Thursday, March 07, 2013

Free public transport and other public transport ideas....

If you go to Melbourne, there is a "circle tram" that goes round the perimeter of the heart of the city. Rides on the tram is free[Link].  If you were a tourist, you save a few Aussie dollars out of the thousands you spent there but you leave the city with such a great memory of going to so many places taking free rides on this circle tram, you go home and tell your friends what a great city Melbourne is. This free public transport service adds to the charm of this city which is voted the most livable city in the world and it does the equivalent of millions of dollars spent on advertising to promote tourism.   Giving something free can result in plenty of indirect payback for a country or city. However, to do this, you have to break this principle of no freebies, no "cross subsidy"  and think of system and nation level benefits.
The PAP govt has always had a problem with giving out something for free because they imagine that people will abuse it so it is refreshing to hear one of the PAP MPs suggesting:

"On Tuesday, MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC Dr Janil Puthucheary suggested free travel on public transport before peak hours to ease peak-hour congestion and change commuter travel patterns." - [Link   

A few days ago MP Puthucheary suggested making public transport free just before peok hours to reduce rush hour load on our trains.

 Today's public transport problems cannot be fixed quickly by spending of billions of dollars on transport infrastructure because it will take years to build the new infrastructure. The PAP is opposed to freezing the number of foreigners here so the pressure on our current infrastructure will keep rising. If nothing is done, there quality of service will remain right about where it is or gets worse while we wait for new infrastructure to become operational. Last year Minister Liu requested for a billion to be spent to help bus operators because they won't improve unless this money is there. Minister Liu hinted last year that fares would have to increase for operators to improve their service. This is an unpopular move among Singaporeans who are struggling with rising cost of living and several MPs have suggested that fares should be increased only after the quality of service has been improved.

What we need is to get out of all these constrained arguments and look for breakout ideas. Making public transport free for the period before peak and after evening peak hour is an example of breakout idea that should be examined more closely. The govt is ready to spend billions on new infrastructure and this idea looks a lot cheaper to implement and will yield faster results. The scheme can be ended once new infrastructure become active. We should change our mindset and look at overall savings and benefits instead of money spent giving something away for free.  By shifting a a significant number of commuters that contribute to the rush hour crowd, our transport infrastructure has to cater to a small peak for rush hour. The idea may result in overall cost savings....and better overall allocation of resources to meet the needs of the people - those who need to save money get up earlier and those who want to save time pay for it. We should view these free rides as incentive given to people who help to reduce strain on our infrastructure ..and the need to keep adding infrastructure.

A far more radical idea I have in mind for sometime is to use the full amount collected in COE to fund public transport infrastructure and fares. When the COE scheme was started, the PAP govt told us that was not intended to be a revenue raising scheme i.e. we should not expect COE revenue to cover any part of govt expenditure....if necessary, the govt should fund any increase in expenditure by raise taxes preferably progressive taxes on high income earners and corporations. If you think about it, COE goes up when people find public transport inadequate ...creating an aspiration for car ownership. There are places in the world like Geneva and Munich where the public transport is so good, it makes little sense to use your car for most purposes - hence it is often said that a true 1st world country is one where even the rich happily take the public transport with everyone else in the society. We are not there yet and we are not on the path to get there. High COE prices represent a hindrance in the path to the middle class only because we view public transport as "peasant transport" due to the poor quality of service. We find the solution by using high COE prices to reverse the situation and make public transport more desirable reducing the demand for cars bring about a virtuous cycle of net happiness for our society ...instead of the vicious cycle of overcrowded strained public transport and never-ending rise in COE prices.

Another idea I have in mind is to emulate the mini-bus system in Hong Kong. These small buses that complements to the govt operated buses and trains to provide a convenient alternative for commuters. Everyone has a seat on the mini-bus that can stop for a passenger to get down at any point along a route not just at the bus-stops. The govt can help make such a complementary mini-bus system viable by giving tax incentives, take out requirements for COE but control them with licenses as they help to relieve the present bottlenecks in the system. Such buses deployed along the most heavy routes for public transport can quickly relieve our existing problems.

Whether we re-nationalize the public transport, pump in money or try some other ideas, something has to be done to break out of the current vicious cycle of over crowded public transport feeding the demand for cars causing a rise in the COE. In the end nobody's happy due to unmet needs and the high cost of cars. Recent moves to limit financing for cars can force down the price of cars but it also forces many who were willing to over-leverage just to avoid taking public transport back onto crowded trains and buses they really do not forces people to be prudent but in the end creates no "net happiness"...because their needs are not met.  


Lye Khuen Way said...

Yes, there is no "net happiness" increase with whatever the "coverment" recent knee-jerk responds.

