Thursday, March 14, 2013

Video on the Income Gap...

This video about the income gap was released late last year and has gone viral. It shows how bad the income gap is in the USA by taking the ratio of the wealth and income of the top and comparing it with the bottom.

If you find it shocking how bad the income gap in USA has become, you should be aware that there is only one developed country worse than the USA when you measure income gap as a ratio of the income of those on top vs those at the bottom. That country is Singapore.


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Anonymous said...

What's the big deal about minimum wage? Seriously, what's the big deal? You mean they can afford to buy car? Go for expensive holidays? Or eat another plate of char kway teow?

Anonymous said...

I think the foreign hiring managers want to create new legacy for Singaporeans PMETs: drive taxis and work as security guards.

How many running dogs are there out there who are actively assisting the foreign PMETs in screwing fellow Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

You want best foreign hiring managers, you get this type lah, who screw Sinkies by hiring their own kind.

You want best government, you get PAP lah, where Sinkies got screwed but have to serve NS.

You want best opposition, you get WP lah, who said they are not ready and PAP is competent.

Wah lau eh, this only happen in Sinkieland. Uniquely Sinkie, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

It's like that one lah.

Dogs bark, cats meow, cows moo, and pigs grunt.

God made it that way.

Anonymous said...

I teach strategy in the local universities and one key insight is that in deciding strategies, always go back to an organisation’s mission and vision. If in doubt, “true north” is to be found by taking bearing from one’s mission.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies will bring down their govt. why? Pigs raised a generation of pigs. Pigs turned on pigs. How not to all go down?

Anonymous said...

If in doubt, “true north” is to be found by taking bearing from one’s mission. UNQUOTE

Our mission is not aligned with our values.
That's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Your values are mostly economically driven. Even in having babies, it is a question of national survival, love is only obligatory to economics.

You are very confused about values

Anonymous said...

/// Your values are mostly economically driven. Even in having babies, it is a question of national survival, love is only obligatory to economics.
You are very confused about values ///
20/3/13 10:44

PAPigs' values are economically driven.
But not all Singaporeans are PAPigs.

There are many Singaporeans that are against PAPig values.

Anonymous said...

We need a 2 political party system in Singapore.
Just like in USA.

The Republican Party in USA.
Like PAPig Party in Singapore.
Represent economic pig values.

Democratic Party in USA represent universal human values like truth, justice and equality.
Singaporeans need to support and vote for such a political party in Singapore.
To represent Singaporeans who believe in universal human values.

Anonymous said...

You need to replace the Vatican

Anonymous said...

With such huge pay their is huge incentives to support their high pay with foreigners?

Anonymous said...

The Vatican is even bigger than china. LKY should have sucked up to the Vatican too

Anonymous said...

1.2 billion under the influence of the Vatican, and expending. Their power is over many nations , people,languages and cultures. China? A bunch of small penises like the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

The lower sector of pay is pressure by the foreigners they are from cheaper third world and out of jobs to come to Singapore, they borrow to come and desparate for jobs. If their high pay is lower to the level of the Norway, Switzerland and New Zealand ministers' pay, they had no incentives to massive import foreigners, they are likely to concentrate on locals, why are all other countries don't import so much foreigners to pressurize the local pays, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

You are just mouthing Joseph Stiglitz.(just google and plenty of those) Can Singaporeans think out of the box?


Anonymous said...

Each of the Nordic countries has taken a slightly different path, but each has impressive achievements of growth with equity. A standard measure of performance is the United Nations Development Programme’s inequality-adjusted Human Development Index, which is less a measure of economic output than it is of human well-being. For each country, it looks at citizens’ income, education and health, and makes an adjustment for how access to these are distributed among the population. The Northern European countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway) stand towards the top.

Anonymous said...

If they pay is high they need more foreign workers to support their pay, all the local workers know they can't complete with foreign workers, because they come from third countries, their countries back there is much lower cost and can work longer, sent money back to buy bangalow, so to lower their pay to the range of $150k is reasons most advanced countries pay minister is around that range, we are not even talking about foreigner complete with locals in their salaries if they compare the pay of the third world countries ministers pay, we are talking about normalise their pay so that they put more effort in developing the local which is fair enough?

Anonymous said...

"There are many Singaporeans that are against PAPig values."
Out of pig's values to rat's values?

Anonymous said...

All these years, they kept talking of faster GDP grow, why the lower sector of the societies, their real wages grow is actually negative taking into account of inflation, what had faster GDP grow has to do with the lower section of the workers or general the workers of Singapore?

Anonymous said...

43% think with faster GDP grow, their real wages grow is actually positive taking into account of inflation.

Or else they would not have voted PAP in a by election.

Anonymous said...

Most advanced countries with their ministers' pay around $150K, because their ministers don't come to serve because of pay, a reasonable amount of pay is quite enough, they don't look for outside cheap foreigners for jobs to maximise the profits to pay themselves. Which is early in the 60s or 70s Singapore Ministers pay is not very high, many come forward to serve with a heart to improve the lots of Singapore, at that time Singapore have many riots and issues to content with?

So as to depress or take away locals jobs, numerous advanced countries their ministers is mindful of local losing their jobs to cheaper foreigners and causes serious problems and poverty, so strict criteria to admit foreigners to jobs. Their standard of living is high because of more space and not overcrowding, most of their workers don't need to worry their job taken away by foreigners, most of the jobs were taken by local which shunned by foreigners because the pay is resonably good, we are not talking of paying them ministers level of pays, so their birthrate are high, with free tertiary educations, and their retrench benefits are good, with good work life balance, their health care are heavily subsidise and their old age can retire in comfort, not like Singapore many old age got to be cleaners, pick cans & cardboard to eke out a living?

Anonymous said...

KBW building more cheap rental flats possibly prepare more Singaporean became poor due to lost of jobs to foreigners and need more low cost rental flats, is it 100K which like the Hong Kongers?

Anonymous said...

Hk better, no need to find stranger to live together. Sg policy ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

If Cyprus is ruled by a supermajority political party which refuse to lift the party whip, the deposit tax vote would have been passed in parliament.

It is important to have enough checks in parliament so that short sighted policies will not be pushed through.

Anonymous said...

US china no war next 20 years...

Wah if can predict like that i mean there will be no sufferings here and we ALL would have arrived by now, right or wrong? tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The difference is so wide because there are 100k of low wages workers for the past ten year living below the negative grow of their income, after inflation, after overflow of foreign workers? And the wage gaps will be grow wider if more foreigners will come to take away Singaporean jobs?

Anonymous said...

but you must understand the need to look after the savings, and look after the coffer well for our children we must.

Anonymous said...

more foreigners will come to take away Singaporean jobs?

how could you prove that, bitch?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Normally most countries will allow only around 10 percents of new immigrants into their countries, Singapore allow more then 50 new immigrants to the country, you will slowly see the effect of it?

Anonymous said...

