safe from $2 companies?
6.PAP will protect Singaporeans the same way our National Service men protect Singapore from foreign invasion?
7.There will always be an affordable, operationally-ready HDB flat for any Singaporean?

For the 60% who struck that bargain with PAP and LKY ... how's it working out for you in 2013?

Anonymous said...

One of the inequality in the immigration policy is the national service issue. How is it that our greatest foreign import, malaysians are allowed to come in without doing NS to climb the social and career ladder well ahead of local singaporeans with the full knowledge of the policy makers who for some reasons, considered this fair and equitable, is one of the questions the opposition should be asking.

Is it fair that young singaporeans should sacriice themselves to do NS when towards the twilight of their lives, be told, go look after yourselves while other nationalities are exempted from any liabilities?

Should you as a responsible person says, the next generation immigrants will pay their dues, then can I borrow from you now and promise to pay back next generation or next life? Does such kind of deals happen frequently or was that plain STUPID utterances?

Plucky Tam said...

"We may need less stringent foreign manpower policies to keep costs low." - Chen Show Mao

Anonymous said...

The future Archbishop of the Catholic Church of Singapore was ordained on Friday evening in a ceremony attended by more than 14,000 ......political dignitaries........., religious leaders, and Catholics from Singapore and around the region.

Father William Goh was ordained as the Archbishop Coadjutor of Singapore, meaning he will now be the deputy to Archbishop Nicholas Chia. He will also take over the top post in the local church - made up of around 303,000 Catholics - when the latter retires.

Friday's ceremony at the Singapore Expo was presided over by Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli, the Vatican envoy - or Apostolic Nuncio - to Singapore. He was assisted by Archbishop Chia and Archbishop Murphy Pakiam from Kuala Lumpur.

The ordination was also attended by President Tony Tan Keng Yam, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon and Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean.

Anonymous said...

You can talk through your asses till the cow turn red and white but if you don't pull down strongholds, nothing changes

Plucky Tam said...

Is 5.8 million an increase or a decrease from 5.3 million? Nvm. It's just a 500k increase 17 years from now. I'm sure Singapore can grow to 20 million if you stretch the time span far enough. What can go wrong if Singapore grows to 20 million in a gradual manner? Nothing will go wrong one lah. WP is the real alternative!

Plucky Tam said...

"For the 60% who struck that bargain with PAP and LKY ... how's it working out for you in 2013?"

How's it working for the 12% who voted for a "First World parliament"?

Anonymous said...

@ Fucky tam
/// How's it working for the 12% who voted for a "First World parliament"? ///

It's working out fine.

Hougang - Capital of Free Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Plucky tam, please do not continue to quote Chen show Mao or other wp mp out of context. Wp advocated a more micro level of management allowing certain sectors like construction more foreign workers than others but keep total frozen but u continue to try to spread falsehood about the mp.

Lucky u anonymous if not given what u wrote day in day out, many net citizens would like pluck your rambutan, only two I assume. Then u becomes ball less

Anonymous said...

Aiya where got people interested to pluck his two tiny rambutans? People got better thing to do lar

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong populations of 7m, has a china hinterland, and is unable to provide cheap housing to many of it poor citizens, can Singapore?

Many will divorce if their jobs lost to cheaper third world countries, more will want one room flats, Singapore now don't enough of rental flats, have a long waiting list? Many will remain unmarried fearing they will lost their jobs to foreigners?

How Singapore can complete with the lower cost, cheaper more of the 1.7 millions foreigners/new citizens, to come to take over their jobs? More who lost their jobs can prepare to sleep in the beach?

Cheaper foreign new citizens, come to work and send their pay back. At the continue to drive up costs?

Anonymous said...

Many years ago during the debate on whether to build casinos on Singapore, many Singaporeans were against the setting up of casinos because of the negative gambling effects while the business communities were in strong support of casinos because of the huge amount of money that could be earned by the business bosses.

What happened after all the casino debate?

PAP were in full support of the business communities by strongly approving the building of 2 casinos while PAP treated the ordinary Singaporeans voices as nonsense and PAP do not care about the negative impact of open gambling effect on Singapore society.

Thus, PAP have the record to take side with the business community while PAP have the record of not caring the adverse impact of their policies on ordinary Singaporean.

Is there any different this time in the debate of the population white paper when compared to the the debate of building of casinos?

The answer is clearly NO.

Without fail, PAP continue to take side with the business bosses in the debate of population white paper. PAP hack care how the huge influx of foreigners will negatively impact on ordinary Singaporeans.

To put it simply, in the mindset of PAP, there is only one that is important, that is to make more money.
To make more money for who?

PAP know very clearly that when PAP widen the opening of the floodgate further, there will be more cheap foreigners to be imported and exploited by the business bosses.

With hiring of huge number of cheap foreigners, the cost of operation of businesses will be lower. This lead to higher profit for the businesses.
With higher profit, business bosses have higher income.

On the other hand, the huge influx of cheap foreigners had displaced, is displacing and will continue to displace more and more Singaporeans in the many years to come as business bosses find the cheaper foreigners can help the businesses to save lot of money.

For those Singaporeans who are still barely employed, they had lost, is losing and will lose more and more bargaining power in the many years to come in terms of salary adjustment. This mean that Singaporeans salaries remain stagnant or fall.

Since PAP million dollars salaries and bonuses are pegged to high income earners, like business bosses, it is natural that PAP million dollars salaries and bonus rise.

These explain the reason why the rich becomes richer while the poor becomes poorer in Singapore. These further explain the reason why Singapore is one of the record holder of the high income inequality in the world.

Anonymous said...

If at in 1.7 millions came in or 7m just 3 percents bankrupt in gambling in 2 casino is enough, many got to sleep in the beach, or possibly end their lives?

Anonymous said...

Casinos and foreigner attract chickens, there why hundreds of thousands of free lance chickens comes to Singapore to service the foreigners?

Anonymous said...