My view is that they need to work towards the nationalization of the train and bus services. Cut the crap about competition.

Had never been and never will there be true fair competition for all the public service operators. Just like the telecom service providers, no?

Plucky Tam said...

I don't think it's fair to compare Singapore to a First World city like Melbourne. Let's compare apples with apples, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Will there be traffic congestions when 6.9m living in as big a space as now???

Maybe there will be human traffic as well.

So even those with cars may not find it convienent to get from pt A to pt B. So what's the use of having cars then.
What about car-parks? More to be build? Where to built them???
Look at orchard road now & imagine double the car population now & can anyone see any space for more carparks there?

The richs may think that 6.9m is not their problem. Wait till they can find parking lots.

Anonymous said...

The MP's idea is workable. But it will make it even more attractive if they throw in a lottery. Just like how Sweden used to run a reward program for good behaviors, for drivers who slow down their speed before the camera, they will be captured into a lotto system. Is call the fun theory approach.

To change behavior, they could take the idea further, and reward those "early birds" from the massive COE revenue they have made.

Question is - will Govt reverse its co-pay mentality and see it as a "lost income" vs "gained goodwill"?

Plucky Tam said...

"Will there be traffic congestions when 6.9m living in as big a space as now???"

Unlikely. The number of vehicles per capita for Singapore is among the lowest in the world. Most Singaporeans are too poor to afford a car under a government that the Workers' Party lauded as "competent".

Anonymous said...

perhaps the most frightening thing about the high COE prices is that all those people who wont be able to afford cars when their current COEs run out, will have to use the packed public transport system.

but as you point out, the system will take some years before it can cater to more passengers.

at the same time, while it is being built, yet more people will be coming to live here. so the load grows even more. in effect, a double whammy increase.

this is what a decade of poor policies is heading towards. and that's just their effect on transport.

meanwhile, the govt is still choking on heavily discounted fares for the old, the disabled, and ITE, poly and uni students. there are interesting times ahead.

Anonymous said...

The Traitors are not capable of breakout ideas.
Because they are the robots chosen to continue the sterile thinking & legacy of one man.
A man who was past his prime by the early 1980s.

Breakout ideas will come.
But only after a regime change.

Anonymous said...

It's true, when I was in Switzerland, the tram, bus and train services are seamless and efficient, tram interval for off peak time is 7 minutes.

There are few cars on the road. A lot of people cycle. Parent even attached a special pram to their bicycle to commute within the city.

wonder when can we reach that standard, think it will be a pipe dreams. As I see most of the time, only symptoms are
Tacked while the root cause is passed over.

Anonymous said...

'wonder when can we reach that standard' - actually we can but the will is not there. politicians have psychopath tendencies, they love to see people suffer. that is where they get their daily dose of entertainment from. unfortunately under democracy system, we have to vote politicians to rule us. Thus, we have to vote the lesser of two evils. Vote opposition (whether wp or nsp or sdp) cos pap is too evil, too psychopathic.

Anonymous said...

Why is the public transport so crowded?

It is because PAP open the floodgate to bring in tsunami of foreigners to Singapore.

What PAP have done recently to temper the flow foreigners is just plain cosmetic in nature.

The following letter from one of the readers of Today clearly shows that PAP have no intention to limit the inflow of foreigners. Instead, PAP is just pretending to do something on the inflow of foreigners, but, in reality, PAP is still continuing the relentless influx of tsunami of foreigners.


Steps to temper foreign labour growth do not go far enough

From Chua Cheang

5 march 2013

I am disappointed with the Government's attempts to moderate the growth of the foreign workforce as laid out in Budget 2013. The announcements are inconsistent with its promise in the Population White Paper to build a high-quality Singaporean core.

In 2004, when the S Pass was introduced, the qualifying salary was S$1,800, which was 86 per cent of the median monthly income of S$2,100 that year (excluding Central Provident Fund contributions).

From this July, it will be S$2,200, or 73 per cent of the median monthly income of S$3,000 last year. The effective qualifying salaries are lower than what they were before, as a proportion of median monthly income.

In addition, the S Pass sub-quota, even with the recent announcement to cut it to 15 per cent, remains substantially higher than the 5 per cent in 2004. Unlike Work Permit holders, S Pass and Employment Pass holders compete directly with Singaporeans for skilled jobs. In the past, the economy relied heavily on them as the resident workforce was less skilled, but that has changed dramatically.

In 2001, around 45 per cent of the resident labour force had some form of post-secondary education; compare that to over 60 per cent last year.

Yet the Government continues to maintain a liberal policy on skilled foreign workers, especially those holding Employment Passes, which are not subject to quota restrictions.