Most countries allow only around 10 percents of the new immigrants into their populations, Singapore allowed more then 50 percents of its population?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

$ingap0re boosting to foreigners, that singapore has among the highest GNP best airport, best seaport etc, behind all these success the heavy price of its citizen got to pay, one wonder how it calculate it, maybe they took all the ministers average income, which is ten time of the advanced nations ministers income, the income to calculate it.

Behind this figure you see many low income workers maybe up to 100,000 or more, many can't get out of their poverty cycle and stay in one room rented HDB flats, their income below $1000 or around $800, many of the usually old retrenched and sick, can't find a job work in part time agents in properties and insurances, some are cleaners, some on social welfare, some collect cardboard, sell tissues papers, some collect cans, some sleep in the street which they came out late at night or beach at night after losting their houses, most of them their job likely to be taken by cheaper foreigners, unable find a job some borrow to survive you see the uniquely singapore - owe money pay money sign (O$P$) with beautiful artworks splash beside it?

And broken families, low birthrate causes by heavy influx of foreigners, no retirement for some work until they died? And they going to increase the population to aggravate it, instead of concentrating on improving the local population?

Many credit companies sprang up quickly because of the casinos or jobs lost to cheaper foreigners, Singapore kept present it good side to the foreigners, if they go to Orchard road at midnight they will see the real Singapore. Singapore is in heavy shortage of cheap one room rental flats need at least 60K, if more cheap foreign workers and immigrants to take over Singaporean jobs, more of these will likely to be like the cages like which Hong Kongers who lost their jobs living in?

Now more and more younger populations are aware of Singaporean facing, with most of them had hand held internet devices, gone are the days many are less educated and rely on the govt own MSN?

With recent PE Elections from plus 55 percent dropped to 43 percents is the strongest messages, and the huge turnout in the recent Hong Lim Park possible up to 7K, due to some left earlier because of rain and not enough space to stand, that Singapore is too overcrowded and going to serious uncharted water with no resources at all, yet pay its ministers 10 ten times the equivalent amount of the some advanced countries nations ministers pay? More things need to changed in the future?

Anonymous said...

What to do, PAP is still the best available to rule Singapore.

Obviously when Low TK is not ready to be PM, cannot force him, right?

Or else it is as good as me be PM because I am also not ready except to post message here.

So the solution is to form a better party than PAP but then how to do it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chee Soon Juan himself think he is ready to be PM.

But unfortunately, every election, majority voters think he is not ready at all. So, like the rest, voters gave them kosong seats every election.

But then, is Chee Soon Juan really ready to be PM? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Very sad, why only have Low TK, Chee Soon, son of JBJ etc as opposition leaders?

What happen to smart people like Lucky Tan?

Why Lucky Tan don't want to be leader? Why?

Anonymous said...

Why Lucky Tan don't want to be leader?
Anon 21/3/13 08:53

Why? For the same reasons why PAP will not be voted out.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sinkies
It's useless to debate with PAPigs.

If Singapore economy do well, but Singaporeans don't do well,
We vote Opposition.

Our KPI is whether Singaporeans do well.
We don't care if economy does well or not.

I'm so distrustful of the PAPigs, I'll probably vote Opposition anyway.
The only permanent way ensure that Singaporeans do well is to vote in a large numeber of Opposition MPs.

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The Pariah said...

Lucky Tan: You are certainly one of the best bloggers with well researched, lucid and insightful blog postings.

Dunno if you know of this "Pledge your Blog" initiative. For the sake of posterity, do check it out:

QUOTE: If you are keen to pledge your blog to SMP, simply fill up our response form at this following URL:

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The Pariah,

Anonymous said...

Quote : "But then, is Chee Soon Juan really ready to be PM? What do you think?" - Unquote (Anonymous 21/3/13 08:49)

When Ah Loong took over the helm as PM, did the masses ask him whether he's ready ???

Selected by their own Party, without any consultation from the general public, forcefully pushed down our throat, Walla !!! the next thing we know he's the PM till today.

PS - I think you're daft and stupid !!! Confirmed you're from the 60% brain-dead zombie.

Anonymous said...

..Ours is a position that has been achieved through the hard work and tireless struggle of those that came before us..

You kidding or what.. do you seriously think that singaporeans work harder than the japanese, chinese, koreans even the pinoys and thais? Singaporeans are known for many things like big eaters, loud talkers and chief complainers. They talk rules and regulations becos they have very weak constituents and needed maids to carry their army bags to camp. They are softies not hard workers. How did we arrived? Our position is achieved by luck, we were lucky that neighbouring malaysia, indonesia all the way to vietnam were doing the wrong things during our booming 50s and 60s. The degree of benefits our neighbors have given us has been miraculous.

Anonymous said...

People need good jobs not levies from cheap foreign workers, that could depress their pay and that away their jobs?

Anonymous said...

There are not enough Sinkies who deserve high pay jobs.

There are not enough Sinkies who want low pay jobs.

There are not enough Sinkies who can afford Sentosa Cove and other super high end properties.

That's why we need more cheaper, younger, faster and stronger foreign workers, high pay foreign talents as well as ultra rich ones to buy properties and also park their money here.

It's that simple, if you still don't understand.

Of course PAP cannot explain in this way lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Luckily there are enough Sinkies who voted PAP to give PAP 93% seats in Parliament. So PAP government is very strong and can even screw Sinkies if they want.

Anonymous said...

Today Singapore have much more money to finance it home grown SME to expand oversea, rather then depend on cheap foreign workers foreign multi national companies, who might threaten to leave if they don't have access to cheap foreign workers, Singapore can't depend on them they might leave any time to a cheaper country, Singapore have $260 billions of reserves, casinos revenues, Rental, Sales of properties, COE, GST, ERP, Levies and the locked up CPF reserves etc. to buffer any lost of foreign companies who left because of cheap workers, Singapore can massively fund the grow of home grown companies with this huge reserves and revenues?

Anonymous said...

Something wrong keep increasing the populations, from 2 millions to 5.3 millions, to 6.9 millions, then to 10 millions?

Anonymous said...

Relatively speaking, nothing is wrong as long as 60% think PAP is still the best available party to vote into power every election.

Because it is more wrong if WP is voted into power, simply because WP is not ready to be in power.

Anonymous said...

But in the first place, something is already very wrong if there is no better party than PAP to vote into power.

Why like that ah? Is this man made or God made?

Anonymous said...

You guys are not listening very well....neither are good observers....suffering from blindness too much pawn is it? lol

Anonymous said...

Open up your eyes; look at the forces at work. Name them...

Anonymous said...

nothing has changed, except your paranoia

Anonymous said...

You guys are not listening very well....neither are good observers....suffering from blindness

only you could see? so haw many bongalows you hv got naw?

Anonymous said...

There comes a time when we will only have two choice to vote for, ... "WP & PAP". Hey, .. what happens to the rest of the Opposition Parties ??? Well, they ain't daft and stupid like those "Daft Sinkies", to throw away their hard earn deposits every 5 years.