Time to go cold Turkey for those biz who depends on cheap foreign labour. There will be some pain. Better they take the pain who are a minority than us who are the majority.
"Necessity is the mother of inventions". New biz will prop up to take up the less innovative.

Time for PAP to go,; they are lacking in ideas and hearts.

Anonymous said...

There is not alternative but to kick the pap out of office. Simple as that. Only die-hard papist supporters high on pap drugs cannot see something so clear.

Anonymous said...

All those new citizens came here they are not stupid, Singapore is the sixth most expensive place to live and the cost is rising as more is coming, those coming is likely more and more will put the family back home much cheaper, if they want to become new citizens. They likely consider one of these day Singapore too overcrowded, they will move out. Consider all factors. So Singaporean likely to be the receiving end. Lost jobs, another excuse to bring in more people because not enough babies, too many old people? The likely to stay in the west side?

Anonymous said...

Singapore at night is actually a chicken house?

Anonymous said...

Entities like the SBF need to shut up. Maybe they think they're helping LHL by speaking up in defence of PAP's open-tap foreign worker policy, but they're actually worsening the situation for him. The more these SBF people talk, the more the White Paper is perceived as pro-business.

As for Plucky Tam, he sounds like the Temasek Times.

Plucky Tam said...

"Plucky tam, please do not continue to quote Chen show Mao or other wp mp out of context. Wp advocated a more micro level of management allowing certain sectors like construction more foreign workers than others but keep total frozen but u continue to try to spread falsehood about the mp."

What falsehood? Did he or did he not propose for more foreign workers? You don't see First World countries like Japan, Australia or South Korea being so dependent on cheap foreign labour. As leaders of the country, MPs should have the conviction to do what's right for the country instead of acquiescing to the misguided beliefs of the populace.

Anonymous said...

Their enormous pay were the causes of these problems, if their pay were normal around $200K to $300k, will we need so many foreign workers, why other countries don't need so many foreign workers?

Anonymous said...

Plucky, yes he did say that but you quote him out of context cause that is not all he said. That is why some said that if u not anonymous, people will pluck your rambutans lor

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans largely know that whatever that cam out from opposition parties will be objected by PAP. Instead of understanding the reasonableness of alternative ideas, PAP has no other solutions but to OBJECT, OBJECT AND OBJECT. This is the kind of govt we want? Just to OBJECT FOR THE SAKE OF OBJECTING. Why make it so political and leave behind the interest of our ciizens.

If we look at how PAP threatend to withdraw childcare centre or deprive opposition wards the opportunity of lift upgrading, we know PAP is a very self-centered and selfish party. They will not want to hear anything that is against its policy. Goh Chok Tong said Hong Lim protest is political, rhetorics speech and noises. What can you derive from such statements? Ignorant of the people's cry, denial of a failed policies.

The frontline poll showed 92% Singaporeans want lesser foreigners and slower economy, Grace Fu jumped into denial mode again.

Than of course WP's proposal will be squarely denied by PAP.

Come GE2016, they will apologise again for not listening enough, for not getting the policies communicated properly, for not doing this and that. Well....chances are given by people, the PAP just didn't want it. Who to blame? Certainly not Singaporeans as our voices are louder than PAP policies.

Beside, 60% mandate should only be 60 seats for PAP in parliament why 90 seats taken up to screw Singaporeans?

White paper is political. It played with emotion in favour of foreigners, it rallied clans and ASME who are subset of PAP camp. It doesn't put our people's interest above politics. It makes people the servant of ministers instead of the other way.

Enough is enough. We need an ophra Winfrey show in Singapore, not meek and shy TV host and journalist who dare not ask tough questions on policymakers.

92% votes against white paper, is a happy sign that such percentage is likely to go to ballot box come GE2016. 3 years will past swiftly and if PAP doesn't hear us now, we will never hear them in the next election. We have had enough of their craps and motherhoods that contradicts and confuse. PAP simply...HAS NO SOLUTION!! We need change of leadership before it get worse.

Anonymous said...

Multi-millions pay need multi millions foreign workers to run the country,other country where got need so much foreign workers. Thier pay tied to the top so much depress the bottom to get maximium margin, multi-millions pay not cheap one ok?

Anonymous said...

I think we should thank PAP for releasing the white paper in its extreme form, and this has definitely stuck a huge spur in our behind, a rallying cry that PAP is useless and needs to be discarded. They have no solution to the current plight of Singapore, other than importing cheap labour. It's same shit different day... Time to take back Singapore from them in 2016

Anonymous said...

Plucky, please go read wp paper on population, well researched. By the way, as pointed by other readers, if you don't wake up, I like to be the first one to pluck your rambutans. Two are still intact I assumed

Anonymous said...

Low wages workers got low low pay, so they can get high high pay?

Anonymous said...

Singapore business got to cope with rising Rental, COE, ERP, Levis & GST, to pay their multi-million$ salaries, so got to find cheaper and cheaper foreign workers to cope with the rising costs?

Anonymous said...

George Yeo said now people are less convince of their multi millions dollar salaries?

patriot said...

Singaporeans only have themselves to blame for being foolish and daft to foolishly believe in insincere apologies REPEATED BY THE PRIME MINISTER. Those apologies were MEANT TO BEG AND BUY SYMPATHIES. THEY WERE NOT ADMISSIONS OF WRONG AND MISTAKE.

There is no guarantee that Opposition Parties will win more seats in Parliament in the Next General Election.


Anonymous said...

"“We will ensure that Singaporeans, our citizens, will continue to have a high quality of life, and, in fact, our ambition is to make it even better, to lead the world in showing how a dense city can be a wonderful place to live, a wonderful place to bring up children, and a wonderful place to retire in,” he said."

Please show the world how your kids talk today. Please show them how disrespectful and socially inadequate they have become. And why? Because they are images of their parents who are deluded baboons raised in your "scientifically regulated environment money can buy" and designed by baboons from the finest university out to make more money from monkeys with constant improvement of "infrastructure"

These tangible or external changes any Tom Dick and Hairy can do but can you instill humanity and dignity into your society?

