Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It is the govt that has to be regulated not the online news ...

It is almost a month since my last posting. It is a bit hard to explain why I have not written as much as I did in the past. There are no major changes in my life except that I'm getting older. Since I started blogging in 2005, the Internet has enabled Singaporeans to have  deeper understanding of the system they live in. It allowed the underlying causes of problems faced by Singaporeans to be discussed objectively and trade-offs in govt polices to be seen with greater clarity.  This deeper understanding does not help the PAP to maintain its dominant position.

Despite having the whole mainstream media on its side,  the PAP has struggled to explain the benefits of the system it has in place and convince the people that old policies and schemes should remain as they are.  The less democratic aspects of the system of govt is becoming less justifiable and less acceptable to Singaporeans. Even as the aspirations for progress and change builds up, the PAP wants to maintain its dominance making as few changes as possible. To do so,  it has to control the Singaporeans' access to information. The PAP wants control and influence over the online news media that has increased in popularity in the last few years. The new MDA regulations gives the PAP govt broad powers to do this.

Under the code, prohibited content includes "material that is objectionable on the grounds of public interest, public morality, public order, public security, national harmony, or is otherwise prohibited by applicable Singapore laws."

The MDA on Tuesday said websites that have at least 50,000 unique visitors from Singapore every month and publish at least one local news article per week over a period of two months must obtain an annual licence.

The MDA said the licence guidelines will "apply to all content on the news sites, including readers' comments on the news sites".

The maximum penalty for illegal broadcasting under the Broadcasting Act is a fine of $200,000 or three years' jail or both. But for sites that are licensed, failing to comply with conditions could result either in financial penalties or the licence being suspended or revoked.[Link]

What worries me is not just the use of harsh laws to limit the freedom of Singaporeans and disable them from effecting change but what the PAP govt can does under a cloak of secrecy due to absence of laws protecting the privacy and freedom of Singaporeans.  

Singapore has a weak legal regime to protect privacy and has deployed extensive surveillance systems.[Link]

You may have missed the news 2 days ago about a  US NSA (America's agency that does surveillance)  technician leaking information about the NSA's PRISM system that allows the US govt to access all servers of major US infocomm companies including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo! etc giving the US govt the technical capability to spy on its own citizens. PRISM gives the US govt access to all emails, VoIP,  files and messages of Internet users.

"The government has granted itself power it is not entitled to. There is no public oversight. The result is people like myself have the latitude to go further than they are allowed to" , Whistle-blower Edward Snowden[Link]

While the technical capability exists to spy on its citizens, the NSA is bounded by American privacy laws that limits its surveillance activity to "any customers of participating corporations who live outside the United States, or American citizens whose communications include web content of people outside the United States."[Link].

According to the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, PRISM cannot be used to intentionally target any Americans or anyone in the United States. [Link].

Unfortunately the laws protecting Singaporeans from such surveillance is weak and there agencies such as the CSIT (Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies) that operate in secrecy and are known to be involved in surveillance activities from the type of equipment it procures. Without a strong regulatory and legal framework in place, there is a big risk that the interests of Singaporeans will be compromised.

Singapore, where authorities keep a close eye on opposition groups and political commentary, some people use encryption programs to avoid surveillance.

"If you are concerned about electronic eavesdropping, you can use pidgin IM - it has an encryption module for instant messaging," said Donaldson Tan, editor of socio-political website New Asia Republic.

"There is also Tor client for online anonymity," he said, referring to two popular free software programs developed by volunteer programmers to guard against network surveillance.

Asked if he was concerned whether the U.S. government would share surveillance information with Singapore authorities, given the friendly ties between the two countries, Tan said: "The U.S. is really hard to read".

A Singapore government spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Several people in the region said the reports of government access to e-mails and phone calls were not surprising.

"This latest revelation, if true, is really no more than putting proof to suspicion," said Howard Lee, a blogger who often writes about political and social issues in Singapore.

"As citizens of democracies, our response should not be fear, but a concerted voice to demand accountability and transparency. I believe this is the current aim of civil society groups in Singapore."[Link]

The existence of secret organisations operating in the absence of regulation that protects the privacy of Singaporeans from surveillance by the state creates fear among those who legitimately oppose the govt because they hold a different point of view.  There is no reason to govern Singapore with such repressive measures that does not exist anywhere else in the developed world except to maintain dominance at a time when there is a growing desire for change.


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Anonymous said...

Coalitions parties works?:
December 2, 2013 at 11:14 am (Quote)

The coalitions parties in Nordic reduce the cost of running the govt and cut down wastage, so that not so much indirect texes needs?

November 26, 2013 at 6:46 pm (Quote)
A Finnish Lady told me in Finland that the salary gap between the Ministers and ordinary folks’ is very, very small. People serves in the govt because they love the country not money.

Anonymous said...

What do you think? Reduce the cost of running the govt to that of Nordic countries ministers’ salaries level, so that don’t so much indirect texes? Imagine similar type of companies, one companies to pay their staff 10 times of the staff of the other companies?

The salaries of the minsiters’ should be around 10 percents higher then the Nordic countries ministers’ salaries?

If the Nordic ministers could well live with these types of salaries means they are running their live well and and living well within their budget of around $200k per year?

Anonymous said...

Last of the Mohicans!:
December 3, 2013 at 5:35 am (Quote)

The usual grievance is we can’t get labourers, cleaners etc. Raise the salary and I bet you there are Singaporeans who will take the job! Just take a look at how bus drivers, cleaners, etc are paid in Australia and N. Zealand and you will find that there are no shortages!. A bus driver earns A$3,500 per month, waiters are paid A$18 -A$22 per hour. Those on monthly wages are paid fortnightly so as to relieve them of any needs in between.
Surprise to note that Macdonald pays about S$5 per hour!
Rating: +36 (from 38 votes)

Anonymous said...

December 3, 2013 at 6:19 am (Quote)

Let me work out the simple Maths for those who struggle to understand why we have such a huge income gap and an unquenchable thirst for foreigner workers in Singapore.

If a company with 1 CEO, 1 office worker and one cleaner (for the sake of simple illustration) will spend $100,000 a month on rent and salaries and rent takes up $50,000 a month, it leaves $50,000 for salaries. If the CEO pays the office worker $3000 and the cleaner $2000, the CEO will earn a salary of $45,000 a month. If the CEO wants more, he/she can reduce the office worker’s salary to $1000 and the cleaner to $800. That gives the CEO $48,200. If the CEO employs foreigners who are willing to work for half that sum, his/her monthly salary will shoot up to $49,100!

It is due to a greedy regime that refuses to put policies in place to prevent the rich and powerful from shortchanging Singaporean workers. Many times, the regime is also the same group of rich and powerful.

1. There are no or weak policies to protect workers / employees in Singapore.

2. There is no minimum wage for workers so directors can make as much money on as low wage cost as they so wish (ever heard of Singaporean workers who don’t even earn enough to meet transport and food costs and would be better off not working? I have! If they don’t want to work, there are always foreigners waiting at the side to take over the job for less pay).

3. There is no rule to prevent MPs and Ministers from holding multiple (income earning) directorships, chairmanship etc leading to them working harder for companies than for citizens because the more privileges they give to these companies, the more their own income grow.

4. There is no need for MPs or Ministers to declare conflicts of interests and their interests in companies (as shareholders, non-executive director blah, blah, blah) when conducting public work and drawing up public policies. These end up with a “you scratch my back I scratch yours” scenarios that again end up benefiting the rich and powerful and growing their wealth even more at the expense of citizens.

These are my simplistic views to my lay person understanding of economy and politics unless the regime can “educate” me otherwise.
Rating: +29 (fr

Anonymous said...

Will the newer citizens replaced the new citizens, then the new citizen sbecome property agents, insurance agents, cab drivers, cleaners, gardeners, securities later or emigrate to better pastures etc?

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Anonymous said...

Converting to Singapore Citizenships and later replaced by newer citizens:

Anonymous said...

They only think of luring many new citizens to come to vote for them and get their fat salaries again, what replaced Singaporean, and the negative consequences especially vulnerable older workers?

Anonymous said...

The Reality:
December 4, 2013 at 8:51 am (Quote)

VTO 2016:
this is a sick cuntry, now you are dying but you cannot touch your own money in medisave to save yourself.

you are out of job and stomach empty, you cannot touch your money in cpf to buy yourself a loaf of bread

they are so rich looking at their cpf statements and busy stealing toothpicks that they have forgotten 远水救不了近火

what a fcuking sick joke the pxp is playing on the people.

It pains my heart to listen to what you say. How true indeed. My exact experience too. And to add cherry to the cake, we are called back to serve reservist to protects the assets of the rich people here. Why are new citizens exempted to serve reservists till their 40s? Why? Why such unfairness? PAP’s values are questionable today and don’t trust them anymore… The more we trust them Liao, theore jia lat the situation we get ourselves into.

Anonymous said...

"To apply this, freedom must be interpreted in the context of facts and problems. The current cloak of online invisibility gives courage to insult with impunity.If one believes in the rightness and justification of a cause, there is no reason to hide from detection. The letters pages of newspapers are full of writers who believe in what they say, and say it in their own names."

Dogly, many are unlikely you, like to show off even though your dick size is no bigger yhan a child.

Therr are people who just like to rant or offer their brilliance quietly or the need to be famous.

Live and let live and the right to insult is part of life just as your ugly face we can't do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

It’s easy to see why the faithful flock to Prince: His God wants you to get promoted at work, wants your bank account to be full, wants your blood pressure low and your spirits high. His God is always on your side

Read more: Joseph Prince and the New Creation Church

Your New Sin Prime Minister( or should have been) - Joseph Prince. His message on grace will make all your, or the people, dreams come true, right? lol

Otherwise, why so many smart and educated people following him? Why is he more popular than your current PM if he is smoking pot? lol

He must be speaking harmless truth and TOTALLY ENFORSED by Lee Hsien Loong's Government right?

All rubbish are not the same. And curruption are not all unacceptable. In Shanmugan's legal book, Prince is more legitimate and harmless than "anonymous messiah". lol.

Anonymous said...

Better, wholesome and harmless than insults. It is very legal to preach the below. Now why can't Alex Au preach the same? lol

In one sermon, before launching into a soft-pop setting of Psalm 34, he says, “We’re going to sing this psalm over you, and cancers will be healed and tumors will be healed. Jesus is about to put in the key and set you free.”

Anonymous said...

PS: remember to give him and his church empire your sweat money ok? LOL.

Legal day light robbery under the government noses.LOL

Anonymous said...

bunch of idiots .... if Joseph prince speaketh the truth...than indeed it is good news for all nations....he should then be the natural choice for the PM seat...

PAP should then step down and let New Creation Church party take over... otherwise throw the charlatans into changi prison

Anonymous said...

Dubiouslee Au never said anything highly sensitive like Alex Au that's why his letters often get published by criminal times

Anonymous said...

Haiz..the legal dictators came out saying that the gods reputation must be guarded and protected. It is in the constitution you idiots.

So from now onwards don't ever say those who pay themselves millions are legally corrupt.

Their reputation is made of flawless diamonds you know. Very sensitive one. .hahaha

Your smelly saliva can cause their small pricks to disappear into their pubic hair you know..haha

Anonymous said...

Use your hearts & brains:
December 7, 2013 at 12:04 pm (Quote)

Why the Nordic countries ministers can live with salaries of around $200K, why can’t Singapore ministers live with this salaries, are they more efficient or give less excuses? Do we have the more efficient people run the country with less? Is this the only way to pay them such high salaries then they willing to serve? Are they serve because of money or with their hearts?

Singapore have a huge advantages over many countries because it is at one of the best locations in the world with one of the busiest ports. Please don’t give so much excuses to lock up people CPF? Israel don’t have the busiest port yet do better?

Why penalise those who manage their money well, which their friends already withdraw their CPF? CPF should not one size fit all type of schemes? Of course there are excuses or do good to keep people CPF they over spent, why our ministers can have ten times that of other countries ministers salaries, but why so low interest, what about the inflations?

To do good your ministers pay on par with the Nordic ministers or swiss ministers salaries, so that less indirecst taxes?

To bring Singapore to the level of the Nordic countries or the Swiss standard, Singapore need the right kinds of foreign workers and invest in technological, innovative and better design solutions as in many advanced countries?

We can’t keep using the outmoded old systems which we success from a low base, like keep importing cheaper third world countries people to votes?

What about those new citizens replaced by new citizens did you think about it, how they feels, when they came they thought Singapore promised them alot later what to they found out?

What do you think a countries need ten times that amount to run then the equilvalent countries, do the tax payaers need ten time the amount of taxes or indirect taxes to pay them?

SL and the Crowns

Anonymous said...

You are entrenched in a political disorder. There is no way out until you realized "Christmas". And we are not talking about organized religious disorder like being swayed by the idiotic Baboo Singh who named himself the Prince

Anonymous said...

“The PAP plays a very special role in Singapore – providing good leadership; creating new possibilities; being a responsive and responsible government, solving peoples’ needs; tackling our challenges; implementing policies which are sustainable and which will succeed in the long term. And giving people hope and confidence.” He said

Hmmm....kind of interesting to hear the elites mouth boastful words on the same weekend or day the police vehicles were toppled and torched by foreigners?

An ominous sign?

Anonymous said...

For Singapore keep selling houses to the foreigners so that the ministers can get extremely high pay ten times the Nordic ministers salaries, so naturally need lots of constructions workers, is not whether Singaporean want or don't the jobs if pay is enough working conditions is good many, will come in like the west mostly use their locals to do these type of jobs?

Singapore populations from 1 plus millions in the 1960s target to 6.9 in 2030, why a small country must have so many new foreigners to come in, are they no other ways to grow the economy except keep importing foreigners? Why many advanced countries did extremely well by not importing so many foreigners, there is a heavy price to pay in the future?

The best ways is the ministers which salaries is ten times that of the ministers of Nordic countries, automatically reduce salaries on their own to that of the Nordic ministers salaries, so not to burden the people so much indirect taxes, like COE, GST, Levies, CPF lock up Schemes, ERP and other schemes etc, which increase the running cost of business and inflations, and the business need to mitigate it by looking for cheaper and cheaper workers to work longer and longer hours for them in this type of conditions?

Anonymous said...

Surprise! Our highly talented ministers as claimed and our first world country status as claimed, overlooked developing the technical workers?

Most western countries used their locals, which are well paid and respected vocations. Over reliance on foreigners will lead to many problems associated with it as everybody know?

Could it be better we changed to the Nordic models multi-coalitions parties systems. Any aspects of the ruling parties which overlooked they can be made up by the oppositions parties?

One wonder why they are so intelligent, developed the GRC, COE, ERP, GST, levies and recently the CPF locked up systems, they can't develop the technical workers systems as in the western advanced countries, and kept claiming we are the first world developed economy?

Anonymous said...

I usually don't read/ignore stuff by bloggers who ban or deny free expression - these are insecure religious bastards mostly

Well done here.

That said, if 200 000 foreign workers were to be at the scene of the riot ( reported about 400 only?), I am very certain many more would have Cheered - including the Chinese

Anonymous said...

same here...the point about political discourse has to be two ways...not one side shitting...and you eating their shit...if you are not allowed to shit brown shit at them...forget about being kampong kampong...there is nothing to talk about..what better tommorrow are you hoping for??...what alternative dominative crap are we suppose to listen to?

How many have stopped reading the state times?

Precisely the point....

Anonymous said...

Aftermath of the riot. What lesson can we gather from a legal perspective?

The laws, as usual, will be invoked to suppress and repress humanity or the symptoms of a very sick political body!

And hence, the meaning of LAWLESSNESS or perversion of the law!

Anonymous said...

If you success in 2016, you could change the figure from 6.9 to 8 millions population, anything also can do provided you can contain to get you extremely high pay checks, as usual just pay a person to come out some excuses again?

Anonymous said...

When the law is under siege, illegitimate laws will be created and hence. law

Anonymous said...

Insist of growing the economy through growing the population, did other countries, used these methods?

Singapore advantage is it has one of the busiest port in the world, other countries which became advanced, grow their economic through the technological breakthrough, but funny why Singapore leaders insist of growing the population, maybe the real reasons, want them to vote for them again and get their fat pay again?

Anonymous said...

Through losing the Punggol East by election faster take the white paper, claim various excuse Singapore need 6.9 millions populations?

Anonymous said...

Insisting in growing the economy through growing the population, did other countries, used these methods?

Singapore advantage is it has one of the busiest port in the world, many other countries which became advanced, grow their economic through the technological breakthrough ways, but funny why Singapore leaders insist on growing the population, maybe the real reasons, they want new immigrants to vote for them and get their fat pay again?

Through losing the Punggol East by election, they faster take out white paper, claim various excuses Singapore need 6.9 millions populations?

Their popularity kept dropping is likely one of the major factor is locking people CPF, likely only 10 percents of the population overuse the CPF when they take out? These CPF is people hard earned money, it is people blood, sweat and tear money, should find ways to give back people as promised at 55? Just because around 10 percents or some of them overspend their CPF, they should not locked the rest of others CPF for life?

They should devise ways let people take out their CPF at 55 as many had taken out people, like which they devised ways control certain people going into the casinos?

It could restore their credibility, if not many will worried what actions will they take if they dismanage the economy and other funds, will more indirect taxes?

Anonymous said...

I think they should now starting thinking who should they release the CPF back to them 55, Punggol East showed that people not so happy with the CPF lock up scheme for life, rather then spending their time thinking of giving how much to each individuals in the 2016 profit sharing scheme?

Anonymous said...

They can develop all sorts of schemes like the GRC, profit sharing schemes, the importing and giving of foreigners citizenships to vote for them and so that the can enjoy ten times the salaries of the Nordic countries, yet they locked up people CPF for life, which they earlier promised to return to others by 55, people too hope for better life like them, not all are so stupid as them think, some can manage well their money?

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself. ... you can throw a handful of rioters into prison but the actual number of "routers" were in the hundreds on that day. Lift your stifling laws and you will know the truth about what they think about the rich and elite rulers.

Your streets will be crimson red

Anonymous said...

Given the right condition, a bird free in the wild can survive better, happier and stronger than one caged or domesticated

Anonymous said...