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless wayang drama and the people who created it. Stop being the cowardly daft idiotic Sinkies immediatlly. Dump the old-school mindset of just having only one/two party system. Open up a new chapter and vote for a real change. Vote for any Opposition Parties, no matter who they are, as long as they're born and breeed here.

Remember when they opened-up the flood-gate, did they have any thoughts and concerns of your well-being, no ??? They imported in any tom, dick and dirty harry they like, by the millions. So to speak, vote for as many Oppositions as you can into the pariahment and let them taste their own medicine. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Actually I know many have become rich and also others got big job titles in their careers. Becos you dun understand or see, it doesnt mean the opportunities dun exist. More people more better!

Anonymous said...

Yes, many have become rich, but many more become poor and many many more become poorest and hopeless.

The more the merrier ??? Then take them into your own house. And you can rest assure, opportunities does exist as you have said. Opportunities for them to screw your wifey and kiddie when you're not around.

PS - They still don't get it, till their wifey and kiddie kana G-Bang by those 3rd world beast.

Anonymous said...

As long as majority voters think PAP is better than WP to be government, things should be OK.

OK to have 6.9 million or even 10 million population, or whatever numbers PAP wish.

Ask yourself. Which of the following is best?

1. PAP as government.
2. WP as government.
3. SDP (every time lose) as government.
4. Me as head of government.
5. No government.

Anonymous said...

Any govt. is better than PAP govt.

I vote ABP.
Anybody But PAP.

Anonymous said...

Is it the way? Is it the truth? Does it give life?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,

Just the other day, I took a cab and the driver was cursing and swearing at how he felt that when he was young the government made use of his energy and effort to build Singapore but when he turns into his 60s, he was left as he is old and not much of a value. He felt betrayed.

There are many in Singapore who will milk you for their own benefits. When a government doesn't take care of its own people (today, we can't speak of our own people as there are so many new citizens coming in), we will enter a new normal where ...this really your pasal.

Anonymous said...

...this really your pasal.
Anon 24/3/13 13:32

Now then you know.

But actually, it is the same everywhere lah.

Or else those Sinkies who felt betrayed would have emigrated to other countries already, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

They don't emigrate because Sinkieland is still the best available.

They voted PAP because PAP is still the best available.

Unless they go heaven lah.

Anonymous said...

Many old people their children hardly had enough money to take care of them?

Anonymous said...

"Many old people their children hardly had enough money to take care of them?"
Anon 24/3/13 14:48

That's why have children no use if the children hardly had enough money.

So must have money.

Anonymous said...

No children then can have more money.

Then the money will take care of old people.

Anonymous said...

No need to work also got money.

That's what smart old people should aim for.

eastgwm said...

No new posts from Lucky for a while. I hope he is ok?

Anonymous said...

whther its lucky or the smart ass posting, both ok with me

Anonymous said...

They are sacrificing to serve the nation, if not they can be possibly the next Bill Gates or the Warren Buffrets, you know, with their capabilities?

Anonymous said...

Now they know they are overpaid were the causes of needing all these indirect taxes, like levies, COE, ERP, GST, levies, high rental, casinos revenues, CPF locked up scheme, handout schemes$$$$, which need taxes to pay for it etc,?

With the massive $260 billions, should go back the basic like the first generation of leaders, thrifty, serve with a passion and the reasonable pay like the Nordic countries ministers, New Zealand or Swiss ministers level of pay to reduce the high cost of living which affect everything?

Slowly the ministerw pay should people reduce by themselves after they realise they were overpaid, which might feel ashame compare to the bottom 20 percents living from hand to mouth, which some are in debted, with many credit companies willing to help them?

So that it is reasonable to serve the country, $150,000 in a public office is not unreasonable, mind you this is a public office not a private office, the bottom 20 percent had been sacrifying to pay them why not now they realise their pay is in the range many time about the advanced minister pays, take actions to slowly reduce so that the bottom can enjoy better pay and less need for cheap foreign workers and develop the local and home grown companies long term planning?

It is likely they feel it is a burden to have such scheme which might overtax the public and raise prices? Now the likely to feel they need to match or follow the pay of advanced minister, as our first generation leaders served with passions and reasonable pay, quite well off compare to the bottom 20 percent which had negative growth due to inflations?

Anonymous said...

They are sacrificing to serve the nation, if not they can be possibly the next Bill Gates or the Warren Buffrets, you know, with their capabilities? UNQUOTE
24/3/13 21:04

No need to sacrifice lah!.
Just go ahead and be the next Bill Gates.
And they can use their own money and hire all the foreign non-Singaporean talents to their hearts content.

Anonymous said...

Be a Bill Gates first, then be minister also can what.

Whole working life high salary is on taxpayer, some more not doing good job, not shy ah?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies should learn from those old Sinkies that spend their time at casinos, recreation clubs, Batam, Bintan, Zhuhai and Hainan. Many others spend their day at coffee shop drinking beers and entertaining foreign beer girls.
They no work and no worry and so carefree.
Let them tell you how silly it is for anyone to worry about the people and the country when we are in the hands of the best in the land.

Do not create worries and problems in your own minds. Go RWS, Marina Sands, Tanjung Balai and Hatyai to enjoy life, ok?

Anonymous said...

Yep, live to make love, gamble, togo and enjoy the fun.
Living is a gamble, why worry.
Whoever governs the country knows best and the best the people should do is to enjoy the peace and prosperity. The country will not disappear, what to worry?

Anonymous said...

And so, want to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffrets, huh ??? Hey .. but then, this fat 3rd world rejected garbage said, locals doesn't met up with the requirements ??? Bluntly said, incompetent. Then how ?????

Hahahahaha LOL, Daft Singkies, Daft Singkies !!! Why like that, man ??? How did you'll landed into such a pathetic state ??? That until those 3rd world trash calling you'll incompetent ??? And your beloved PAP telling you'll to study, learn until you die ??? Go on, vote for your beloved PAP some-more lah, you bunch of pathetic DAFT !!!

Our pathetic Gen-Y, are giving our great Gen-X a bad name. Destroying ruining our Gen-X reputation. Never before been so humiliated to this extend in my entire life.

Again, Bill Gates ??? Warren Buffrets ??? Hahahaha, LOLROTF !!!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is fine with Lucky Tan too

Anonymous said...

Hope all is fine to with Singapore's grand old man.

Anonymous said...

Yah, man, I think it's so strange too. Hopefully he "Lucky Tan" is alright.

Anonymous said...

I think Lucky Tan is not that old. Below 50, most likely.

And he is also smart, so should be able to take care of himself and be alright lah.

93% chance alright to survive, just like PAP.

eastgwm said...

where is lucky?

either sick and not well enough to post or has been arrested on orders of the PAP ???

say a prayer for lucky

Anonymous said...

He must have been chased away by that nincompoo prick with his round the clock nonsense

Anonymous said...