Not when there is such great disparity in wages and your meritocratic crap you adhere so as to ensure the highest form of mass control is accorded to some baboons of highest institutions designed by baboons are un-deconstructed

The day we see your graduates, and kids taking pride in serving people and talking properly, becoming rubbish collectors with pride, all your "pockets of landscaped garden is not going to add to "quality of life" for Singaporeans laaaahh.

Go fly kite you bunch of monkeys!

Anonymous said...

Oppositions can go suck cocks too!

Anonymous said...

The real reasons or excuses in importing new citizens?

Why they want the Singapore citizenships?

Singapore is a temporary place for them ,has better infrastructures, but they know that Singapore they lure them with some sweets, later they that back a few times? Because they need to pay them multi-millions salaries, so they got to get the money back from new citizens? It is not easy to pay the equivalent the few times of salaries, with the similar populations, and no natural resources, so they got to get from more and more new citizens?

Singapore is higher pay, then back homes, so they can sent money back to feed their family, they know Singapore costs is rising, Singapore is the six most expensive place in the world to live,and more and more people are coming so cost will keep rising? The strategy of keep, importing more and more people, will make the cost keep rising?

They come here temporary,to get the citizenships, because Singapore passport easy access to the world, then their third world countries?

They know now they are now new citizens, later they will become old citizens, and they jobs taken, by the new citizens coming and the cycle go on? Later they finish earning enough they will go back to their cheaper countries?

Like Hong Kong simply difficult to cope with building more cheap housing, with so many people overcrowding and people getting old?

Many old citizens lost their job, live on savings if they finish they savings, can't pay their housing, they got to sleep in the beach or street, this is no joke?

If they stay here with their children, later their children jobs will be taken away by cheaper foreigners too?

Another 30 percents of the new citizens and are going to take their jobs away?

Anonymous said...

Hey, loving your goldfish doesn't make you a good person

Neither do going to church

Anonymous said...

yes...blind hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

In a paramid systems, people need to continue to, recruit more and more people from the downline to pay the top heavy upline?

Anonymous said...

Manners, grow some manners. Walk into any neighborhood shorting centers or just meeting your neighbors in your high rise pigeonholes, do you see manners? Do your behave with manners? Do you talk manners? Do you feel manners? Do you smell manners?

You smell detol, that's what you smell.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter how much social safety net you have because money will never be enough and we will continue to kill each other for money and the best part?

Sitting under a pile of shit from the top

Anonymous said...

11.01, what is your problem, nothing to do is it? Suka Suka tengkan the opposition with one liner without any explanation. You have balls or not to engage in a debate here? I assume both balls are still attached and intact?

Anonymous said...

The global economy is growing anaemically and even massive money printing by central banks cannot reverse the direction of decline. Singapore's GDP grew a paltry 1.5% in 2012 and heading lower. With lower growth, why do businesses still clamour for more workers? They shud be firing them now right? Argh, maybe its not more workers they want, but lower wages of the foreign workers they really need to sustain profitability (and buy moe BMW 6 series? or keep another 2 under-aged mistresses from China or India). And of course we know what the government wants: more GDP growth to sustain the various ponzi schemes of housing, CPF, bank loans, and they are using the tail to whack the dog by importing more rich immigrants who want to find ways to hide ill-gotten money?

Anonymous said...

Massive recruitment of 30 percents downline or 1.7million people to fund the topline?

Anonymous said...

"Argh, maybe its not more workers they want, but lower wages of the foreign workers they really need to sustain profitability..."
Anon 25/2/13 12:29

It's not just lower wages but also it is readily available.

You want Sinkies to do jobs in construction, F & B and cleaning?

Not even available at higher wages.

You want a better govt than PAP govt?

Not available also.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk o much. Show me the money and drop your pants so we can all see your small dicks are the same as the children playing in your HDB playground

Anonymous said...

We need foreigners. And up to us, or rather the PAP, to decide how many.

But quality of foreigners available is not up to us. It is up to God.

Like that how?

Anonymous said...

Married couples should be given free housing or don't give births and add to the existing monkeys!

Anonymous said...

God make some Sinkies suffer because of too many foreigners.

But smart Sinkies will not suffer as they will make lots of money with too many foreigners.

And who are the smart Sinkies? Ministers? Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

utill when you hear...daddy daddy why hast thou forsaken will not see the promise land

Anonymous said...

If keeping on recruiting more and more people to Singapore, the larger and larger population need more of every things schools, housing, educations, jobs, hospitals, Singapore last time 2 millions worried about shortage,now want 7millions something wrong is it? then concentrate on locals to grow the economic, it take some time but better than add in more and more people, where the workers pay depress or lost their jobs to cheaper foreign workers, many scandinavia countries proof it, don't to use the keep on importing populatons to drive the economy? This method temporary brought some good but long term effect has very serious side effect and is difficult to reverse, got to put more and more resource to take care of the jobs and poor or many of the poor unable to get social assistance sleep in the beach or street?

Many countries don't want to use the human paramid methods, because when fall out or the world suffer recessions, lots of people got poor or out of jobs if more population more will lost their job, simple supply and demand theory?

Small population is easier to find jobs for them then larger populations?

Anonymous said...

Around 10 percents tilling the support/vote might be due to the profit sharing scheme during the election 2011, see PE results from winning 55 to 41 percents, drop to losing 53 to 43 percents?

2 and the half percents is due to walkover late 30 sec oppositions late, disqualifications during the TP Con.y. - GRC?

So the actual support is around 47 percents only?

Anonymous said...

PE no profit sharing scheme?

Anonymous said...

The road to higher quality of life is to first get rid of idiots!

Anonymous said...

The road to a stronger nation is to stop idiots from being strong

Anonymous said...

With GRC 92 percent seats = to 81 seats (60 percents of votes)?

40 percents seats equal 35 seats if SME

6 seats oppositions equal 8 percents of seats?

40 percents minus 8 percent seats equal 29 seats?

Anonymous said...

So 29 seats is through GRC?

Anonymous said...