Locking up people cpf for life could be opposition lucky break, who want their life time savings to be locked up forever?

Anonymous said...

How you compare possibly the lowest pay workers in the world and the highest pay ministers?

The world cheapest workers:
December 13, 2013 at 8:54 am (Quote)

Singapore have one millions foreigners workers usually in the constructions and manufacturing, probably Singapore pays it workers the world lowest pays, take into consideration of if the foreign workers earn 18 dollars per day divided into 12 hours equal to $1.5 per hour?

Employers has not much choice due to low margin government projects, increasing levies and indirect taxes and costs, they got to stretch the foreigners and employ less of them? Taking into consideration Singapore has one of the highest imported inflations?

Anonymous said...

Can see can't not touch

What the use in increasing the interest, even 8 percent is useless if you can't take back your money?

doodi dum
• an hour ago

"Singaporeans will continue to enjoy an interest rate of 4 per cent..."
What is there to "enjoy" when the money cannot be withdrawn for oue own use?!

The fact is that our CPF monies have been invested to earn much higher returns than 4%. Whatever excess returns that is made above the 4% (or 2.5% foir OA), the controlling authorities have been taking them out to use for their own purpose at anytime they desire. Whereas the 4% & 2.5% that is being returned to the contributors' accounts cannot be withdrawn by the contributor.

If a bank offers you the same kind of interest on the condition that your deposits cannot be withdrawn until death or only be withdrawn in small installments starting from retirement age, would you still want to deposit your money with them?



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Anonymous said...

what xenophobia? anyhow humtum and lie issit leeders? lol


Economist Paul Krugman writes that the We are the 99% slogan "correctly defines the issue as being the middle class versus the elite and also gets past the common but wrong notion that rising inequality is mainly about the well educated doing better than the less educated." However he questions whether the slogan ought to refer to the 99.9 percent, as a large fraction of the top 1 percent’s gains have actually gone to an even smaller group, the top 0.1 percent — the richest one-thousandth of the population. Krugman argues against the idea that the very rich make a special contribution to the economy as "job creators".


actually...more like job need to have or KEEP 99% stupid people around so 1% can laugh to the bank and whip your stupid asses with their laws and policies if you protest ...with you nodding gleefully and GRATEFULLY for crumbs...
like some FWs....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It is fortunate we have internet to balance the view, if monopoly will lead to high price and little innovations

Anonymous said...

It is important to let people have more options in their CPF, as some need the money to get better returns then been locked up by CPF for whole life and have letter chance of getting back their money?

Not everyone were to spend all their money? CPF is one of the most important asset a person has, which they have promised to give it back to them at 55 when it was conceived? If they can't take out their CPF what is the use of CPF?

Their popularity slipping alot and kept dropping as, you can been seen by the Punggol East by election. From around positive 55 percents to a negative of around 43 percents, many would not believe that, people thought oppositions could lost a narrow margin, with more oppositions party joining the competitions? It likely due to unhappiness of their life time savings been locked up for life which was the main contributing factor? Their popularity could drop further?

Anonymous said...

CPF should call for more feedback from the population, so that not to penalise the majority, just because a few overspend their money?

More options should be discuss with those who had taken out the CPF how they can achieve their lifetime of aim, after taken out their savings at 55?

CPF should not be locked up permanently, it is promised to give back to other at 55 many have improve their life, as they have reserve for emergency and able to take advantage of investment opportunity to get better?

By locking up the CPF permanently means their blood, sweat & money is gone forever?

If those who deserve to take back their money at 55 as before should be able to get it back and not changing the policy drastically?

Anonymous said...

Singapore reached it present success due to the past leaders, but complacency and monopolistic type of thinking, which they doesn't like critical alternate views and thinking, causes Singapore to slip back into the third world country with one millions cheap foreigners to provide not so fair competition to local workers, without competition that is little improvement and innovation and lead to more inflation in their policies, as mass importing of people can create higher inflation?

If there is more competitions in the political arena like the Nordic countries, Singapore could really become more advanced and less depend on the cheap labour? The standard of living could not be so wide? Singapore past policy of depend on cheap labour was outmoded which don't practice by many advanced nations?

The locked up of CPF for life, is very serious, which showed in the Punggol East By Elections which is the most recently election,which show people is feeding back that they are not very satisfy with their policies and the popularity could slip further and further?

Many people are waiting to take out the CPF at 55 for any emergency purpose this drastic change is a heavy blow for them, they might not have much saving due to high inflation and low pay, because more and more foreigners are coming in and competitions for jobs can lead many underemployed and unemployed for long period of time? Singapore doesn't have the unemployment benefit like the Nordic when they are unemployed they depend on their own savings, which can be depleted soon?

If nothing is done their votes could slip further down?

Anonymous said...

With their previous huge success which the early generation strive hard to build and Singapore in one of the most busy locations of the world and lack of oppositions, which they make it difficult for alternative views to be heard, they create policies to handsomely reward themselves extremely well, ten times the Nordic countries ministers pay, extremely handsome pensions schemes?

Which lead to creating a figure head president with 12 years of tenure make incredible $40 millions and other benefits to reward themselves? As the keep increase their pays and rewarding themselves with more incentives?

All these schemes need lot of money to maintains, if it can't come from the sky, it got to come from the people, through more indirect taxes schemes with clever excuses, e.g the levies which lead to the possible the lowest paid workers in the world and the highest paid political leaders of the world, consider Singapore imported inflation? The CPF locked up schemes for life? COE, ERP, GST and other schemes etc?

Monopoly usually lead to higher prices and inflation, little innovations as no competitions? Is Punggol East BY Election their wake up call, as their popularity slip further and further?

tazim ali syed said...

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Anonymous said...

An outspoken PAP member who speak up?

Anonymous said...

PAP under Goh Keng Swee had done extremely well, which he able to rally Singapore, these were the golden years of Singapore but as China open, Singapore began to lose out to China, lots of factories left Singapore when to China after 2000 subsequently because they were overwhelm by greed, they deteriorated?

Under Goh Keng Swee and some foreign advisor Singapore standard of living had risen dramatically?

As they become more successful, they devise various clever scheme to reduce opposition and to mask their motive so they can get higher and higher pay, the less opposition the higher salaries they can get? And keep luring new citizens to indirectly tax them to maintain their unusual high salaries?

Anonymous said...

Nationalistic zeal can be deadly. Are you running an animal farm here?

Anonymous said...

Let said the need 87 people for the election 2016, so to get these 87, as many old MP or minister whould like to take their money and run, to retire like 2011, in case like the Punggol East, which they might lost, if the helm the wrong candidates like the Tin Tin Tin types as they earn enough?

Now is not like last time always walk over, which many depend on the seniors ministers pass them some votes to come in, which many in the 50s hardly had the chances to votes? And many better candidates might be reluctant to come as the chance being vote out like George Yeo and the arse doctor is high?

To get 87 people you need to to interview a few hundreds of potentials people to get the agreeable types, and rank them from the best to the worst from no. one to 87, so it is not easy task?

The oppositions had a much easier task now the already wise up, last minute then announce the candidates, so not to let the machinery to scutinise or run them down? And bring in more and more highly qualify and professional like Chen Show Mao and now a professor join the oppositions as more may come later? The concentrating their strength?

Let said four major oppositions parties each whould like to field their best candidates in the GRC, the most they can bring their best candidate to 2 or 3 GRCs?

Out of 87 the might be 5 like Tin Tin Tin types who might not likely to make it in a SMC - single seat so got to go in by the GRC ways and potentially bring down a lots of the average percentage of the votes of the GRC, but nowadays competitions is heating up by the days, with many new professionals and well qualify joining the oppositions, not like yesteryears?

Punggol East by elections are more middle class base, so they are well inform of the latest trend and not just read the MSM like the older generations, the got their news in the internet, so thing like CPF locked up for life, schemes could have swing the votes alots. These are more likely to have lots of new citizens who prefer a cheaper housing and less crowded area like the third world countries?

The GRC systems, profit sharing schemes and the importing of talents may not be as effective as before?

If the top party put some of the Tin Tin Tins the bottom of the 87 potential candidates, it might be serious disadvantage, due to the opposition put their best candidate and concentration in winning some GRC first as the had wise up not to spread their resources too thin as last time? And as many as 5 GRC won by a margin of few percents only?

It could be changingto a multi-parties system in 2016 like the Nordic, which do very well as each parties carefully selected their best candidate to represent them and bring out sharing their best ideas?

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, die in Sin

Anonymous said...

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”
― George Orwell, Animal Farm

Anonymous said...

What the moral of story?

Wait for 2016 and watch the gathering of idiots AGAIN? LoL

Good for nothing useless buggers LoL

Anonymous said...

Warning...vocal computers have been attacked...and we all know who are the culprits...don't we?

Anonymous said...

The year 2016 could be a year of rude awakening for the main party?

After 2011 election, there are 3 other elections: Houngang by election, even with Yaw Shing Leong case they still lost, Tony Tan won by a slim margin of around one percent, which it won again veteran Tan Cheng bok 34 percent and 2 new comers, and the massive shock defeat of Punggol East by election?

Tony with massive medias support, associations and the main party support against can only win one percent against, one of their former top talent Tan Cheng Bock who resign from the party and stand on his own, which he was critical of the main party.

So with around 75 percents votes going to the oppositions side - like Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Jee Say and Tan Kin Lian?

As their popularity sliding further and futher, with the shock defeat of the arse doctor in the latest by election, from a winning 55 percent to a losing 43 percent, by a hardworking girl next door with a heart, who walk and talk to everyone of the flats in punggol east, which prove hardworking and a heart can sway the population?

This recent elections prove that the voting public is discerning they know who to support and supporting a better candidate?

2016 could bring in more ladies from the oppositions, with the likes of Lina Charm, Nicole Seah, Jeanette & Glenda Han etc, could be winning as Singapore would like more female motherly types with female touch to look after their needs, hardworking type with the success of the likes Lee Li Lian and non nonsense type like Sylvia Lim? 2016 could be epoch changing?

As many old voters who are, less internet savvy died from 2011 to 2016, who get the news less from internet, and more and more younger generations of voters able to vote, who are internet savvy, which are not like the older generations depend on the Mainstream Medias? This could be seen in the recent trend of the voting patterns?

East Coast, Marine Parade, Toa Payoh- Bishan, Tanjong Pagar and Tampines could be in a change with only a few percentage margin win and a walkover and a heavily dependent on the old man votes for supporting some new birds, with is massive votes of around 80 percents years ago in SMC?

Marine Parade votes was heavily pull down, the average votes, by the feet stomping Tin Tin, which the old Goh in his SMC days use to get 70 over percents of the votes?

Strangely GRC was used in Singapore, that many countries with lot of different races didn't use, only uniquely Singapore use these system, profit sharing scheme, importing of foreigners in Punggol East not effective, what is the next strategy?

Could it be due to the lock up of the CPF for life and foreigners policies changes, and to reverse the trend and counter the continue sliding votes, to release back the CPF at 55, as the previous policy?

As better and better oppositions candidates like Chen Show Mao and many highly qualified oppositions member coming more and more to join them?

Anonymous said...

Three females politicians make prominence headlines for their various endeavours and come had a long way in Singapore political landscape?

Grace Fu garners thousands of comments on her infamous speech of hoping her pay not to cut too much, in the ministers salaries review committee? Mostly were negatives as most of the populations hope she serve with her hearts not thinking how much she would make compare to the Nordic ministers salaries, later she was promote possibly to compensate to her favours?

Lee Bee Wah for her infamous or famous supporters of the foreign badminaton champions, which Singapore brought over, which many views like buying of sports medals and later the foreigner turned Singaporean player, left Singapore back to China, after earning millions of Singaporean taxes payers money and awards?

Neo Lily would like to help those with CPF woes but couldn't do anything because of the company whips? She has a heart for the underprivileged, but little can she do anything, against a money driven party?

In future Singapore could like see more of Lina Charm, Nicole Seah, Glenda Han & Jeannette chong, Singaporean with their every discerning interest more and more internet savvy voters, could brought them in the parliament like the Nordic which has multi parties systems which brought out the best of the oppositions?

Each oppositions would present their best ideas from different parties and different angles?

Female politicians usually success through their sheer hard work, and their feminine touch, there are many woes of the commoners need to be addressed, so they may take a chance to bring in them, hoping that bringing in these new faces would bring in better perspective and better ideas to solve various problems? With the success of Sylvia Lim and Lee Li Lian?

Anonymous said...

Sorry around 65 percents support the oppositions views not 75 percents?

Anonymous said...

Did you read today's Stale times? Defending the poor? My foot. By the time we listen to all the snakes terms and conditions, people will become too stupid to think or do anything let alone seek justice and equity.

For the majority of middle incomers, with all the financial and bureaucratic roadblocks, seeking justice will just b we a foolish option not worth the trouble.

You can't hold those in power or with wealth accountable. Isn't that why they are in perpetual power and remain slaves to meritocratic hogwash?

Anonymous said...

After 2011 all the goodies, incentives and profit sharing schemes need to take back what they give it free, the New Citzens of Punggol East need to pay back more, through various more indirect taxes schemes?

So the Punggol East residents realised it after more and more indirect schemes after 2011 election, they got to pay back much more then they take? Which lead to the massive reverse of the result from the huge majority of 55 percent over WP of 43pc to a staggering lost of around 41 percents of about losing to WP 3000 votes?

So more importing of population need to compensate those voters who gone to the opposition parties? And lead to hurry to bring out the white paper and go through the parliament faster? Later then think of the excuses to give?

Anonymous said...

Lee Li Lian disadvantage is that, she don't have the massive propaganda machinery support?

So in order to counter the massive propaganda machineries, she went door to door to talk to every Punggol East residents? She has a heart for the commoners?

WP last minute then announce the candidates, so the massive propaganda machines have lesser time to scrutinise her and run her down? Now more and more oppositions co operation and less revealing of their candidates and more and more highly qualify talent like Tan Jee Say, Dr Ang and Chen Show Mao and more joining the oppositions by the days?

Lee Li Lian is a small town girl who rise through her sheer hard works and in present system?

Against the like of the arse doctor who is highly qualified, she had clear disadvantages of the resources, the arse doctor where promised further promotion if he won, he have a few cars, it is like he can buy few cars when he won?

With massive incentives and support from the very top he got every reasons to work success but he lost?

So there is no much free tickets just to stand behind a veteran politician can go in like walkover, and get some free meals?

Many could lost like George Yeo in Aljunied GRC. Unlike the past if you have civil servants type of mentality just follow order you can success in the GRC system?

Many of the type of follow the top type of civil servant mentality might not like to come forward now, you can see the cabinet with 6 generals one had lose in the GRC George Yeo? As the potential of losting are very high in the Eastern side where more are local populations lesser new citizens as in the west?

If those civil servant type of mentality would be field it is likely they want to be field in the west, where their chance of winning is higher with more new citizens? But this could change as the New Citizens had wise up as in the Punggol East?

Anonymous said...

Li Lian selling point is buy one get one free if you vote the oppostion you can get 2 MP to work for you and the main MP give you more incentive and profit sharing schemes from tax payers?

Anonymous said...

"Thai politics is at a failed stage," party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva, a former prime minister, told reporters in announcing the decision not to run. "The Thai people have lost their faith in the democratic system."

No point saying "we want to serve the people" when the problem lies with the. .. house.

Such a system can keep certain people in power for too long. Clueless monkeys

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

They realized something is amidst but yet, return to the same democratic vomit like lost in the wilderness, going round and round dying in the political wilderness eventually

Sin people is as clueless

Anonymous said...

Their popularity sliding further and further after the GE 2011 is likely to due the the CPF lock up scheme, which previously release at 55, and over importation? After 2011 the need to increase many indirect taxes, where the given out in 2011?

Because after 2011, with little incentive and start to take back what give around the election 2011? Hougang even with the Yaw Shin Leong case and the new comer Png, the main party work very hard still lost by a wide margin? Our gain back a few hundred votes due to YSL case?

The Presidential Election they slide further, they only garnered 35 percent with massive MSM support, massive association endorsement, govt endorsement of Tony Tan, only can barely win over Tan Cheng Bock with only one percent win, all together only 35 percent support the govt endorsed Tony Tan, with all together 65 percent votes go to the opposing view of the govt, with Tan Cheng Bock became more critical of the govt? Tan Jee Seng and Tan Kin Lian support the opposing views?

By the time at Punggol East by election, they slide even further, they lost much more from a win in 2011, to a staggering lost from around 55 percent to a lost of 43 with another opposition party joining the fray?

It is time to rethink the CPF policy. So it is critical to return to people CPF as promised and many had taken out their CPF at 55 to return the trust?

It is possible before the election they might revert back the old scheme of returning people CPF, in case they might lost heavily in 2016?

Anonymous said...

2011 elections, not many people realised that their CPF could be gone forever, then after 2011, with three successive by elections and presidential election, their support kept dropping by the days, as more people realised the seriousness of their CPF and importation of foreigners affecting their life and their life savings(CPF)?

More and more people realised that their CPF were be locked up for life and gone forever? The retirement age could go higher and higher from 65 to 68 to 70 to 72 and the minimium lock up sum is going higher and higher from $138K to $148K to $168K and $188K?

The main party could be voted out in 2016 with the increasing importation of foreigners affecting the older citizens and newer citizens and job losing and depressing pays?

More and more new citizen is not supporting the main party as in the Punggol East by election? The oppositions is intensify talking to the new citizen and explained to them, so many are won over?

The oppositions parties is getting more organised and united, and more and more better quality, highly qualify coming forward to serve the oppositions with the heart to serve the people which give the main party the run for their money?

They are intensifying going around talking to more people and door to door discussion with the residents, earlier and earlier, which all the oppositions parties discuss the health and CPF together in a meeting, and more to come and explaining to the residents the CPF and integrity issues and the importation of foreigners affecting the life and their children life? Which many could be not so understanding of the issues earlier? 2016 the main party could be voted out?

Anonymous said...

Taiwan political economist analaysis of Singapore 6.9 million population model:

The Pariah said...

Merry Christmas and Happy 2014 to blogger Lucky Tan.

May we look forward to more blog postings from you in 2014!

Anonymous said...

