Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sylvia Lim drops the bombshell on AIM issue!

When the AIM issue emerged a few months ago,  PAP's Dr. Teo explained that the move to have an open tender to sell the town council software was recommended by consultants. Several software companies collected the tender document but nobody responded so AIM wanting to help the town councils decided to bid for the contract.

"The TCs advertised the tender in the Straits Times on 30 June 2010. Five companies collected the tender documents. These were CSC Technologies Services Pte Ltd, Hutcabb Consulting Pte Ltd, NCS, NEC Asia Pte Ltd and Action Information Management Pte Ltd (“AIM”). 

I am aware that NCS considered bidding but in the end, decided not to do so as it was of the view that the IP rights to software developed in 2003 on soon to be replaced platforms were not valuable at all.

Another company withdrew after it checked and confirmed that it was required to ensure renewal of the NCS contract without an increase in rates. The company did not want to take on that obligation. The others may also have decided not to bid for similar reasons.In the end, only AIM submitted a bid on 20 July 2010." - Dr. Teo's statement[Link]

The Worker's Party has rejected MND findings that resident's interests have not been compromised

"On the tender, she suggested no software company here could fulfil it other than AIM, because it required all directors to have town council experience. She also said there was no reason given for the need for the one-month termination clause - and added that the MND report did not address this issue." - Report on WP's rejection of MND report[Link]

In her parliament speech yesterday, MP Sylvia Lim said:

"In this light, I cannot help but recall the Parliamentary debate in 1988 when the Town Council Bill was first presented for the Second Reading. At that debate, the then First Deputy Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong justified the introduction of Town Councils as providing political stabilisers to the political system. He said there was a need to protect the public by ensuring that political parties which aspired to be government should first prove that they could run a Town Council for a constituency. He said: “If a new party finds itself unexpectedly in government, it would be like an aspiring pilot taking over an SIA jumbo jet in mid-air before he has flown solo in a Cessna. This cannot be in the interest of passengers in the jumbo… TCs are the Cessnas of our political system”. He also highlighted that some PAP MPs had expressed a fear that opposition MPs could win “some seats, prove themselves” (able to run the Town Councils) and thereafter “fan out to other constituencies in subsequent elections” (Hansard, 28 June 1988)

Is this what this whole AIM episode is about – ensuring that the passengers in the Cessnas have bumpy rides or even crash land? Does the government even care about the passengers in the Cessnas, or are they simply collateral damage in a bigger political game.

........ In our view, the PAP TCs had unjustifiably risked a disruption to public services and that this should not be allowed to recur. I am relieved to read that the MND recognized the need to preserve continuity of public services as a paramount priority"

For a democracy to function properly, the choice of the people has to be respected. When they choose a new govt, power has to be handed over smoothly so that the people do not suffer disruption for exercising their vote. It takes at lot of arrogance for a group of leaders to believe that they are the only ones who can lead the nation. It takes some amount of  hubris and elitism for them to believe that they are the only ones with the right to leadership. It takes a lot of disregard for the rights and interests of the people to want to see them suffer when they no longer want you as their leader. After getting paid the highest salaries in the world, not planning for a smooth handover should the people express a desire to be led by another party based on a different ideology is just irresponsible. It is not just AIM but the entire civil service and SAF has to be independent from the PAP - it is not right and very dangerous for a political party to put its own power above the interests of the people....doing so undermines the stability and security of the country.


Anonymous said...

Bombshell no use lah.

WP has only 7 MPs out of 87 elected/walkover MPs.

How to fight?

That's why it is very important to win majority seats in elections, never mind if only got 46% of the votes.

All other things, bombshell, protests or what not no use lah. Everywhere is the same.

Don't believe, just wait and see lah.

Anonymous said...

If want to have power, must have the right power.

Power of your logic and argument, no use.

Power of protests and rallies, no use.

Power of majority votes, no use.

Power of online popularity and following, no use.

Power of determination and courage, no use. Just look at the late JBJ and Dr CST.

Must have power of majority seats, then got use. This is the right power.

Or if not, must have power of the gun, like those dictators, then got use. This is also the right power.

Anonymous said...

Solar power or wind power also no use.

Must have natural gas, hydro electric or oil power.

Or best of all, money power.

Anonymous said...

WP has only 7 MPs out of 87 elected/walkover MPs.

Yah loh, they used to have ONE only.

2016? 49?

Anonymous said...