The road to an intelligent nation is to declare that those with head knowledge are nothing but a bunch of idiots and even your granny who stays home to cook partridge only is smarter than them

Anonymous said...

So through GRC system the ones with higher percentage of votes and give to the weaker percentages or pull down by the weaker percentage?

40 percents of the seats equal 35 seats, 6 or 8 percents of the seats go to oppositions, even oppositions has 40 percents of the votes, 29 seats or 32 percents of seats go to there ruling parties due to the GRC system?

Anonymous said...

How to achieve better quality of life when everything went up in costs but pay remains stagnant? The last few years even with high influx of foreign workers, pay still remains stagnant. More influx of foreign workers will only mean pay will remain more stagnant. The only way for pay to go up is to reduce the influx of foreign workers. THis will also reduce costs of many things.

Anonymous said...

The way to higher quality of life is to promote lim sweet say to PM. Only he can provide the bestest way

Anonymous said...

If no GRC or all single seats SME oppositions should get 35 seats?

Anonymous said...

Low tiak kiank pm even better.

Anonymous said...

It's such a blessing to read most of the comments here, especially the one about "Drug Addict" and "Dracula".

Thank you so much my bro/sis and thank you so much "Lucky Tan" for your wonderful blog :)

Anonymous said...

We should never reach the Hong Kong type of populations of 7 millions, Hong kong is way overcrowd, their house is tiny, dirty and unhygienic experience the poorer populations.

Our target of 18 million tourist arrivals in 2016, now already overcrowded our transport system and our mrt frequent breakdown, and put a heavy strain on our system and facilities? We should not keep overstretch until breaking point. By 2020 could be 22 millions of tourist arrivals.

Numerous death recorded in Hong KOng SAR: Quote from wiki: Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS, pron.: /ˈsɑrz/ SARZ) is a viral respiratory disease in humans which is caused by the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV).[1] Between November 2002 and July 2003, an outbreak of SARS in Hong Kong nearly became a pandemic[citation needed], with 8,273 cases and 775 deaths worldwide[2] (9.6% fatality) according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Due to overcrowding, unhygienic living conditions.

Every effort should put in to improve our local populations, stop importing people.

Hong KOng stock and properties market collapse billions were wipe out many bankrupt 2003.

We should take chances, the most long term should be restricted to only 5.6 or 300k more only specific person that can reduce our income gap them bring.

Can we reduce our populations from 5.3m to 5m?

Some small populations enjoy very high standard of living due to their large space, not through they have lot of resources, many countries has lot of resources but failed to make use of it?

Should we lower our ministers pay to 20 percent more then the Nordic ministers pays, so that they don't need to think of kept importing people to justify thier pay?

We got to consider our childrens with they got difficulties to complete with the cheaper imports in the future, if both parents and children jobs were taken singapore will be in trouble more poor people to take care?

Hong Kong poor people need more then 100k of low cost costing, but they are unable to provide in near term?

Do you want our Singaporean jobs to be taken away and sleep in the beach or street?

The Nordic countries spent much money in developing their people, so that they can best constribute to the society and retired happy, without worrying of their children future. They never use this method because of very heavy social cost?

Every effort should be put to develop and grow our SME and train our locals multi-tasking, improve work process, develop better working methods, make new inventions, products,better services, automation, innovations, increase efficiency, lower costs, reduce wastage, reduce reliance on foreign companies which they usually look for the cheapest workers, and foreign workers etc.

Anonymous said...

GE 2016.
Let's give PAP a "foreign" invasion in parliament.
Let's vote in 60 Opposition MPs.

Then the PAPigs will understand how we feel.

Anonymous said...

Dr Parag Khanna is a senior fellow at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) and director of the Hybrid Reality Institute. Nicholas Fang is executive director at the SIIA.

Somebody please sack this joker and many like him. Maybe give him a rubbish collector join instead

Anonymous said...

Bravo , re-read Prof Linda Lim's article again and again. It is all the nation needs - common sense, experience of what goes on the world over, and a clear intellectual mind who doesn't hide behind the PAP in order to safeguard his/her rice bowl and bury their conscience. Bravo is all I can say!

Anonymous said...

All idiots, idiots. Dethrone all mother fkers idiots

Plucky Tam said...

WP alternative solution to the overcrowding problem in Singapore: increase population size to 5.8 million *sniggers*

Anonymous said...

"Mr Low said imposing heavier taxes on owners of high-end residential properties and cars was "a very astute political move".

He said one reason the income gap has widened is because of growing property ownership, and the widening of the gap has been fuelled by asset growth rather than actual incomes growing."

What the fuck this argument? It is not those who put their money in properties(already an idiotic move) that increased the divide between rich and poor but those WHO PAY THEMSELVES(or earn) BY THE MILLIONS and ghen BUY PROPERTIES OVERSEAS that's causing the wage divide.



Anonymous said...

you see...they can't execute policies that will disadvantage elites interests and especially where matters touches the most sensitive area...which is their money worth...mostly decided by people who overrate their value in society...which is a reflection of their values in how can these people be your rulers?

even opposition politicians want to eat the money pie and talk through their people stupid or not la?

hey....all are farting hypocrites you losers

Plucky Tam said...

"even opposition politicians want to eat the money pie and talk through their people stupid or not la?

hey....all are farting hypocrites you losers"

Not all opposition parties are self-serving. Only the ones in blue.

Anonymous said...

Property prices went up the roof and who benefited the most? Those IN GOVERNMENT or in POWER( which help them retain power and sent their egos up the stratosphere so the world looks up to them or they can "punch above their small pricks").

Now, after listening to the ground, they want to tax those seemingly rich property owners or blame them for "profiteering"?

The government people are the FUCKING BENEFACTORS of the runaway property market. And I am not saying homeowners have not benefitted too but to tax them more now is to FUCKING MOCK THEM and TREAT THEM like idiots when THEY ARE THE CAUSE OF HIGH INCOME DISPARTY and how? By sucking on the fat capital juicy pussies or pay cheques!