As Parliament commences its debate on Budget 2013 this week and on the Committee of Supply over the next two weeks, I urge all Members of Parliament to speak up for the interests of Singaporeans.

I propose that the S-Pass qualifying salary be revised to S$2,600, to achieve parity with 2004. Similarly, the qualifying salaries of the Q1, P2 and P1 Employment Passes should be raised to at least S$3,600, S$5,000 and S$10,000 respectively.

Anonymous said...

'Plucky Tam said...I don't think it's fair to compare Singapore to a First World city like Melbourne. Let's compare apples with apples, shall we?'

Yes, it is not fair to compare Oz and SP cos Oz PM and MPs earned only a fraction of the pay compare to SP PM and MPs. The more pay the PM and MPs get, the more unsympathic and ruthless they become.

Anonymous said...

The mother cause of all these problems is the incompetent government lead by the incompetent pap.

Anonymous said...

Vote opposition not the psychopath party. Definition of psychopath: a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc. (

Anonymous said...

When pap forced coe on us, they told us that land is scarce in Singapore, they cannot keep building roads. Now somehow they tell us there us enough land to accommodate 6.9m people... Do you still believe, and trust pap?

TAP said...

These are nice ideas worth further discussions. I hope the MPs and other leaders discuss these ideas further to examine the pros and cons in detail.

Anonymous said...

Plucky plucky plucky, here u go again making anti wp statement. If u are not careful, net citizens will pluck your tiny rambutans lar

Anonymous said...

Singapore got difficulties managing the transportation of 5.3M people, wonder how it can manage the transportation of 7m people?

Anonymous said...

PAP MP may say all they want to gain popularity but when the party-whip is raised all these YES-robots would line up and pretend brain dead and respond "YES SIR" automatically. They all love the party-whip because they think it allows them to say YES without shame. They are too cunning to use such excuse (I have no choice) to benefit themselves! I like what they say but unfortunately supporting any of them would send PAP the wrong signal that they can continue to do whatever they want!

Anonymous said...

"There are few cars on the road. A lot of people cycle. Parent even attached a special pram to their bicycle to commute within the city."

That must never happen here.
Without the ERP, ARF, road tax etc. will there still be multimillion dignities for our rulers?

Anonymous said...

It is laughable that Teo CH says he is against dual citizenship to prevent diluting the sg core and yet voted yes to allow importation of more foreigners to increase our pop to 6.9 million and dilute sg core. These jokers should be voted out of the parliament for their hipocracy.

Anonymous said...

Yah yah, free ehh ??? Only all those foolish daft will believe all the craps from those idiots.

The father of all lies himself (old fart zombie) had said it before : "No such thing as a free lunch".

And so, still as daft as always, ehh ??? When want to wake up and learn ??? Talking about "learn", his idiotic retard incompetent son also had said : "learn how to learn". Again, when want to learn ???

PS - Free during off-peak hours, indeed. But, double the payment during peak hours. They will somehow surely recover back the losses from somewhere, as usual. Mark my words !!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should put a price of sgd 100,000 to allow dual citizenship; make sure to distribute the money to the poor and homeless here and not elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity some or many of the 200K of the population got to leave Singapore because they can't take out the CPF money, they should be able to decide themselves, they are old enough to take care their money as they had many years of experiences in investments, whether at 55, they able to take out themselves or put inside the CPF for 3 percents interest, it a wastes of talents if those highly educated got to leave because of this?

With the revenue from 2 $16 billions casinos, COE, ERP, GST, Levies, Rental & Propreties Sales, Profits from the $260 billions of foreign reserves, should be more then enough to fund many things, and return the CPF to those who able to manage their money well and get good returns?

Anonymous said...

"In the end nobody's happy due to unmet needs and the high cost of cars."
Lucky Tan

I believe 43% are still overall quite happy.

Another 16%, although not happy but still think PAP govt is better than best alternative WP. In fact, it really is.

Not happy? So let it be lah. PAP will still remain government what.

Anonymous said...

" forces people to be prudent but in the end creates no "net happiness"...because their needs are not met."
Lucky Tan

It is not net happiness but net votes for the PAP that is important.

Net votes for PAP = Votes for PAP minus votes for opposition.

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing for PAP that WP is the best opposition.

And good thing also that smart people only wanted to make money or just blog, and not join opposition.

What is best for opposition? Win seats in Parliament lah.

What is best for people, or rather smart people? Make lots of money lah.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous said...
Why is the public transport so crowded?

... this in not due to poor planning of foresight but to maximise returns to those operators

if possible ... i think they allow commuters to ride on the roof of the trains and buses too (fortunately or unfortunately these cannot happen under "swiss standard of living"

Anonymous said...