"Singapore's F-35. The most expensive fighter jet ever built. Why our Leeders must buy it I will never understand."

Bro, you don't understand or you dare not think of the reason starring at you? Or cannot take the truth? With all the corruption lawsuits involving million-dollar-paid senior civil servants at the highest levels on corruption, do you think still they value your million dollar minister salary? Its "peanuts"....

Anonymous said...

Your lack of understanding is totally normal.. otherwise we have Leeders for what?

Anonymous said...

Lucky did not post for 2 weeks liow.

Wonder what's happened? Maybe join PAP already.

If you are smart and can't beat them, join them. Hahahaha

Jafri said...

The wide income gap between the rich and poor should be a matter of concern to every sane citizen of this country. The poor would remain poor and their offspring would likely to be in the similar predicament. As a developed country, the income gap should not be too far wide and depressing the lower end society.

Anonymous said...

The offspring of the poor can become smart and then become rich.

For instance by getting a high salary job like minister, they will become rich. Like the keechiu Chan, who came from a poor family.

When one is smart and very rich, one will not join opposition, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The offspring of the poor will become poorest, helpless, homeless and hopeless. They will live in a slum, like a dog. The rich elites bastard will called them slumdog.

They will curse and swear their daft parents, daft grandparents and daft ancestors till Kingdom Come. And if all those daft were already dead, the offspring will spit and piss on their graves.

The offspring of the poor will pick cardboard boxes, tin cans or become a beggar to survive. Any extra cash will be spend it on toto and 4D, hoping to strike rich and to be called "Slumdog Millionaire", Sinkapore style. Otherwise, they will live suffering ever after. The End.

The moral of the story is : Wake UP and Stop Being Daft.

Quoted by a smart banga-la FW : "Listen Baya, Voting Opposition Party Many Many and Money Will Surely Come Many Many."

PS - You see, even the Bang-ala FW are much more smarter than those idiotic DAFT 60%, tio bo ??? Vote for a Change, lah. DAFT !!!!!

Anonymous said...

The next time when you'll saw those "Daft Sinkies" carry the PAP banners; shout out loud to them this : "IDIOTIC DAFT !!!!!."

PS - Captain Rambo calling General Lucky Tan, over ??? General Lucky Tan, please acknowledge over ??? No response, over and out !!!

Mr Lucky Tan, what happen ??? Invited to Kopi Session, huh ??? Everyone are so concerned and worried about you. BTW, how many kopi session can they invite now ??? It seems that they're already millions they need to invite and serve kopi now. Enough kopi ???

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lucky Tan join PAP already lah.

If you can't beat them, join them.

That's what smart people do, tio bo?


Anonymous said...

Go with the flow.

The flow to be government is PAP, now or 2016.

I have nothing against Low Thia Khiang but I can't imagine how Low Thia Khiang can be PM of Singapore.

Even though Low Thia Khiang is the leader of the best opposition party now. And most likely also in 2016.

Really pathetic, the way Singapore politics has become.

Anonymous said...

The brain-dead condemned "Zombie Species" aka "Daft Sinkies." Obviously the brain-dead where got any sense of direction, tio bo ??? And so, goes with the flow, it is.

The old fool were right all along, when he called this 60% DAFT. Don't know what makes him to tell the truth, since he is the father of all lies. Maybe he was high on drugs or something when he said that, but he was absolutely right about it and no doubt about it.

As natural born daft, there's no way they can be educate. It's in their genes. Kind of genetic you know. As I had said it before, their parents are daft, their grand parents are daft and so were their ancestors. The descendants of the daft, forever remains daft. No amount of educations can educate this condemned daft brain-dead zombie species.

PS - How big is Thai Country, compared to this tiny red dot ??? Thai PM is a lady, tio bo ??? How come she can managed ??? Shut down all our education institutions, cause until today we still can't produces enough good quality politicians. But I thought SG is 1st world country ??? Hahahahahahaha LOLROTF, go and figure it out, DAFT !!!!!

Anonymous said...


sure or not ? ALGRC, HG BE, PE BE, (fill in the blank for the rest of the flow).

Anonymous said...

///Go with the flow.

The flow to be government is PAP, now or 2016.///

sure or not ? ALGRC, HG BE, PE BE, (fill in the blank for the rest of the flow).

Anonymous said...

///When one is smart and very rich, one will not join opposition, tio bo?///

tio le ae tao.

one term of five years, salary for any minister about $10million (plus minus). so you know which party has the best chance to form govt and earn this kind of pay. so smart or not ?

so competition is heating up right ?

Anonymous said...

Is Lucky being ISAed or holidaying?

eastgwm said...

we really need to know what has happened with lucky. is there anyone who knows him well ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lucky is really Feed me to the fish

Anonymous said...

When the point of diminishing returns is reached, no point to continue.

Because it will end up finally with no returns.

Applies in business, blogging or whatever lah.

Anonymous said...

WP, SDP, SPP, RP, NSP, SDA, SF, DPP, LuckyP, myownP, peesaiP

The more the merrier. Absolutely no diminishing returns vs PAP.

Anonymous said...

Why so many Generals? Where are the soldiers? Where are the guns?

Anonymous said...

閉门造车是难得效果。政治力量来自群体, 单人的努力是起不了作用。自制神秘也不得法。

Anonymous said...

Over the years, Lucky post the following nos:
► 2013 (30)
► 2012 (126)
► 2011 (191)
► 2010 (201)
► 2009 (285)
► 2008 (220)
► 2007 (167)
► 2006 (182)
► 2005 (94)

Excluding 2005 when he started, and 2013 which has not ended yet, he posted the least last year with only 126. But which is still an average of 1 post every 3 days.

Now almost a month had passed without any posts from Lucky. And without even announcing he will not post anymore. This is quite unusual of him or bloggers in general.

Something must have happened to him.

Or he realise his time could be better used.

Anonymous said...

Impressive number of articles over the years. He is the unknown hero who made a difference

Anonymous said...

A difference in what?

Please elaborate.

Cost of living is still going up, people over 70 yrs and older are still rulers. More aliens are settling here and more are becoming jobless or doing more work with less pay.

What You say ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he saw no point posting anymore.

And join the What's the point party (WP) to make his point.

Anonymous said...

Some may wondered, what is a natural born brain-dead condemned "Zombie Species aka Daft Sinkies, all about ? What's their actions and how's their reactions ? No problem, I will show you'll a very good examples.

As you can see, we have two of those daft, the "Pariah Daft" and the "Bangsat Daft", in actions. This two Pariah and Bangsat Daft have been KPKB many times before, about being sidelined by the idiotic ruling party "Pro-Foreigner" policy, tio bo ??? But did they learned their lesson, no ???

PS - Scroll up to the comment from "Anonymous 31/3/13 21:52", conforming about those natural born daft that forever remained a daft. And are totally completely impossible to be educate. As I had said it before, as long as those Daft 60% still breathing and breeding, we will all bleeding to death. PAP can never be defeated and so to speak, it's Doomsday !!!