Anonymous said...

Overcrowding lead to climate changes:

Anonymous said...

Are you that stupid to be impressed by higher wage supplements for low income earners?

Preeese lah. Bottom earnings up a bit, goods and services charges will rise more whereas the rich pay offs have no limits. No limits leh! How can this be acceptable?

Anonymous said...

Overcrowding lead to climate changes:

Anonymous said...

GE 2016.
Let's give PAP a "foreign" invasion in parliament.
Let's vote in 60 Opposition MPs.

Time we teach the PAPigs some hard truths too.

Anonymous said...

The low incomes earners, with their "higher pay" can retire or not?

Be a slave and die a slave in Sin! That's your citizen rights daft sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's vote in more rich MPs irrespective of which party. Opposition also can.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Best part is...sinkers don't even know they are SLAVES to WORK because papies cock suckers are so good in glorifying WORK muahhahaha

Now, work beyond 65 and even into 80s if can. Why? You good worker mah just like coolies good worker working for the rich mah muhahahaha

Anonymous said...

Work for the rich and get peanut skin MUAHAHAHAHA

Plucky Tam said...

"Are you that stupid to be impressed by higher wage supplements for low income earners?

Preeese lah. Bottom earnings up a bit, goods and services charges will rise more whereas the rich pay offs have no limits. No limits leh! How can this be acceptable? "

WP find that acceptable though.

"I think we have a competent government." - Low Thia Khiang

Anonymous said...

All are a bunch of idiot and idiots never mind....HYPOCRITES somemore! lol

Plucky Tam said...

"As for Plucky Tam, he sounds like the Temasek Times."

I take it that you have no cogent counterarguments then? *sniggers*

Plucky Tam said...

"Yes, let's vote in more rich MPs irrespective of which party. Opposition also can. "

WP certainly has done their part to enrich their fellow MPs.

Anonymous said...

“It is essential to rear a generation at the very top of society that has all the qualities needed to lead and give the people the inspiration and the drive to make it succeed. In short, the elite.. Every society tries to produce this type. The British have special schools for them: the gifted and talented are sent to Eton and Harrow.”
- Lee Kuan Yew, August 1966

For the 60% who bought this argument.
How's it working out for you in 2013?

Anonymous said...

"I think we have a competent government." - Low Thia Khiang

Low Thia Khiang is a gentleman.
So must say this to bluff the small boy who likes pink shirts.
Otherwise the small boy cries.
And people will say he bully the small boy.

Anonymous said...

All are idiots. Period

Anonymous said...

What do you think let say no GRC, only single seat elections, 40 percents or estimated 35 seats are oppositions in the parliament?

ufo said...

"I think we have a competent government." - Low Thia Khiang

Actually I think he wanted to mean - we have a competent government under the rule of a lousy party. But he does not wanna elaborate on cos that will bring undesirable consequences. Dealing with wolves have to be careful lah.

Anonymous said...

Mr Low said imposing heavier taxes on owners of high-end residential properties and cars was "a very astute political move".

Yes, i agree. They should be tax more but the money must be transferred to help the lower income and elderly, and not to ministers pay.

Anonymous said...

Good show coming. I am sure the new measures will backfire on them.

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't backfire, then Singaporeans are hopeless and deserve to be ruled by monkeys

Brownie Shit said...

Very funny. Now why am I here? LoL

Anonymous said...

The foreign talents scheme and casinos, which said create value for Singapore workers, sure produces so many whores, no wonder it was called foreign talents, from our talented, well paid leaders?

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore still living on its past glories?

Marco Polo came to China to studies all its inventions (at time China is one of the most modern country in the world) and bring it back to the West, and the western economic fast growing and modernised through new innovations and new inventions & new discorveries, while the west was progressing continued to develop new weapons and inventions.

China still stick to to its past success and top down approach?

Lead to the some of its some of its most humiliating defeats ( gave many major concessions to the west?

Will Singapore stick to its old ideas of relying cheap foreign labours, leads to its future humiliations of not developing its own local population, SME ,innovatons, products, inventions and services, relied on foreign investments?

Nordic countries parliamentary cooperate with each other developing its own people, which led to high standard of living, low wages gaps, high birthrate, successful multi national companies, important inventions and innovations, nobel prize winners, olympic champions etc, Singapore think of fixing the oppositions?

Nordic ways of success? Small populations yet high successful - depend on its own people,don't gave excuses, make its own discoveries, inventions, new ideas,new products, Sweden with its small population make many world class inventions and discoveries, new innovations, new ideas and concepts, low inequality, low wages gaps, high standard of living, multi-parties parliamentary cooperations, free educations, reasonable ministers pay, well developed babies friendly envirnomentm many olympic champions, nobel prizes winners,doun't gave excuses, high birthrates, innovative and comprehensive social programs and health system for the old, developed it local populations, rather then rely on foreign investments and foreign workers, make high standard world class designs, which its product sell at a premium through better designs etc?

Anonymous said...

While some countries has huge resources but waste and mismanaged its resources, Israel with a small populations, with resources, rely on its on populations in developing new technologies, is one of the more advanced and productive nations in the world, in Asia 2 countries is really consider advanced and develop its own technologies including South Korea and Japan too with little resources?

Anonymous said...

Using the wrong statistic approach, can be detrimental to Singapore birth rates, aggravating the old age problems. Lost of jobs to cheaper foreigners, increase in poverties to more of its populations.

Reduce the livings standard and available of space and more people come the standard of living drops, cost of living rising, reduce availabilities of facitlies for education, health, transport, recreational space, climate changes, deteriorating enviroment, increase noise level , increase stress and psychological m& social problems, many Hong kong live in cages due to limited resourse, politician can promised lots of things, if they made mistakes they can retired early, but the general populations will suffer, but the problems can it be delivered that is the important questions, don't give excuses?

Anonymous said...

The reasons to import new citizens is to sustain politicians pay?

The said...