Ordinary Sinkies, being ordinary, are not smart enough to make lots of money. Therefore they suffer a lot due to high cost of living.

And being ordinary, of course they also cannot form a better party to replace PAP lah.

That's why PAP continue to be the best available despite the terrible sufferings of ordinary Sinkies under PAP.

Anonymous said...

If public transport is so crowded to maximise profits and yet PAP can still win elections, then let it be crowded lah.

If I were PAP, I will do the same also.

Can eat, eat lah. Can run, run lah. - Law of the jungle.

Anonymous said...

I am sure a lot of studies have been done with regards to the transport system, not just public transport. I am of the opinion that it is meant as a revenue generating whether the government admits it or not. That is the reason we are still stuck with COEs, ERPs, monopolistic public transport companies. Any suggestions or thinking out of the box are trashed once financial returns are not met. It is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Regime change is a breakout idea.
Singaporeans ... are you ready?

Anonymous said...

It is not about regime change.

It is fortune change. Your personal fortune change. For the better, that is. Due to your luck or own effort, not regime.

Just ask Hougang and Aljunied voters. Have their fortunes change for the better due to WP?

Anonymous said...

COEs revenue rasied should be distributed to Singaporeans who do not have a car under their name. Let's call it a citizen transport subsidy. This will create a push(paying for COE) & Pull (getting the subsidy)effect which will amplify the effectiveness of the COE system.

Anonymous said...

There is 2 schools of thoughts?

One school of thought, we should get cheaper and cheaper foreign workers to improve our margins and profits?

Another school of thought, we should use our vast profits from our $260 billions reserves, Rentals, Sales of Properties, Levies, COE, GST, ERP, Levies etc, to improve our SME.

We should model our country to South Korea, Israel, Sweden and Denmark etc., to develops our local SME help them to expand to oversea, make better and improve their products and services, help them to market their products and services ourseas, appoint international consultant to train the SME bosses and their local workers, to less rely on foreign companies, so that local worker can get better wages to close the income gaps?

Many small countries can run their economy better then large countries as above, small size is easier to manage then big size?

Anonymous said...

And from the 2 Casinos?

Anonymous said...

Help the local SME to market the products and services overseas, and build a brand like the Rolex, Ikea, Apple, or Samsung etc.?

Anonymous said...

The tight labour markets mean lot of cheap foreigners markets?

ah lian said...

There are simply TOO MANY PEOPLE!

Must have a bit of ROOM, literally, for breakout ideas to work. Else, it's just shifting crowds around... kinda like when you refuse to throw stuff away, you can only "tidy up" by moving junk from one spot to another.

And simi "off-peak" hours?

Already from 6:30am, the trains and platforms at Jurong East MRT are packed. And there are even times, almost 10am already, that I have to wait for the second train before I can board.

So how early (or late) can I get to work to avoid the crowds (or getting fired)? 5am?

And stay at the office whole day till 10pm before I go home?

Flexi work hours maybe can work, provided the job you do can be done outside normal working hours. And then you have to change your whole lifestyle to suit your new work hours... All that just coz there are TOO MANY PEOPLE!

Hahaha. 6.9 million. WHERE GOT SPACE?

Anonymous said...

This show that how luxurious, the life of this MP he totally don't know that early morning the MRT already packed? How good their life who always think of getting cheaper and cheaper workers to squeeze the ordinary life of a worker in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have even forgotten when was the last time they ever took MRT or bus, or if at all.

Despite this, they will still get elected because 60% think they are the best available.

Anonymous said...

It is true PAP is still the best available party to be government, even though PAP is getting more and more lousy.

I am sure even Lucky Tan, despite criticising PAP, will, without doubt, agree on this.

Hence Sinkies cannot do much except hope that PAP will improve.

And hope is controlled by God.

Anonymous said...

God, please help the poor Sinkies who can't help themselves.

Anonymous said...

/// A few days ago MP Puthucheary suggested making public transport free just before peok hours to reduce rush hour load on our trains. ///

I don't know whether this is a good idea or not.
Best way to decide.
Just do it and see what happens.

Don't waste time with mental masturbation over this.

Anonymous said...

Foreign multi national companies will always looking for cheaper and cheaper foreign workers or countries, home grown multi national companies/SME if increase it profits share with the local workers?

Anonymous said...

Sounds sensible except the PAP can effectively eliminate all opposition even as they deteriorate. The people may decide to place their hopes on a less experienced team who have values they agree with.

Anonymous said...

Used the profits from the massive profits of the casinos & $260 billions foreign reserves and indirect taxes, to market the local SME worldwide?