The staggering win of a small town girl, with a heart, with normal qualifications beating a higher qualified arse doctor with many cars, reminded us another case. A person who is not a high flier and won big against a stop scholar? Through her sheer hard work, knocking door to door to understand her residents needs?

Lina Charm's husband Charm See Tong won big against Maraloro Tan one of the top scholar? Charm See Tong had not much high sounding certs, but he is street smarts, he beat the pants of of the top scholar Maraboro Tan, who believe you can own something, is affordable by borrowing?

After successive lost, they decided to call it a day and device a GRC system, so that Maraboro Tan could came in by the back door, if he can't came in by the front door? As usual always with some sort of creative words and excuses?

So how Maraboro Tan with his quips and his definition of affordable became a MP?

Anonymous said...

Many of the Tanjong Pagar GRC residents, who are in the 50s hardly ever voted in their whole life, because of the GRC systems, in the first world democracy, with walkover after walkover?

The old man who usually won around 80 percent of the votes in previous SMC, can easily pull in 4 mediocre MP or maybe yes men with some good sounding qualifications? He can literally pass 30 over percents of his votes to at least 2 or 3 weak candidates to pull them in as long as they have an agreeable mentality?

So the oppositions usually avoid it, but age is catching he might not have many years, so some might want to retire without his votes?

So next time the paper general can write a book literally (How to win a war without a single battle)?

The tooth pick minister, some call him Zoro, his selling point is cheaper, faster and better?

Next time maybe he not running because his East Coast GRC, which near losing averaging only 54 pc , with the second lowest average GRC votes, maybe consider retire or maybe the PM ask him to retire earlier, worry he could pull the whole GRC down the next time? Or he may want to retire to take his money and start his toothpicks business, in case he might lose the next time?

So now he practice selling toothpicks at Tin Tai Fung, how help him in his pay, maybe later work for Tin Tai Fung, selling tooth picks or learn from them how to sell tooth picks and start his toothpicks factory?

Anonymous said...

As business cost rise higher and higher, business need to rely on foreigners more and more, from cheaper sources of the third world countries, which add pressure to the employers and foreign workers, these could resulting in foreign workers release their frustration somewhere?

With the world highest salaried ministers, possibly need the world highest indirect taxes to support them or find indirect taxes to support them, their pay is ten times that of the Nordic countries?

So business got to mitigate and find cheaper foreign workers and make them do more, as all the cost of indirect taxes they can't do much about it, what business can do is pressure the foreign workers to do more with less, as the levies or other indirect taxes increased and the inflation of more people coming in?

Tourist come is ok, they come to spend and went back?

If ministers salaries are reduce to that of the Nordic minister pay, we don't need so much indirect taxes and foreigners to support the economy, you can see all the side effect of relying on more and more foreigners? Because of the highest pay in the world, it need to import more new citizens to support their pay?

Oppositions need to spread the messages early and more, to talk to more new citizens, through door to door like Lee LI Lian in Punggol East Election?

More need to spread the messages across, everyone should help out to spread the message, don't wait until too late? They need to volunteering reduce their salaries to that of the Nordic, so Singapore don't need to to import so many foreigners, if one day foreigners are the majority.

What do you think, riots can be as frequently as the little India riot? We should wait until the days, those foreigners from the third world culture, if anything happen they can just go back to their countries, old Singaporean will be the receiving end? Now because of relying too heavily on foreigners to run the economy, more and more of the social ills creeping up, and the environment getting worse?

More and more oppositions need to co operate, united and reduce their differences, to make the main party a minority party so they can't change laws to suit themselves, Singapore future is at stake, It took many years to build up Singapore, it can be destroy by so serious rioting, SARS or so serious infectious diseases, which causes by overcrowding and overpopulation?

Singapore no resources but only it is in one of the most busiest place in the world, if any countries cut of their supply to Singapore because of various reasons, what will happen to Singapore, last with less citizens Singapore can cope with it, with more citizens can Singapore cope with it again, Singapore can't take too many chances?

Anonymous said...

All the levis, ERP, GST and COV etc are business cost, possibly one of the highest in the world to support the highest ministers salaries of the world, which is ten times that of the Nordic ministers salaries?

Business can't do much to these fixed costs, like Levis, ERP, GST and COV and other rising cost and inflation? To mitigate those rising fixed costs, they got to look for cheaper and cheaper foreign workers, which could increase the pressure on these foreign workers, as they will pay them lesser and want them to do more?

So with the frustration building up by the days, those foreign workers could will release their frustrations somewhere someday, if there is a single spark or catalyst, like the recent riot?

The leaders need to examine the real causes of the riot? More oppositions need in the parliament to reduce the main party to minority, so that they can't change law to suit them? Nordic countries do very well with their models of govt and little social ills, unlike Singapore, which many don't want to married or born babies due to worrying foreigner might take away their jobs. Jobs stability is one of the most important factor in getting married and born children?

More people need to spread the message to the new citizens, as they don't know much about Singapore histories, which all the glitter might not be the gold and got the shock of their life later as the increasing cost and indirect taxes, as more importing of foreigners need to run the systems and vote for them and to pay the indirect taxes to support them? As 500,000 permanent resident don't want to convert to Singaporean citizenship, they wishes only to make enough and went back to their countries to lower cost?

A few persons who spend all their CPF after the withdraw, is so pitiful that they got to be use as bogeyman for the rest who had withdraw their CPF and do well in life?

These few persons who had spent all the CPF, you think they can rely on the govt to support them like the Nordic, of course not they got to go back to work as usual as gardeners, cab drivers, security or cleaners?

But the sad things is that they were made used as excuses to lock away others CPF for life for the propaganda machines, if people able to withdraw their CPF at 55 as last time for emergency and they can get better dividends, recent survey saw Singapore blue chips give the highest dividends in the world?

Now they can't withdraw their CPF to improve their own life, and got to maybe use as funding to handouts to attract votes?

The highest ministers salaries need to be reduce or they themselves volunteer reduce themselve, so that to solve the business rising cost due to the indirect taxes of Levies, GST, ERP, COE and other etc. All indirect cost need to reduce to help business to be less reliance on foreigners and couple with more automations, innovations & and more incentives for local SME to expand to overseas?

Anonymous said...

All the levis, ERP, GST and COV etc are business cost, possibly one of the highest in the world to support the highest ministers salaries of the world, which is ten times that of the Nordic ministers salaries?

Business can't do much to these fixed costs, like Levis, ERP, GST and COV and other rising cost and inflation? To mitigate those rising fixed costs, they got to look for cheaper and cheaper foreign workers, which could increase the pressure on these foreign workers, as they will pay them lesser and want them to do more?

So with the frustration building up by the days, those foreign workers could will release their frustrations somewhere someday, if there is a single spark or catalyst, like the recent riot?

The leaders need to examine the real causes of the riot? More oppositions need in the parliament to reduce the main party to minority, so that they can't change law to suit them? Nordic countries do very well with their models of govt and little social ills, unlike Singapore, which many don't want to married or born babies due to worrying foreigner might take away their jobs. Jobs stability is one of the most important factor in getting married and born children?

More people need to spread the message to the new citizens, as they don't know much about Singapore histories, which all the glitter might not be the gold and got the shock of their life later as the increasing cost and indirect taxes, as more importing of foreigners need to run the systems and vote for them and to pay the indirect taxes to support them? As 500,000 permanent resident don't want to convert to Singaporean citizenship, they wishes only to make enough and went back to their countries to lower cost?

A few persons who spend all their CPF after the withdraw, is so pitiful that they got to be use as bogeyman for the rest who had withdraw their CPF and do well in life?

These few persons who had spent all the CPF, you think they can rely on the govt to support them like the Nordic, of course not they got to go back to work as usual as gardeners, cab drivers, security or cleaners?

But the sad things is that they were made used as excuses to lock away others CPF for life for the propaganda machines, if people able to withdraw their CPF at 55 as last time for emergency and they can get better dividends, recent survey saw Singapore blue chips give the highest dividends in the world?

Now they can't withdraw their CPF to improve their own life, and got to maybe use as funding to handouts to attract votes?

Anonymous said...

If you think $1K per month can buy HDB flats or raise a family and workers should be cheaper, faster & better, lead by example volunteer to reduce your salaries to that level of the Nordic countries ministers' salaries of around $20K per month and reduce all the indirect taxes and give back people the CPF at 55 as original promised?

It better to give people a good future, people need to have good secure jobs, then kept giving handouts hope that they vote for your?

Don't just use your mouth to talk, use your brain to think too, Singaporean are not stupid? In the recent Punggol East by election, Singaporean and New citizen had awakened?

The presidential election too show that their popularity had kept dropping only 35 percent support the govt endorsed Tony Tan, the rest support opposing views of 65 pc?

Nordic ministers' salaries around $20K per month is 20 times that of $1K, why should you take $200K per month and increase the business cost of Singapore and drive them to look for cheaper and cheaper foreign workers, which took away Singaporean jobs and depress their pay?

As a result lesser and lessor people want to marry and born babies, so you got the excuses to increase the foreigners because of no babies?

All these indirect costs, like GST, GRP, COE, Levies etc, make business more and more difficult to employ Singaporean and have to employ cheaper and cheaper foreigners, which come at a huge social cause to Singaporean, which they brought along all the socials ills?

Anonymous said...

Hope to give more handouts, profit sharing schemes and other incentives to entice voters?

All these don't work already see after the GE2011, their support kept getting worse and worse, as more people getting wiser and wiser?

All these handouts, profit sharing schemes come at a price, their CPF locked up for life? High indirect taxes like COE, GST, ERP and levies etc?

People realised that the life time locked up of CPF maybe be use to give more handouts and profit sharing schemes to lure the voters, but later they got to payback a heavy price with more indirect taxes to support their world highest pay?

Since in the recent by election and presidential election people could kept the handouts and profit sharing schemes and voted the oppositions?

Yet they might hope to give more handout hope to get a higher percentage from the sitting on the fence to vote for them or they might increase the GRC to 8 percent, so that those with the highest votes can pass to those so type to pull them in so that the oppositions can't come in? And the can change the law as they like?

Hurridly past the white paper so that more new citizens can vote for them?

Houngang with the mistake of Yaw Shing Leong and new comer Png, they hardly able to capitalise on YSL and only can pull back a few hundred votes, whereas Michael Palmer case they lost heavily, a staggering 3000 over votes in Punggol East, even with one more opposition party contesting, and got to hurriedly took out the white paper hope that more new citizens come and can vote for them and continue their multi million dollar pay?

The presidential elections also show the voters had wise up, they only give 35 pc to Tony Tan despite the massive campaign of Media support, Associations support and Govt support, the rest go to 3 other candidates with critical views of the govt which got 65 pc?

Voters are getting wiser by the days and getting younger and younger? And many don't have much time using the MSM as the prefer the internet?

Anonymous said...

It is a ‘Hard Truth’ that money is necessary for democratic politics. Political parties need funds for their activities. Lack of funds inhibits the activity and growth of the political party.

Jeannette C. Aruldoss* The author is the Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party (NSP). 

All serve money. Only fools think they can save the nation.

Anonymous said...



PUBLISHED: 27 DECEMBER, 4:03 AMI purchased an air-conditioner in March and it broke down in June. The merchant refused to replace it or give me a refund and the dispute continued until September.The case ended up in the Subordinate Courts and, based on the lemon law, the merchant was ordered to give a full refund by Dec 6.As of today, I have not received a refund.To enforce the court order, I need to apply for a Writ of Seizure, which means more time, effort and money.The way I see it, consumers here still bear the burden of getting refunds or services from unscrupulous merchants.Despite the lemon law, we are still left with much uncertainty. The law is not enough to protect consumers.


Told you so. Where got justice in Sin. Money talks. If the rich and powerful wants to play bad ass with you, you think you, an average nobody, has the money, time and health to spare? Most will give up, if the big boys want to bully you.

You are at the G mercy!

I know from experience. ..

Anonymous said...

Sin city tricks on "clean and non corruptibility" especially the rich and powerful is to force everyone into legal settlement at their COSTS and IN THEIR OWN SWEET TIME

Who wants to sue them? Most will be turned off and hence...."corrupt free" in ......appearance

Anonymous said...

It their old patterns using old people to stop people, if not how to make lot of money?

Anonymous said...

Will Sin gov rules long long? Hope so. So we can live by Sin's 10 commandments and they can be gods over us.

Prosper And Prosper

Long live P

Anonymous said...

The reasons why we don't say we tax high is because people might not like it and vote as out, so we tax indirectly? Nordic countries tax directly higher, but they give more social welfare like education, retrenchment benefits old age benefits? They got less inequality before less foreigners to take away their jobs and depress their pay?

The reasons is that we can give them profit sharing schemes and other incentive to make them beholden on us and votes for us again and again to maintain our highest pay in the world? You all these people have a little greed with them just give them some incentives and profit sharing scheme the old people or the guillible will come to volunteer with us?

So many could be fool why we don't tax directly, in flat our indirect taxes is the highest in the world ,so we need to lure the foreigners to come to support the levies , the local not much left with their pay depress by the foreigners and other indirect taxes like coe, erp, gst and levies etc.?

If we use the Nordic system we might be voted out because they use a high taxes systems which benefit the people more but benefits ourself less?

That why we always use the medias to highlight how much we help the poeple, what benefit they get and how much they benefit from the system but not to tell them the negative sides of the story, they may not like it?
The media help us to present the possible side of us rarely the neagive side we can won a lot of votes, but this Li Lian very clever went door to door to talk to the foreigners and convince them in Punggol East election?

Anonymous said...

Yah...gods from hell burning hell money

Anonymous said...

Overall Singapore taxes is likely to be much higher then the Nordic countries? Consider the fact that with all those Levies, COE, GST, ERP and CPF locked up schemes for life and other schemes etc?

For the low wages workers because of the levies on foreign workers, their pay are kept so low and depressed they hardly able to survive to day inflation and might possibly lost their jobs to the foreigners one of these days, and they hardly got savings, and their CPF locked up for life schemes?

So sometime they got some handout to support their depressed pay?

For the better income then the lower wage workers their contributions to indirect taxes and competitions with more and more foreign workers likely eat away all their savings if unlucky their job take away from them from the foreign workers and likely to be depressed?

Most of their income likely spent on COE, ERP, GST, Levies and other schemes etc?

If more and more foreigners come which target 6.9 millions people?

More and more new citizens came to take away the older new citizens will lose their jobs or depress pay, later part of their life they likely to live like the Hong Kong cage houses or sleep in the street?

The benefit most were the ministers which got the highest pay in the world, they only give back some benefit maybe during the 2016 to make people happy?

The Nordic system has the higher pay to the jobs the said people don't want in SIngapore and higher taxes, they have no indirect taxes? Their ministers pay is 10 time lower then the Singapore systems?

If more oppositions came in the ministers pay are likely to be lower comparable to the Nordic systems, so they don't need so much indirect taxes and foreigners importing to maintain it?

Nordic bottom pay workers were much more higher then Singapore? Their engineers pay not alot of difference from the cleaners pay?

The don't lure foreigners to contribute to the indirect taxes systems, which need more and more foreigners to join the systems? They have less inequality and much higher birthrates? Their old ages enjoy their golden years looking after their grand children and work life balance much better?

The have a very successful multi parties systems which each different parties contribute their best to the people?

But most of the direct taxes are the people savings they don't import people to depress pay or take away jobs? The taxes are people savings to give back to free education until graduate, jobless benefits, each countries has their own interpretation and old ages benefits, you don't see them work until they died?

The old people lure to do volunteer or to do the critic stopping jobs is likely benefit from the Goh Keng Swee, Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye and Ong Teng Cheong era?

Anonymous said...

Thou shall have no other god.
Live in Sin, die in Sin.

Anonymous said...

Third, the PAP is in internal transition. Hidden behind the party walls, its front rank is readying themselves for the path towards and beyond the next election. The younger leaders have been given tremendous exposure and responsibilities since 2011, not only on national policy issues but internal party policy as well. It will be they who shape the political image and message from here on.   Zzzzzzxxxxxzzzzzzzzz  

Whose image are you bearing?  

Anonymous said...

1.5 millions foreign workers, the levies is 1.5 million X $500 per month equal $750 millions per month, no wonder cheaper, faster & better our local workers depressed pay and out of jobs?

Anonymous said...

With many credit companies sprouting up all over Singapore. Many foreigners workers 1.5 millions foreign workers paid us $750 millions per month levies and the huge fund from the CPF locked up schemes for life?

We need to optimised these huge amount of indirect taxes and get better returns from it and which might pay us 9 or 10 months of bonuses, previous record is 8 months? Don't forget we has to pay ourselves the the highest salaries in the world too?

We can set up credit companies, to lend to those out of jobs and need money, since now after 55 they can't take out the CPF, and lot of cheaper foreign workers take away or depressed the new citizens and local jobs, don't forget we targeted 6.9 millions populations, so it is likely more new citizens will come to takeaway the older new citizens jobs and local old citizens jobs?

So now these old citizens now can't get back their CPF at 55 and the lost their jobs to newer and newer citizens or cheaper citizens and their pay depressed with more imported new citizens and higher inflation?

And they can't get job loss benefits like the Nordic, because we need be thrifty with social welfare, to pay ourselves the most expensive salaries in the world? The solutions is to set up a credit companies to lend money to this persons who is out of jobs, no money, no savings, no CPF to tide over their difficult periods?

We can assist these group of people who lost their jobs to cheaper foreigners, last time we use the words locals or newer citizens lost their jobs to cheaper foreigners we call it foreign worker (Creat Value )for Singapore workers because we can collect huge amount of levies from them and depress the local workers pay maybe later take away their jobs?

Now we need to use nice sound word call (Social Funding Grants), then claim credit for it, which mean the job loss workers can borrow a bit cheaper from us then the banks, credit companies and loan sharks which make them a run for their money?

We have lots of money many billions from the levies, COE, GST, ERP, CPF locked schemes for life, no problems we can loan to the job lost workers a bit cheaper then other companies and claim credits and ask the medias to broadcast how our schemes benefited them, maybe later we can get more bonuses 9 or 10 months?

In these was the workers feel we solve their problems and the might votes for us? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

We need the medias companies to help use to sell our schemes or program, and our creative use of works and to make us look good, if they don't co operate, how terminate them?

Anonymous said...