Now that the Budget is out, will Iswaran go and tell Tharman off that "It will speed up business closures and cause Singaporeans to lose their jobs. The economy could spiral downward, and result in a loss of the country's reputation. ///

Anonymous said...

You stupid or what? The economist calls it "efficient tax".

You know what that means, selfish idiots?

Anonymous said...

Singapore political climate maybe changing, as many older generations of supporter of the ruling parties died?

New generations don't have much time to read the long stories of MSM, so they prefer read a few comments and short message of their hand held devise, coming into voting?

LTK idea of having a co-driver to slap and wake up a sleeping driver could be enhance further?

2 more oppositions can be seated behind, one is to make coffee for the driver, in case slaps a few time can't awake him up, another to make some energy drink for him to boost his strength?

Like the Scandinavian countries the have a multi-parties systems, could be more cost effective and diversifying the talent proof. More opposition prepare the social program system and debate in the parliament? Singapore can't take chance once the flood gate open it is difficult to close back and ask people to leave?

With the multi-parties system it is an insurance in case our single party system run out of ideas keep opening the flood gates, let any Tom, Dick and Harry come in and increase poverty rate in future?

Singapore may collapse under its weight? One time if a tsunami or a massive flood come, due to overcrowding and climate changes, Singapore might be wash away due to all the infrastruture, increase the density of the ground don't allow water to seep in and destructions of the greenery that hold the water, let it slowly seep into the ground?

Singapore have $200 billions of reserve and claim to have an annual returns of 17 percents means $34 billion dollars of returns per year, so this money can be use to help couple give birth, free educations until graduate, help the old retired, and develop the patent system?

If Singaporean do not have enough patents, can ask patents holders around the world come to Singapore to submit their patents to develop further here in Singapore?


Glassroot Leader asked MP: Where is our Swiss standard of living?

MP replied: I already got it?

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

'should come out in the open, identify themselves'- yes, i agree and we can boycott them. i have already boycott sake sushi.

24/2/13 15:59"...

I, too, have boycotted Sakae Sushi.

Anonymous said...

PE elections another forecast or projections failures, after many oppositions parties express interest in contesting, LHL faster called the election? Based on paper the ruling parties very high chances of winning, with 15 percents leads, but things don't away turn out as the projections?

Very few dare to predict oppositions can win by 10 percents or a staggering 3000 votes a different of total 25 percents from winning 15 percents to a 10 percents lost is a huge blow.

After many top men went down to supports and numerous incentives? Likely middle class population, more and more people using the hand held device to watch their news to get a balance view?

So faster bring out the White Paper, hope to add in more supportors?

Anonymous said...

If want to eat sushi, eat the real good one at real Japanese restaurants. A meal per person will run into at least 3 figures and you also don't feel full after eating.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy sushi from Sakae Sushi, supermarkets or small shops at MRT.

Anonymous said...

If want to take in foreign talents, make sure take in real good ones. Don't sacrifice quality for quantity.

Or else these "talents" will give more problems than benefits.

And the problems they give may not be immediate but slowly, just like slow poison.

Anonymous said...

Why eat that when your mouths are open under a pile of shit on top?

That's the bestest food because you paid the highest to enjoy that kind of privilege you know

Anonymous said...

But if you are very hungry, you may even eat stale sushi, if it is the only food available. Being the only available is also the best available. Sama sama.

Anonymous said...

Business can look for a cheaper and cheaper place to invest, but Singaporean can't look for a cheaper and cheaper job in Singapore, Singapore is the sixth most expensive place to live and the cost is rising?

Anonymous said...

"Singapore is the sixth most expensive place to live..."
Anon 26/2/13 12:25

But 43% think it's still OK.

And 60% think PAP govt is still the best.

And best alternative WP also think so.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

43% has quite high income. So even sixth expensive place is still OK lah.

It all depends on what is your income. And if high enough, abalone can even be your daily food. Just have to watch your cholesterol.

Anonymous said...

There are so many billionaires around.

I don't feel rich as a millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Why lucky tan takes so long to bludgeon the pap budget with his socialist ideas?

Efficient efficient efficient, yah?

Anonymous said...

He is probably happy with the budget :)

Anonymous said...

The budget is by the rich and for the rich. The rests are crumbs falling off their tables

Anonymous said...

The rich complain, expensive. Here is how you lower costs. Use more cash less loan. Prudent. Sure. Average joes where got more cash?
Price plunges. Govt gets a pat on the back for....listening.

The rich drives off smiling from changi airport to tuas.

Govt so compassionate. All the people say amen?


Anonymous said...

Save on buying cars already offset any other tax hooooooor..

Anonymous said...

Lucky, I think you would love to watch this presentation and possibly give your take within the Singapore context as a future blogpost article. Thanks.

Plucky Tam said...

For Kuan Yew so loved Singapore that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever votes for PAP shall not perish but have eternal oppression.

Anonymous said...

Maybe can go back changing cars every two three years liao.

Anonymous said...

Many rich from working for gahmen live HDB you know. Drive modest cars you know. fat fat you know. Why worry house tax? Reduce tax some more. Buy luxury house here for what? Drive expenive cars for what? many eyes see. buy overseas houses mah, bank account many many happy happy. No tax Kena. si mm si auni kong?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I know people dislike Japan and thinks deflation and declining population are dirty words (especially if you own several investment properties and worried about Spanish style collapse). However, anyone objective and visited japan in last 2 decades can agree that it is a perfectly functioning society. Unlike the red dot's regular screw ups in MRT (fire, higher fares, overcrowding), housing bubbles and inflation, people live in dignity. On the other hand, visitors to US and UK will tell you: even after decades of fighting crime and inner city slums, you see everywhere rotten infrastructure, high unemployment, crime and regular violence on the steerts and even in schools. You want lots of immigrants to boost GDP and fatten businesses, yes go ahead, just don't scream when your daughters are raped and sons shot.

Anonymous said...

They eat lonkang fish in forest you can or not? Talk rubbish

Anonymous said...

Singapore 2nd Highest GDP per Capital, but 4th from the bottom in Productivity among developed countries.