I read the ST today. I find it hilarious that Khaw defended the $2 company by saying that it has the full backing of the PAP!!!!It seems that PAP is playing politics with residents monies and interests.What has happen is that we have a dominant party for too long and the incumbent has build a layer of intricate self interest around the supposed public interests and properties that they taking care of.

Anonymous said...

In politics, don't be naive.

If you are naive, don't be in politics. But it is still OK to blog or comment in blog.

Anonymous said...

If you are naive, you will find things are hilarious in politics.

Singaporean... said...

The exchange between Khaw & Sylvia revealed the old trick of character assassination.

After Sylvia eluded about how the Cessna may crash, Khaw ( perhaps not being able to defend any further) started to create the illusion that Sylvia was being "arrogant".

If only we could get him into the dock and allow Sylvia to cross examine him.. think he will wriggle and sweat far more and pee in his pants.

Patriotic indeed.
True Patriots are Workers' Party

False patriots are the PAP... regardless of past behaviour.

Anonymous said...

OK lah, Sylvia Lim dropped bombshell.

And WP are true patriots.

And PAP lets move on.

So what next?

WP ready to be government?

Anonymous said...

Hasn't PAP has always put its own power above the interests of the people. What to do if there are daft Singaporeans who allow it by continuing to vote them in in election

Anonymous said...

The bombshell has already exploded. Now PAP is embedded with shrapnel of their own device. From what I gathered, the public, even those pro-PAP group, has already concurred that PAP is playing a dangerous political game and they will take that into consideration at the ballot box come 2016. Let's move on.

Anonymous said...

Politics is about the future.

Bragging about a victorious past has no bearing on the political scene except to instill fear and to threaten.

Workers Party, your key to more victories lie in the vision of the here and now. People remember your past... no need to remind them.

The PAP will dig up the past to discredit you, but that will be dangerous for them too.

Slowly, with assured steps 2016 will be ultra sweet.

Thanks WP.. I believe!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Khaw still hasn't answered the question. Who in the right mind would ask for a 1 month automatic termination clause upon change in political party? I think it is obvious, that clause was intended to sabotage a new political party. And the requirement for ALL DIRECTORS to have experience in town council, isn't it obvious only 1 company, i.e. AIM satisfy that requirement? And AIM does not even have proper employees, why would you sell your system to be maintained by a company with no people or experience? Isn't it obvious?

Anonymous said...

KBW attacked Sylvia and insulted Singaporeans, "Many of us in this House have been serving Singaporeans for decades, long before she entered this House. Please, don’t behave as if you are the only patriot in this House."

PLEASE. Mr Khaw Boon Wan. You are PAID MILLIONS, a pay you will never be able to get anywhere else in the world, to do your job. Don't talk like you have been serving Singaporeans with all your sweat with no rewards.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew and his pap never intended to hand over power to anyone else.
That is the extent of their selfishness.

Anonymous said...

"And the requirement for ALL DIRECTORS to have experience in town council, isn't it obvious only 1 company, i.e. AIM satisfy that requirement? And AIM does not even have proper employees, why would you sell your system to be maintained by a company with no people or experience? Isn't it obvious?"
Anon 14/5/13 10:48

There you are, being naive, like what Anon 14/5/13 09:49 mentioned.

It's OK, as long as you don't become politician.

Anonymous said...

If PAP continues with such empty talk that is all rhetoric, I'm afraid it's only going to be more people voting for opposition.

You may win the argument, you may gerrymander, you may continue not to be transparent nor be accountable to the people but these are the exact reasons why you may not win the next election.

Anonymous said...

Politics at its best. Education at its best. The spirit of Sin at its best.

You learn it from the best, what else

Anonymous said...

"It takes at lot of arrogance for a group of leaders to believe that they are the only ones who can lead the nation. It takes some amount of  hubris and elitism for them to believe that they are the only ones with the right to leadership."

Did you think before you wrote that?

Anonymous said...

Khaw is arrogant becuase it is still 80 to 7 in the house. let make it 44 to 43 next time!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Simply put, PAP is not Singapore, Singapore is not PAP. The civil service should protect Singapore and not PAP. Otherwise, Singapore should be renamed and called it PAP ANIMAL FARM.

patriot said...


Another cheeky old fox.


Anonymous said...

U hv a govt the best money can buy, how to be wrong? Even WP thinks they are the best

Anonymous said...

And holding on to power by sabotaging the interests of your citizens is not an issue when none of the PAP MPs feel that this AIM episode is morally repugnant and ethically repulsive?


Anonymous said...