So the Lim Ah Heng and the Zoro King and now people used to call him the tooth pick master.

Last time the Heng Heng Heng, got a very good suggestion the innovative approach in locking up people CPF for life, he do such a got job give the right excuses and convincing people crying, later promoted to chairman, show some of them cheated all their money in Batam and crying to get some pity votes, later was promoted to Chairman?

So next time we need volunteer to cry and standby, we got to ask some mediacorp professional artistes to advice them the next time and make it more convincing, because this time it will be more challenging, with the unexpected lost of Punggol East the voters are getting wiser and wiser by the days?

And the oppositions able to counter our medias advantage by knocking door to door, to reach out to everyone and talking to the new citizens, now is fifty fifty chance not like last time the ministers with high votes and distribute some votes to the new candidates and bring them in by the back doors, if they can't came in my the front doors?

We got to be more professional in our crying, so we need to engage the media professionals to train us and standby a few ministers to cry during the 2016 if need arise?

So we had decided on our theme or manifestos in 2016 (How to make nothing but money from the foreigners) as now the GRC system don't work? and the profit sharing schemes or incentives schemes don't work in the Punggol East and the Presidential Elections?

So now we depend very much on the foreigners to vote us in and pull us through this difficult period?

Anonymous said...

The massive jam at the new expressway is a national embarrassment and disaster. For such a grand and expensive national project to fail is unacceptable and unforgivable. This failure reflects an incompetent team. Heads should roll from the minister to all over paid talents responsible for such national embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

If they are good or have done it right, first day opening should be without snag.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays voters are getting smarter and smarter by the days, younger and more discerning. They know that more new citizens came in everything became more and more expensive. Not one or two hundred thousands, 1.6 millions more new citizens will come in to complete with them everything, and increase the price of everything? Take away the jobs and depress their pay?

So they likely like the Punggol East By Elections votes for the oppositions? The Punggol East citizens or new citizens found that after the 2011 elections everything went up and keep going up and become more expensive?

More and more new citizens is likely to vote for the opposition in 2016?

All those incentive and profit sharing schemes given in 2011, can't be free they got to be take back and plus double it through various indirect taxes so to support the world most expensive ministers salaries, which ten time that of Nordic ministers salaries?

If they want to reduce inflation and make things less expensive they got to vote more oppositions in, to reduce the ministers salaries?

Once their salaries reduced to that of the Nordic ministers salaries level? Automatically they will reduce indirect taxes give back the CPF, like those who had withdraw their CPF at 55?

Now only way to get more people vote for them is the New Citizens, as they don't they know their intentions, and they need them to support various indirect schemes like COE, Levies, GST & ERP, CPF locked up for life schemes and other schemes etc.?

As their various scheme like the GRC, profit sharing schemes are not so effective now and might have to depend on the importing of new citizens to vote for them, so that they can continue to receive these world most expensive salaries? But you can see it became less effective as the new citizens wise up began to vote for more the oppositions?

As they began to vote the opposition to get two MP to work for them the opposition MP and the main party MP, buy one get one free concept?

These made them panic and hurried bring out the white paper and hurried approved the 6.9 millions people after the unexpected lost in the Punggol East By election, which they very confident of winning as they very fast call the by election?

If they they don't bring out the white paper people might not aware that they kept importing people to vote for them?

New citizens became more aware, that if newer citizens to come they will complete with them jobs or take away their jobs or depress their pay and make everything more expensive?

Anonymous said...

All these 30K of new ciizens came to Singapore per year, excluding the permanent resident and the foreign workers, need jobs, of course they got to take away jobs and depress their pay, from the older new citizens and the citizens of Singapore, there is no way they come and don't take away some of the jobs away?

The reasons they came is to need to votes for the main party and indirectly got to may for the indirect taxes, they got to pay for the COE, ERP, GST, Levies, CPF locked up schemes for life and many other indirect taxes, all these most expensive ministers of the world salaries, need lot of money to maintain, if they can't get directly they got to get it indirectly through many sources, of course from the citizens?

The best way is the ministers lower their salaries to the equivalent of the Nordic minister salaries, so they don't need to burden the population and the new citizens, and need so many new citizens to make up their salaries?

Anonymous said...

The tourists came is ok they really create value, they came to spend and they go back they don't complete for the local for everything?

How estonia grow their economy, without importing people?

Anonymous said...

Heng Ah, last time I suggest CPF to be locked up until 68 year old, previously, we give back at 55, now I was promoted to Chairman of Temasek HOldings?

I and the ceremony president go to the Nordic cameback just give some excuses, they promoted me, as the help them alot and the president also lucky the got at least $40 millions just 12 years, so happy, if he is in other countries he work many life time as a ceremony president also can't get these amount of money?

Next time I suggest locked up the CPF until 72, maybe can get even more incentives and bonuses?

Next time I act and cried more during 2016, I might get more bonuses and incentives? Thanks everyone Heng Heng Heng to you? Please contribute more CPF to me?

Maybe next time I need to engaged a professional artiste in mediacorp to guide how to cry to look more genuine, so I can get the maximium benefits?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who hope to come by the back doors, but got difficulties coming through the front doors, please come forward to register early?

We will access your abilities to suggestions and make money for us. If you got good ideas to make money for us, we will pull through the back door ( The GRC way), even if you can't come by the front doors?

Anonymous said...

The strategy of growing the economy by importing more people could seriously backfire?

See jobless man suicide:

Every year need to import 30K of new people to complete with the new citizens and locals for jobs, facilities and everything, will keep the price continue to rise, how are those low wages workers with stagnant wages going to cope? More and more people are sleeping in the street?

Especially the old were vulnerable as they many of them they job will be taken by the 30K of new immigrants?

With the CPF withheld and jobless, which can lead to depression and suicide, as they are old and can't complete with the immigrants, permanent residents, foreign workers who came and only make money and go?

Whereas the local if their out of jobs previously at 55 they can temporary have some of their CPF tide over their no income period, unlike the west, Singapore got to live on own savings if out of jobs, after finished savings means got to rely on loan sharks credit companies, in today high inflation, money finish fast?

More hardships cases came up because the higher and higher inflation, lead to the low wage workers unable to cope turn to credit companies and many had sprout up recently and doing a striving business?

Imagine these group of new citizens (excluding Permanent Resident who are wiser, they know that if they became citizens they had to pay lots of indirect taxes in the future, and the foreign workers) and local and to give ways to 30K of newer citizens every year and another 30k of newer citizens coming to depress their pay and continue add on the pressure, many years to come, how can their children cope with it, with depressed pay and more and more expensive living conditions?

How are those older citizens going to cope and completing with the younger and cheaper foreigners, you can imagine the results?

Anonymous said...

In less then a decade Singapore going to double it populations by importing new citizens? Of us they don't just entice in because they want to grow the economy, it is just an excuses, the main purpose is to get them to vote for them and pay all those incredible indirect taxes developed by themselves?

The know that many Singaporean now hardly able to pay the indirect taxes because the year of importing foreigners to take away their jobs and depressed their pay? Many in future like the hundreds of thousands sleeping in the street or cage house like the Hong Kong? With they not able to draw out their CPF at 55, like last time?

Sooner or later the new citizens will get disillusions, after becoming a Singapore citizens like the Punggol East by elections as the had shown? When they learn the true what type of indirect taxes they going to pay?

In the 70s new 3 roooms HDB only cost only around $6K, now they sold at record price of around $350K in matured estates, a staggering 50 times increase?

How much they earn, you figure out yourself, or you go to ask those HDB officers and their golden parachutes retirements benefits?

With these type of prices not many Singaporean can support it so many foreigners got be to lure in to support it, and they got to loan and pay interest a lifetime for it, as one person felt that borrowing to buy a house is affordable?

How about the incredible COE, ERP, GST, Levies and other indirect taxes they need to pay to come here, as usual, they will be given some sweeteners or baits to become citizens?

As a result many of the local or the new citizens will lost their jobs as at least 30k of new citizens need to entice in every years, to support their world highest salaries, maybe they should consider volunteering lower their salaries to that of the Nordic nations ministers salaries which only 10 percents of them, to ease the burden of the people?

How incredible a figure head president can earn a staggering $40 millions in his 12 years of tenure, even a minister in the Nordic countries happy to earn $3 millions in these tenure?

Citizenships were given freely, as in a articles prostitutes in Canada from PRC said they are Singaporean, in hope they can became Singaporean to pay them all the indirect taxes, and recently the CPF locked up schemes for life?

Anonymous said...

Why do we need politicians?

Only fools and snakes think we need them. No?


Anonymous said...

You need to be born again....bunch of idiots, idiots beget over and deluded educated idiots...that's why

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Lim called them crowns, there are reasons to believe? Wonder are we governed by the group of crowns?

One minister said HDB is affordable, by borrowing lots of money to buy, borrowing to buy is affordable? When market correct see is it affordable or not?

On minister, don't know is he suffering from delusion, at one time he hope to send Singapore to the World Cup Soccer, Singapore got difficulties even playing in the Kampong M'sia state or M'sia Cup, want to think of going to the world cup?

The feet stomping member of parliament, when reporter asked her she replied and stomped her food don't know what to said, is Singapore parliament degenerated to this state?

A minster claim that he got operation for $8 and shown people his (2 nuts)to others?

A member of parliament, claimed that the China players playing against each others and claim that one is Singaporean and keep boosting Singapore won the medals, and rewarded the China girl a few $millions, later the China girl saw the situation not so good, better earn enough and go back to her own country at her peak. Hope other countries don't laugh until their tooth drop?

A lady ministers worried during how much she should pay, said she world her pay tilled to much lower, wonder she know that the Nordic minister pay only a tenth of her pay, with the similar population? Garnered thousands of comments on her face book?

One member of parliaament claim he don't know it a discount given, as a civil servant need to be careful not like actress, if people give incentives, he like hawker food never ask why Nasi Padang cost only $2.50 and drinks only 50cents?

2 minister cried speaking in 2011 election about the lower wage workers hardly pay raise all these years, in fact after inflation it is lower purchase powers. Surprise they don't know they are the one engineered so many cheap workers to depress their pay, something wrong isn't? One even wearing a zoro uniform, try to pretend he is a zoro?

The zoro lim even went to the Tin Dai Fung to promote his tooth picks to thanks their head, who didn't reduce too his pay ?

Anonymous said...

With Singapore AIM to have 6.9 millions, to continue to vote for them?

Any tom dick and harry can come to apply, you are welcome?

Recent case of PRC prostitute claimed to be Singaporean?

Singapore citizenships, which used to be proud of, now prostitutes around the world are welcome to apply?

Trying to make up 6.9 million population in a hurry and sell them to the foreigners the HDB?

HDB new 3 rooms flat used sold at around $6K in the 70s, now selling at around a staggering 50 times at some matured estates for around $350K.

No wonder a figure president can make more then $40 millions in his 12 years tenure, with sometimes 8 month bonuses and allowances, a minister in the Nordic countries would be very happy to make $3 millions in his or her 12 years of tenure?

No wonder he and the Heng Heng Heng minister when to Nordic comeback, said the retirement should be increase to 68, later he likely to propose increase it to 73 year old so that he can get more bonuses and other incentives?

Recently he was promoted to Chairman of the Temasek Holdings? Which he propose CPF locked up lifetime?

Many third countries citizens likely to rush in to apply for the Singapore citizenship, because it is easier to go to a develop country, with a Singapore passport?

So next time, when you holiday in developed countries not surprise you meet some prostitutes carrying Singapore passport form the third world?

Singapore citizenships getting cheap and is getting cheaper by the days?

The rush from the 3rd countries to apply for Singapore citizenships is on?

Anonymous said...

Is the next book by the former president likely to be (How to make nothing but money as a politician)?

Since he make an amazing $40 millions in his 12 year tenure, which he could not have make in other countries, even in many lifetime?

pengobatan darah tinggi said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

Sin leechers. .. Everything you do is tainted with money. ... justice (in the news today), health care, education etc. ... How not to be corrupted?

Don't kid yourself elites bloody blood suckers

Anonymous said...

3 out of 4 local lawyers leave practice in the first 10 years of practising: LawSoc president

By the first decade of practice, three out of every four local lawyers would have opted to leave practice, said Law Society president Lok Vi Ming.

Corrupted or not lah?...what use "good education"? ...can't talk manners...heck care about anyone except themselves...if got children...obsessed with their children...children grow up like F...just like them..cycle and recycle the shit....tsk tsk...Housing also tainted by money....tsk tsk tsk...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The heavy defeat of the main party in the Punggol East by election, herald a new trend in the oppositions, which brought out many insights. They more cooperation and corroboration of oppositions. The much better oppositions parties candidate put forward. To counter the main party advantage of medias? With a heart for the commoners

And the last minutes reveal of the opposition candidates, to reduce the medias scrutiny and the main party countering it, as the main party need to deploy and standby more then 89 candidates.

The main parties need to standby fewer and they need to concentrate their strength not to spread themselves and their resources thin?

They started early doing door to door reaching out to all the new citizens, who might not aware the impact on the policies affecting them and their children future?

with the SDP last minute withdrawl to help WP to win, brought forward a new era in Singapore politics, the willingness of SDP to sacrifice temporary gains for the greater good of Singapore, the standard and maturity of Singapore politic, which used to be one sided?

With 2011 GE gone, afterward the reality begin to take heavy toll on the population, everything kept increasing and the cost of of living as more foreigners were imported in.

In 2011 things need to be reduce and massive incentives and profit sharing schemes to entice the electorate, and after that need to take it back double the amount given out, as everything given out can't be free?

With more and more people aware of the CPF locked up scheme for life, to them is a huge disadvantage. This CPF should returned to them as before, or maybe 70 percent of it excuding the medical saves?

These CPF is likely majority of the population main savings, as their pay were depressed by the heavy influx of foreigners, and in future more and more of them will lost their jobs to the cheaper and younger newer and newer citizens, to the AIM of from 5.3 millions to 6.9 millions?

With the Punggol East shock defeat for the main parties, as many felt it better for vote the opposition, for 2 parties to work for them, and the main party got to work harder to win them back?

If they can't take out their own money the CPF at 55, standby for any crisis, which they could likely lost their jobs to the younger and cheaper new citizens, they got to rely on their savings, as more people came in, everything became more and more expensives, so is difficult for them to save up with their depressed pay?

More and more felt that it is safer to have multi-parties systems like the Nordic or the Swiss, which more parties put up their best talents to complete against each other to work harder for them at a lower cost?

If the new citizens lost their jobs to the newer citizens they don't have much alternatives as their main savings their CPF is locked up, the got to borrow from the credit companies and loan shark to tide over the difficult per

January 05, 2014 10:15 am
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the complete for better policies and ideas of the multi parties systems, brought down cost, and less wastages, lest wastage so more benefits for the populations.

The previous outdated policies of cheaper and cheaper foreign workers is outdated, now need to learn from the New Zealand, Swiss and the Nordic, to raise the lower wages worker standard and not to bring in too many foreign workers to take away jobs and depress pay? Which is a double whamy for the average workers as now the can't draw out the CPF at 55? A double whammy, now the voters became more wise, a multi parties system provide insurance against any outdated or failed policies, as they can see the huge success of the Nordic and Swiss systems?

Many no longer rely on the main medias for news and they had many hand held devices to track the latest news and updates. And they can spread the news very fast unlike the past?

Anonymous said...

At least 4 ministers urged to population not to spend too much money on your children tertiary educations, because every year there will be 30K of new and newer citizens, to take over or depress the Singaporean graduates?

The ministers had read the trend, more and more older graduate likely to lost their jobs to the younger cheaper foreigners graduates?

By the time your children can't get a good paying jobs, it will be troublesome for the government?

Of course foreigners were cheaper to hire, they can get from the 3rd world countries much cheaper and willing to work longer hours, because their pay here are a few time more then their countries, so Singapore graduates would be at losing end in future, their advise is appropriate due to changing circumstances?

With higher inflation, with 30k of cheaper third world graduates became new and newer citizens every year, those new citizens graduate and older local graduates and their children, will have a hard time coping and their future are not very bright?

Anonymous said...

In a society designed to worship elites .... Their importance and contribution have become indispensable. ..How to retain elites except to service them better with more perks and peaks. ..what else right. .or they will prostitute themselves who would offer them the best quality of life or. ... $$$$$sex.

Anonymous said...

Punggol East is the turning point for the people, as many of them have awaken to the truth?

New citizens now realised that they need to vote the oppositions, they can't continued to been made used, to pay so much indirect taxes to support the world highest salaries ministers?

They are sending a clear message across, things need to change, the 3 major issues, is the newer and newer immigrants, CPF locked up schemes for life and inflation, which will be game changer in 2016?

Many countries don't need to import so many people to grow their economy except Singapore? Example Estonia and others?

New citizens will likely send the message out they can't be continue to be made use of to vote the main party and pay the enomorous indirect taxes like Levies, COE, ERP GST and other indirect taxes etc?

The are sending the signal that the main party need to reduce or volunteering reduce their salaries, to that of the Nordic minister level around ten percent of the Singapore minister level, so that not so many to be burden, like needing newer and newer foreigners to support the indirect taxes?

More and more new citizens are realizing they are in trouble, with rising inflation too, and also their children? The are not taken by the baits of the main party in the future?

The are not going to work like slaves to pay for the high indirect taxes?

Anonymous said...

Political shakening all over the world...why?


Anonymous said...

High unity among the oppositions is key to victory against the massive machinery of the main party and their 50 years rule, reducing the difference with each others, more co operation and corroboration with each others. So to balance the parliament? Singaporean need to foster the oppositions for counter checks, balances and its excess of one party system?

Singaporean can't afford to keep increase the foreigners intakes from much cheaper countries, to vote for them, it will take away more and more new citizens and locals jobs, with stagnant pay and later their children jobs, having spent lots of money, some selling their properties to educate their childrens? Increasing cost of living and inflation in everythings? Oversupply in labour?

Many social ills associated with job loss below inflation incomes, like gambling, divorces, mental problems, borrowing to fund out of jobs or low income due to inflation, rise of credit companies and many social associated with low income, due oversupply of labour, overpopulations etc?

Many countries like the Nordic or Estonia their countries had high standard of livng without using importing people strategy, Singapore advantage over them, is Singapore now have one of the busiest port and in one of the most busy location, Singapore should concentrate improving its products and services?