All PAP trolls, pse ask you MPs to explain and stop barking.

Anonymous said...

When i saw stated owned companies sending pinoys and ahnehs for training when one of the telcos just started, i think there is something very wrong with our leaders and they have betrayed our trust.

Anonymous said...

CPF should return back to withdraw methods of the previous system of 55 years old, many people thought they can invest their own money, but the rule change, now it is unlikely in their lifetime able to get back their own money? it is people hardearn money, people had the right to decided how to use it as they like, they are old enough to handle their money, many are thrifty know how to use their money, putting in the bank is better then putting in CPF which you had little chances of taking it out in your lifetime, which the will increase the retirement age raise until 68 years, even that every month you can only get few hundreds, how many of them can live until 68 years, it should given the person option to withdraw as they like or they want to put in the CPF to get higher interest then the bank, it should be up to individual to decide, some individual may have good investments skill and get much higher returns then putting their money in the CPF should be allow to withdraw their own money to invest on themselve and get higher returns?

Anonymous said...

If the person consistently can proven the can earn more then 10 percent on their own money, they should be allow to withdraw their money by 55 year old the previous system, rather put inside the CPF to earn around 3 percents, it fair to the person who need funds to invest, and to take out their own money from CPF to invest?

Anonymous said...

Fat hope?

Anonymous said...

Anon 18.47

Suggest you ask yourself why they haven't think about this angle all these years?

Anonymous said...

Any more good selfish ideas and in the name of helping the poor and useless Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

let say a person has he ability to earn 20 percent returns per year if he has $100k inside his CPF, he put inside the CPF get around 3 percent, which is 3000 dollar per year. The CPF should returned the money to he person by 55 year old, as the per son will lost $17000K per year, and the CPF should be very happy that the person able to get such high returns and not to burden the CPF to pay him $3K?

Anonymous said...

Taxing and yet not taxing. Not taxing and yet taxing. You see or not?

Anonymous said...

26/2/13 21:00- If that person can earn so much returns, then it is better for him to join TH/GIC/MAS. People who are so gifted in investment would not need to depend on the cpf withdrawal and would have made his millions else where.

Anonymous said...

26/2/13 21:00

If you want your money back from CPF in a timely manner;
Vote Opposition in GE 2016.

No need to keep begging for your own money.

Anonymous said...

Join TH/GIC/ so easy, Singapore certificates base, if you don't have the certificate, they want you?

Anonymous said...


man, is like fucking and yet not fucking, not fucking yet fucking. I dig you man

Anonymous said...

Is it too troublesome if the person, want to take out his CPF, which he few that he can get much better returns, he got to gave up his citizenship, and get another country citizen, and come back to invest and get better returns, taking a long detour?

Anonymous said...

CPF used to be able to withdraw at 55 now changed to 62 then 65 and 68, only give monthly few hundred dollar allowances?

For certain type of people, that can't handle well, don't allow them to handle their money is reasonable?

But those who can manage well their, money should be allow to withdraw their money to manage it themselves, so that he or she don't need of thinking to to emigrate then to be able to withdraw their money?

CPF should reconsider to allow some people who has consistent good track record of able to beat the market or much higher then their 3 percent returns , to allow the persons to withdraw, this is a fairer system?

To one size fit all is a brunt instrument that curtail creativity?

How about some who excelled in investments need the money to invest?

Should gave back the persons the money on 55 years old as promised early when they create CPF originally, widen the options available, that allow people to withdraw the money not only through emigrating only?

The reasons to delay or alter the rules, is worry about people overspent or spend all their money and don't have sufficient money to spent later part, this can apply to those persons, who don't know how to manage well, their money?

If the person proven can manage well his own money,let him withdraw the money as originally when set up, creating the CPF, it will create value for the economy and Singapore and later create jobs, self -sufficient and not burden to Singapore, but he must be proven he have a good track record of managing well his money for at least a few years?

Anonymous said...

Smart people have a lot more money in their bank a/c than in their CPF a/c!

Compared to their bank a/c, their CPF is peanuts!

They don't feel rich looking at their CPF a/c every month, unlike one MIW who said that.

So be smart. Earn lots of money and put it in bank a/c.

Anonymous said...

A millionaire is defined as one with net liquid assets of at least one million dollars. (at least in S$, not rupiah)

Property and CPF are not liquid assets, so don't count in it.

Anonymous said...

Some foreigners even bought multi million properties in Sinkieland with all cash.

That's why they are so welcome in Singapore because they are so rich. Really rich. They contribute to our reserves.

What can poor ordinary Sinkies contribute?

Anonymous said...

Poor ordinary sinkies can contribute labor. 80 years of labor if need be

Anonymous said...

No need to encourage them to work, they will encourage themselves to work. That's who effective is the leadership LOL

Anonymous said...

No need to encourage them to work, they will encourage themselves to work. That's how effective the leadership is LOL

Anonymous said...

yes, work for the rich. work hard...very shall be rewarded in heaven with 72 virgins bride MUAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

You don't have an identity other than work. Many will die not working. If I am the rich boss, I will be very happy with your ...diligence.

Work is your core. You worship work and work and power

Anonymous said...

The ground sentiment seems shifting from the Presidential Election???

Tony Tan one of their very best, who has massive support and endorsement from the ruling party got only 34 percent vote, he could be PM if he want, with the massive support from the MSM and endorsements from many clans and business assocciations? Can only get 2 percents vote ahead of his next rival Tan Cheng Bock, many MP were surprise why he want to put himself up for the post of President as he was not endorse by the ruling party?

Tan Cheng Bock said if elected want his office to be separated from the PM, leaning more and more towards the oppositions? He used to be one of the very best too?

Tan Jee Say who was relatively unknown new comer got 26 percent.

And Tan Kin Lian the outspoken one got 5 percent.

With the recent PE elections, seem like the support dwindling further and further, like kept dropping from a good margin of + 15 percents dropped to minus ten percent, the voters seem to know who to vote and the other 2 opposition got only 1+1 percents, previous 2 year ago in the GE SDA from 4 percent drop to one?