Morality has the same rigidity of the laws which put them in power, stupid

The said...

Looks like Sylvia got to slap the Cessna's pilot to make sure he's awake.

Anonymous said...

The most moral people killed more lives than the number of grains of rice LKY ever eaten in his lifetime

And that's no bush shit

Anonymous said...

"Morality has the same rigidity..." how true and only the legally non-corrupt can spew patriotism after awarding themselves with obscene salaries for serving the people.


Anonymous said...

My relatives across the Causeway told me they are sick of the rampant corruption of the Incument and their cronies. Tak boeh tahan any more & they decided to vote for opposition. Never mind they lost, they will try again.

Similarly I am sick of our PAP arrogance. This kind of episode is proof that the last GE apology was a faked one to begin with. Now that it is exposed to be a lie, do you still want to support a party of liars ?

Anonymous said...

One is softcore, the other hardcore, meant to fuck you to kingdom cum

Anonymous said...

People must learn to STOP voting for a party that is made up of untruths and half truths and unjust laws such as their obscene high pay.

Anonymous said...

He is soooo arrogant cos 60% of daft singaporeans still vote for them. I hope singaporeans can teach him a lesson next GE.

Anonymous said...

This Khaw should stop insulting voters intelligence. We have to stop voting for his arrogant party.

Anonymous said...

Khaw can be a lawyer

Anonymous said...

As an Aljunied GRC resident all I can say is that I'M NEVER AGAIN GOING TO VOTE FOR THE PAP after I have seen how they tried to take the residents and the constituency down with them after we told clearly in GE 2011 we wanted WP and not them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hello million dollars minister, kindly don't continue insult daft singaporean intelligence. My aljunied grc mp are asking pertinent questions all behalf of Singaporeans.
If you think that your ministry review is half truth, why not meet us the true patriots in aljunied, at one of your PA town hall meeting, for us to ask you personally. At the same time feel the ground on all aljunied grc, maybe we welcome you to contest in aljunied grc during the next election.

Anonymous said...

Khaw is better and more powerful than the Law.

Anonymous said...

To me, Khaw has scored 100 points -- as an utter asshole!

Anonymous said...

Because WP said it is not ready to form government, therefore Sylvia Lim, WP and lesser Sinkies all deserved the kind of outcome and response on AIM from the PAP and Khaw.

Blame WP, because much as they dislike PAP, Sinkies also cannot vote in a party which is not ready to be government.

Anonymous said...

Depoliticized PA and the civil service;They are meant to serve Singaporeans.

If only the daft 60.1% can read beyond the state controlled media.

Anonymous said...

"Depoliticized PA and the civil service..."
Anon 15/5/13 10:15

Win majority seats first, then talk.

The said...

This Penangite (or should it be Penangise or Penis?) wants to be more Singaporean than Singaporean. More patriotic than Singaporean.

As Samuel Johnson said, patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

Anonymous said...

If he had remained in Penang or Malaysia, most likely he won't be a cabinet minister. Just look at MCA and Gerakan, the Chinese based parties now in Malaysia.

Perhaps he can retire in Malaysia.

Then for the price of his house in Singapore, he could live in a house many times bigger there.

Anonymous said...

Paying yourself obscene money can render one's blind to own obscenity

Hypocrisy often provoke uprising sooner or later

These elites cannot resist their own lusts and the inevitable outcome

Anonymous said...

Singapore is politically different! Just as Singaporeans respect and abide by the rules of engagements, so should foreigners. Foreigners should be mindful of the political culture, norms and mores in Singapore, and should act in consonance with Singapore’s laws rather than try to impose confrontational political culture and norms that are alien to our society.

Anonymous said...

Unjust laws. You deserve to die as a people

Anonymous said...

With Singapore much reserves from indirect taxes, Singapore chances to produces world beating products like Rolex, Samsung, Ikea or Apple is higher then many countries.

Presently Singapore need to find ways to increase the tourism yield, which improve Singapore standard, so tourists willing to spend more in SIngapore, it take a bit longer time to produce some world beating companies??

Anonymous said...

The Malaysians who were legally assassinated for standing up to justice should not return so long as unjust people rule the land. Dust your feet and walk away. The dust will be their judgment

Anonymous said...

Singaporean are entrepreneuric, you can find Singapore companies involved in all sorts of businesses around the world, how to foster it to be world class companies is a challenge?

Anonymous said...

Lucky, so glad that you are back!

patriot said...

Khaw is slowly killing PAP.

It is something Sinkies will have
to be grateful for.