Engage international designers/marketing/medias experts to help the branding our local SME worldwide marketing of its products and services, so as to less rely on the 2 millions cheap foreign workers in Singapore?

So that local workers can enjoy higher wages and to reduce the wages gaps and work life balance & improve birthrate, job security, higher standard of living, more spacious and greenery, better health and old age programs?

Anonymous said...

When even $4K per month is considered as low income by some companies, you can imagine how high is the cost of living now.

And some companies even paid ALL their workers at least $2K per month.

Anonymous said...

43% has at least $4K or higher monthly income in order to be just satisfied to vote for PAP.

Anonymous said...

Any job below $4K per month is meant more for those cheaper, maybe better and younger(faster) foreigners.

Sinkies will not be able to cope with below 4K salary.

That's why foreigners are badly needed in order for GDP to grow and ministers rewarded accordingly.

Anonymous said...

If he practises what he preaches, he should open the public transport sector and allow small players to compete. But he does not want to dilute the profit and thus make tax payers subsidising the main players.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Help the local SME to market the products and services overseas, and build a brand like the Rolex, Ikea, Apple, or Samsung etc.?

8/3/13 11:29
not say I see sinkapore no up....can't even produce an Orarmpit champion from your own..want to produce rolac, lkan, appore or sumseng? Preeese lah

Anonymous said...

ANON "It is true PAP is still the best available party to be government, even though PAP is getting more and more lousy."

I fully agree, to the last letter.

ANON "It is a good thing for PAP that WP is the best opposition. "

That loaded statement is ambiguous and doesn't make sense! WP is a ragtag newbie, a raw and unproven disorganised noob that I dislike more than the miw.

Anonymous said...

Yeo Cheow Tong once coyly suggested merging the 2 "private transport operators" into one - result - he lost a thousand points as it stepped on too many toes. Many happy faces inside the civil service and PAP when he was asked to leave - not that he deserved anything.

My points for raising this small part of PAP history are these:

1. There are vested interests (ie those who profit from status quo - eg scholars and unwanted SAF genderals find good paying jobs retiring in these pseudo private firms). Since the 1990s, each ministry is run like a silo and public service must be profitable is one KPI of every minister and PS. If transport or healthcare gets a bigger budget, who will bite the buller? "Not me!", says everyone else, the civil service has a structural problem.

2. Then there are "sacred cows: reinforced by what conservative economic MSM dictates - ie welfarism like the US Medicaid/care or western pension and healthcare are "dark holes" which no prudent government shud ever step into. hence - no freebies at all cost. The problem is Singapore is the other extreme - we are like a fascist state where people's basic demand for public service are subservient to even the most ridiculous state spending like Brompton bikes and million dollar civil servants flying solitaire class.

3. And last, the reason for status quo is simple - its the path of lest resistance - no one wants to take the rap if things go wrong - who wants to answer LKY's question mark to suggest any form of new subsidies for public services when vested interest, conventional "wisdom" and your peers are not prepared to support the case and ready to throw stones to eliminate a competitor? The civil servants and many ministers do not see the political pressure from the ground, why bother to change? Easier to obfuscate - "eg profit will incentivise SMRT to improve", "public healthcare is heavily subsidized in Singapore", "FT will create more jobs for Singaporeans" etc

A small red dot, has more baggage than China.

Anonymous said...

Putu Cherry is probably suggesting this so as to get more cars off the road, so he can have a smoother drive back home.

Anonymous said...

Nordic countries with very well run economy reasonably paid ministers, which is around ten percents of our ministers' pay?

They have free education till graduate, retrench benefit, work life balance, little foreign workers, heavy subsidised health care, good old age benefit, low waste gap, high standard of living, high birth rates?

Anonymous said...

'Nordic countries with very well run economy reasonably paid ministers'- the morale of the story is you pay peanuts you get monkeys, you pay papayas you get pigs. monkeys smarter than pigs (journey to the west).

Anonymous said...

WP is a ragtag newbie, a raw and unproven disorganised noob that I dislike more than the miw. - but WP 5.5m is less evil than PAP 6.9m. Vote the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

/// A small red dot, has more baggage than China. ///

Change the regime.
And get rid of all the baggage that has been accumulating for past 50 years.

Plucky Tam said...

"It is true PAP is still the best available party to be government, even though PAP is getting more and more lousy."

Care to substantiate your claim?

Anonymous said...

yes fk you

Anonymous said...

@ PAP Lackey Tam
"It is true PAP is still the best available party to be government, even though PAP is getting more and more lousy."
Care to substantiate your claim?

Dear Lackey Tam
If you are deaf & dumb to the mess Singapore is in.
It's probably because you have spent too much time with your head stuck up LKY's asshole.
Maybe you need the services of an asshole surgeon to extricate you from LKY's shithole.