In 2011 election the ruling party, the performance improved in SMC which they got an extra SMC and performing worse in a GRC, lost a GRC which never before?

Could the kept importing of foreigners and importing new citizens kept reducing and reducing the support.

Could be due to the old supporters more and more died and new young supporter who are tech savvy able to vote?

The indication seem like certain policies are not right? With this massive dilutions of support?

Anonymous said...

Live by the laws, die by the laws. Lead by idiots, die by being idiots

Anonymous said...

Time for Ali Baba and his 40 thieves to go.

Anonymous said...

Work. Love your work. Live to work and die from work.

You want to die, you die your BUSINESS

Anonymous said...

Get the monkeys out. Too many monkeys hand in the jars of GOLD So funny lol

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Work. Love your work. Live to work and die from work.

You want to die, you die your BUSINESS

27/2/13 11:33

Best comment :)

Anonymous said...

You see , the law has nothing to offer except, don't touch, don't eat and don't shit. You just need to follow blindly and these people make the best citizens and...idiotic slaves

Anonymous said...

yes..all bloody

Anonymous said...

Let said the person able to withdraw his CPF as previously, he is good in investment horning his skills over many years, reach 55 years able to take out all his $100k, the new ruling you put inside until 68 years mean 13 years is profit is $221,000 from 55 years old to 68 years? excluding the compound rate of returns if he kept compounding it?

Anonymous said...

I am reading a book and listening to music...just tapping to the music haa

Anonymous said...

Base on if he able to make 20 percent returns on the $100k if it was with him rather then in CPF?

Anonymous said...

If the compound rate returns if a person able to make 20 percents returns on his $100k per year is $1,069,932.05 after 13 year if he put in the CPF? Using the compound calculator? Is it correct the second year is $120k the third year is $144000 keep compound the money until 13 years? Calculate by the internet?

Anonymous said...

Ah rich has it good. Just heard over the buyers are pulling out of the market by loads...industry expects COEs prices to plunge.

Thk U PAP for helping the poor by helping the rich with rich helpings :)

Anonymous said...

Time to borrow money from loan sharks?

Anonymous said...

Time to kill relationships

Anonymous said...

a nation with sad citizens will never be a strong nation!!!

fuck pap, lee hsien loong et al

Anonymous said...

The rich can go back to buying one car for car for car for his secretary...and one car for his karaoke girl friend....soon

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone wants to lend me money for new car? I promise to pay back. ... promise. ... or must I kill my parents for the money? :)

Anonymous said...

No need to kill parents.
just vote Opposition can already.
Only Opposition parties have a comprehensive plan to better the lives of Singaporeans.

PAP's solution to any problem is for Singaporeans to do more National Service and of course "Pay & Pay."

Anonymous said...

Hate to say this. Sin came this fast because of foreigners and their ideologies. The old man adapted it and ruled with an iron fist keeping his hawkish eyes on the money.

The result is an embarrassing breed of people who over rate their capabilities. Totally charmless and stupid breed

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Lets say we take the SBF's proposal, that we simply replicate more of the same of what we did in the past decade - bringing in more cheap foreign labor and increasing non-income taxes to make Singapore a tax haven - why is the targeted GDP growth projected at only 1-3%?

Apparently we are doing more of the same for lesser efficiency in the longer run. It doesn't makes sense as there ought to be saturation point where the output is limited by infrastructure constrains. 1+1 is not always to 2 remember.

Anonymous said...

Should all the SME put some ang mo inside as consultants?

Anonymous said...

Many new citizens and young voters doesn't perceived, adding more people benefits them much, in fact the reverse is true?

As you can see the ruling party votes keep getting worse and worse as in PE By Elections, from a huge winning margin of 15 percents swinging to a 25 percents different, few persons dare to bet the opposition, will win, with the additional one opposition party to the contest, previously 2 opposition parties now 3 to the election, to a staggering lost of 10 percents, probably their worst performance ever? Two years ago they perform better in the GE, as the increase a SMc- Potong Pasir? Few will believe opposition, could win a margin of 10 percent or 3000 votes at the start?

The result clearly show the serious concern of the recent policies impact on their lives, there are 50-50 chance of the many borderline GRC of losing in the coming elections? The electrorate are getting younger and more sophisicated, mostly they find out the news from the internet??

Most new citizens and young voters perceives adding more foreign workers and new citizens or the CPF new ruling is disadvantage to them?

Likely threatened their livelihood and stagnant their wages,as more and more people came? No matter how hard they use the MSM to convince them, simple supply and demand theory?

Bring in more and more people you increase demand of everything and jack up the price of living, reduce the space, so environment kept deteriorating?

Anonymous said...

Toilets also run out of toilet papers and you may have to walk around the shopping mall with shit in your butt crack

Anonymous said...

Should more courses conduct to develop bosses of the SME?

Many SME are traditional family run business relying on cheaper and cheaper foreign workers.

Foreign consultants to come to Singapore to train and develop local SME on latest technique how to bring out the best on their local worker through multi-tasking,job rotations, career improvements, increase the worker output, efficiency, productivity ,innovations gathering more feedbacks from their workers etc?

Could spend more money traning the bossses of SME to develop the workers more effective, then handouts?

Anonymous said...

Should more foreign consultants engaged to train local bosses to train and better manage their local workers, to reduce wastages, which a important contribution to companies profits, if you reduce wastage you increase your companies profits, reduce the time in doing a task, how to innovate and make better products and services, find ways to reduces overall cost other then looking for cheaper and cheaper foreigners. There is many ways of reducing cost, which don't affect the workers moral. Train the workers in mastering more skills,more effective in the jobs, co operation, the works and rotate them around to understand different departments running? Train local workers to give feedback of improving the companies operations like Apple and Google?

Workers can make many discoveries and advance if they are motivated and happy like apple and google?

Anonymous said...

Train the local SME bosses on how to used technologies , automations and innovations to less reliance on cheaper and cheaper foreign workers?

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