Sinkies may also like to thank his Colleagues Lim Swee Say, Grace Fu,
Amy Khor, Teo Ho pin and Others
who are helping Khaw in the killing.


Anonymous said...

What hope? All Oxfart graduates want to rule the world

Anonymous said...

"It has been speculated that Ho Peng Kee is the younger brother of Ho Ching.

Both Ho Peng Kee and Ho Ching studied at National Junior College.
Ho Ching is 1 year older than Ho Peng Kee.

"Even her age is considered off limits. A Temasek spokesman was unwilling to reveal her age or date of birth, although a Temasek bond document in 2005 said she was 52." Ho Peng Kee's birthdate is 09.05.1954.
I don't understand why all the secrecy.

Ho Ching was married to LHL in 1985, subsequently Ho Peng Kee stood for elections in 1991 as MP for Sembawang.

In 1993, he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary (Ministry of Law and Ministry of Home Affairs)
His portfolio has never been re-shuffled, he is now the Senior Minister of State (Ministry of Law and Ministry of Home Affairs)." -maurizio13,03 Mar `08.

link (Should Wong Kan Seng step down or take a pay cut? - SgForums.com)

His wife is Madam Choy Ping.

Assoc. Prof. Ho Peng Kee (Chinese: 何炳基; pinyin: Hé Bǐngjī; born 9 May 1954)

— —
Ho Ching (Chinese: 何晶; pinyin: Hé Jīng; Wade–Giles: Ho2 Ching1; Cantonese Yale: Hō Chìng) (born 1953) is the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings (since 2002)[1] and the wife of the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong. She is a Chinese Singaporean of Cantonese background.

— —
"Associate Professor HO Peng Kee was a good MP who had worked hard for 10 years, but he was a Cantonese and a strong Christian,

— —
16-05-2011, 08:49 AM
Cantonese Singaporeans: Alex Au, Kit Chan, Chao Tzee Cheng, Ho Peng Kee, Ann Kok, Wong Kan Seng, Ho Ching.

Wah, gam dor yan choi.

— — — —
The late Madam Chan leaves behind her husband retired
businessman Ho Eng Hong, two daughters including the eldest
Madam Ho Ching, Temasek Holdings' executive director, and
Madam Ho Peng, Curriculum Planning & Development director at
the Education Ministry, two sons and seven grandchildren.

link (Many turn up to pay last respects to the late mother-in-law)

— — — —
Men in BBTC (MiB)

Law School Donors ( July - December 2002 )
(PDF)Vol 2 No. 1 January - June 2003 - Faculty of Law
(url) law.nus.edu.sg/alumni/pdfs/lawlinkv2n1.pdf

— — — —
Dissolution of Law Practices
The partnership of Leong Chia & Lee dissolved on 1 February 2013.

Outstanding matters of the former law practice of Leong Chia & Lee have, with effect from 2 February 2013, been taken over by:
Tan Kim Seng & Partners
101 Cecil Street
#18-01/05 Tong Eng Building
Singapore 069533
Tel: 6223 9644
Fax: 6225 7041


Anonymous said...

Who holds the rain?

No rain

Anonymous said...

If I were PAP, I will now start thinking how to design the election system so that even with 47% votes can still win 60% seats.

60% seats can already form the government without opposition. Just look north.

So best opposition here is not even ready to be government, still want to fight?

Anonymous said...

If I were WP, I will now start thinking how to be ready to be government first.

Then next is how to win at least 60% of the seats. If no fish, prawn also can lah but must be at least 50% seats.

Or else what's the point (WP) of arguing with PAP in Parliament, even with Lucky Tan support, tio bo?

bond said...


It is not about whether they are ready. It is about people choice. If they want WP to be government, make sure they do not split the votes like what happened in the president election and the malaysisa recent election. Do not fall into the trap of pap. this is why they asked that question to wp.

Anonymous said...

This bullshit Khaw self-declared himself a Patriot. Did he or his boss or his boss father die for singapore or even serve NS? He thought it is just about naming a cow in a farm. He thought he is above the justice system. THe people will be the one who will declared whether he is a patriot or a parrot.

Anonymous said...

Come on people!
Lucky says Cow will solve all your problems so he must be good!

Anonymous said...

Khaw says Town Council software can be bought off the shelf. Yet PAP TC paid $23.8 million for a off the shelf package. What nonsense!

He has obviously never work in the real world. Why we still pay such idiots millions to run our country???

Anonymous said...