Anonymous said...

"PAP can never be defeated..."
Anon 6/4/13 01:07

To defeat PAP, you need to be smart.

But PAP is very smart to allow smart people to make lots of money.

If you are smart and able to make lots of money, what's the point of defeating PAP, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Many want PAP to help them make plenty of money and in Sin, only PAP can help, tioh boe?

Can opposition helps ?

eastgwm said...

I agree with anonymous 5/4/13 13.29
Something must have happened to lucky. after his commitment to posting his thoughts for so long I do not think he would suddenly stop without informing his readers - unless he got silenced (?) or got really sick.
one day we will learn what happened but it seems that this is the end of Diary of a Singaporean Mind. shame .... he was a good possum

Anonymous said...

/// Many want PAP to help them make plenty of money and in Sin, only PAP can help, tioh boe?

Can opposition helps ? ///

Are you Stupid and Daft or what ??? Who's the Goment, Opposition or PAP ??? Now why should the Oppositions help when the Goment is the PAP ??? Besides, what can the Oppositions do when everything being controlled by the Goment, even the MSM ??? Confirmed, you must one of those Daft 60%.

PS - As "Anonymous 31/3/13 21:52", said it all :

//As natural born daft, there's no way they can be educate. It's in their genes. Kind of genetic you know. As I had said it before, their parents are daft, their grand parents are daft and so were their ancestors. The descendants of the daft, forever remains daft. No amount of educations can educate this condemned daft brain-dead zombie species.//

Anonymous said...

I have come to believe that it s possible that Lucky Tan and the blogger behind "Feed Me To The Fish" may be the same person. Lucky last posted on Mar 14. Fish passed away shortly before Mar 20.

I hope this is not the case, but with each passing day, I am tempted to think that this may explain Lucky's absence.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Lucky, welcome back :)

Guyzs, he's back. How do I know he's back ??? Well, my last comments, which was kind of extreme in views, got deleted. Unless if there's another admins, otherwise I believe he's back. Just be patience, he knows we misses him and SG needs him.

Welcome back and I salute you General Lucky Tan :)

Anonymous said...

To pay GST on your electricity, water and basic healthcare is wrong. It's just wrong to do this to what basic human beings need to survive. A society that does this is an uncaring society. What do you ask your men to serve NS and reservist and you tell them to pay GST on their hospital or clinic bills for medicine? You make demands as a government to your men to serve NS but you can't even spare a thought for them to even want to charge GST on their healtcare bills and their water and electricity bill? Why have we become so stupid to allow this government free way to abuse our live bit by bit? The more we vote for PAP, the more machine-like our lives become, the more stressful it becomes, the more insecure it becomes, the more intensely competitive our children's lives will be and ours,'s time to bring in more alternative voices to fight for our rights. Because our government is more interested in making casino money and selling banana thoughts and statistics to us in their Straits (State) Times.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is : Our only last and final chance to reclaimed back our beloved Nation is GE2016.

However, looking at things going on right now, with the floodgate remains wide opened. And they're very busy minting instant citizenship for all those foreign aliens, that eagerly and happily swarming in from every part of the world. I doubt we can.

5 long years, is a very long time to wait. That's why the wise 39.9% have warned many times to vote wisely. They go on their knees begging and pleading to those daft 60%. Did the daft 60% listen and heed the advice ??? If they did, we won't be in such a messed, tio bo ???

And so to speak, blame who ??? PAP or the Daft 60%, or both ??? Every GEs they voted for PAP. Then-after, they KPKB daily non-stop till the next GE. And when GE finally come, they would still voted for the PAP.

So now then you'll know why the old fooled called this 60% blokes, "DAFT !!!". The only words in which can be accepted and trusted, that came out from the old fooled mouth.

PS - The "Doomsday", that the wise 39.9% have been talking and warning about ??? Enjoyyyy !!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is not the daft 60% anymore but the 43% and the 17%.

43% are very happy and satisfied under PAP, no matter how bad PAP has become. This is because the are smart and rich. That's why even in a by-election, they will vote PAP even though they know PAP will not be voted out.

The other 57% (100-43) are not happy and satisfied, so they did not vote PAP in a by election.

However, in a General Election, like Low Thia Khiang said, about 17% are very scared they accidentally vote PAP out because WP not ready.

That's how the at least 60% (43+17) came about every election no matter how bad PAP screwed even the majority 57% (100-43%) Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see. So now it is only the 17%, despite being screwed badly, that still voted PAP to make the big difference of 93% seats for PAP and 7% seats for WP every election.

But actually 7% WP make any difference in Parliament or not? If not, what's the point (WP)? Might as well be 100% seats for PAP, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis, Anon 7/4/13 08:35.

The 17% minority is really the Kingmaker that make PAP a powerful "King".

Anonymous said...

17% enough. Nothing more, nothing less.

Kazi Mahmood said...

Hi Mr Lucky Tan

Pls talk to me personally on some important issues that just came up about Singapore.

Yours truly


Anonymous said...

I'm a little bit confused about who voted "Yes" and "No" in the Population White Paper.
So let me write this down so people can correct me if I am wrong:

There are 87 MPs;
9 NMPs;
and 3 NCMPs in parliament.

NMP who Abstained
1.Eugene Tan, NMP

NMP who did not show up for work & vote (Absent)
2.Tan Su Shan, NMP

NMP who voted YES
3.Nicholas Fang,
4.Mary Liew,
5.Ramy Dhinakaran
6.Teo Siong Seng.

NMP who voted NO
7.Janice Koh,
8.Faizah Jamal and
9.Laurence Lien

PAP MPs who did not show up for work & vote (Absent)
10.Dr Chia Shi Lu
11.Lee Kuan Yew
12.Raymond Lim Siang Keat
13.Alvin Yeo

PAP MPs who were in Parliament but were missing-in-action when vote was taken
14. Inderjit Singh
15. Indranee Rajah
16. Ne Eng Hen

NCMPs (100% voted NO)
17. Gerald Giam
18. Yee Jenn Jong
19. Lina Loh

Workers’ Party elected MPs (all voted NO)
20. Low Thia Khiang
21. Sylvia Lim
22. Chen Show Mao
23. Muhamad Faisal Manap
24. Pritam Singh
25. Png Eng Huat
26. Lee Li Lian

This leaves (99-26=73) remaining MPs (All PAP)
So all the remaining 73 PAP MPs voted “YES”.

Just thought we should know who might be the Traitors, Patriots and Cowards.

Anonymous said...

Where is the sacrifice?

The Pariah said...



(1) By laws passed in Parliament overwhelmingly dominated for decades by the Pay And Profit (PAP) Government; and

(2) By regulations and policies calibrated by civil servants beholden to their political master!

Anonymous said...

/// In Singapore too, THE RICH GET RICHER FASTER! ///


PS - When I said, SG are sliding backwards to be a 3rd world country, I really mean it. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. That's 3rd world country, alright.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere the rich get richer faster lah, not just in Singapore.