Not to keep importing people to lower it people standard?

The main reasons the need to bring so many people in is to vote for them, so the can continue to enjoy the pay of ten times of the Nordic ministers pay? All these highest pay need money to support, and the new citizens and local can't continue to support these pay, they need newer and newer citizens to come to Singapore support the systems and their pay?

They need to increase the percentage of new immigrant or new citizens to counter the continue lowering of support from the locals in the election, as their support from local continue to slide further, due to their policies?

If more opposition came in the parliament, like the highly successful countries of Nordic, Swiss multi parties systems, the less need of paying them the world most expensive salaries, keep importing people to maintain their pay and the system, lowering of indirect taxes and business costs such as GST, COE, ERP, Levies and other indirect taxes, which is heavy burden to business, new citizens and locals and their childlren?

They need to volunteer to reduce their salaries to that of the Nordic ministers salaries so that not to too heavy burden the business and its people the high cost of living and indirect taxes?

Anonymous said...

News from the MSM was usually prepared by the government as it was own by the government:

There not much interesting, usually said how good are, what types of credit they claim, what type of achievement they got, it is the same stuff, day in day out eventually people got tired of it?

What about the negative, they rarely want to dicuss about it?

The MSM news was so one-sided it rank near the bottom of the world ranking, it wouldn't interview those affected by the over importations of the foreign workers affecting, the new citizens and locals news?

Now many and more younger voters more interest in the alternatives news in the websites and their comments to balance it?

They began more and more how low wages workers coming will affect their future and their childrens?

Surprising these outmoded practice still practice these Today, as Israel, South Korea and Japan had move to advanced status, don't used these long ago? Which the claimed their world class talent and highest paid politician in the world?

So it is critical those who read the website, read the news share the general public and discuss with the critical issues to those who don't use the internet or don't know how to use the internet,like CPF locked up schemes, importation of cheaper foreigners to replace the new citizens and locals and inflation?

So that more Singaporean came out, with better ideas for the solutions and discussions of these critical issues that affecting their life and the children future?

Anonymous said...

Singapore should keep look out of its SMC and spearhead and foster it grow and development, hope that one of these the day they can be like the Samsung, Ikea, Rolex etc or those small countries?

We got to find our niches like these small countries?

Singapore can't continued to rely on the cheaper workers concept which it brought along many social ills, that we had solved or greatly reduced in the 80s and 90s?

What type of incentive the Isreal with busiest port, depend entirely on its own people to bring it to the advanced level, Swedish and Danish culture promote these type of innovations, productivity, inventions & Design, we should learn and copy them and develop our own systems further? Or bring the right experts to develop the incentives?

Anonymous said...

Singapore must continue to innovate and stay above the competition, not to continue to rely only cheaper, better and faster foreigners, which brought along so many social illness of our PMET and their children’s future and continue to pay themselves the highest pay in the world?

As 4 minister warned that their children might not been able to complete with foreigners coming when they graduates? As they know more and more foreigners taking over local graduate or PMET jobs and depressed their pay?

We had at least $300 billions of reserves, these can incentivise our local SME to innovation, breaking into foreign markets and expand, continue to give incentives to locals to innovate, increase the productivies and efficiency?

Singapore had accumulated so many reserves from the COE, GST, ERP, Levies and other forms of indirect taxes?

Now Singapore is better then the 60s when we just started off. We got so many reserves to build up our local capabilities and empowering them, old outmoded ideas got to be discard, which brought in so many social ill?

Anonymous said...

The ministers got to volunteering reduce the pay, so that not to burden too much the business, as the got to rely on cheaper foreign workers?

They should volunteering reduce it to that level of the Swiss, Nordic and New Zealand minister, as most of these countries had a few millions populations?

Those Levies, COE, GST, ERP and other form of indirect taxes are a heavy burden to business cost, which keep rising? If they ministers pay themselves less and compatible to those advanced countries, so they don't need to increase all these indirect taxes?

As these indirect taxes and business cost lower which form the great part of the ministers salaries, business can afford to employ more local?

Should broadcast only the good stuff, what ahead is more important?

More suggestions, incentives and awards from the public who give good ideas and suggestions and around the world, on how to transform SIngapore to a innovative ecomomy like the Nordic, Israel and South Korea? Singapore do well to attract a huge amount of tourist, now Singapore with it massive reserves need to incentivises the local SME to bring Singapore to the next level like the Swedish and Danish or the Swiss? With SIngapore staggering more then $300 billions of reserves?

Anonymous said...

Many of the MP so tired they slept during the parliament, and it is their part time job of $16K per month job, how they go to help to develop the economy and not to find the easiy way out?

Anonymous said...

Tanjong Pagar SMC, with six consecutive elections the people don't to votes, is it funny which we called democracy, which suppose to vote?

Most in the forties or fifties year of life had never vote before and can call a democracy?

Most of them rely on the old man high votes as years ago he got 80 over percents of votes in SMC and nobody dare to compete in Tanjong Pagar?

The next time old man died let it split into SMC, so that they can have their own backbone and rely on themselves to go into the parliament, not by going into the backdoor, if they can' go in from the front door?

Many countries had different races, don't keep giving excuses, they don't form a GRC to votes? So the best MP can forward develop, they can do a full time to help the populations, as the population staggered with more problems due the importation of middle age foreigners become old?

Anonymous said...

How can we do better? We should give greater weight to social skills in the hiring and promotion process. Second, we need to create a culture that rewards people who use both sides of the neural see-saw effectively. We may not be able to use them in tandem easily, but knowing that there is another angle to problem-solving and productivity will help us produce leaders with more balanced skills.

Finally, it may be possible to train our social thinking so it becomes stronger over time. One exciting prospect is the recent finding that reading fiction seems to temporarily strengthen these mental muscles. Wouldn’t it be great if reading The Catcher In The Rye was the key to larger profits? © Harvard Business School Publishing Corp


Matthew Lieberman is a professor and Director of the UCLA Social Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory. He is the author of Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect and a TEDx speaker.

LOL... The elite professor is put your social skills down to a science

so go read fiction to put some soul in your brain to further your career and profitability. LOL

Anonymous said...

Insurance agents are the most soulful people. They love you and think only the best for you.

So touched.

Anonymous said...

Please convert the Tanjong Pagar GRC back to SMC, let those MP able hold their head high and fight on their on 2 feet, now they dare not face people after some many walkover, standing behind the old man?

All these MP don't hope to disgrace their family, kept hiding behind the old man back?

They need the self dignity to stand on their own and go through the SMC as the old man could died soon or later?

Please don't let Singapore the bulk of the jokes of the world with so many Singaporean in the 40s and 50s in Tanjong Pagar GRC never vote before in a first world democracy?

The paper general might have the chance to prove himself? If he in a GRC nobody know if come from the back door or the front door?

Anonymous said...

The recent Punggol East herald a new era of Singapore political scene?

The new and better ideas it bring to the table, rather then the main party allow follow the leader attitude?

The very important and critical role of Oppositions in check and balances to the excess of the main party?

If more opposition parties were vote in they will reduce the cost of the government the ministers' salaries to reduce to tally to that of the Nordic ministers' salaries, less indirect taxes need like the CPF locked up schemes for like , COE, GST ERP, Levies and other indirect taxes and foreigners need to import to support their world most expensive salaries?

The multi parties system of Nordic, Swiss brought great success of the people of their countries, as talent people can contribute from difference route and debate it out in the parliament, they reach a maturity of the democratic systems?

They can't give too many excuses or else they will be vote out or automatically resign themselves for the good of the people?

They can't import too many foreigners to take away the jobs of the New CItizens and the local jobs and their children jobs or depress their pay?

As an insurance against one main party, in case the main party fail, the PM had cancer before, nobody know it will comeback later?

In a multi-parties, more questions or tougher questions were asked?
Because more parties and more brain contribute and throughly debate before came to parliament?

Free educations to improve their capabilties, job lost benefits & old age benefits? In the Nordic which don't have hidden taxes or indirect taxes? The income is clean and not corrupted in today internet ages in the Nordic?

All the MP got to be on their toe everytime? They can't afford part time MP?

In future MP should not have too many appointments, if they can't have time hope they resign on their own and give opposition parties chance to serve the people with their heart?

If they frequently absent how they going to serve the people, they should not sleep in the Parliament , if too tired from their full time jobs they should rest at home, a pay of 16k per month is a high end job? Not many Singaporean got these type of pay because heavy influx of cheap foreigners and their cheap standard of living?

Many Singaporean because pay depress by foreign worker got difficulties getting a $2K job?

Anonymous said...

Compare the low wage Singapore and the low wages Nordic:

Anonymous said...

With 40 percents of the votes supposed to be around 35 seats go to oppositions, why only 7 oppositions MP in the Parliament, to ask tough questions, how the 7 MP adequately perform the Opposition roles?

The rest of the 28 MP might have came through the backdoor like the Tin Tin Tin, and possibly the tooth pick saleman and also called the Zoro king? As the Tanjong Pajar have a staggering 6 consecutive walkovers?

Mean many might have came through the back doors, because they can't came through the front doors?

If they came through the back door can they adequately help the common people or help themselves?

Give those spineless MP back their spined and ask them to stand in SMC and revert it back to SMC, so they can held the head high and face the people and Singaporean head high?

Please don't let them always hide behind somebody, going through the back doors and disgrace Singaporean, and please don't make Singaporean the laughing stocks of the world ?

MP don't need to be elected become MP and vote, which they continue to walk over for the 6 consecutive time and called ourselves the first world democracy? Please don't disgrace democracy?

Let in more oppositions, if Singapore will continue to cover its weakness one of these days Singapore will sink?

Anonymous said...

With 28 less MP from the Oppositions coming in the Ministers can kept themselves busy by counting their own money? And less 28 MP to ask them tough questions?

These 28 MP who likely came in from the back door, got better to keep quiet, because of their obedience they time can go promoted to the Chairman like the Heng Heng Heng, if not next time they could be shown the door? Every month can got to the ATM collect their pay happily? And vote for the White Paper, the more obedience they higher their chance of promoting to the Chairman of GLC?

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin, led by Sin and die in Sin.

Anonymous said...

If there is no GRC systems, many of the MP can't came in by the back door?

If got GRC 28 MP could came in the back door, it is likely those who can't come by the back door got to come in by the front doors?

All together 40 pc of the votes equal to 35 seats?

The ministers can't keep themselves busy counting money, but got to crack the head answering the questions of 28 more oppositions MP? Which usually tough one?

When Sylvia Lim asked them why they need such high pay they got difficulties in answering the questions not able to answer the question properly?

If unlucky most of the cabinet ministers could be gone if too many GRC gone to the oppositions? Like Aljunied GRC with 3 minsters gone?

So is it safer to revert back to SMC?

The NOrdic run their countries very well with much lower salaries?

It is unlikely the approval of CPF locked up schemes for life?

It will be unlikely the massive influx of foreigners to depress pay or take away the new citizens jobs, the locals and their children jobs?

Which their plan of 69 is not likely to be approved by the parliaments?

The inflation rate is not likely to be so high and keep increasing?

These are the likely scenario if 28 of the seats are from the oppositions, if there is all SMC, not GRC?

With all SMC people is likely to know who can perform who can't perform? Don't keep giving excuses need different race to take care of different races?

If he can't take care of other race how can he be MP? Many countries with different races don't have GRC are successful?

The racial problems is likely due to the 60s many are not educated, now many are well educated and has the internet? Is the thinking is outdated?

Anonymous said...

The highest salaries ministers, need the highest indirect taxes to maintain, hope they can volunteering reduce their salaries to that of the Nordic nation, only 10 percents of the Singapore ministers salaries?

They got higher direct taxes but their lowest wage worker pay is high, most of the taxes give back as free educations, job loss benefits, old age benefits, medical benefits?

The don't foreigners to support their indirect taxes schemes? Like the CPF locked up for life schemes and other etc?

Anonymous said...

Times had changed we are no longer in the 60s, where lot of them no or little education or poor, no internet only rely on MSM?

Nowaday most people had handphone and handheld internet devises, they can spread the news very fast, like the Punggol East or Aljunied GRC?

The GRC may be useful at that time, but now is 21 century internet age, we got to keep pace with change and move forward, most are better off, many are well educated?

Its time to revert back the GRC which, wass outdated to back to SMC or single seat system where one against one, no more passing of votes around?

Many third world countries with multi racial parties, don't give the excuses to implement and copy our country system, they know is not workable?

We called ourself a first world countries got to be in line with the develop countries standard?

In a democracy system all got to vote, but Tanjong Pagar because many can't vote even in the 40s or 50s, why call us a democracy and a developed country?

Many of the 28 seats, with 40 percents of the votes going to the oppositions, but only 8 percents of seats went to oppositions in the parliament, mean something wrong with this systems, suppose to have 35 seats represent the oppositions?

How are Singapore going to compete with other countries if 28 oppositions view suppose to be heard, can't heard, they are doing their job, in proposing better ideas or competing ideas, not one sided ideas or excuses? Many of the advanced nation like the Nordic, Swiss and New Zealand had multi party systems?

How can it adequately address the alternative views, suppose these 28 oppositions seat, went to the main party, which the main party pass their excess votes to those, who were unable to come in?

Most of those persons who come in by the back doors, will like to come in by the front, they can't forever come in by the back door and hide behind somebody, they need to hold their head high, and face their friends and relatives, and not made to be the laughing stocks of the world?

That we still practicing the third world type of democracy as we keep claiming we are the developed nation, with one of the highest GDP? And many keep laughing behind our back?

Will other countries respect us, last time police wear shorts?

Time had changed we need to move ahead not regressing?

Anonymous said...

Of foreign workers has clear advantages over Singaporean, their 3rd world countries, less then few hundreds dollars can survived a month, their graduate pay only a few hundred dollars per month?

Singaporean is a high cost countries, parents spent hundred of thousand to educate their children? The cost of living is around $1500 per person and his getting higher and higher, with more and more foreigners influx, how Singaporean and their children can complete with the cheaper foreigners from third world countries? A moderation is need?

Sooner or later, more and more when the grow older and replaced by cheaper and younger foreigners, with the wrong policies of keep importing foreigners to be newer and newer citizens, to 6.9 millions from 5.3m, will live in the street or cages house like the Hong Kong?

With got oversupply of foreigners create jobs, simple supply and demand economic, those persons will these theory something wrong? The more supply the less demand?

Anonymous said...

We should learn from the Nordic because their systems depend on their people to discover, invent, innovate and design the latest breakthrough and not to find the easy way out, bringing in less educated and cheaper foreigners, which our productivity kept dropping, it is worrisome?

More people you need more resources take of them when they grow old, some they came in the middle ages, which make Singaporean worry and cost keep rising, so many don't to produce babies, scare their jobs taken away by cheaper foreigners? The Nordic had one of the birthrate of the advanced countries?

Singaporean required stable jobs to produce, and give birth to babies, not worry their job taken by cheaper and younger foreigners?

The tide of short term hand out to buy votes, can only temporary solve Singapore, Singapore need long term stable jobs to produce or give birth?

The minister should not overtaxes their citizens to pay themselves the world highest pay?

The Nordic had the safety net to take of them when they fail? Singapore even the old man blood, sweat and tear money(CPF) want to take away and locked it up, maybe to give more handout at 2016?

Singapore when grow older will be in trouble, as they are less marketable? As more and more foreigners came and could takeaway their jobs. And now maybe their only savings are locked up for life, in the past the can use as reserve for crisis?

With the increase in population more resources need to take care over them and Singapore don't have any resources only a very busy port?

Now Singaporean got difficulties getting higher pay because of the planning to increase the population to 6.9m and their pay likely to depress further if more foreigners were imported, with many cheaper foreigners can came take away the new citizens jobs and go back to their countries when the earn enough and grow old?

The Nordic empowering their own local people, you can see they produce many Olympic champions, Nobel prize winners and inventors? Which they don't discard their people, especially the old which are vulnerable, used enough like Singapore?

Nordic produced many giant like Ikea, Volvo, Electrolux and many other multi national brands, even with their small populations?

Singapore try to buy medals from China table tennis players, as she earn enough and saw how their country man suffer and left with a few millions of tax player money? Something wrong with our systems?

Please don't continue to give excuses and denials?

The Nordic countries had only a few millions populations, Chinese had few thousands years of histories?

Singapore have advantage of them is, we are in one of the most busy location of the world?

Israel don't have any resources or port become an advanced nation like the South Korea and Japan?

Give incentives and asking for suggestions, on how to build a system like the Nordic is crucial to bring Singapore to the next level?

Not to continue take short cut/short term measures, and later more problems surfaces?

Anonymous said...

Is it better to revert to the old system of SMC single seats contests?

As for different race, advisors of different races to tackle problem, now is internet age, not the 60s? Don't to give excuses and denial many have education now unlike the 60s?

Different races advisors be appoint to take care of those who felt that they are not adequately take care, most of them or other race have problems move around to other Constituency?

The is so many helpers in the MPs of different races, if their problem can't be solve other contituency may can't solve for them?

In a freak election as much as 15 ministers maybe out if base on the recent result Punggol East and Aljunied GRC?

So they maybe a mad rush to took for civil servants to parachute in last minutes to take over their positions? It will be chaos?

A few Tin Tin Tin in, may pull down heavy the average GRC votes?

Some more now a day ministers votes is not very high like last time, many old ministers and MP want to call it a day or retire, as they had made enough, after so may years of serving? They may don't want to face defeat at their peak?

Now the oppositions is smarter they don't announce they candidate first they want to see which candidates main parties put first, so to put which candidates in?

The recent maturity of the oppposition co operation and corroboration between SDP and WP saw the maturity of the oppositions parties, they can't afford not to co operate against the main party 50 years of domination and their massive machinery?

As the last minute withdrawl help the WP massive win?

With the massive shock, unexpected defeat of the main party, the main party leaders where in a state of shock and panic, a White Paper was set up and hurriedly to bring in more foreigners to votes for them?

For many years with a SMC with such huge margin, turned into a massive defeat is unheard of?

The GRC is revert back to the SMC and single seat Constituency, to prevent any shock like the recent Punggol East by election?

