Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It is the govt that has to be regulated not the online news ...

It is almost a month since my last posting. It is a bit hard to explain why I have not written as much as I did in the past. There are no major changes in my life except that I'm getting older. Since I started blogging in 2005, the Internet has enabled Singaporeans to have  deeper understanding of the system they live in. It allowed the underlying causes of problems faced by Singaporeans to be discussed objectively and trade-offs in govt polices to be seen with greater clarity.  This deeper understanding does not help the PAP to maintain its dominant position.

Despite having the whole mainstream media on its side,  the PAP has struggled to explain the benefits of the system it has in place and convince the people that old policies and schemes should remain as they are.  The less democratic aspects of the system of govt is becoming less justifiable and less acceptable to Singaporeans. Even as the aspirations for progress and change builds up, the PAP wants to maintain its dominance making as few changes as possible. To do so,  it has to control the Singaporeans' access to information. The PAP wants control and influence over the online news media that has increased in popularity in the last few years. The new MDA regulations gives the PAP govt broad powers to do this.

Under the code, prohibited content includes "material that is objectionable on the grounds of public interest, public morality, public order, public security, national harmony, or is otherwise prohibited by applicable Singapore laws."

The MDA on Tuesday said websites that have at least 50,000 unique visitors from Singapore every month and publish at least one local news article per week over a period of two months must obtain an annual licence.

The MDA said the licence guidelines will "apply to all content on the news sites, including readers' comments on the news sites".

The maximum penalty for illegal broadcasting under the Broadcasting Act is a fine of $200,000 or three years' jail or both. But for sites that are licensed, failing to comply with conditions could result either in financial penalties or the licence being suspended or revoked.[Link]

What worries me is not just the use of harsh laws to limit the freedom of Singaporeans and disable them from effecting change but what the PAP govt can does under a cloak of secrecy due to absence of laws protecting the privacy and freedom of Singaporeans.  

Singapore has a weak legal regime to protect privacy and has deployed extensive surveillance systems.[Link]

You may have missed the news 2 days ago about a  US NSA (America's agency that does surveillance)  technician leaking information about the NSA's PRISM system that allows the US govt to access all servers of major US infocomm companies including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo! etc giving the US govt the technical capability to spy on its own citizens. PRISM gives the US govt access to all emails, VoIP,  files and messages of Internet users.

"The government has granted itself power it is not entitled to. There is no public oversight. The result is people like myself have the latitude to go further than they are allowed to" , Whistle-blower Edward Snowden[Link]

While the technical capability exists to spy on its citizens, the NSA is bounded by American privacy laws that limits its surveillance activity to "any customers of participating corporations who live outside the United States, or American citizens whose communications include web content of people outside the United States."[Link].

According to the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, PRISM cannot be used to intentionally target any Americans or anyone in the United States. [Link].

Unfortunately the laws protecting Singaporeans from such surveillance is weak and there agencies such as the CSIT (Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies) that operate in secrecy and are known to be involved in surveillance activities from the type of equipment it procures. Without a strong regulatory and legal framework in place, there is a big risk that the interests of Singaporeans will be compromised.

Singapore, where authorities keep a close eye on opposition groups and political commentary, some people use encryption programs to avoid surveillance.

"If you are concerned about electronic eavesdropping, you can use pidgin IM - it has an encryption module for instant messaging," said Donaldson Tan, editor of socio-political website New Asia Republic.

"There is also Tor client for online anonymity," he said, referring to two popular free software programs developed by volunteer programmers to guard against network surveillance.

Asked if he was concerned whether the U.S. government would share surveillance information with Singapore authorities, given the friendly ties between the two countries, Tan said: "The U.S. is really hard to read".

A Singapore government spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Several people in the region said the reports of government access to e-mails and phone calls were not surprising.

"This latest revelation, if true, is really no more than putting proof to suspicion," said Howard Lee, a blogger who often writes about political and social issues in Singapore.

"As citizens of democracies, our response should not be fear, but a concerted voice to demand accountability and transparency. I believe this is the current aim of civil society groups in Singapore."[Link]

The existence of secret organisations operating in the absence of regulation that protects the privacy of Singaporeans from surveillance by the state creates fear among those who legitimately oppose the govt because they hold a different point of view.  There is no reason to govern Singapore with such repressive measures that does not exist anywhere else in the developed world except to maintain dominance at a time when there is a growing desire for change.