OK lah, you say those idiot politicians talk nonsense.

But how much idiot can they be when they can win majority seats and become the government?

If others are smarter than those idiots, how come they cannot achieve better than those idiots?

Or are they bigger idiots than those idiots in government?

From 3rd Party said...

Anonymous said...

OK lah, you say those idiot politicians talk nonsense.

But how much idiot can they be when they can win majority seats and become the government?

If others are smarter than those idiots, how come they cannot achieve better than those idiots?

Or are they bigger idiots than those idiots in government?

15/5/13 23:20

All I can tell from your wisdom so far is that you should be a bigger idiot of them all! Dun laugh yet becos it could be true!

TokyoSingaporean said...

"So many of the comments to this letter exhort the letter writer to stick around in Singapore and work towards changing things for the better. When I was 20, I also thought the same thing–one day there will be a groundswell of change, one day grips will be loosened and there will be a chance to breathe. But now I understand that was all delusion. One step forward, two steps back. The bruising games. I say to the writer now, please, if you have the chance, just go. Don’t let anyone try to emotionally blackmail you to stay around–because of their fears that your leaving will become an indictment of *them*. Don’t let Singapore leech you dry and yet call *you* the parasitic ingrate. Don’t let Singapore toy with your hopes. Don’t let Singapore murder your dreams. Just go. With the blessedness of the less deceived."

There are just too many bad memories in Singapore today. Too many....I just had to leave it.

Guru said...

Only an idiot will listen to a 3rd Party idiot.

patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
patriot said...


The Game is over.


Anonymous said...

Must win majority seats, then it really matters.

Same in Sinkieland, same in Matland, same everywhere.

Anonymous said...

It is not what is said but WHO said it.

It is not what it is but WHO owns it.

It is not what you know but WHO you know.

It is not what is won but WHO win it.

Anonymous said...

When the PAP falls and the new coalition govt takes over Singapore, I hope to a systematic attempt to haul these Pigs in White to justice for their CORRUPT and GREEDY practices.

Yes, I am asking for a witch hunt of these Pigs in White - a full review and prosecution of (any) unethical and illegal activities.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those 40 year old and older will not get to see justice meted out to the rouges. By then many of them would have left Singapore.
Is there Karma to deal with them?

Anonymous said...

PETALING JAYA — Malaysia’s new Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (picture) has told Malaysians who are dissatisfied with its political system after the general election — which handed victory to the long-ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition — to migrate to other countries, as those who are loyal would accept the rule of law.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Correction for my above comment.
Rouge to be amended to rogues.


Anonymous said...

Senior Counsel N. Sreenivasan told City News that there are two key things to note: one, that the prosecution wants to maintain that the use of the building fund for the Crossover Project was unauthorized, but “as my learned friend Edwin Tong said in open court, the use was not unauthorized. But I won’t comment as it’s an issue before the court.”The second key thing to bear in mind is fourfold: “The accused had no wrongful gain; there was no unlawful loss; the Church made good and there has been no dishonesty.”

There is no greater evil than evil perpetuated by righteous and honest people

Anonymous said...

It is very difficult to win when a party does not have majority seats in Parliament.

It is the same everywhere.

So WP should now stop their "what's point?" WP thinking they are not ready to be government.

So WP get off your ass and go and get ready! Or has WP not even thinking to get started?


Anonymous said...

That WP is the best (only because they can win seats) opposition party is really a blessing for PAP.

And a curse for those Sinkies suffering under PAP.

Anonymous said...

Khaw abandoned his own country Malaysia to come to Singapore. He is not fit to be called a patriot, worst of all, he used the term on himself.

Huge DISGRACE ah Khaw!

Anonymous said...

Corruption - Wisdom from Star Wars, Clone Wars

"Corruption is what happens when someone in power puts their own personal gain before the interest of the people they represent.

So it's the result of greed?
Yes. A leader sacrifices moral integrity for the sake of money or power. Entire star systems have collapsed into chaos. A revolution because their greedy politicians got caught up in a cycle of bribery and blackmail while their people suffered.

Does that mean most government officials are corrupt?
Well, no. But the point is that temptation is always there. And citizens must be vigilant so corruption can't take root. The deadliest enemies of a society dwell within its borders. And from these internal threats the people need to be protected

But if you don't trust your leaders, isn't that treason?
It's every citizen's duty to challenge their leaders. To keep them honest and hold them accountable if they are not.