In Singapore, you need to be smart. Then you will become rich, doesn't matter it is PAP or WP government, local Sinkie or foreigner, young or old, man or woman.

Anonymous said...

Sure or not ??? Well, I've seen many smart and educated daft like yourself, become a security guards when they reached the age 40. And when they reached 50, they're being forced to retired, due to age discrimination.

Don't you realize that security guards are getting younger and younger ??? Most of them are young daft with tertiary educations. Their poor parents raised these young daft with tears blood and sweat and finally these young daft landed as security guards ??? Tsk Tsk Tsk, so pathetic !!!

Anonymous said...

If you are smart, you will make lots of money and be rich in Singapore. And if you become security guard, it means you are not smart to make lots of money.

Nothing to do with being educated or not, young or not.

You can also be rich but not smart if you are born lucky.

But no such thing as smart but not rich.

Anonymous said...

Ok lah, Mr Smart Aleck !!! You win I lose. You're smart and I'm daft. Whatever, as long you happy. Happy now ??? Good !!! Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

///If you are smart, you will make lots of money and be rich in Singapore. And if you become security guard, it means you are not smart to make lots of money.

Nothing to do with being educated or not, young or not.///

by your rationale, anything qualifies as smart as long as you make money. that is your axiom.

making lots of money = smart

one can be overqualified for a job like a rocket scientist and not getting the job as a engineer = not making money = not smart at all

a hawker making a lot of money by selling char kway teow = smarter than a fresh graduate not earning as much

a younger teller being employed and making money is smarter than a experienced PMET in his forties and may have been retrenched and not making money

Anonymous said...

"one can be overqualified for a job like a rocket scientist and not getting the job as a engineer = not making money = not smart at all"
Anon 9/4/13 00:55

Of course lah. You think this type of people will get invited to PAP tea sessions with PM Lee to be potential PAP MPs and ministers?

How can your income suddenly jump from $0 to $15000 per month?

Unless they try their luck under opposition parties lah. And with only 7% chance success at best.

Anonymous said...

But one suspects, from witnessing the relentless demands for more pay, protected jobs, cheaper housing and Certificates of Entitlement and freebies of all kinds, that the current debate is fuelled more by a sense of entitlement than who we are as Singaporeans.Identity is a cover to justify these unearned “needs”. The Government is no saint, but the voters are not angels, either. In short, we are in the early stage of a political maelstrom, not an anthropological discussion.It does not help that voters feel empowered while Members of Parliament from the ruling party are making socialist proposals that are usually the preserve of the Opposition.

Anonymous said...

No saint and no angels...recipe for fucking around?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

PAP is already making majority 57% not happy and not satisfied due to the so called lack of 'unearned "needs", as Anon 9/4/13 13:25 put it.

Only 43% are smart to be able to "earn" their needs and wants and happy with PAP. So they voted PAP.

And 17% of the 57%, although lacking in "unearned needs" under PAP, are very scared things will even be worse if PAP is voted out of power.

As a result PAP can still get 60%(43%+17%) majority votes to remain in power despite not fulfiling the "unearned needs" of even majority 57%.

Happily for PAP, this will remain status quo till 2016 and beyond.

Anonymous said...

If Obama can be re-elected as President of USA, which can't PAP be re-elected as government of Singapore?

And some more the next best alternative available is only WP.

Anonymous said...

///And some more the next best alternative available is only WP.///

OIC, WP is the best, ahh ??? But how come until today, still cannot take over as Goment ??? Hello, the best cannot like that what, tio bo ??? If they don't want to take responsibilities as Goment, then by all means, step aside and let someone else who are willing to take over, tio bo ???

PS - My late teacher used to quotes this words : "THINK OUT OF THE BOX !!!". My ex-classmate "Daft Sinkies", ask why ??? My late teacher answered : If you only think inside the box, then you will surely grow up to be among the 43% and the 17% Daft Sinkies !!!". Do you understand what I'm talking about ??? You do ??? Good !!! Now shut up and sit down, Daft Sinkies !!!

Anonymous said...

alamak .. if you can think outside the box you would not have whined like a fanamoron. i think multiple personality disorder can be treated do give it a try dude.

Anonymous said...

Alamak nasi lomak, bloke. Take my advice, open your big filthy mouth and watch your monitor screen. Stay that way till your family notice your that you have a relapse of your bi-polar disorder. What happen after that ??? Straight jacket and package you to IMH lah, what else.

Stop being a fool. If you can't put up a constructive argument, just STFU bloke !!!

Anonymous said...

so govt and people are all idiots? sinful idiots?

repent! but repent from what? no pension? please! go die better

Anonymous said...

by constructive argument you mean something like yours arh dude?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's right !!! So, what's your problem dude ???

PS - btw, you're pissing me off, ass*hole !!!

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear dat dude.

Anonymous said...

It's ok dude, no prob.

PS - Actually hor, you're not such a bad person. You're just been misinformed, that's all. I love all my fellow Sinkies brothers and sisters. But I hate the corrupted treasonous PAPigs to the core. Ok dude, good day.

Anonymous said...

What do you think?

To add more new citizens to gain more votes or prop up the properties?

Anonymous said...

Alamak !!! (sorry, been infected by the alamak virus) To prop up the properties for what ??? For what ??? Did I, the idiotic unscrupulous corrupted treasonous PAP gain lots of money from that ??? I better sell Citizenship, man. It makes me a billionaires within a few years only. Understand or not ??? Still want to be daft is it ??? Bloke !!!

Anonymous said...

It's all on auto and it comes in a package. By selling Citizenship, everything else will flow in automatically. The more I imported in, the richer I become. It's commonsense, man. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. Still as daft as usual ??? Daft Sinkies, Daft Sinkies !!! Tsk Tsk Tsk, so pathetic !!!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting Singapore now change it stance concentrating on building its local population and SME, Singapore could be the next advanced nation like Israel, the other 2 advanced nations in Asia are Japan and South Korea, which depend on it own technology and innovations, depending on foreigners cheap workers could lowering their standard of living take away jobs and depress pays?

Anonymous said...

Israel without the advantages of Singapore location in one of the busiest part of the world, depend on its people to powered their economic, Israel has many disadvantage, but it turn it into advantage to become one of the most advanced nation, without resources?

If Israel didn't depend of foreign cheap workers or cheap labour foreign investments, why can't Singapore, with Israel with more disadvantages then Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10/4/13 08:31 don't be so simple minded and daft lah.

Israel has also a lot of support from USA, even though they have a lot of clever people. Do you know how close (not geographically) USA and Israel is?

If you don't know, don't anyhow analyse lah.

Just be smart and make lots of money for yourself. Have you?

Anonymous said...

What Singapore need is an analogy of a powerful team of relay cyclists in a group match, not continues flow of foreigners?

A powerful cyclists team, are each individuals take turn to lead to face the head wind, as the leader got tired, another come forward to lead, the previous tired leaders go to behind the pack?