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Anonymous said...

This country has gone to the dogs. You die your business, since it has gone to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Your home is losing value and it is not good news because of the direct and indirect impact on jobs, businesses and economy.

On rental, it is a tenants market( benefiting mostly foreigners - huge saving for them at our people's expense) because of the huge oversupply of properties in the market and the shrinking foreign employment.

Many who are financially challenged and relied on rental to supplement their income or for retirees living off rental will suffer greatly. Mortgagees will be under pressure too.

On resale, many sellers who need to cash out because of financial problems will find it extremely difficult to sell their properties. Suicide rate may rise.

The property bloodbath will spread to many sectors of the economy and shall have grave social implications.

Latest news is that government is tapering supply - too late - but not cutting off supply in an already over supply property market.

With a huge source of income depleted from the people's assets, and their spending powers drastically reduced, expect more businesses to fail and your jobs threaten - more will lose their jobs.

The government is solely responsible for the mismangement of the property market and the consequence bloodbath!

Anonymous said...

good good good...more property agencies and agents will die...time to hold back spending and spend only on BARE NECESSITIES ....sorry if you going to lose your jobs/money/business because people are not spending on your businesses or services in a dog eat dog world ruled by dogs.... own self for own self in Sin city!  

hope the 60% who supported the evil regime will lose their jobs....muahahaha

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised. Shops are closing everywhere

Anonymous said...


Those person who are able to take back their CPF earlier batch are lucky, they are able use these reserve to get better returns and do better in life, then those unlucky one who had their CPF locked up forever?

The funny thing at that time their life never delay so long died 15 year later at 70 and the girls never when to Batam to spend all their money, which they heard these excuses now, when the rules are changed?

How fast they found out that human life extend had 15 years, and the M'sian didn't extend still at 55 they get back their CPF?

They thought that after slogging over 30 to 40 years they can get back their tear, blood & Sweat money at 55 as promised?

These is their most important savings for life every month they put aside 37 percent monthly, which they are promised to be returned to them when they reach 55?

The need these money for reserve, their children education, crisis out of jobs etc?

Anonymous said...

Private property is destabilising the market. The more you build, the worse it is for the people. The only people benefiting from private property are the rich. Good public housing is enough. Let the current private market wane off.

Unless your politics is designed to benefit the rich and suffocate the Middle class and below, one must know when to stop. Your people are not that great.

learn to be contented is smarter.

Anonymous said...

Most filthy rich make their millions and billions from real estate. The suckers are the vast middle incomers attempting to be rich, like them, in real estate. Eventually, a time will come to cash out( that's the purpose of making money isn't it?). The trickle down effect will hit like an economic tsunami.

Many will be hurt.

Very irresponsible of your political leaders to lead the people into the death zone!

Anonymous said...

The importing of 30K new immigrants per year could worry the new citizens of Singapore?

The Punggol East By Election, show the swing of 10 percent votes which is unexpected, show the new citizens don't support using newer and newer citizens to boost the economy? The are worry they could lose their jobs to newer citizens?

The locked up CPF for life is the most important issue too as 37 of the income per month was locked up for life?

The new citizens at PE like felt the pain of rising cost of living, after the 2011 as everything gone up, due to what give in 2011 need to take back double?

New citizens are less support using increase importing people to boost the economy?

The increase of immigrants could push up demand and the cost of hospital, education, flats & facilities like MRT etc, the quality of life?

Relentless increase in new citizens could take away the older new citizens or the children jobs or depress their pay?

The new citizen could prefer the Singapore First Party ideals of empowering Singaporean through the use and development of technology, various stage of using the medias to encourage innovation, designing & branding the product to sell to higher margin?

Rather then supporting low end foreign investment which is cost conscious?

Own countries develop multi national companies don't worry of moving to cheaper base, like foreign investments? Which can reduce the income gap?

Imagine Singapore claimed to be a developed first country with cleaners pay between $800 to $1000 per month?