Anonymous said...

free transportation for the masses?

I CHOP IT OFF .... i swear upon all those books ... oops story books when this happen

Anonymous said...

We need another single seat mp like dr palmer so that the opposition parties could pull off another coup in a new bi election. This will surely put the drive of govvy increasing happiness for local populace into full steam.

Anonymous said...

The Political talents are going full steam in creating a talent environment for world class talents.

It sees talents a huge pot of gold, not a coffin of dead bodies

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous said...
We need another single seat mp like dr palmer so that

these are nothing new ...

many such sexcapes happened in the past but not highlighted in the media (not the mainstream media) in the past

..... they simply retire and not resign

Anonymous said...

Foreign workers depress pay and take away jobs, they from third world country can pay cheaper? If you give good enough pay are you sure locals don't work?

Anonymous said...

Developed countries mostly local work this type of jobs because they are resonable pay and better working conditions?

Anonymous said...

"If you give good enough pay are you sure locals don't work?"
Anon 9/3/13 08:41

How good is good enough pay for a cleaner? $2K per month?

Then chicken rice will be $5 per plate at Hawker centre.

There are many more cleaners than ministers.

Therefore ministers need to be paid very well and cleaners not well lah.

But if you are smart, you will make lots of money, and no limit.

So more smart people, more rich people lah. it's like that one.

Anonymous said...

I believe 43% are smart enough to make lots of money to have a good life and feel satisfied even with the high cost of living.

Or else they would not have voted for PAP.

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of how much money you have. Then your purchasing power will be high.

If you have lots of money, even $10 chicken rice at hawker centre is no big deal.

Anonymous said...

That's why in Matland, a salary of RM2K per month has higher purchasing power than S$2K per month in Sinkieland.

Because their cost of living is much lower.

Anonymous said...

go africa more cheaper idiot

Anonymous said...

You have too many very low grade sinkies from all education class passing themselves off as "good people" .

Scary future. Heavens got eyes that's why low TFR

Anonymous said...

They are a reflection of their highly paid leaders lah. Good to see on the outside, stink like shit on the inside. Mouth like to shit sweet words....I say SHIT sweet words. No wonder can't be trusted. Deserve to all burn in h e l l

Anonymous said...

You have an immoral leadeship. your people think that those caught with their pants down are the immoral ones.

The latter pay to fuck, the former get paid to fuck. The latter are saints compaired to the former.

That how confused the ppl are

Anonymous said...

Kant confirms this by comparing motivation by duty with other sorts of motives, in particular, with motives of self-interest, self-preservation, sympathy and happiness. He argues that a dutiful action from any of these motives, however praiseworthy it may be, does not express a good will. Assuming an action has moral worth only if it expresses a good will, such actions have no genuine ‘moral worth’. The conformity of one's action to duty in such cases is only related by accident to content of one's will

Anonymous said...

Love the govt to death

Anonymous said...

Love your life, die. Hate your life, it like that said?

Anonymous said...

60% love their life. Gahmen ensure people stay in love and have many babies . More good years!

Anonymous said...

60% love their life. Gahmen ensure people stay in love and have many babies . More good years!

Anonymous said...

GE 2016 Joke
(sung to the tune of 99 bottles of beer left on the wall)

77 Traitors left in Parliament Hall,
77 Traitors in white,
If 5 of them in GRC should fall,
There will be 72 Traitors left in Parliament Hall.

72 Traitors left in Parliament Hall,
72 Traitors in white,
If 5 of them in GRC should fall,
There will be 67 Traitors left in Parliament Hall.

Anonymous said...

They are beginning to listen or give you what you ask for and shake up your prized homes.

Good show

Anonymous said...

Once the housing price crash, many will commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the wishes of the silent minority have been heeded at the great expense of the silent majority. Yet the general displeasure cannot be easily measured or expressed for the obvious reasons. As their remaining followers dwindle and switch their loyalties in disgust and silence, the hero who caused the swing will be celebrated and promoted as a great success. This totally clueless party are yet unaware how they came to be so unpopular with the masses.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Selfishness permeates all level of society. The poor are selfish and covetous , the middle class are selfish and covetous and the ich are selfish and covetous.

In helping the poor, they are also helping themselves to riches. They are helping themselves to power.

No one is righteous. Only idiots take sides. Once the house crumbles, all will suffer. One wonders whether they are helping the "disadvantage" /poor or abusing the system for themselves.

Anonymous said...

There are more smart people than stupid people.

There are more good people than bad people.

God make it that way so don't worry.

Anonymous said...

Please ate the smart ones. They are the ones that got us where we are today.