How do you do that?
By exposing corrupt officials for what they are. Lasting change can only come from within."
Ashoka Tano
Star Wars Clone Wars, Season 3, Episode 6, 3:06-4:13 minutes


Anonymous said...

Not really corruption but encourages the spirit of corruption. These leaders are mostly law abiding but also mostly stupid or idiots.
So you are ruled basically by highly educated idiots. Idiocy and stupidity breed idiots and idiots can act corruptly without them knowing because they are idiots who think they are in control.

barios said...

I have come here and read. may be useful and continued success

Anonymous said...

Just to share my 3 month old baby has just gone for her vaccination at the polyclinic this morning, 2 jabs and 1 oral to be exact, and it cost us $331! My phillippino maid said hers is free...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

$331 !!!???
Please let us know what was the vaccination your baby received.

It's time we google to find out the market price really is in other countries.

$331. Before or after the gahmen "subsidy"? ROFL.

Anonymous said...

"As ministers, Wahid and Low will now draw a minimum annual salary of RM179,642.40 (or RM14,970.20 a month) and also RM49,353.48 (or RM4,112.79 a month) each as senators."

Wah Lau eh, Matland ministers pay lagi low man!

Can't even compare to Sinkieland's middle level civil servants, where some are even in their 20s only!

Anonymous said...

City harvest church is directing psychic energy in the court room.

Anonymous said...

Voodoo power

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now with more and more people, the weather getting hotter and hotter in the middle of the year?

Anonymous said...

Now with more and more people,

What are the benefits of having more and more people resulting in less and less space, if you are not a business mogul or politician banking on the gdp's results. More importantly, what is the point of voting for this party if all they do is ram their policies and agendas at lightning speed irregardless what you'd ever think?

You mati your own business right, none of us need to bother isn't it?

May Wong said...

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Anonymous said...

“The Crossover is “completely honest” as it does not benefit any particular member of CHC in isolation, but only the organizational vision as a whole, the defense argued.”

Not true. It benefitted the pastors RICHLY.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to own the diamonds so long as I get to WEAR IT or use it as I please

Anonymous said...

What is sad about the CHC saga, and society as a whole, is that honest people( not only the character of the leadership is questionable, the followers, the defense and even the general public) are not really honest, decent people(especially moralistic people) are not really decent and white not really white.

They can't distinguish trash at all. The trash you block may not be trash at all but the trash you pass is the kind of trash that pollutes and poison society. Just take a good look at Singapore bloggersphere. They are as dictatorial as the government they criticize. 90% bloggers practice imposing their values religiously on others blindly(what hope do you have? - zilch!). They cant distinguish a ghetto FUCK YOU from aNUS FUCK YOU because the latter is so well written or proper - complied with all aNUS laws.

Moral of the story? A geyland hooker has more redeeming qualities than your God fearing preacher.

Anonymous said...

//Just to share my 3 month old baby has just gone for her vaccination at the polyclinic this morning, 2 jabs and 1 oral to be exact, and it cost us $331! My phillippino maid said hers is free...*sigh*//


wait they say no free lunch.

wait they say they making loss.

wait they say free market forces.

wait they say it is already subsidized and it is very affordable (that is why you could still able to pay it) - reinforcing logic. and if you can't pay it, wait they say you are lazy and not hardworking and not smart enough to earn enough to pay such services for your own children or you were not responsible for not planning such potential costs when giving birth to baby or babies for some other people.

Anonymous said...

//The bruising games. I say to the writer now, please, if you have the chance, just go. Don’t let anyone try to emotionally blackmail you to stay around–because of their fears that your leaving will become an indictment of *them*.//

sure. go to other places if you need to in order to earn a living like a lot of PRs who are here to work. but hold on to your citizenship and remember what to do when you vote the next round or the next thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, stupid Singaporeans

ps: ... But if you say the government is made up of idiots no one can sue you ...

Anonymous said...

Only on line, you get an honest and ego busting truth. Better censor unholy comments if you like tuning into FM 90.5

Anonymous said...

Read the below news(today) and tell me whether your leaders are fucking ideas or not

SINGAPORE: 165 community disputes have gone through mediation at the Community Mediation Centre between January and April 2013.

But the real concern is disputes involving parties who are unwilling to sit down and talk.

The authorities are considering mandatory mediation for such cases. According to some experts, this will be useful but difficult to enforce.

Majority of community disputes are between HDB dwellers. Disputes arise from issues such as corridor obstruction, noise and high-rise littering.

Yew Tee, located in the northwest of Singapore, is one of the country's largest towns. With more than 82,000 residents, it has seen 20 to 30 community disputes in the last two years.