The better alternative is to enhance the SMC, to become successful international brands the can enjoying higher margin so that to boost the economy and increase the birth rates as more Singaporean are more confidence of their future?

People give birth because they are more confidence of their children future or they can birth up their children, to much competition from foreigners from cheaper countries, could bring a heavy toll on their confidence of their children future?

Anonymous said...

Don't smoke ganja here lah. Only educated idiots will buy your drugs!

Anonymous said...

Baited by inflated assets and end up being slaves to it.

Anonymous said...

If not how do wicked men justify inflated salary? Build more to enslave more of your children to keep them in power and luxury.

So you producing children to fill up more and more pigeon holes or holes are for more foreigners to hold you hostage?

The city state depends on you to raise slaves. Will you?

Anonymous said...

Consider the importance of CPF to most people, the ruling party could face massive defeat in 2016?

Just by suggesting the delay in return CPF caused the retirement of former Minister Howe Yoon Chong in 1984?

CPF is so important to people which they saved for 30 to 40 years which they expected it to return to them at 55?

By the recent highest turnout in the protest of CPF? The massive protest votes can't be underestimated?

Anonymous said...

Ms Bee Hoon, Sin is lawlessness. Live in Sib, dies in Sin.

You want to go against the book and expect to win?

Well, try lor

Anonymous said...

Singapore should have given these group of people their hard earn savings at 55 to retire or semi retire, to take care of their grand children or semi retire to invest their money full time, to reduce the competition in the job market, so that those really need the jobs can work?

These group of people who can handle well their money if they able to get back their money they can handle well and get higher return as they are thrifty and took many years to save it, as they can concentrate running their own money investments with more fund, to work harder for them instead locking up their money not able to use to increase the over savings and unproductive money?

Singapore got the most millionaire but it is a shame just because certain group of people can’t take out their money got to work deprive another group of money, so they got to sleep in the street no jobs?

For those who take out their money can semi retire to take care of their grand children to improve the birthrate in SIngapore, which Singapore had one of the lowest birthrate in the world, instead of burdening their children where their money is locked up for unproductive or inefficient usages?

Instead of contributing to increase Singapore birthrate these group of old people got to work and deprive those poor need work more, which the had their savings in side of the CPF lying around in an inefficient low productive ways?

Anonymous said...

CPF forever locked up scheme?:

CPF should have more options, after all it is people had been saving for over 35 years, it is fair after savings so many years, people should be able to take it back as promised, spend some, keep the rest as reserve in case of emergency, what for you keep in a place you can’t withdraw during emergency?

Especially nowadays the need for emergency funds is more acute then yesterdays, where the job market is more competitive?

These are people blood, sweat & tear moving of slogging so many year to save and expecting to get it back as promised at 55? This is the trust?

People should had the options and right to how to spend it?

Even some might had spend it all, they still got to go back to work, they can survive on some $300 handouts, and not many can qualify for it?

There is a group of people no matter how much they have they will spend it, some maybe wealthy at a moment?

What about the group of people who don't have CPF spend all their money, mean just sit down wait to died, hope to get $300 social welfare, charities or handout or sleep in the street?

Most likely to go back to work?

How able those who don’t have CPF at all they still need to work to survive?

They should able to get it back at 55, to get higher passive income then the meager 3 percents from CPF and nobody know what happen, when they reach 70 again will it change again? The might not be able to spent it?

At their age their children is still school need more reserve for backing up in case of emergency, what is the use you are asset rich and can’t touch it?

Anonymous said...

Those person who able to manage their money and had the track records, the CPF should be return to them to run it more efficiently then the CPF?

Anonymous said...

How many percent of people can live past 70, as the retirement or CPF going to raise to 70, possibly only 10 - 15 percent?

Why raise to 65 or 70 where those below these age if out of job no income? those who able to live past 80 govt should gave them social welfare and not depend of their CPF?

What happen to 55 to 65, no payout no money give out, why should be only 65 and 70 above then got money, so how to reward those who struggle their whole life to save 37 percent per month their money gone if they can't live past 65, they can't even enjoy their lifetime of savings?

Is there something wrong with this system, which keep changing the rules, should make it as simple as possible?