Anonymous said...

What Singapore need is an analogy of a powerful team of relay cyclists in a group match, not continues flow of foreigners?
Anon 10/4/13 11:31

After PAP, the next most powerful team is only the WP.

What powerful team? What relay cyclists?

Got enough cyclists or not? Cyclist got power or not?

Don't joke lah.

Anonymous said...

//Of course lah. You think this type of people will get invited to PAP tea sessions with PM Lee to be potential PAP MPs and ministers?//

of course lah. but why should they care about being invited to this kind of tea sessions if it is almost zero chance.

people are now looking at the tea parties of other side lah. know what i mean. tio bor.

Anonymous said...

///Got enough cyclists or not? Cyclist got power or not?///

got no power. give them power lah. the people have to give themselves the power of not being fearful first. orelse, got power of two balls like marshmallows also no use lah.

Anonymous said...

Singapore now with its huge reserves, not like the earlier day more depend on foreigners, that was the old trick, many nation like Israel and the Nordic don't use this trick?

Singapore populations should be capped at 5.5 millions or around that, now Singapore don't need to import so many foreigners to earn money from them?

With the massive reserves of $262 billions, huge revenues from casinos, sale of lands, Rental, GST, GRP, Levies, COE and other form of indirect taxes, Singapore can utlilise these huge amount money to develop its locals and SME to make better products to exports and increase it tourism yields?

Anonymous said...

"...Singapore can utlilise these huge amount money to develop its locals and SME..."
Anon 11/4/13 11:46

Of course can lah, but returns are much faster and higher by importing foreign talents and foreign money lah.


Anonymous said...

Under the present regime, one thing is for certain, the elites stomachs will always be full, can't say this for the rests

Anonymous said...

Under the present regime, one thing is for certain, the elites stomachs will always be full, can't say this for the rests
Anon 11/4/13 18:44

43% of them their stomachs are always full.

17% of them their stomachs not that full but very scared if PAP voted out, their stomachs will even be less full.

Anonymous said...

//Of course can lah, but returns are much faster and higher by importing foreign talents and foreign money lah.//

ya lah. but who gets to gain more benefits and who gets to suffer from inflated cost because from these hot foreign talents and their hot money leh.

all these hot foreign talents and money is going to set a benchmark of higher cost and price in the name of free market by outbidding locals in their own country.

Anonymous said...

"all these hot foreign talents and money is going to set a benchmark of higher cost and price in the name of free market by outbidding locals in their own country."
Anon 11/4/13 22:16

43% local Sinkies are still OK with the higher cost and price because they are still able to make lots of money and be rich.

17% are not happy but they are very scared things will even be worse if PAP is voted out. Unless there is a stronger and better party than PAP lah.

Anonymous said...

Can't blame the 43% because they are rich and happy.

Blame the 17% for being kiasi (scared die).

43+17=60% in 2011. And also 2016. Unless WP or a new party become stronger than PAP lah.

Anonymous said...

Have you stopped writing? Have not seen new postings from you in a month. look forward to your postings.

Anonymous said...

Lucky, why no announcement?

Usually bloggers with a strong following will announce they will stop blogging or whatever. Like Gintai, Mr Wang says so, etc.

Or if they are dead, their NOK will announce on their behalf, like Feed me to the Fish.

Anonymous said...

///Blame the 17% for being kiasi (scared die).///

Incomplete quotes. Please allow me to add up the most important and crucial word that you missed out :

"Blame the 17% for being kiasi (scared die) and "DAFT !!!".

Anonymous said...

So everyone is daft except the Anon. Steady lah big shot!

Anonymous said...

Oi ... open your eyes big big and read my comments one more time, can or not ??? Did I said everyone ??? I only said 17% lah, Daft !!! And it's so clear and obvious that you're one of them.

P.S. .. Thank you hor, cause it's so true that mine is big and steady. But then, how come you know, ahh ??? Ever kana shot by me, right ??? So, how's the feeling ???? Great right ??? Want somemore ??? Don't be shy lah, just call me @ toll-free : 1800-iPlugUshiokShiokDaft !!!

Anonymous said...

Now Singapore can't go back to the olden days base on cheaper then others and invite cheap foreign workers intensive industries. Now very much depend of service sector, like tourism to drive the economy. With our high cost then other countries with levies, COE, ERP, GST, Rental and indirect taxes etc.?

If Singapore continue to depend of cheaper then others lots of PMET will be out of job and their children suffer and resulting in broken families and divorces?

Singapore with it high cost of doing business, with high ministers pay, COE, GST, ERP, Levies and other indirect taxes got to concentrate in developing it SME, pump more money in developing it innovations, technologies and branding, which is crucial to it survival and the older workers, which can't complete with cheaper foreign workers came from the lower cost countries, leaving them out of jobs and depressed pay?

Singapore got to use it revenues from indirect taxes, casinos and $262 billions of foreign reserves to develops its patents and patents around the world, and invite the patents holders to come to Singapore to develops it patents with huge grants or subsidises?

Anonymous said...

"...concentrate in developing it SME, pump more money in developing it innovations, technologies and branding,..."
Anon 14/4/13 06:21

You think so easy ah. If so, PAP would have done it already, no need for you to tell them.

Having casinos, importing lots of foreign talents and their money is the fastest, surest and mostest way to get money and grow GDP.

With this method, the only problem is PAP may get voted out, but PAP need only 17% suffering Sinkies to vote for them to get at least 93% seats every election.

An as long as best alternative is only WP. Anyway, what's the point (WP) being best alternative if not ready to be government?

That's why no problem PAP will win big again in 2016.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from mostly exam smart people with no manners.....socially inapt, can't talk properly, only talent is Gurmit Singh, only mouth is lee ky, only brain is not even local and only values are shaking hands with all hypocrititical religion?

Of course the only thing left is make lots of money and be lots of money and smile for the camera and pay good money to the press to talk cock lah

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan's favourite book is Lee Kuan Yew, the man and his ideas.
Just wonder what and how he view the Man, now that Lee Kuan Yew is at the concluding part of his life.

Did Lucky Tan find anything in Lee Kuan Yew worthy of posterity?

Anonymous said...

Better stick with "itching ears"....only listen to nice things. Singaporeans can't handle the truths, what more the leaders.

Surround yourself with people who serve your interests and support your egotistical life.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

I successful countries is how to use its local manpower to develop premium products, it is not totally depend on having or not having resources, resources poor Japan build a high tech economy on imported commodities, Israel with a highly advanced economy with out resources? Don't keep harping on having or not having foreigners, continue to improve the locals?

Anonymous said...

Some people are very focus on self enrichment.


Anonymous said...

What type of investmetn you can't take back your money?

Anonymous said...

singaporean don't need so many foreigners, most countries need some foreigner to do the jobs not taken by the local, but not to take away their jobs, only the ruling partly need foreigners to votes for them and their pay?