Most of them were settled after grassroots leaders stepped in.

In one case, neighbours fought over the placement of potted plants along their corridor.

Alex Yam, MP for Choa Chu Kang GRC, said: "We found out that they lived together for 13 years, but yet didn't know each other's names. So we started afresh... I think we managed to resolve that quite simply."

Tougher cases are referred to the Community Mediation Centre, which has a pool of 145 trained volunteer mediators. However, some disputes languish.

Mr Yam said: "Mediation is voluntary, so as long as one party doesn't want to come to the table, we're stuck. Very often it's one party who says ‘I don't want to be involved, I don't see anything I'm doing is wrong’. A lot of people see mediation as going to court, but it's not. It's an opportunity for us to resolve the issue before we go into the court process."

Associate Professor Lim Lan Yuan, senior master mediator from the Community Mediation Centre, said: "One advantage where we make it mandatory for attendance is that the other party has to come in, because we cannot mediate with just one party. The one who complains will come anyway, but the one being complained about, the respondent, may not come."

The alternative to mediation is bringing the dispute to court, but results are often far from satisfactory.

"By the time you enter the court system, that's when all possibility of an amicable relationship breaks down," said Mr Yam. "There's no way you can come back to living together and starting the relationship over again."

"The court has to decide a winner and a loser," said Wendell Wong, director of dispute resolution at Drew & Napier. "That doesn't really solve the underlying issues in the long term. In mediation, you may get outcomes that allow parties not to lose face.”

Experts said enforcing mandatory mediation will be tricky, as the threat of punishment can worsen a conflict. Some suggest "soft" sanctions.

Mr Wong said: "This may take the form of any sort of sanctions and punishments within the community, (such as) having to volunteer your time, having to serve the community in meaningful ways, to reflect the community's acceptance or non-acceptance of your behaviour in not complying with, not attending mediation. We have to be creative."

Mediated disputes have a good chance of resolution. 70 per cent of those that go through the Community Mediation Centre are settled.

Anonymous said...

Who made more sense or just?

Mandatory mediation could worsen matters
from Maureen Foo

In reference to the report, “Mediation could be mandatory for community disputes” (May 13), I would ask if it is wise to make mediation mandatory for all community disputes.

As an analogy, imagine if several pupils report a school bully for terrorising them. The school’s disciplinary committee investigates and then brings in both the bully and his victims for mediation.

Guidelines for behaviour are drawn. If either party flouts these, they would be called in for more mediation and further advised until the conflict is resolved.

If the Government were to make mediation mandatory in dealing with community disputes, the scenario could be similar.

But why should a clear case of bullying be reduced to a “dispute” that a victim must mediate with the bully?

A few real-life cases of callous, stubborn wrongdoers would show the inappropriateness of mandatory mediation.

It could worsen matters, particularly when the wrongdoers are contemptuous of their affected neighbours, such as a family who endures indiscriminate dripping laundry and mops every day or loud mahjong sessions that go on in the wee hours weekly.

Or when wrongdoers let their dogs bark and howl every day despite intervention from the relevant authorities, or drag their furniture in the wee hours, with knocking accompanied by loud footsteps.

What is needed is for the authorities to do investigations, issue warnings to errant parties and mete out punishments if repeated warnings fall on deaf ears. Instead of getting parties to sit down to make peace, tough counselling and education must be provided for the recalcitrant.

Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong noted that different communities and residents should develop “their own social norms”. I disagree.

It is unthinkable that there may be a set of Buangkok norms and a set of Pasir Ris norms, implying that laws differ from community to community. There would be no national cohesion.

Tolerance seems to be the highest virtue in societies, including Singapore, that consider themselves democratic and liberal. However, to uphold it blindly is to do injustice to people who suffer regularly from the inconsiderate, sometimes vicious, acts of their neighbours.

In the name of protecting vulnerable residents, let us not sweep their intolerance aside as a dirty word. It is not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Read the below news(today) and tell me whether your leaders are fucking IDIOTS or not
(News above)

With leaders who think like that, no wonder your people are dumb fuck


Anonymous said...

What for opposition? Collect MP salary ..happy happy...I have no ambition of being the next PM...opposition leader said.....first world parliament crap....let the monkey be PM...I eat peanuts can liao...tio Bo?

Anonymous said...