Anonymous said...

The poor in Singapore are not really that poor but are relatively poor.

Relative to the so many multi millionaires and billionaires from all over the world who like to make Singapore their home.

Anonymous said...

Please spare us the smart ones. They are the ones that got us where we are today.

Anonymous said...

Poor, not so poor and not poor are all the same when they come through our education and VALUE system.

All looking out FOR THEMSELVES.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Lucky, even you are hoodwinked by the PAP.

The PAP government doesn't give a shit about making Singapore a more attractive place for Singaporeans or for your average tourist, i.e., anyone who didn't fly here in their private jets. This is so passé; it is the kind of policies the PAP promoted in the 80's. Nowadays the PAP cares only about attracting the ultra-rich.

The PAP wants to turn Singapore into a country of surfs catering to the whims of the ultra-rich from all over the world. Every single policy is designed to attract households where everyone has their own private jets.

The PAP doesn't give a shit about making public transport better. It just wants to price cars out of reach of every local and clear our roads for the ultra-rich to speed around in their Ferraris without obstruction.

Of course none of us asked for this. But the PAP didn't consult us. That's the trouble when you don't have a democracy.

Anonymous said...

Just give free transport to the elderly Singaporeans. Don't see how ablebodied adults should be lobbying for free transport. What useless bunch. Public transport is crowded during off peak too. Try taking mrt during lunch time and early morning also has school going crowd. Even 9pm also crowded. Just push the problem around

Anonymous said...

Kuala Lumpur has already rolled out its free bus service in the city centre called the Purple and Green Lines under the GoKL Service which is similiar to the free bus service at Perth called CAT bus service.

It is not only tailored for tourists but for the citkzens as it passes neaf thzgeneral Hospital.

Malaysihas demonstrated that a more vibrant democracy would push the ruling govt to improve services. Some may say znsjib is vote fishing but st least the benefits flow to the people and this is all thankto opposition pressure.

Here the PAP aka Lee Kuan Yew destroy the liveof opposition figires and ignorthe citizens.

Anonymous said...

No free rides. With the aging population, we don't want the old, who got nothing better to do, to go on an unlimited free MRT ride, in air conditioned comfort , which will only add to the crowd unnecessarily. Lets not encourage a "touring pastime " and add to the crowd in popular places such as orchard road, Chinatown, your housing estate shopping centers etc etc

On the issue of crowd management during peak hours, maybe they should consider an "erp system" and charge according to human traffic at popular boarding station - paid area. Commuters will be informed or advised before they enter the boarding area. Live info can also be made available on mobile so they can decide on alternative transport or pay more to add to the crowd. Charges should vary according to crowd. Lowest charges for the least crowd. Maybe that will help better manage crowd distribution when commuters are fed with live info.

Anonymous said...

Since civil servants are paid a pension.
Maybe gahmen should charge erp and COE on civil servants who live beyond 10 years after retirement.

Anonymous said...

Crowded city, how to free here free there or subsidize here subsidize there...either reduce crowd everywhere or kick the govt out lah

Anonymous said...

You see how some shopping centers provide free parking or not? Why? No crowd mah. No crowd, free yes. Many crowd, where got free. Siao ah.

Anonymous said...

Should the ministers pay link to the local pay and the Swiss, Finnish, Danish, New Zealander & Swiss ministers pay and the local pays instead of thinking of catering the foreigners, so that the can spend more time developing policy to cater for the locals and improve their living standard and lowering the wages gaps on the locals, instead of thinking of foreigners create value, as the above advanced countries show by linking to the local they concentrating developing the local populations?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Nowadays the PAP cares only about attracting the ultra-rich."
Anon 10/3/13 00:20

What's wrong with that?

After all, ordinary Sinkies definitely cannot afford the high end properties in Sentosa, Marina Bay or other high class area what.

And not enough ultra rich Sinkies also what.

As long as 60% Sinkies, including foreigners turned Sinkies, are happy to vote PAP during GE is good enough already.

Anonymous said...

"What's wrong with that?"
Anon @ 10/3/13 11:12

Everything is priced out of reach for ordinary Singaporeans. The best things in Singapore can now only be enjoyed by the foreign ultra-rich.

A normal family can't even have a small car because the corrupt officials from China are each snapping up a dozen COEs to buy Ferrari's for their mistresses and offsprings.

A four-room HDB flat costs $600,000 because the tax evaders from America are snapping up private properties to invest the money they are hiding from IRS. Singaporeans who would have bought a condo 15 years ago could no longer afford one today and are competing for HDB flats, causing the prices to skyrocket.