The rest of 85 percent, is unlikely to see their CPF, after slogging for 40 years which promised to be returned to people at 55?

Many got to eat grass if they can't get back the lump sum at 55 as had promised, borrowing from credit companies and Ah long ?

In today context of heavy job competition, the older the person the less marketable, so if he out of job and used up their savings, now even worse can't get back their hard earned savings which is locked up forever, unlike last time can temporary depend on their CPF and look for jobs?

Singapore don't have the type of retrenchment benefits like the west?

Many at this age had a family to feed, so between 55 and 65 or 70 better don't out of jobs now, unlike last time you can have your CPF as a back up in case you don't have a job temporary?

Anonymous said...

The EP and Punggol East BE, reveal many interesting facts.

Both EP and PE By Elect, have four candidates.

Main Stream Medias have less and less influence on the public as in the past, as mobile internet continue to gain grounds?

The electorate is getting younger and more educated, as news around the world is more accessible, due to the continue lowering cost of getting the mobile internet?

The recent old 76 year old ladies, asking for her coffin money CPF to be return, as she had struggle all her life to contribute to the economy, video viral around the world in days?

The EP is more like some advanced small nation, where four best parties putting their best candidates up for elect from different?

Change in support of new citizens show up in the 2011 from the ruling party to 2013 Punggol East BE, as most new citizens felt much different after 2011 many things the price kept rising?

The new citizen who vote the ruling party could had changed their mind vote the WP?

Surprising they leave 2 other opposition RP and SDA with only one percent each?

The surprise unexpected swinging in a staggering 10 percent to the WP, as many expected the ruling party to win by a slim margin? It could due to more and more people aware that their CPF was locked up for life?

The EP too saw the voters complete on four of the nation best, each had vast experiences heading various entities successfully?

Previously if without mobile internet Tony Tan with massive main stream medias support, associations support and ruling party endorsement should have way ahead of the other 3 opposing voices of TCB, TJS & TKL?

It is too surprise this is the ruling party best candidate got to be recall to do national service? The sentiment had turned with mobile internet?

These 2 results show the electorate signal they want a multi party system like some of the highly successful small advanced countries which each party to their research on each issue and present their best candidates to solve their problems, not some par-timer who got full time pay and too tired to attend parliamentary proceedings?

The result of EP of the voting patterns consistence to the maturing of electorate?

Tony are the ruling party best candidate can only through with one one percent ahead of Tan CHeng Bock, through luck which the opposing voices divided by TJS and TKL?

With the votes of 34, 33, 25 and 5 percent means what level the person achievement and experiences came into key consideration of the electorate?

The impact of the problem of overcrowding due to the planning of increase new immigrant of $30K each year will be more acute as it show in the shortage of beds in a hospitals patients got to sleep in the tent?

Can Singapore cope with any crisis with the every increasing crowds?

Singapore shift it emphasis from a cheap manufacturing base to a service industries base economy, could cause the more acute overcrowding situations?

With the average of 8 millions tourists to 15 millions people?

Anonymous said...


In 2011 is the worst all time performance, of 57 percent with the 60 percent minus the 3 percent walkover last minute disqualification of Tanjong Pagar GRC?

With the huge swing of new citizens votes from the ruling party to the WP in 2013 Punggol East BY Elect. due to rising cost, heavy competition from newer citizens for jobs?

30K new citizens per year, and the locked up of CPF for life which many most important savings of their life of 37 percent a month for 40 years?

Most of the ruling party GRC and SMC had less ten percent margin over the opposition?

Most would like to take back their CPF, hope the opposition gave back most of their CPF by 55 after 40 years of slogging and saving their hard earn money? Massive protest votes could be casted?

A drop in 10 percent or more for the ruling party in every SMC or GRC could see the ruling party control of parliament to less then 50 percent of the seat from 92 percent of the seat?

Most of the ministers hemming the GRC could be voted out?

Possibly about 30 over percent of the seats by the govt, maybe the opposition taking over the govt through coalition, in today internet age anything can happen?

Due to the rapid and cheaper use of mobile internet taking over the govt controlled Main Stream Medias as the main source of information and news?

Anonymous said...

Live in Sin dies in Sin.