When you need the law to fucking show that it got pricks to fucking skin the lawbreaking neighbor... the fucking leaders wrap a pink condom over the legal dickhead by waxing lyrical about tolerance and fucking spineless hypocritical and god fucking mediation at the expense of the suffering law abiding citizen who is at the mercy of their idiotic lawless neighbors whom they can't chop their fucking heads off because the fucking laws ...created by fucking leaders...who forbid that they act with common sense so their fucking neighbors can enjoy fucking law abiding citizens while the fucking leaders ponder over the complexities of determining whether the fucking lawless neighbor is lawless or not ... and why is that so?.... because these fucking heck care lazy fucking leaders with fucking jello brains who are basically useless overrated elites are only good at licking their bosses lollipop and talking chee bay to the good for nothing fucking press to give an appearance that they are worth their millions ....however....when it is not the business of the law to step into someone's bedroom when people are fucking toilet rolls...they fucking stick your dirty noses into other people's backside and goreng goreng politics of patriotism to further their career in the political world of plundering the masses of idiotic and brainless boot suckers educated by our finest mental religious institutions

Fuck you and go and jump off MBS building without a parachute you mother fucker

Anonymous said...

You ever wonder why people are generally unfriendly towards their neighbors and people are no longer interested in investing their time to know their neighbors?

Maybe because we are living in the kingdom of god

Anonymous said...


How many millions of our money spent for PAP benefit? ask old guy Lee Kuan yew and “What do you think” (Big nose TCH) he will reply us. Answer will be, “We made the money by simply bringing in lots of foreigners and FTs, so why are you asking?”!
Anything goes by way of this LKYism rudimentary in PAP void of moral & ethice principles. His means justifies to end result LKYism desires and so it must be right and good for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucky,

Do you need to put up a $50,000 bond in order to keep your site running?

Or will you cut down on your posting so that you can continue to fly under MDA's new regulations?

Grassroots leader

Anonymous said...

Should Singapore build more studio for the older citizen to retire and realise their retirement money when they downgrade?

Anonymous said...

Build more studios in the matured estates for senior citizens to downgrade and stay near their children to look after their grandchildren?

Anonymous said...

The crucial way to solve the low birth rate is to build more low cost studios to help parents take care of their grand children, which they can stay nearby?

Anonymous said...

The reasons the Nordic type of social welfare success it free people other worry like health care, education, jobless & old age retirement and concentrate on taking risk, like a coalition of govt, each party propose their ideas because majority of the people are highly educated with free educations they know what to do. Any party can take over and run the govt. Because majority are highly educated and almost the same standard, so reduced the burden on only one party? The education the population the less unequality?

Anonymous said...

Nafeesa Docura
"Why on earth should investor's worries TAKE PRECEDENCE over those who NEED A HOME? That's my biggest beef with his manner of thinking. Investors who were greedy and hoped to live comfortably on OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, keeping those people from being able to enter the housing market themselves should be prepared to take a loss when society rectifies the wrong done to those people. Even if they sell at a 30% price drop from current prices, the market has appreciated so much that it is not likely that they would make much of a loss. Prices have nearly doubled in the last 4 years. Their retirement nest eggs would be mostly intact. Have a care for the people who need homes. People, not family units. Else, you just tell your own CITIZENS that you don't give a crap about them, and they will just pack up and leave.'

that's the kind of hypocritical society a "successful nation" has become

Anonymous said...

Christopher Lim
The HDB housing needs for many Singaporeans is still beyond reach and he is saying " ramp up in supply of new flats not sustainable after 2015" ---what a joke?

how not to die?

Anonymous said...

Do you want to hear anothe pot calling the kettle black societal behaviour? 90% singaporean bloggers or websites practice censoring or imposing restrictions and they are telling the government to go f u c k off. Joke right?
If we are allowed to call the government idiot, we should be able to call you names.

Stupid bloggers and moderators...go f u c k yourself

Anonymous said...

While Singaporeans are busying listening attention to the government's coos and sways to placate and lie to the citizen that all is fine and dandy, I'm busy trying to migrate.

Anonymous said...


One the best speeches ever by a Singaporean! The other great speeches I knew of were Vincent Wijeysingha, Pritam Singh and Png Eng Huat.

Anonymous said...

LKY and Vivian bala roll into one. Too bad the former, the only formidable preacher, candle is soon to be snubbed. Otherwise, should be an interesting sword or dagger fight.

Anonymous said...

WP breached tender rules right after they attained office but failing to call a tender and later awarding a town council tender to a company operated by their supporters. Why aren't anyone chasing them about it? Its fine for WP to break the law?

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