If it weren't for these ultra-rich, Sentosa Cove would still be a place all of us could enjoy. Those born 30 years ago would have fond memories of BBQ outings and cycling in Sentosa. Nowadays it is a place reserved for foreign rich crooks and tax evaders. Singaporeans and dogs not admitted.

Anonymous said...

Until now, best alternative WP is still not ready.

So no party now is stronger and richer than the PAP to be able to contest 100% seats in order to win to rule.

Hence PAP remain the best available party to rule.

And being the best available, 60% will not vote PAP out of power.

So it is OK to have many ultra rich foreigners to come here.

It is OK for HDB pigeonhole to cost $1 million.

It is OK for MRT and buses to be very crowded.

In fact, everything can be OK lah.

Anonymous said...

Here it come, one of 60% daft, from the brain-dead zombie species.

As I had said it before, their dumb daft cowardly parents taught and trained them only on 2 parties, PAP n WP. What can we expect from the blind leading the blind ??? Easier said, a natural born daft is forever a daft. Their parents daft, their grandparents daft and so were their ancestors. Easier said, a generation of daft.

They're so many other good Alternative Parties, but sadly and unfortunately, all this bunch of daft could see only two. As I had said it before, the whole world are LOLROTF, watching all these daft clowns that soon going to be a minority in their own Nation.

"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." ~ Columbus

PS - I regretted very much to be born here, in this pathetic Nation. It would much more of a haven, to be born elsewhere and to come work and live here.

Anonymous said...

A person is best when he/she has the most money.

A party is best when it has the most seats in Parliament.

Therefore PAP is best, WP is 2nd best lah.

No money, no talk.

No seats, no talk.

Or can still talk but no use lah.

Anonymous said...

Or can still talk but no use lah.
Anon 10/3/13 15:23

No wonder lah, talk so long and talk so much no use.

Actually, can't be help also lah.

Because those who can, do. Those who can't, talk. Or teach. Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

A football coach is an example of one who cannot do, but can teach.

Because he is much older, no stamina to run, so how can he do? So teach lah.

Anonymous said...

A natural born daft, teach also no use, cannot learn, tio bo ?? And so, Let us all die together lah, tio bo ???

PS - Shut Up Lah and Stop Spamming Lah !!

Anonymous said...

Demoncrazy Rocks!

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.(KY Jelly said otherwise)
Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that PRICE war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives, WORKING TO DEATH, that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.
But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, FOR the MONEY, shall not perish from the earth.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Singaporeans have of value is their vote.
But we are too stupid to use it wisely.

Vote Opposition in GE 2016.
It's our only way to negotiate a better life for our children.

Anonymous said...

Senior civil servants are paid a pension.
If they live more than 10 years after retiring.
Do you think they should pay something like an ERP levy for living too long?
And burdening the rest of Singaporeans with their pension.

Anonymous said...

You want better jobs, better and more pay? What if everyone makes a million a year? Shiok or not? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

What if more than half a population are multi millionaires? You think the people will vote against being rich?

Anonymous said...

What are people voting for? Vote to be poor? Vote for assets depreciation? Vote for taking public transport all their lives? Vote for lower pay every year?

Anonymous said...

Vote for idiots. Vote for politicians!

Anonymous said...

If LKY is so smart, ask him to solve the world's problems. He will probably tell you you need to put his type in power. Likewise for other political party hotshots!

Anonymous said...

Fucking idiots

Anonymous said...

Those who say...I serve the people are farting idiots.

How many huh? every farting erection

Farting idiots

Anonymous said...

Your think tank very smart hor

Anonymous said...

vote me vote me...I serve the

Anonymous said...

How come only Singapore have these type of problems, cheap foreign workers don't have, companies will move away lead to job loss, I thought the locals can take over? How come other countries don't have this type sof problems only Singapore have?

Anonymous said...

"How come other countries don't have this type sof problems only Singapore have?"

Bcos Sinkies keep voting PAP lor

Anonymous said...

Cannot say Singapore have problems.

Because only poor Sinkies have problems.

Smart and rich Sinkies don't have problems.

You cannot control foreigners coming here.

But you have to be smart to control yourself to make more money to be rich.

This is how the problem can be solved.

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yq said... Singapore has the 2nd highest gdp per capita in the world. In every aspect, its standard of living should be the same as Melbourne,but it's not.

PAP WAS a good party in the early years hence it is not good to over generalise here. Instead some intelligent people/ think tank shud start to tabulate exactly what went wrong and who was responsible for what and in which policy year. Singaporeans deserve to know the true facts about what happened to their country, in terms of the OMISSIONs and NEGLIGENCE to protect the citizens if any at all.

For example, Asean scholarships/ NS liabilities for some/ Quotas for local medicine/law etc intakes/ job protections ... if any

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