Anonymous said...

f a person go to the bank and want to take out his fixed deposit, the banker told him he may not able to handle his money need to wait for get older then get out some money per month can't get lump sum out, what will happen, people thought it will be very funny?

Whether people know how people handle it, got to do with him as it was a promised to return on certain time, no questions ask?

Don't tell me a promised by the govt can change anytime, with the govt gave some excuses, how other countries view our system, people are old enough know how to think and manage their money? These is mobile internet age, different from the snail era?

Even people spend all their money go to social welfare and get $400 per month, how many qualify, people rather work to get $800 in today inflation?

Can Singapore claim to be a develop country with it low wage workers no minimum pay?

What for people slogged 40 years still continue need to slog again, don't know when can they see their CPF lifetime savings, it might give some flimsy excuses again delay to 75 again nobody Know?

If at 55 gave back people the CPF money, it will not be an issue?

Will youngsters will scare they got to work until no retirement age, what it these type of system compare to other system where people able to retire take care of their grandchildren, sometime do part time, it could be govt be voted out in 2016 ballot?

If people worry their old age, what will happen to the birthrate, their parent got to continue to work, will they dare to born babies?

Like the huge swing of the winning margin of the 10 percent winning marign in Punggol East to an unexpected lost due to the CPF issue? The ruling party could be out of the govt in 2016?

Lifetime savings CPF possibly the most important issues in people life?

It is most important because every month they saved 37 percent of their income expected and promised to be returned by 55?

Make it simple return the money don't come out too many confusing schemes?

Anonymous said...


Related Links

The debt trap in our midstConfessions of a licensed moneylender'More moneylenders move into heartland

Dr Beh Swan Gin, the ministry's Permanent Secretary, said of the 15-member panel's challenge yesterday: "It is not an easy task to maintain the balance between protecting consumers and preserving their access to credit."

- See more at:

How does the smart people solve your money problems in a fatcats eat small dogs world?

These fatcats will tighten credit lending and where do you suppose they are going to find the money tto resolve their problems?

Suicide is a way out. A healthy property market has helped many once. But the market is dead now.

Credited to the government smart people logical and constructive politics creating more problems and resolving some, they want you to look at it positively and be blind to more people having financial problems because of their greed!

They are always on the right side of the law because the laws ensure you die lawfully.

Anonymous said...

Beware of the righteousness of the pharisees

Anonymous said...

If there is more then 10 percent votes swing in all the parliamentary seats due to CPF locked up of people life time savings of CPF?

Which the shocked unexpected defeat in Punggol East BE?

Now oppositions bringing in better and better quality candidates, start visiting doors to doors earlier like WP Lee Li Lian knock on every doors?

Only at the polling station then reveal the candidates name fearing the MSM might run them down, asking electorates to votes the opp, so that the ruling party can work harder to get back the CONt., vote one opp get two MP to work for you?

A 10 percent swing in votes like the PE by Elect. could left the ruling party with only 32 seats and could be the minor party as more and more high caliber and well qualified opp individual coming in by the days, 69.33% of Ang Mo Kio GRC 6 members, 5 members Jurong GRC 66.96, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC 6members, Sembawang GRC 63.9 5members,West Coast GRC 5 members 66.57%?

Many of the ministers could out of jobs, like the former foreign minister George Yeo work in Hong Kong now?

Bt Panjang SMC 66.27, Hong Kah North SMC 70.61, Radin Mas SMC 67.10 Whampoa SMC 66.10 Yuhua SMC 66.86? Left the ruling party with only 36 percent of the seats?

As in Punggol East, the more new immigrants continue to switch side to opp, fearing their CPF locked up for life, additional 30K new immigrants and rising cost of living?

Anonymous said...

Likely the historical year for S'pore like the highest talent in the country compete for the Elected President and after it?

Tony Tan who rejected the Prime Minister post previously, which given to GCT, just merely scrapped through with only 0.34 percent better then rival TCB, subsequently with the EP pay drop drastically due to heavy commpetition?

2016 with massive competition, a 10 percent swing in votes, could see 55 seats or 74 percent of the seats went to the oppositions?

Only 32 seats of the ruling party with 10 percent of more winning margin or 36 percent of the seat?