Last time 2 senior ministers had cancer, the old man already panic, now what happen if it lost more then half of the cabinet, trying to pull all those in by the back doors? Like the Tin Tin Tin?

Singapore don't want to be the jokes of the world, where many still didn't in their 40s and 50 year of life never voted before, in one of the world highest GDP country and prided and call itself a democracy?

Anonymous said...

Any succession plans in place for the PM in of his relapse of cancer, years ago with Ong Teng Chong? To prevent the economy from shock in case it might happen?

He hint he may want to retired in 8 years, as his father want a fast and painless dead?

Singapore may be in crisis if too may leader suddenly gone in GRCs or other ways?

Old man is very sick, with not have avvery long time?

Some put up the paper general might be the one to succeed PM?

When ever this type of problem like SARS, which attack Singapore and Hong Kong, Singapore economy is in a tailspin?

The best to revert to single seat, so that not too many ministers lost in a freak election, like the Aljunied GRC where 3 senior ministers gone?

If 5 more GRC gone in the next election at least 15 ministers gone?

Singapore could be more panic like the SARS?

Possibly never before or for many such unexpected wide swing of winning a comfortable, from around 55pc to 43pc, to a shock lost 53 percent to 41 pc, with one more opposition joining the fray, dividing the opposition votes?

A humiliating defeat in their history of their domination?

Which clear the result signal something wrong with their policy of locking up the CPF for life and adding more population which means those getting old could be in trouble, can't getting their retirement money like last time.

Planning where more and more cheaper foreigners, got to coming possible taking over their jobs to 6.9m? With their pay continue to be depressed by the in coming of cheap foreign workers, they don't have much savings, a double whammy?

What is the possible senario if the PM cancer relapse and heavy defeat in the 2016 election and many ministers lost? Be prepare for the unexpected?

Anonymous said...

With the successful combination of SDP and WP in the recent Punggol East by election?

It will be new era in Singapore politics like the Nordic multi parties systems for the oppositions?

As Singaporean became more and more aware to what they were in, with the advent of internet?

And with the recent meeting of all the major opposition parties discussion in the medical saves?

We could see more combinations, co operations and corroborations in the the 4 parties like WP, NSP, SDP and SPP, which had the most vote in the 2011 elections, which had the most of the 40 percents votes in 2011, it will be higher if not for the walkover of Tanjong Pagar GRC?

But against the might of the main party and its 50 years of domination and their massive machinery, they can't effort not to work closer or complacent and share resources and have more discussions?

The don't have much chances if they act on the own. With the massive defeat recently in the Punggol East by election, of the main party the chances are getting higher, with many failed policies?

Which they need to concentrate their resources and not to pull their resources too thin? And look for more capable people to come in, which now they had a chance to succeed due to the huge success Punggol East as more capable people were coming in?

They have not very high chances, if they act on their own, with 40 percents of the oppositions votes they only have 7 seats or 8 percents of the seat in 2011 election?

The main party have 60 percents of the votes but have 92 percent of the seats or 80 seats?

So is how disadvantages of the opposition, if they don't combine strengths?

So the oppostions need to sort out of their differences and united against the might of the main party?

So that they had higher chances of making a multi parties or coalition system parliament like the very succesful Nordic countries? And more of the common people voices can be heard?

Anonymous said...

Singapore in its early days of development, used to come from a low base with cheap labour and attract investments from around the world?

But since Singapore move up the cost ladders, it keep trying to use the outmode methods of bring cheaper labour, there is not much it can get cheaper, as there are many cheaper cost countries with massive labour that is cheaper then Singapore?

When China open up, Singapore became not very cost competitive?

Singapore can't rely too much on cheap labour, as it came as a social cost?

Singapore need to move up the technological ladder, like some of the advance countries? And need to pump lots of money in research and development to restructure its economy?

What types of incentives need to motivate the SME to expand and develop their niches, grow into multi national companies like the Nordic?

Singapore need to tap into foreign expert on how to restructure it economy?

Singapore had tap into foreign of advisor in the early part when it take off:

Singapore should invite the experts from Sweden and Denmark to earmark to develop a program that bring SIngapore into the high tech arena?

Which foreign experts can bring Singapore to the level or standard of Swiss, Sweden, Finland & Denmark?

What types of price money or awards, incentives can encourage singapore to innovate new and better products that can be world beaters and export around the world?

What type of environments and training? Which foreign expert to tap their expertise?

Singapore to welcome suggestions around the world, so that it can less dependent on cheap foreign workers, which come at so much social cost to it own locals?

Singapore is a small island can't afford to expand too much it populations, cost may rise to an unbearable for the commoners?

Singapore had a staggering more then $300 billions reserves, to develop products to be world beater or export around the world?

What type of initiatives can raise Singapore low wages workers and reduce overpopulation?

Anonymous said...

The GRC objective is possibly to reduce the oppositions?

By reduce the opp it will delay problems for later to solve or manifest, because less people come in to ask tough questions, do the check and balance of the excess of one party?

With years of not much oppositions present in the parliaments?

Many foreigners know how serious our Singapore is deteriorating, yet the kept praising how prosperous and how good?

But with little opp doesn’t mean problem is solved or no problems, it means many commoner problems can't be hear, because of the backdoor system, where MP can come from the back door, so are so busy they hardly had time to come to the parliaments?

It mean delaying and denial the problems and exist wait until it become more serious or for the future generations to solve?

Which lead to present massive social problems and social ill that other advanced economy don’t have because they have multi parties system like the Nordic and Swiss check and balance ?

Recent serious riot cases is the problem slowly creeping, gambling, loan sharKs, prostitutions, divorces, family dyfunctions, suicides, mental problems on the uptrend as over import of foreigners that depress and take away local jobs?

Oppositions play a very important role, in bring all these issues up for discussions, debates or how to show it?

Anonymous said...

Win win situation:
January 8, 2014 at 7:33 am (Quote)

By increase the opposition, it reduce the ministers pay by reducing the minister pay, it reduce the indirect taxes by reduce the indirect taxes, it reduce the business cost, by reduce the business cost it reduce the need for foreigners, by reduce the need for foreigner worker, it reduce social problems, win win situation ?

Anonymous said...

Should the main party consider resigning, if situation keep getting worse? Singapore will honour them and give them the advisors roles?

In the 80 and 90 Singapore golden years, where standard of living seem to get higher, and Singapore workers were praised to be the best in the world, and many accolades around the world?

Now the present situation seem to got worse after the the 97 crisis and 2000, Singapore had many recessions as reveal by a minister, which Singapore did not anticipate the impact of China opening up.

Later Singapore unable to bear it, decided to have not one but two, usually place like Las Vegas and Macau, which no other ways to boost it economy depend of casinos and have these type and magnitude of casinos.

With the $16 billions injected in the economy, the economy revived, it was a split decisions, many objected it because of the social cost?

Singapore all these years depend on cheaper then others?

Whereas many economy, when they overcome their initial stages of been cheaper than others they continue to invest on their own people and innovate, made better products, design better products, develop their SMC to be the world class multi national companies?

But Singapore continue to rely on foreign investment and which depend on cheap labour ?

Should circumstances arise, the main party resign and let the Tan Jee Say, Chen Show Mao, Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim or DR Ang to take over they have a heart for the people, which they have proven in their previous capacity?

As days pass because of keep importing people to grow the economy, 30K each year?

Singapore now face with mounting problems, which had solved or reduced in the 80s or 90s, maybe due to the difficulties of the opposition parties coming for voicing out or checks and balance?

The problems Singapore face doesn't go away because of less opposition parties, which is difficult for the oppositions parties to voice out, oppositions play a key role to the success of the Nordic, which oppositions play a key role in supplement new and better ideas, it manifest more seriously presently or later.

Seem like Singapore facing mounting problems as day go by?

Recent serious riots, the geylang and tekka riot, now heavy shortage of hospital facilities or other facilities, gambling, drug addiction, prostitution, divorces, suicides, dysfunctional families, debt ridden youth, job loss, under employment, mental illness, inflation, congestion, MRT frequent breakdown and others etc.

Which seem to surface like the 60s?

It is ok for the present party to resign to hand over to other opposition, all the ideas should be explore to keep Singapore moving in a new or better future?

If they resign, they will be given a honourable title like Emeritius?

And appoint as advisors to the new govt?

The type of scenarios is not uncommon in the west or advanced economy, even in an advanced economy , Japan a party ruled more then 50 years lost to a opposition party?

Anonymous said...

Is there any similarity Singapore present situations and that of Qing Dynasty China:

At that time China is the top economy of the world, with new inventions and innovations? China make many breakthough, discoveries and inventions?

Where Marco Polo came and study all the methods and brought back to Italy, as Europe keep invent new and better machines and flourish, China keep looking inside due to their imperial type of thinking, like the present GRC systems fear of competitions from the oppositions?

In around 1900 European came back and start a war with China, CHina still in the Ostrich state, don't know or pretend don't know what happen in the world?

Where the European used guns and canons they are still using swords and arrows? Which lead to a massive and most humiliating defeat in their histories of modern world, therefore got to give up Hong Kong and Macau for a period and many concessions?

The present system of GRC which brought in 28 MP, which might suppose to be Opposition, don't done any good for Singapore future which lead to many SIngapore present social problems or manifested later, and is mounting by the days?

Singapore should revert it back to the SMC single seat, which easier to spot talents as the face one to one fight in the consitucency, or that rather bring in some undeserved MP in the GRC?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is no longer competitive because it pay ten time the salaries to its ministers, whereas the Nordic pays 10 time less to its ministers?

Whats the difference, order to be competitive you need competitions, why most communist state revert back to democracy because they are no longer competitive, which only a single party rule?

Which the GRC system make it difficult for the opposition to present better ideas?

With ten time the salaries of that of the Nordic ministers, you need very high taxes or indirect taxes to fund their pay? This indirect put a heavy toll on business?

Should they reflect upon themselves, don't denial or give excuses the situation now Singapore is in, look honestly among themselves, Singapore with no resources a tiny country can pay them the amount of salaries forever?

Should they volunteer reduce their salaries to that of the Nordic level, which reduce the indirect taxes, so the business cost is not so high? If other country run very well with the type of salaries why should SIngapore ministers overpaid themselves?

When business cost is not so high they don't to look for so many cheap foreign labour to come to SIngapore to mitigate their cost and employ more Singaporean?

Many of the Singaporean don't have proper jobs because of heavy competition from the cheap labour, which business don't have much choice as these cost are fixed, because of the high cost of doing business, due to the indirect taxes?

Anonymous said...

Why they able to earn the salaries ten times of that of Nordic ministers salaries?

Many Nordic ministers serve because they have a heart for the commoners?

After success operations against the oppositions and developed the GRC system, like Charm See Tong and Low Thia Kiang? Many of the GRC are walk over, and the medias didn't said anything?

So GRC was design and it make it difficult for the opposition parties to coming in? As much as a 6 members in GRC group, sharing votes together and passing around votes and helping? each for the texes?

I wonder if the Nordic ministers raise some excuses and want the GRC imagine how the whole world keep laughing until they tooth drop?

You can laugh like children play games passing around votes? Normally developed or matured economy don't claimed that and passing of votes never practiced?

It is true, but it is the mockery of democratic systems? Where out of 80 parliament only one or two are oppositions members? 98 percents of the seat are the main party, in the previous elections?

Singapore become the laugh stock of the world?

So with little oppositions in the parliament, when they raise their own salaries, staggering pensions or up to 8 month bonuses what can the oppositions do, nobody can oppose it, and the whip?

Even they against and speak out no used, they can continue to increase they pay whenever they find some excuses? So the salaries keep increasing to the staggering amount?

So all these indirect taxes got to keep increase to support their staggering income, where the figure head president, earn $40 millions in 12 years tenure, many lifetime his whole family can't spend finish?

Even the best roti prata salemen got difficulties in making these amount for many lifetime?

Anonymous said...

The reasons Nordic success:

Low Gini co-efficiency? Cleaners and constructions salaries $few thousand per month? High equality?

High birth amount developed countries, born out of wedlock govt take care of them? 1.8?

Job security, don't need worry of job taken by cheaper foreigners?

Cost efficient government? Ministers average pay only $200K per year?

Multi parties system? Different talents came from different parties, not the same one party? If one party failed other parties can take over?

Emplowering and nurturing its own people? Bring out people highest potential from babies to old age?

Free education, Job loss benefits, old age benefits and health benefits? Taxes are their own savings?

Many Nobel prizes winners, Olympic champions, very successful multi-national companies?

Nordic Government able to take criticism, view critics and oppositions voices, as an opportunity, on its own shortcoming rather as a threat ?

Singapore system of importing people and one party system?

Many Nobel prizes winners, Olympic champions, very successful multi-national companies?

Anonymous said...

Tham Yuen Si from the stale times..get off your high horses. .. The have nots don't need the crumbs of compassion from the haves who rigged the political and economic system to serve their interests.

Return the powers and repent ye adulterous generation!! Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha

Amol Shetty said...

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Anonymous said...

No politicians, no unrest.

No politicians, no snake bites.

Anonymous said...

Competitions is healthy for Singapore politics, because it run thing more efficiently at a lower cost like, the Aljunied GRC, they able to introduce innovative ways to reduce costs and run better, then other GRCs?

Years of not much competitions for the main party, it continue to raise it pay with little oppositions, even average workers living standard dropped? And keep find ways to increase indirect texes, to pay themself?

Much cheaper foreigners to compete with Singapore workers therefore depress and took away their jobs? And get levies?

Some foreign workers are need but not excessive as Singapore, where millions of them, many are likely to come into industries that are not competitive to work in?

Many of the low wages workers are in debt, many credit companies and loan shark became lucrative, because of the rising cost of living?

As more political competitions, they were slowly lower their world most expensive salaries, that of the Swiss, New Zealand or the Nordic ministers salaries?

Without competition is very unhealthy, price will escalate and little innovations, as there is much competition, don't need to innovate much?

Advanced countries will not believe, a democracy out of 80 over seats, only one or two are oppositions? Or only 3 percent are oppositions?

They will not believe and look down on us, what is this system people exploiting people for political or personal gains or advantages?

Always telling people what we have achieve, we did achieved something in the past?

Singapore will not be competitive, if it pay it political leaders too high compare to other advanced countries?

A multi party system is healthy, it brought competitions of ideas, no single parties monopolise all the ideas?

With a multi parties system like the Swiss, New Zealand or the Nordic, constantly need to find better ways if not other parties take over?

2011 many talented individuals who had done well in the past came forward to the political arena and give the main political party, a run for it money?

Tan Jee Say, Dr Ang, Chen Show Mao, Yee Jenn Jong & Jeanette and many others, come forward to serve, contribute to SIngapore.

Many more highly talented oppositions were introduce, as they sense the main party made more mistakes?

With the further competitions, the main party would likely to reduce their salaries, and return 80 percent of the locked up CPF except medisave for the worker who reach 55 as people?

Likely 2 percents of the women who spent all the money on men at Batam, the majority need to keep their money in case of crisis? So they used these 2 pc as an excuse?

Persons who spent all their money need to continue to work, there is little help from the govt unlike the Nordic?

Nordic with multi parties system brought much success to their countries, like Nobel Prizes winners, Olympic champions & high successful multi national companies?

S'pore can't continue to give excuses as we brought in workers that keep lowering our productivity?

Anonymous said...

Overpaying themselves:
January 13, 2014 at 3:39 am (Quote)

Overpaying themselves causes many problems to the society?

The over attachment to material wealth causes many sufferings?

The Nordic felt that around $200K per year is enough for a good living of a minister?

Singapore cheapest foreign worker cost only $2 per hour, if a person can live buy $450 per hour, why should they live the so much salaries, there is no reasons?

Wanting to pay themselves these amount need lots of taxes because the highest salaries, the can’t be taxes is low, so that got to get it from the indirect taxes, therefore heavily straining systems? They need to find money everywhere to support their pay?

Now is the internet age, soon many people will aware of the situation we are in and the new citizens too?

They should gradually find reasons slowly, to reduce their salaries to the level of that of Nordic, so that situation back to normal?

Now because Singapore such a small country average hardly earn enough as inflation keep rising because they need a huge amount of indirect taxes to maintain their pay? And we have amount the widest income gap?

They got to get the taxes from everywhere? Through the CPF locked up schemes and slowly they will get enough from others sources?

The got to think in long run, Singaporean got difficulties in maintaining their highest pay?

Logically there is a limit the local can maintain their extremely pay, so they need to import foreigners to maintain their high pay and to votes for them?

While continue to bring people, to replace those more and more w vote for opposition, they calculate it need 150K of people for find here to vote for them therefore reduce the mandate to rule again?

Come on bring in more and more new citizens don’t benefit the average much except increase the price of goods and facilities, longer waiting hours?

Many countries don’t need to import so many people still do very well, like the Nordic?

Because they need the foreigners to pay for the COE, GST, ERP, Levies and other indirect taxes, so that they can maintain their pay?

An continue oversupply and keep increase the foreigners don’t benefit much the new citizens, more people come their will be less jobs available and many local got to get lower or depress pay?

The law of supply and demand in actions, it can’t be more people more jobs or higher pay something wrong?

Not only more people there will be less jobs available, there will be other side effect of overpopulation, straining of the systems shown, more and more as greater and greater demand for various things?

Nordic populations is constant, the low pay workers is very high few thousand$ per month, due to the find other ways to compensate for the lack of manpower?

There for more and better solutions were found and better standard of living for the average person?

With 5.3 millions people, more and more strains coming out, if 6.9 million, you could imagine the scale of problems Singaporean got to face?
Rating: +7 (from 11 votes)

Anonymous said...

Keeping Democracy On Threat

( How is the government going to win back trust, particularly over the perception that this government is controlled by former PM Thaksin Shinawatra from overseas?.

There is always the accusation that Mr Thaksin, who is my ex-boss too, has been directing everything. But people who are in the room with her when she chairs meetings — the Cabinet, the technocrats, the academics — will tell you she makes the decisions and everybody who has worked with her has expressed that she is her own woman.")

Should the Democratic God be given the power to decide on " good and evil"?

You would have to bow first, would you?

Bark up the wrong tree and you shall, nation, "die".

Anonymous said...