Anonymous said...

Singapore need many poor and cheap foreigners so that bosses have enough workers available at low salary to do business and also save costs and to grow the GDP.

Singapore also need many rich foreigners to park their money here, to buy high end properties and also to gamble big at the casinos.

For PAP, this is OK as long as there are 43% smart Sinkies who can still make lots of money and 17% money no enough Sinkies who very scared they will even have less money if PAP is voted out of power.

60%, that is.

Anonymous said...

Foreigners are very good. They are talented and willing to work at low pay.

Sinkies no good. Want high pay and also not talented.

Anonymous said...

"Foreigners are very good. They are talented and willing to work at low pay.

Sinkies no good. Want high pay and also not talented."

Foreigners are very good. They are are talented willing to work at low and yet can buy land and big house in their country.

Sinkie no good. Want high pay and not so talented but yet can only buy 4 or 5 room flat.

How come hor. Things so expensive here hor that foreigners are still willing to work for low pay hor. Very funny hor. tio bor.

Anonymous said...

Smart Sinkies who cannot buy land and big house in Singapore will go foreign country to buy. Or even to live there. Just like the foreigners.

No need to remain here to live even in 4 or 5 room pigeonholes, which are also getting smaller and smaller.

These things smart Sinkies can change and control. Because you cannot change PAP or WP to be better.

patriot said...

Sinkies got to learn from our FTs.

Have the gut to venture to abroad for better future.


Anonymous said...

Go johore sell teh tarek or ice kacang, many choices await him with the gutful of high ambitions.

Good Luck to you said...

Where are you Lucky? Hopes you are OK.

Even if you are silenced by the authority, just come in and say goodbye lah! We will understand one.


Anonymous said...

Yoooo hoooo.... Where art thou?

Lucky, it is very unlike you to disappear without a word.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies got to learn from our FTs.

Have the gut to go on a massive protest for a better future, if not happy with the Goment.

True Patriot

Anonymous said...

Lucky silenced himself without even an announcement for his followers? That's odd for a blogger with such a great following.

Also unlikely and also no need for authorities to silence him since they already have at least "60% fixed deposit" every election since 1965. Why should 2016 be any different?

Anonymous said...

2016 will be different if WP or a new party as strong or stronger than PAP announce they are ready to be government.

Who knows, maybe Lucky will be the leader of the new party. And with that, his blog will also become irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Must put money in fixed deposit. Very safe one.

Anonymous said...

The foundation and mechanism of this Nation, has already been setup by the good old guards. Run by the civil servant, it can and will function as normal, even without a Goment. Just like when the pariahment being dissolved weeks before every GEs.

If they can just hired FTs for every single jobs, even the karang-guni man (rag and bone man) wasn't spared, either. I don't see any reason why we can't hire FTs as Goment ??? Earning millions, by just working it on a part time basis, FTs don't want ??? I'll be damn if they don't want.

PS- Don't worry about who can or cannot take over as Goment. Just vote for a change first. Vote for any Opposition Parties, no matter who they are and what they are. "The more the merrier.", just like what they said, when they forcefully shoved the infamous 6.9 million toilet paper down our throat. Let them have a taste of their own medicine, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Whatever lah, PAP sure win one.

How I know? Just look at the best alternative, should know already.

That's why Low Thia Khiang know. All smart people also know. Not only know, but also know how to make lots of money.

Anonymous said...

"Vote for any Opposition Parties, no matter who they are and what they are."
Anon 17/4/13 21:37

But only 40% or less think in that way.

Because the best opposition party is only WP and also not ready take over goment.

Anonymous said...

///But only 40% or less think in that way.

Because the best opposition party is only WP and also not ready take over goment.\\\

Only 40% ??? Sure or not ??? That was GE2011, lah. Right now, it could be more like 60% already. The wind of change have arrived. The Great Awakening !!!

Best opposition party is only WP ??? Sure or not ??? That was old school thinking, lah. Scroll up and read the latest newer and upgraded versions : the comments from "Anonymous 9/4/13 16:40".

PS - Tsk Tsk Tsk, is it so difficult to "think out of the box" ??? So pathetic !!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan tio pok (cover blown) by 'running dogs' and 'eagles' !

Haha! That's the fate that awaits all counter-revolutionaries!

Anonymous said...


I am sure now that you are actually Ash from "Feed me to the Fish"

RIP. We will miss you.

Anonymous said...

Please do not pressure Lucky anymore.
It is understandable for his readers to be concerned.
However, as he has chosen to remain private and quiet despite the calls here for him and or his admin to leave message to keep his followers informed, let us respect his wish.

Anonymous said...

//Smart Sinkies who cannot buy land and big house in Singapore will go foreign country to buy. Or even to live there. Just like the foreigners.//

foreign countries want you or not. not like sinkie land open leg big big to welcome foreigners & issue PRs & citizenships like nobody's business. tio bor ?

Anonymous said...

///o need to remain here to live even in 4 or 5 room pigeonholes, which are also getting smaller and smaller.///

maybe cockroaches like you will get chased away easily. go away ? so easy huh ? tankuku.

Anonymous said...

Where is Lucky Tan?

Anonymous said...

Where is Lucky Tan?
Anon 19/4/13 09:08

Scared of the many cockroaches coming to his blog? And also too kind hearted to kill them?

Anonymous said...

Lucky Tan should not allow anon postings, just like the 5% TKL. After 5% TKL did that, almost no comments to his every posting.

Or better still "comments off" for his blog. Like what some other bloggers do.

Then those cockroaches can still read but cannot shit on his blog.

Anonymous said...

They promised Swiss standard of living. Now, as each day passes, airplane loads of unfamiliar faces are flown in to this island. It is Squeeze standard of living not Swiss. And 60.1% Singaporeans are still fast asleep and skeptical about the 40% Singaporeans who have travelled and woken up to the fact that this government is short-changing its own people and not taking care to improve the quality of its people's lives. In security, we demand the young man to defend this land but we don't provide these soldiers with psychological defence. These NS men don't have CPF, universal healtcare, minimum wage, national pension, affordable HDB flats unlike many in the other developed countries whose young men don't even serve NS! Yet, the Singaporeans are still complying without agreeing. At the end of the day, they are unhappy, frustrated and now they are slowly becoming bitter with the Papa Anak Party or some day, Poor Also Pay Party. More sacrifices need to be made to create positive change in this country! ANd it starts by putting in more alternative voices to probe the incumbent who has clearly lost its way when it said it will do some serious soul-searching. They can say what they want but I don't for once believe singaporeans buy what they say today. But if the singaporean is not awake, they will be replaced with New citizens who will form the majority.

Anonymous said...

Many Singaporeans can't get permament jobs that pay decent wages to support a hdb monthy housing loans and a family. Yet, the Straits Times paints a completely different picture to pull wool over singaporeans' eyes that there are plenty of jobs available in this island. Singaporeans who read The States Times are reading a wrong literature.

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