Almost similar to Tony Tan 35 percent win?

It is likely they drastically reduce the pay, so that the savings and expenditure, support local Small and Medium size companies expand and develop their companies oversea exporting drive?

It could be around the Singapore ministers pay reduce to $300K compare to the danish, Swiss and New Zealand ministers? Due to heavy competition from the opposition?

How the form a coalition party to run the govt. possible each party negotiate to bring in their candidate to be ministers like the western democracies?

The past of over depend on low productive foreigners workers could be reduced or low productive foreign investment with need cheap foreign workers?

The new coalition govt likely to concentrate developing the and empowering the locals rather then the foreigners?

$300K per year still very high compare to the $5400 foreign workers pay?

The savings and expenditures of running the govt, could be divert to developing local SME?

So that S'pore low wages workers could have a better future? Previously the cleaners around $800 per month for about 10 years, negative wage grow after inflation? Which many foreign companies prefer cheaper workers?

With the mobile internet, one day maybe given almost free to the old and less educated it might happen sooner?

Anonymous said...


S'pore with at least $350 billions of reserves previously depend on cheap labour, now no longer workable as China open up with billion of cheap and educated labour?

So the next stage is to find consultants to develop the SME to the next level to be brand name like the Apple, Toyota, Rolex or Ikea that can get highly margin?

Singapore move into service industry tourists arrival from 8 millions to 15 millions the next target is develop to 20 millions tourist arrival and increase their spending and stay?

Singapore know that it is no longer a low cost investment destination, like in the past, as cost kept rising?

S'pore now had more $350 billions of reserve much better then when it was in the 60s and 70s?

With so much reserve it now can't depend of foreign investments?

A study of those highly successfully small countries, much effort were put into the school to foster youth to be creative and innovative and designing better products?

Many of the Nordic depend on the local to spearhead the countries high success companies world wide?

It is better to rely on its own home grown industries then foreign investment that would move away to cheap cost destinations?

Foreign investment would move away easily but not local companies?

When foreign companies move away much job lost?

The foreign companies margin low so local cleaners for years pay around $800 for the past ten years, possibly negative wages grow after inflation?

$350 billions to pump into develop the local research and development capabilities, to bring Singapore to the next phrase of development to be an advanced nation?

No chinese nation is recognise as an advance nation China with 5 thosand years of history, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan, S'pore used to be the most promising but the GRC system cause it to set back as little alternative or opposition competitive ideas coming in, this could change in 2016 GE?

Anonymous said...

For most Singaporeans, their home is their ONLY asset(90% home ownership). Many Singaporeans will have to depend on their asset(home) to live comfortably or just to survive/retire(due to high cost of living and inflation etc) To keep the value of their homes up, the property market must be sustainable. But is it sustainable when the government has been unrelenting in their building programs and there will be few buyers(since the core population will diminish)? When the (core) can't make up the number to soak up these properties, the people have no choice but to yield to gov foreign open door policies to sustain the property market. In other words, gov's plan to raise the population number( needed to create a prosperous city FOR THE RICH) via foreigners will be achieved through or LINKED to your (((ASSET))). And since Singaporean would not want to see their assets lose value ( rental and resale loss) will be forced to concede - to government's plan for greater foreign presence at YOUR expense(a very crowded city, crowded hospitals, POOR healthcare services, highly stressful and competitive environment etc). Isn't the government brilliant?

The government now has a "GUN"(your asset) pointed to your head. Your ASSET or lesser foreigners, choose?

Either live with more foreigners( high demand for homes) or for many, saddle with kinds of problems from "money not enough("DEBTS, unable to retire, financial burdens, temptations,crime, suicides,family disintegration etc) when demand for your assets head south.And that's how you have been ruled - slave to mammon(or forever work for/indebted to/at the mercy of the rich rulers)

The average Singaporean salary is NOT enough to live a comfortable life in Singapore. Many have to depend on their assets(HUGE financial boost) to pay or buy the good things/services in life and finance retirement.

Your miserable CPF is the least worry compared to your worthless HDBs or worthless private properties

Anonymous said...