Property market going down...stock market going down...loss of assets income FOR MANY...time to TIGHTEN UP WALLETS...Time to scrooge...lesser spending power....

......more businesses will suffer...more job losses ...weakening consumption power...even more business failures...even more job losses...ALLEELOOJAH!!

....All spiral towards HELL....ALLEELOOJAH

Anonymous said...

Growing the economy through importing people, imagine from 5.3 millions to 6.9 million, an additional 1.6 million.

How many new citizens and local jobs will be taken away, replaced and salaries depressed? If you keep pouring water in a glass full of water what happen?

The Nordic way of growing the economy through technological and innovation way work? It have among the highest standard of living, low gini coefficient & high birthrate?

That why they are so successful, Estonia grow through its own people?

Imagine how many more people will lost or job replaced by the third world countries workers? Many of the well qualified PMET had emigrated and many not a proper job?

Not only lost of jobs how about inflation, the average worker salaries not much improve all these years after inflation? With inflation keep rising?

With more and more people come there is less and less facilities, longer and longer waiting time and higher and higher prices?

6.9 millions is not workable?

Anonymous said...

Obviously importing people is not a very good idea?

With many older workers and PMET underwork losing the jobs , taking jobs like property brokers, insurance agents, gardeners, cab drivers, security officers and cleaners, losing jobs to newer and newer citizens or foreigners?

You go to find Nordic after 50 years of developing their standard of living reach highest, low gini coeffiency & high birth rate, many olympic champions, Nobel prize winners & many highly successful multi-national companies?

Which they less depend on foreign investments and foreign workers?

In stark contrast, Singapore with the highest ministers pay, ten times of the Nordic produce one of the highest gini coeffiency, lowest birthrate, many of the PMET move out of Singapore and underwork?

Many of the middle income and lower income the standard of living had been dropping, with more population increase and inflation?

As more population increase to vote for the main party, will the situation go worse and worse?

With more frequent flooding, possibly due to more things build, the tighten of the ground, serious riots, severe shortage of hospital facilities, regular and more MRT breakdowns among other things etc?

The first generation of leaders run their country well, they don't over pay themselves so much? Later when they overpay themselves so much situations changed?

Should they consider volunteering reduce their pay to that level of the Swiss, New Zealand or the Nordic ministers salaries? Which need the highest indirect taxes to maintain?

Imagine continue to increase the population of new citizens every year 30K to vote for them, what will happen when the population from now 5.3 to 6.9 millions?

Anonymous said...

Nordic countries they have among the highest birthrate in developed countries?

Many factors lead to their success, like multi parties systems, the right policies and efficient welfare system to take care of the children & free education & babies friendly environment.

So that parent were at ease when the bear their children? Singapore with various failed policies, lead to its present situations? Which the insist of outmoded ideas?

Their birthrate is 1.8 in contrast to Singapore 1.2?

The country don't look so much to the marriage certificates, as time changed rapidly as long as their countries welfare system as to support the child?

Whether born out of the wedlock, adoption, single parent using others sperms or artificial insemination etc it is OK for them?

So the depend on technology to solve their problems, not by importing people to solve their birthrate problems, times changed outmoded ideas should be discarded?

A expert said with improving technology 1.7 rate is good enough to solve today old age problems?

Whereas Singaporean hold tightly to the marriage views, even the marriage they can't afford to born babies what the use, good to show only the paper?

Now with many ministers know that the future of graduate is bleak and come out to said that in future can't guarantee graduate will able to find jobs?

Even born out of wedlock or single parents Nordic had the been to raise their children to be success, Singaporean have marriage cert but dare not born babies fear of the future, because of right policies?

They worried their children jobs might be taken by foreigners?

The outmoded ideas or views could lead, which lead to China most humiliating defeat in the Boxer Rebellions, where the west using guns and canons, China still using swords, bow and arrows?

Time had changed Should Singapore discard outmoded ideas?

Anonymous said...

Radical ideas and restructure Singapore economy needed?

How to increase Singapore birthrate, and Gini Co efficiency?

Israel don't have a busy port and no resource can become an advanced country?

Reducing more and more PMET going into property broking, insurance, cab driving, security officer, cleaners, many are part time jobs underwork, which consider a job?

300K of our brightest have left Singapore? A severe brain drain?

Bring more of the :, who is the architect in transforming Singapore economy from the third world to the first world?

Discard obsolete ideas like the GRC system, reduce depend on foreign investments and cheap foreign workers causing Singapore productivity contiune to slide?

Let in more opposition through the SME, so that little or no baddoor MP came through the system, that might create havoc?

Opposition provide genuine feedback, good ideas, check and balance?

Singapore must not like the ancient china most humiliating defeat in 1900(Boxer Rebellion), where the west is using guns and canons, china still in the ostrich way of denial and self fulfilled state of illusion, using swords and arrow?

Now is the internet age, many less and less using the MSM for their info, as the speed of internet get faster and cheaper?

Invite international expert from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Swiss to Singapore to ultilise our massive $300 billions to retool and restructure our ecomomy depending on the locals?

Massive incentives, recognitions, honour , awards & prizes money to be given to anyone who can transform Singapore SME to the multi national companies like Toyota, Ikea, Rolex, Apple & Samsung? To manufacture better products and designs?

Singapore should not continue to denial and give excuses the problems we faced many people can't cope with their loss of jobs, inflations or depressed pay got to look for credit companies, banks and loan sharks, which many can't compete with cheaper foreigners workers? Casinos?

Anonymous said...

Singapore from the third to the first world using the SMC, one to one contest, so no or little bad doors MP came in, can't come in by the front doors?

Singapore should revert back to the SMC system, where real talent able fight one to one?

After the GRC system was developed, Singapore began to slide back to the third world, little opposition MP able to come in, more undeserving MP came in, some hardly had time attending the parliament, some too tired slept in the Parliament?

Opposition MP attend all the Parliament sessions?

With one or two opposition MP, how can they provide check and balance?

The Nordic, Swiss & New Zealand system perform very well? The standard of living improve, whereas our middle and lower class standard continue to drop?

Making Singapore the laughing stock of the world and we had the cheek to call our self first world?

Recent 2011 elections, opposition 40 percent if not higher for the TP last min walkover, due to technical problems? Likely 43 percent opposition votes, plus the profit sharing schemes?

Only 7 percent came in or 6 seats out of 87 seats? Main party got 81 seats a staggering 93 percents of the seats, with only 60 percents of the votes?

In advanced economy oppositions and critics, play a crucial role in transforming the economy and bring them to the top of the world? The provide good ideas and genuine valuable feedbacks?

The best talents of each parties came into the parliament and thoroughly debate each proposal? The CPF original goal couldn't have been changed of returning the money at 55?

Should LTK, Sylvia Lim & Chen Show Mao attend the cabinet meetings in prepare, if the main party lost 2016 more then half of its cabinets which could put Singapore in a serious crisis and in a tailspin?

Anonymous said...

Nowhere to hide, so think before you type - today's online

Hmmm....kind and polite people are THREATENING straight talkers even though they maybe blunt and rude.

Hmm....maybe we should send our religiously polite, kind,compliant and submissive to authorities to Thailand and have them preach about being "nice", and not insulting, to their and all the religious liars? lol

Yes, all politely talk( dont fight dont insult and don't express indignation through words or actions ) to resolve differences lol. If it works, the world will belong to North Korea

Anonymous said...

Professional Lawyers will rule the world if we listen to them :)

Pay them handsomely and the legal policies will be first class and designed in your interests.

Make sure you have the MONEY to engage them HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

you will start to worry when more than 90% pass their O Level

These are our so called...future lol

(hopefully that's not insulting) lol

many can speak popperly england you know lol

Anonymous said...

Your housing problem is a symptom of a far greater problem in THE HOUSE. Elections after elections will not solve the filth and hypocracy.

You are a SON OF A BITCH! Catch no ball?

Because you are a religious idiot!

Anonymous said...

Oppositions MP is provide feedback to the system, to make the system running smoothly?

Genuine feedback or suggestions can't got through the main party can go through the oppositions, which voices out for debate during the parliament?

If too much suppression of the voices and concerns, one of these day maybe like the Arab Spring or the China humiliation of the Boxer Rebellion?

In the GRC system undeserving MP can come in through the back doors, and that are unlikely to be voted in, in the one on one contests SMC?

These naturally causes resentment to be build up, likely the recent serious Tekka riot?

Singapore need to seriously look at it and revert it back to the SMC system, so that more oppositions MP can come in?

If not for the walkover of TP the main party votes is around 57, if not for the profit sharing scheme it might be much lower?

So the opposition with more than 40 pc votes, if not walkover of TP could be 43pc, only got 7 percent of the seats out of 87 or 6 seats?

These can't be genuine representations of the oppositions, if without the profit sharing scheme, in 2011, as in Punggol East by election, the oppositions vote could be much higher?

The main party need to address concern and the commoners woes, not to let it got more serious like the Arab Spring?

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself. Live in Sin, die in Sin. It is written. End of story!

Anonymous said...

Mediacock News tells the Thai to vent their anger in the ballot box...MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Only fools believe in the ballot box...MUAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Singapapean middle and lower class, pay already depressed by foreigners, not much they can tax directly, to pay their highest pay in the world?

Foreigners is to make up the other half of the indirect taxes they need to maintain their highest pay in the world?

So they said low direct taxes but actually highest indirect taxes, levies, COE, EPR, GST, CPF locked up schemes for life and other taxes to maintain their world highest salaries etc.?

If they think it is a heavy burden to commoners like inflation, they should pay themselves competitive to the Nodic, Swiss and New Zealand ministers level of pay?

So business got to look for cheaper and cheaper foreigners to mitigate the high cost of business, with these indirect taxes, at the expense of new citizens and locals?

So they got to said foreigners create value until 2030, and need to import 30K of new citizens every years?

They can't said foreigners came to compete for jobs and depress of the new citizens and local, if not they will not vote them?

Anonymous said...

The call GRC racial harmony, of course they develop it to make oppositions difficult to come in, so that they can get the highest pay in the world?

The can't said the GRC make oppositions difficult to come in to the parliament, people may not like it and don't vote for them?

So presentation in politic is important need to use the correct to speak?

Recent election 2011 out of 57( TP walkover due technical problems in sec) percent go to the main party 93 percents or 81 seats of the seats went to the main party?

Oppositions with 43(40) TP walkover last minute. If not for the profit sharing scheme the main party votes might have much lower, these shown in Punggol East by election?

So using the right words & crying, 2 politicians cry that they don't know all the years low wage workers pay had been depressed, in real term is negative?

So crying and using t

Anonymous said...

They said don't have enough talent to have multi party system?

If there is multi party system they can't get their pay so high the highest in the world, the can get only the equivalent of the pay of the Nordic, Swiss & New Zealand ministers level of salaries?

Their salaries is around ten times that of the Swiss and Nordic?

So it important to give the right excuses and right words to the media to broadcast it?

Swiss, Nordic population standard of living very high evenly, with multi party system, they too have a few million populations?

They have low Gini Co efficiency and high birthrate?

Anonymous said...

Should Singapore concentrate on the the tourism and technological ways?

Rather the making use of foreigners for levies, is not so good for the commoners, but is good for the ministers for votes and highest salaries?

The Nordic even without the busyport or the Israel with busy port and resources, proof that you can bring you local high potential, having many olympic champions, nobel prize winners and highly successful multi national companies?

Anonymous said...

Using the right words in presentation is important, is they key to successfully getting the highest salaries in the world? Or Propaganda?

Words like GRC is for (racial harmony), instead of words like (making it difficult for the oppositions to voice out), so to get the highest pay in the world?

Pofit-sharing schemes, instead of (pork bearing schemes) should be used instead, which the west called?

Foreigners is need to(create value)or( create job) instead of the (job loss or depressed salaries) for (levies, indirect taxes and votes)?

(Low taxes) instead of (highest indirect taxes)?

So it is important to use to correct words, during presentations to increase your votes?

Some ministers need to cry to show more genuine in the presentations, to get sympathy votes?

Anonymous said...

More than a third of our population are transient stayers( FWs,Expats etc). Hence more than a third of our homes are investment properties( I venture to say more than half of our properties are to be "cash out" - as the population aged")

There is therefore a high dependency on asset incomes( capital gain and rental income) fueling our economy and livelihoods( retirees, poor and middle class consumption power etc).

At our property trough in the 90s, rental income fell by more than 60%of its peak. Many couldn't hang on to their properties and triggered a collapse in the property market. High fueling consumption power depleted which sent the economy spiraling downwards.

With the government caving into less dependency on foreign employment and property curbs, there will be a serious downward pressure on the rental market or investment properties. Will we see a repeat of the property trough in the 90s?

When consumption power takes a beating, many businesses will fail and this will lead to jobs losses!

Because the government milked the land( a form of quantitative easing - injecting huge amount of money into the economy) to build an "instant first world city"( for the rich or elites), the people will have to reap its economic and social consequences. As a result, the city has a form(impressive exterior) but no substance( an immature society and citizenry many struggling to survive)

Anonymous said...

The old PAP cadres laid the foundation for your demise lah

Anonymous said...

With continue rising inflation due to importing of more and more new citizens?

How much indirect taxes need to pay the most expensive ministers in the world?

While most of the Nordic countries direct taxes pay for the children free education. And develop their potential to the highest level, they have 1.8 birthrate the highest in developed nations? Singapore birthrate keep dropping to among the lowest around 1.2?

They use most of the direct taxes to develop the child, many become nobel prizes winners, olympic champions and run their own multi national companies, develop new and better product and designs?

While Singapore indirect taxes got to pay the world most expensive ministers pays, bonus, allowances, pensions etc.?

Many of Singapore low pay workers had been depressed or stagnant for many years due to inflation and in debted, now make worse they are not able to take back their blood,sweat & tear savings the CPF like last time, to tide over the jobless period?

As the Nordic provide jobless benefit, Singaporean need to depend on their savings?

As many credit companies, banks and long sharks became very lucrative they able to make a striving business?

Due to many Singaporean lost their jobs to foreigners? And unable to cope with inflation?

Singapore got one of the highest indirect taxes, to pay the most expensive ministers pay in the world, bonuses, pension and allowance etc.?

Should the Singapore ministers volunteering reduce the pay in line to the Nordic, Swiss?

So that not to heavily overburden the population especially the low wage workers, which need foreigner workers levies to support the ministers pay?

When more foreigners became new citizens, many put their children at home, fear of NS, create a great disadvantage for Singaporean and their children?

Many of the Singaporean married doesn't want to born children, because fear of higher and higher inflation, create by they most expensive ministers in the world?

Many of the Singaporean who married doesn't want to born babies or don't want to marry, simply because the cost living and bring up the babies is too high?

And worried they can't compete with the third world cheaper foreign workers?

The money save from deduction of the ministers salaries can be channel toward develop the children of Singapore, which able to invent, innovate and design machinery like the Nordic, which in turn less dependent on cheaper foreigners, which can take away Singaporean jobs and depress their pay?

As less minister less revenue need so less taxes or indirectly, free the business from employing too many foreigners?

The Nordic ministers pay is very reasonable, with the amount of population it govern similiar to Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Koh is right. Sinkies educated are idiots. Can't think out of the box. Always ang moh fart smells good. Only know regurgitate books or experts views. Mostly import ang moh fart. Hopeless.

Anonymous said...

LOL. All ruled by helicopter thinkers or squares LOL

Anonymous said...

Yah lor...import ang moh politics...import ang moh religion...import ang moh lui....cant talk popperly want high position want high pay...that's why be pap lor

Anonymous said...

Today Youth:

Today youth is much debt ridden? A lady said she is not proud to be Singaporean: With 400K over views?

With massive indirect taxes which fuel massive inflation to support the most expensive ministers pay, 88 percent of the youth wishes to emigrate?

With the overtaxed Singapore to pay for the ministers salaries,allowance, and pensions the highest in the world?

Many are barely able to afford houses and cars, credit cards and other debt etc, with staggering amount of debt to pay, many doesn't intend to get marry?

Even when they married they doesn't want to born babies, Singapore will be in serious crisis if continue drop in birthrate?

Many of the youth who doesn't want to born babies cited jobs not stable and rising inflation, due to must import 30K of new citizens to support the main party votes and indirect taxes?

These could continue to fuel higher and higher inflation and job loss to new citizens an depress or stagnant pay?

Anonymous said...

How proud can you be as a Singaporean when the authorities have to pay for campaign on TV to tell you how or why you should be bhappy as a Singaporean.

Everybody is trying to indoctrinate each other. Which means to say, Singaporeans can't think. So yes, be proud!

Anonymous said...

The highest pay in the world is not easy to sustain?

Slowly they need more sources and ways to collect revenues and indirect taxes?

The receiving end will be the commoners?

With their continuing rising wages all these years, after little oppositions?

They continue to introduces new measures to continue to collect more and more revenues to sustain their highest pay in the world?

COE, ERP, GST, Levies, recently the CPF locked up schemes for life, in future maybe more to come? What is the likely ways to collect more indirect taxes you can imagine?

Singaporean there is limit they can taxes, so more and more foreigners need to come to taxes them indirect and suppport their highest pay?

It is a sad thing for Singapore, unlike the first generation of leaders they are thrifty and they understand the commoners problems like the Nordic leaders?

Anonymous said...

All 281 units of retirement village sold within hours. More new homes will be sold as people gravitate towards the new. Most if not all buy with INVESTMENT IN MIND. As the population ages, who is going to pay you millions for your properties?

The more you build the greater the fall lol

Anonymous said...

What is so proud being Singapore. Majority follow the law blindly. Majority if not all follow the smell of money.

There is no other way for these people except follow school's curriculum and indoctrination and be beholden to cunning elitist snakes

No political party or coalition government will be able to stop the. ..devourer

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks at their property(private or HDB) as an investment or asset. One day, most will want to cash out.
There are hundreds of thousands of such homes in this sardine island. Who is going to buy? Who wants a piece of this growing congested, high maintenance and stifling island?Many of these properties are not worth the market value(bad location and facing, old etc). What are you going to do? Fire sale and rock the market?

And the gov keeps releasing more land for more homes. Where are you going to find tenants for investment homes?

Bubble pop, bubble pop, bubble pop pop pop

Anonymous said...