The wealthy Southeast Asian nation(Singapore) has seen soaring household debt levels in recent years as low interest rates have led to a borrowing spree, prompting the government to step in to curb demand amid concerns rates are heading higher.

Singapore's household debt-to-income ratio has risen to 2.1 times in 2012 from a low of around 1.9 times in 2008 during the Lehman crisis, according to data in the annual financial stability review, released by the city-state's central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, in December - reported this year

Many are indebted because of property purchases. With the gov's drastic cooling measures, many will face difficulties managing their debts and finances . Also reported, the gov is tightening money lending rules because many have fallen into the money trap.

Those who think I am writing this in my interest is ignoring the reality of gov's policies affecting millions of people and is in EVERYONE interest - included, many jobs are at stake. Properties, jobs, economy and LIVES are interrelated and if any of this fails, the others will be dragged down.

Anonymous said...

after they have made money out of fools...then they tell the fools to be responsible with the little they have....what a wicked generation

Anonymous said...

"Let us be clear. This is not about freedom of speech or a debate about immigration or foreign workforce policy(WHY NOT?). This is about racism and xenophobia and there is no place for racists and xenophobes in our society(NO ROOM TO STATE A FACT)," he wrote.

He added: "We have always been an open society where people come to our shores for a range of reasons(ONE REASON - MONEY). Many have settled down over the years, others may move on, as do some of our own Singaporeans. Many leave as friends(WAYANG) with Singapore always in their hearts(MONEY INTHIR POCKETS). That is what will make us big(BIG - FATCATS,POWER,RESPECT,GREED) despite being a little red dot."

Anonymous said...

But, he said: “As a maturing economy, Singapore cannot rely on a linear increase in labour, land, or resources such as energy, to grow our economy. To achieve sustainable growth, Singapore will continue to move towards higher value added activities and innovation.”

Do you think your average graduate understand the above ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Giving these type of silly excuses that most will spent all their money in Bintan after they withdraw their CPF? Where 98% never set a foot on Bintan?

The GRC system is good for racial problems, where no countries in the world adopted it?

It might good in the 60s for racial problems because many were not much education and communication is difficult?

Like pay people huge amount of money not to be corrupted?

These type of silly excuses what will other countries think, when they heard of it what do they think of the quality of the leaders, do they feel something wrong? Or laugh until they drop?

This is mobile internet age?

Anonymous said...

Today State Mental Times reported Kampong Spirit is still alive MUAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

His ideas of cheaper, better & faster, to employ 3 foreign workers then can employ one S'pore not back, can get lot of levies from foreign workers at least $500 per month per worker, to fund their world highest pay, ten times that of the Danish ministers salaries?

The second worst performance in the East Coast GRC, Lim Swee Say?

It might be he got minus votes in the Single Seat contest, his votes were topped in the GRC contest of 54%?

Why don't they reduce their salaries to that level of the Danish govt with similar population, and other expenditure, so that to return the CPF at 55 as promised, these might be the solution?

Find other ways to raise revenue like increase the tourists, increase the export and develop the Small and Medium Enterprise to higher end premium product to get more revenue?

Many of people blood, sweat & tear are in money CPF, 37% per month, which was promised to be return at 55, can restore their trust? They having saving it for 40 years, not like the ministers got so much income and reserves?

Many depend on 55 to get back their CPF to tide over difficult period?

Even in S'porean don't have money, people don't money the govt very thrifty, very feel can qualify very strict can get social welfare only $400 per month, how many can get social welfare?

Those very feel used up their CPF in Bintan, can asked the govt to sustain them, they got to depend on themselves to work as cleaners?

Those less then one percent who spent all their money of course look for job, they will be recommend cleaners, gardeners, security or cab drivers how they can rely on govt to support them like other countries?

Many of the older people sleep on the sleep, collect cardboard, collect cans, clean tables to make end meet?

They should reduce their pay to $300K still 50% percent more, but not 1000 percent more then the Nordic states?

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The 3 opposing voices of Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Jee Say and Tan Kin Lian have the capacity to be PM?

With more and better coming to joining the opposition?

Should heed people call, if not they might show it in the ballot boxes, will massive switching to opposition?

Toh Chin Chye said if bank will to delay giving back people fix deposit, there will be a run?

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