Last time policemen wear pants?

New discoveries will render present technology obsolete?

Sooner or later few will read the MSM? Because as more and more handheld internet enable device flood the market and saturated the market like the mobile phones?

Many or all can get a more balance and faster info from the internet almost immediately, whereas MSM owned by the govt, sometime took months or didn’t report the news as they had their limits?

With more and more use the internet, the govt now know that multi-parties is the right ways of looking after the best interest of the majority of the people?

Opposition parties complement the main party in the Nordic and Swiss that why they are so successful with less negative like SIngapore?

The Nordic recognised the oppositions parties give valuable feebacks of the health of the system?

Multi parties system is the best system in the world it brought the Swiss and Nordic to the highest level in the world and enomorous success?

They provide check and balance feedback if the system not doing well, like the co driver? Imagine if the driver is sleeping, no co driver around, what will happen?

With more opposition coming in the main party will work double hard to win back the vote of the people they will reduce their pay and therefore reduce the pressure on business and reduce the indirect taxes, all were interlinked?

The idea of voting one opposition MP getting two MP to work for you is a very good idea? Buy one and get one free?

Imagine one of these day Singapore had 70 percent foreigners in 2030, which they calculated need to vote them in again?

Imagine Nordic have only one party system, which most of the negative news are not broadcasted? Only listen and see to the right stuff? What will happen?

The Nordic and the Swiss recognised it need checks and balances in the parliament?

The can’t pay their leaders excessively, as the commoners will be heavily burdened by all the indirect taxes?

Business will mitigate looking for cheaper and cheaper foreigners to take over the locals and new citizens to survive?

With many new citizens and local can’t have confident of their future how can they born more babies?

There is different having own children to take care of their parent and looking for foreigners to take care of their parent, I wonder the foreigners will take care of the SIngapore old?

With 30K every year of new citizens need to import in, to vote for the main party pay indirect taxes and depress the local & new citizens pay so that they can continue to get their highest pay in the world?

Anonymous said...

You can't imagine the Nordic the multi-parties systems using various incentives to lure the old people to make use of them to act as a lookout for the for the oppositions and crtics?

The will become the laughing stocks of the world, people exploiting people systme?

Anonymous said...

No point solving symptomatic problems. Those are smoke screen. Go for the big one. But idiots have no clue, right? :)

Anonymous said...

dough - As in money, it almost certainly came from bread (another slang term for it), because bread is the staff of life.

Man shall not live by what? Do you know the meaning of turning stones into what?

Anonymous said...

Is the 1k profit sharing scheme 2011 a decisive of the main party over the opposition parties ? Punggol east decisive victory?

Anonymous said...

Experts look at figures and bluff the electorates we look at your....lusts factor.

By lusts...we don't mean red light district HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Do you know your continue increase the supply of labour to a small countries already overcrowded and overpopulation?

You can see eateries everywhere? These type of labour intensive business or cheap labour industries?

The more citizens you bring in the more new citizens and locals will be out of jobs, there is a limit you can create jobs and create only low pay jobs, as inflation are keep rising?

Which seriously affected birthrate, don't continue to give excuses, you are the highest pay in the world and claimed to be most talent?

If you can't solve the problem, other can why want so much pay?

Nordic have the highest standard of living and low gini coefficiency?

And high birthrate, SIngapore is in contrast yet they want the highest pay in the world?

With the every increase in supply of labour, the demand of jobs will go down? Foreigners can put their children in their cheaper countries and leave Singapore, many Singaporean can't?

With the most talent ministers and the highest pay, you can't find other solutions to grow the economy except increase the population, please don't jokes?

Why other countries like the Nordic and Estonia, can find solutions in increase their productivity and designs, make better products SIngapore can't, only continue need to rely on cheap and cheaper labour and increasing populations way?

This type of standard still want to draw the highest pay and claim to be most talented?

Anonymous said...

Man Machine and Materials:

More oppositions will increase the efficiency of Singapore, with a single party system, price likely to go high as no or little competitions, so little need to innovate and inefficiency and wastage?

As problems slowly creeping up?

Hougang, Punggol East and Aljunied GRC joined together to run, as cost efficiency and economic of the scale, which run more cost efficiency then the other GRCs?

Now the WP may not want to speak too much and concentrate on solving their 7 constituency problems first, to prove they can run more cost efficient then the main party?

With opposition in, the main party got to work double harder to win back the constituency from oppositions? For the price of one oppositions you get a free main party MP?

So it is a good idea to vote for the oppositions, to buy one get to concept?

Singapore should model against the Nordic and Swiss model multi party system, with much higher efficiency, and don't need to pay the ministers the world highest pay to get month levies from cheap foreign workers to pay their salaries?

Pay them the highest pay when the commoner life improve is ok, but it go worse and worse with more foreigners need to come and depress local and take away their jobs?

As many can't find jobs or retrenched got to work as property brokers, insurance agent, cab drivers, security, gardeners and cleaners etc?

If more cheaper foreigners import in, the average SIngaporean standard of living could continue to drop further?

What is the next after the CPF locked up schemes for life?

Anonymous said...

In 2000 must people rely on MSM for info?

Unlike now people rely more news from the internet?

In 3 years time internet and hand held devices will be so cheap it flood the market in 2016?

Probably most will not read the MSM, because the story is too long and cant’t comment or can’t see the comment?

Many whould prefer to read shorter and interactives stories like the internet, which the can comment and see the comments for a more balance view?

Unlike MSM only one way traffic you can’t comment?

Many can show, email and share with other what happen just by a few clicks? Unlike the snail mail era?

Since 2000 the percentage of votes of the main party keep dropping due the the advent of internet and the hand held internet enabled device?

In 2000 the main party got 70 percent, 2006 got 66, 2011 got 60 if not the walkover got 57, if not the profit sharing scheme maybe much less?

It could be due to the CPF locked up schemes for life, which is possibly people only savings was locked up for life, because of influx of too many cheap foreigners?

Many economy do well without importing too many foreigners like Estonia an Nordic?

Singaporean pay were kept low by the foreigners and don’t have much savings due to inflation?

The latest election Punggol East by election clearly show the sliding popularity of the main party and some of its flaw policy of overpaying themselves too much and need lots of indirect taxes?

This election clear show that internet had a strong influence in the result as many are foreigners new citizen and middle class?

This got to much to do with the continue innovations in the internet and hand held devices making the MSM irrelevant?

The MSM were owned by the govt, so most people will share their stories with the mobile internet device with people and about the main party flaw polices appeared?

After 2011 election, the speed of internet spread through tablet and hand held device become faster and faster so sharing of info became instaneaous?

The Punggol East result can be seen with a hand held internet device in the facebook almost immediately?

So people can judge what happen and don’t rely much on the MSM now?

In 2016 election, internet could play a more decisive role, as you can see that the recent Malaysia election result is much internet influenced?

You can see the changing voting patterns due to increase in use of internet?

Anonymous said...

What the use of paying themselves incredible amount money, pension, bonuses and allowances and taxes people incredible amount of money heavily indirectly?

You want people work until over 70s, say is easy of course you got these multi millions salaries, you can retired easily, want or don't want to work easily?

Of course you can say anything you like, is easy to say when you are a multi millions, the reality when a person grow old with inflation, rarely any employer want to employ?

Usually they are less healthy and slower then the cheaper, faster foreign workers?

Imagine the old need the money to tide over their difficult period, you still want to keep their old age savings, giving some excuses?

But for a commoner get older got to compete with younger cheaper foreigners what is the out come?

These amount of blood, tear, sweat retirement money which many had taken out for retirement in the past when they react 55, now is locked up for life?

They struggle hard in early life, thought that they can take out the money suddenly the rule changed they can't take out at 55, which was promised earlier?

You think of all sources of ways to raise taxes indirect to continue to maintain your world highest pay, yet the lower end of the population continue to suffer from the effect?

As more foreigners came eat away the low income through inflation?

Allow the massive influx of cheaper foreign workers in to pay yourself incredibly rich, keep increasing the inflation, many hardly can survive hand to mouth, yet you want keep people CPF?

So that why Singapore go so many credit companies and loan sharks?

The best way is to lower your salaries and return the CPF to people for them to tide over their old age or 80 percents of the CPF?

Give back people CPF to tide over their old age, between 55 to 70, not so easy for people to look for jobs in Singapore, when reach 40 is difficult to find jobs?

Every person too know it, you all don't or ignorant, just care of your world highest salaries, what about others do you think of the commoners?

Don't keep savings and reward yourself handsomely, with all these excuses, people are not stupid?

At one hand you bring so many foreigners to compete with older people for jobs, and on the another hand you keep people CPF? You want the best of the both world levies from foreigners and CPF?

As a result many were discouraged by the policies, don't want to marry and married don't want to have children? Or planning to emigrate, what do you think about the country run until such a state?

What type of talent is these ruling a societies with more then half are foreigners in future, which all these excuses even a children know and laugh?

If your policies are good why need so

Anonymous said...

The medias is owned by the govt of course, can always show those who are success, but what about the majorities who was seriously affected and suffered by the flaw policies?

The are not likely to run themselves showing negatives side of themselves, usually they want to show the good sides of themselves?

Anonymous said...

Oxfam also argues that this is no accident either, saying growing inequality has been driven by a "power grab" by wealthy elites, who have co-opted the political process to rig the rules of the economic system in their favour.


Correct observation. That's why meritocracy is deceiving and plays into the hands of the successful elites or rich.

However, the solution is far from workable because it. ..begs the rich and powerful to correct the inequality.

You beg, you get crumbs and forever writing long essays. ...preaching. ... sounding pious but continue the path of Sin.

You can't see because every Sunday. .. thousands flock to services with their eyes closed and their mouths opened babbling nonsense. ..including highly educated and influential elites.

Anonymous said...

How much you can eat, live or bring it to the graveyard?

Anonymous said...

Be reasonable, can compare your income against Warren Buffret or the Bill Gates they are entreprenuers?

You are politicians, you need to compare to politicians which manage around the the same population around 5 millions people, like the Nordic, Switzerland & New Zealand?

The grandfather time no internet now got internet, a child will know the true? Punggol East By Election?

Where last time grandfather time only the govt own MSM, so those old people no other alternatives, got only the govt owned MSM to get their info?

Now what you said people can search google internet and find out the true and compare, you just can't use the MSM to show only good things about yourself only, ignore the negatives?

If they can manage the populations so well with these types of pay why don't you can't, something wrong?

Compare apple to apple, not apple against orange?

Can a figure head president at these country draw $40 millions in 12 years in these countries?

If you want to be a entreprenuer, Singaporean are happy to let you go, you can see the widen income gap, and keep lowering of birthrate and the standard of livng? How to justify these type of pay?

Please by all means, let the Low Thia Kiangs, Sylvia Lims, Chen Show Maos, Tan Jee Says or Dr Angs, with the heart for the common people to take over?

Do you know with these unbelievable pay need lots of indirect taxes to maintain, how long can it be maintain?

Anonymous said...

Political parties and politicians are part of the problem. That's why you can't get out of the wilderness.

Whoever comes into power will still get screwed. No end to bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

They like to look to alternative elites. Hey, still elites lah. Flawed in every way.

End of the day, who is your strongman? Who is the most powerful man in Sin?

Bow to him. If it is Low, bow to Low. If it is Chee, bow to Chee. If it is Ah Kow, Bow to Ah Kow. if the person wears skirt, bow to PMS.

Is that the way, bodoh?

All bow to Lee lah! He is the man of Sin. Amen!

Anonymous said...

Sucky c o c k s too long that's why can't think out of the box.

Learn from which country again? Their c o c k better is it?

Anonymous said...

Francis challenges World Economic Forum elite of industrialists, bankers to promote inclusive prosperity and leave no one behind in poverty

is like telling the pope to dissolve his religious empire and stop misleading and milking the sheep, will he do it?

oh yah, they will listen because he is the pope.

talk cok sing song

Anonymous said...

If there is not GRC base on single seat contest SMC?

Singapore likely to have 35 oppositions seats in the Parliament out of 87 seats? And multi parties system like the Nordic and many of the developed countries?

It can't be only 7 seats or 8 percents of 87 seats?
Base on 40 percents of the oppositions votes?

Singapore one of these days will be in serious trouble if these problem will not address, like the serious recent tekka riots?

As more foreigners pushing the cost of living higher and keep taking and depress new citizens and locals and their children jobs?

With more opposition in likely reduce the salaries of the Nordic ministers level?

So there is little incentives in importing more people to support their votes and indirect taxes?

All these highest salaries ministers, with their pensions, allowances, bonuses need alot of local and foreigners to support it don't come cheap?

One figure head president in his 12 tenure already have staggering $40 millions of income?

Because their ultra high salaries, need lots of indirect taxes to support the whole group of them?

When there is more oppositions and competitions, the main party who work harder, and Singapore would be like the Israel, South Korea and Japan already?

Depend more own innovations, not depend on foreign investment cheaper and cheaper foreign workers?

Imagine every year 30k of foreigners came to be come new citizens and replaced the older new citizens and locals the jobs and depress their pay and in future their children?

With more oppositions in there will be little incentives to import foreigners in to vote for them?

Need another 1.6 million to 6.9 millions by 2030 people to replace Singaporean to vote for them to support their world highest pay?

The opposition need to work extra hard to overcome the odds, got to win the heart and mind of all the new citizens and knock on every doors to explain the danger of one party rule?

Because the command the world highest salaries and various other allowances, they need the foreigners came in to vote them, maintain and the salaries and using the profit sharing schemes, and GRC system, as their vote continue to slide down, due to the extra high taxes?

With no GRC systems, they would not give so many excuses need foreigners for these for that Singapore don't want the jobs most advance countries use their locals for most of the jobs except Singapore?

Most other countries don't need so many foreigners they use innovations?

Anonymous said...

What are the MP that can't come from the door come from the back door?

East Coast GRC toto results, who is the lucky one to get in?

48 + 49 + 55 + 58 + 60 = Average 54 percent?

Marine Parade GRC:

45 + 49 + 60 + 61 + 65 = Average 56 percent?

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC:

49 + 49 + 60 + 61 + 61 = Average 56 percent?

Who is the lucky one, strike toto get through the back door?

Anonymous said...

Singapore oppositions against lot of odds, the GRC system, profit sharing schemes & Importing of new citizens?

With their highest pay and all these lucrative allowances, few don't want more money? They got to win at all cost? With less money they will less incentive to will at all cost?

If their pay is reasonable like the Nordic, they will go to the private sectors if they lost?

Singapore got to pay the competitive salaries benchmark against the Nordic, Swiss & New Zealand with around the similar population level, if not long run many Singaporean will suffer more?

Which heavily burden to maintain their high income?

With so much indirect taxes to maintain their salaries, bonuses, pensions, allowances etc?

Singaporean will not worry of ever increase in foreigners, high inflation, to take away their jobs and their children jobs?

The govt will less incentives to use foreigners as an excuse and concentrate on developing the local by using technology and designing, instead of cheaper foreigners?

Anonymous said...

Ideas that made Singapore success were outmoded and obsolete in today internet era? 3rd World count coming up?

Communist abandoned socialist ideas in East Europe became democracy, if they continue the old ideas their standard of living will continue to drop?

You can't control info, it is vital for the country survival, business need to made constant decisions and they are nimble, they will go to a country that they can get fast and latest info?

The invention of internet reduce the distant of the world?

One of the major causes of Arab Spring is inflation?
People can't cope with rising price? One party system?

China with its leaders mistake of like a ostrich buried head in the sands, as Marco Polo learn everything from China, went back and keep innovating from the ideas it learn from CHina?

Lead to a vast improvement in life in Europe with better and better technology?

Lesson learn it better to have oppositions parties like the Nordic and Swiss, rather then impede their progress?

As technology progress and competition intensify, which drive down price and make faster and easier to get info, handheld devices soon will be the source of info and news for the mass?

Main Stream Media, soon will be made obsolete like other old technology, which offer only one way traffic only.

Now younger population prefer to use internet to give feedback and solutions?

Technology viral info fast, unlike the grandfather era, where the old man can only get their info from the govt owned medias?

In 2000, people used only the MSM the main party got 70 percent of the votes, with no alternative sources of info, mostly walkover due to the GRC system?

At that time is might still ok to use one party system, which degenerated to today state of low birthrate, high incomes disparity, continue lower standard of living for the mass?

Then as internet improve 2006 the main party support drop to 66 percents, after a few recession, it decide to introduce 2 casinos as Singapore dependent on cheaper and cheaper workers no longer work?

After it introduce the 2 casinos straight way it rise it pay 25 percent despite the protest of many?

Almost immediately the hawker food rise 25 percent, one minister got the cheeks to go around asking hawkers not to raise price, which cause by his party raising their salaries?
Increase use of internet and handheld devices the main parties votes continue to drop to 60 percent if not for the TP walkover 57pc? And the profit sharing scheme?

Recent by election at P.E. dropped to 43 pc which made them panic?

Innovation and competitions had make many technology obsolete, like the walkman now people use MP3 much smaller and cheaper.

Typewriters almost no longer in use people prefer email much faster? MSM 2016 could be obsolete as more and more people use internet enable devices?

The same as MSM could be made obsolete in 2016 as majority get the news and info?

Anonymous said...

With 15 GRC systems? One won by Opposition?

If base on the single seats equivalents?

Out of 40 percent of the 35 seats out of 87 seats? 28 seats are back door MP? Many backdoors MP had lots of appt. simply don't have much time for the common people?

These bad door MP deprived of the common populations voices, as oppositions need to represent their of 40 percents or 35 seats.

But only 7 went to oppositions, can come into the parliament? Which lead to sorry state of Singapore affairs?

Many of the bad door MP to tired to attend or sleep during parliamentary proceedings?

Oppositions 7 MP attend all the Parliamentary proceedings?

Average of 14 GRC 2 MP from the main party could be given votes by the those with the higher votes? The are not likely to be able to coming in without the vote from the higher vote MP?

On average one GRC pull in an average of 2 MP through votes passing around?

Those 6 GRC system as much as 3 MP could be pull in through the back doors?

With this type of arrangement, can Singapore continue don't slide, Singapore can always make to look good, but inside, when people look further behind most know what happen to SIngapore in a sorry state of affairs?

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